I was looking for another eerie anime and I had high hopes for this one and it came through all the way till the end.

Six years after a series of murders and an earthquake that destroyed a portion of Shinbuya. A string of similar deaths have started to pop up. Miyashiro Takuru and the new paper school in his school takes notice to the odd events. They pull themselves deeper and deeper into the events then they would have expected when they started to look into the events.

What I really like about this anime is that the first episode is that background to the anime’s situation. It gives you more background to the New Generation Madness that is returning. This allows people who have never played the videogames to know what’s going on. Though dark, this anime was really good. The character development is really good and we really get a good connection to the character. The dark colours that run throughout the anime really draws the watcher into the subject matter that they are exploring. I would be weird if we were talking about human experimentation and everything is very bright. Overall, I loved it and think that it’s worth a watch for anyone looking for a darker anime to watch.