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Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-Se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout, San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio was hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-Hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-Hye) being part of an illegal organisation. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however, their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. Yo Na calls San after a case and asks for a meeting to which he agrees to and ends up helping her find her ex-lover, Young Kwang. Yoo Jin calls San to tell him to be careful, which only pushes San to try and find Yoo Jin even more.  San succeeds in rescuing Yoo Jin from Tae Woo, which has only made Tae Woo gun for him even more. Now on to this episode!

San stands next to the river and throws a torn up piece of paper in. Yoo Jin comes up next to him and asks since their past is erased if they die would anyone remember them. San promises to remember her, before pulling her into a hug. We re-watch San and Yoo Jin arriving at the hideout.

Tae Woo’s subordinate tells him that if they are to be the head of the organisation, then they must follow the rules. One of which is to kill any fugitives and Yoo Jin can’t be an exception. Tae Woo tells him to never tell him what he thinks again before leaving.

Gyeo Wool is at home and tries to call Goo Hyung to find him not answering. She starts to get worried. Goo Hyung has been beaten severely before Tae Woo comes to see him, asking if he’s ready to talk. When Goo Hyung asks him what he’s looking for, Tae Woo explains that he doesn’t have time to talk about it and ask him where San is. Goo Hyung mentions his friendship with San and Yoo Jin, but he simply tells him that no one can be friends with someone as selfish as San. Goo Hyung comments that his inferiority complex with San is still intact, and when he asks if he’s still obsessed with Yoo Jin, Tae Woo punches him in response.

San makes a call Choi Seon Yeong to get 2 fake Ids and passports with the promise that he’ll explain everything at a later time. When he goes back, Yoo Jin asks who was on the phone and he tells her it was their senior for the police. Yoo Jin assumes that the sun doesn’t affect him, Though he admits that he doesn’t know why he’s the way he is. She had hoped that she could be in the sun again, and be normal however that isn’t a possibility.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 23.07.52.png


Tae Woo’s subordinate comes and hands him Goo Hyung’s cell containing a text from Seon Yeong containing San’s location. He sends his subordinate to get San and Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin is starting to feel ill from the lack of blood, and San is worried so he leaves her with his inhaler before stepping outside. She tries to stop him but he assures her that he’ll be back. Yoo Jin picks up the inhaler and thinks back to when she was turned into a vampire. San waits outside as she takes her pumps and while he does Tae Woo’s people arrive. San hears them and in Vampire Detective fashion, a huge San verses 10 people fight starts. Once he beats everyone up, he goes and checks on Yoo Jin and she confirms that she’s ok. He leads her to the car while she can’t see.

Seon Yeong arrives at the hideout to find San and everybody else gone, and all of the signs of a struggle in the hideout.

Gyeo Wool is still at home worrying about the two men when Yo Na and all of her men arrive. Yo Na asks for the helper list, and Gyeo Wool isn’t happy to see her. Yo Na tells her that she doesn’t have much time left before everybody is killed. When Yo Na asks for the helper list again, Gyeo Wool asks about her brother. Yo Na tells her that she can tell her about him, however, she believes San is more important. When she Yo Na asks about the USB one more time and Gyeo Wool looks towards Goo Hyung’s computer.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 23.22.38.png

San calls Seon Yeong on the pay phone, then returns to the can. Yoo Jin asks if she’s making things difficult and he tells her she isn’t. Yoo Jin tries to drive home that even if they get away, they will never be safe but San tells her to not lose faith in him. San tells Yoo Jin to close her eyes, and he describes a perfect summer’s day to her. San places her necklace back on and tells her not to lose it again.

Tae Woo’s subordinate comes to him and tell him that they have located Yoo Jin. Tae Woo sends his men to get Goo Hyung.

Gyeo Wool is working on Goo Hyung’s computer to get the helper list, while Yo Na is pacing. She tells Yo Na to stop pacing because it’s distracting her. Yo Na notices that there is a tracking program open on Gyeo Wool’s computer, and she asks if she put a tracker on the USB that she messed with. Gyeo Wool steals back her laptop, and when Yo Na asks her for it, she refuses unless they take her with them.

San and Yoo Jin are coming back from a walk when 2a van and 2 cars pull up. Men come out of the 2 cars and in the van they show San a very beat up Goo Hyung. They threaten to kill Goo Hyung if San and Yoo Jin don’t come with them. This doesn’t leave San much choice when if he does want to protect Yoo Jin.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 23.39.47.png

Yo Na brings Gyeo Wool to the police station and tells her to get out. She warns her that the men that she’s going after aren’t the type of people that she can handle alone. Gyeo Wool asks Yo Na how she can trust her, and Yo Na tells her that she wants to protect the people she loves, just like Gyeo Wool. Gyeo Wool hands Yo Na the USB with the promise of killing her if something goes wrong.

Yoo Jin tells San that Goo Hyung is someone important to him, so she’ll go first and meet him there. Though San is worried, Yoo Jin tells him not to worry.

Gyeo Wool goes inside and gets Detective Park who is eating and physically drags him away.

Tae Woo goes to see Yoo Jin, who is bound to a chair. He promises to show her the price she’ll need to pay for breaking their promise. around the same time, Yo Na arrives at the base and is announced by throwing a person through the door.

Detective Park and Gyeo Wool are heading to the location, while Gyeo Wool remembers the past few days spent with Goo Hyung, San and Se Ra. Detective Park tries to lighten Gyeo Wool’s mood to no avail.

San is in a room when Tae Woo came to see him, and reminds him about what he’s hated about his certainty of his words. San apologises but when he doesn’t say why Tae Woo hits him. Tae Woo tells him that he will give him a gun with 1 bullet and he just has to shoot the 1 of the 2 people sitting there. One is Goo Hyung and the other is Young Kwang. Tae Woo gets men to open the other side of the room and Yoo Jin is sitting there in a room containing the same UV lights that they used on Yo Na. San asks Tae Woo what does he have to gain from this. Tae Woo tells him that regardless who he kills, he wins. San gets given the gun to use and he points it at Tae Woo. He tells him that if he were human, he would die, however, neither of them is human anymore. He tells him that he will shoot to 10 and then Yoo Jin will die.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 00.03.15.png

San fires and Tae Woo can’t believe that he did. He asks them to check who he hit, to discover Yo Na. She gets up and empties a clip into Tae Woo. She goes to him and tells him that he should have managed his hunting dog better if he was going to lay a finger on Young Kwang. When San was handed the gun. Tae Woo’s subordinate tells him that he should be a good hunting dog, which gives him a clue that Yo Na is actually one of the options. Yo Na tells the subordinate to take care of Tae Woo and unties Goo Hyung. Tae Woo attacks the subordinate after he gets shot multiple times to drink his blood.

While San is trying to finish freeing himself Tae Woo attacks him. While he has San pinned up against the wall, he mentions that it seems like he hasn’t had blood for a while. San’s Eyes turn yellow briefly and he suddenly gets much stronger, and an epic fight begins.

Yo Na goes to see Young Kwang, to find him passed out before she gets him outside. She sees the sun peek over the buildings. Young Kwang admits to Yo Na that every time he killed he was scared to the point of not being able to eat or sleep. He tells her that he’s looked forward to the day when he could look at her face as he passes away. Yo Na starts to cry and tells him that she can’t let it end the way it is and wants to turn him into a vampire to stay with her. They both notice the sun rising and Young Kwang hold pulls Yo Na into a hug.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 00.19.45.png

Yoo Jin asks Goo Hyung to bring more help, and he leaves Yoo Jin. San and Tae Woo are still fighting with no end in sight. They both end up in the room with the UV lights when Yoo Jin tells them to stop.

Goo Hyung stumbles outside when Gyeo Wool and Detective Park arrive. They shocked at his appearance. He tells them that they have to get San, and leads them back to him.

Yoo Jin turns on the lights around them after apologising to San. Their relationships flash across the screen as Yoo Jin and Tae Woo die. We step into the image that San created for Yoo Jin in the car.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 00.30.53.png

San is sitting in an empty room holding Yoo Jin’s necklace, and outside the subordinate comes to pick up the helper list from where Yo Na was once.

Goo Hyung, Gyeo Wool, and Detective Park arrive in the room and San is no longer there. One year later they are still looking for San. Detective Park comes to see them because someone made a complaint. Park asks why they’re always there, and they admit that someone saw San there, so that’s why they have their search in that location. Park tells them that if San’s been missing for a year then he might have left the country.

Gyeo Wool calls Goo Hyung and he asks her where she’s been. She reminds him that she promised to return once she’s found San. He asks where she is, and she tells him to do something about the chocolate and rice cakes. He looks up to see her right there. She asks if he wants to go find San, and he asks if she really knows where he is and she confirms that she does. They all leave to go find San.

That’s the end of the season. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next recap. If there is anything you want me to recap just let me know.

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Vampire Detective Episode 11 Recap



Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio were hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of an illegal organization. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. Yo Na calls San after a case and asks for a meeting to which he agrees to and ends up helping her find her ex-lover, Young Kwang. Yoo Jin calls San to tell him to be careful, which only pushes san to try and find Yoo Jin even more.  Now on to this episode!

We re-watch the scene where Yo Na turns Tae Woo into a vampire after he shot himself in the head. Yo Na gives Tae Woo a glass of blood and warn him that it won’t be as easy as he thought. She asks him if he’s not already regretting his decision, which he denies. Yo Na tells him that since she’s done what he wants, she wants to discuss Jo Myung Guen, but he tells her that they still needed to discuss Yoo Jin.

Tae Woo goes to see Yoo Jin, who is struggling against her bounds. When Tae Woo unties her, Yoo Jin tells him that we have to leave. Tae Woo tells her that they can’t turn back anymore. Yoo Jin doesn’t seem to understand and she tells him that he’s acting odd. He cuts his hand and shows her it healing, he tells her that this is the secret Challenger has been hiding. He promises to try and save her.

San is at the police station when Goo Hyung comes out. The Police chief won’t issue a warrant yet and they have to wait. San starts freaking out and start asking Goo Hyung about the possibility of Tae Woo and Yoo Jin dying but this causes Goo Hyung to tell him to stop. Tae Woo calls Goo Hyung and San takes the phone. Tae Woo tells him that he knows where Myung Guen is but they also have Yoo Jin. He promises that he will save Yoo Jin and tells San that he will send him Myung Guen’s location so he can apprehend him. San freaks out a little after hearing the news.

Once Tae Woo hangs up Yoo Jin asks him what he’s trying to prove. He admits that it’s all up to San now, if he goes to catch Myung Guen he will die honourably, and if he comes to save her San will die by his hand. Tae Woo tells her that she’s all his now, and Yoo Jin asks to kill San herself because if he kills San she won’t be able to look him in the eye. He tells her that he will allow it so long as she becomes a vampire just like him.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 10.27.23.png

Some police officers get ready to go capture Myung Guen, and San breaks from the group. Goo Hyung calls after him and tells him that he needs to follow his orders. San tells him that he promised Yoo Jin to protect her, and after much begging, Goo Hyung lets San go. He gets into the car to  lead the police to Myung Guen’s location, but he has a bad feeling about it.

The police arrive at the location provided in the text and they search for Myung Guen. After a while of searching Park notices a piece of bloodied blanket sticking out of a discarded locker. When Park opens the locker they find Myug Guen dead inside. However, when opening the locker it primed a bomb. Goo Hyung hears the click and sees the bomb timer and pull Park to safety.

San gets to the Challenger building after driving a tad like a maniac. San is running looking for Yoo Jin when he meets with Tae Woo. Tae Woo tells him to look for Yoo Jin down one corridor while he searches another. When San finally finds Yoo Jin and unties her she asks him why did he come. San meets up with Tae Woo again right as they get to the elevator, and San hugs Yoo Jin tight. However, there are men waiting for them in the garage. San goes to fight them head on and Tae Woo and Yoo Jin go around the group.

From this point on we’re re-watching the scene from episode 1 where San fights with a bunch of people and Tae Woo comes back for him in the car. While they’re driving away Yoo Jin asks for the car to be pulled over so she can get some air. Finally, we witness San being shot and the car exploding.

San is in the hospital recuperating and Goo Hyung refuses to leave his side. When San finally wakes up he refuses to eat even though Goo Hyung keep trying to get him too. San keeps replaying Yoo Jin’s last works in his head over, and over again.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 10.53.42.png

Tae Woo comes into Yoo Jin’s room and asks her if she’s ok. She tells him to stop pretending like he cares. Tae Woo leaves her a bottle of blood and tells her to drink it slowly. She insisted that she doesn’t need it and he admits that it’s hard at first. Right before Tae Woo leaves Yoo Jin tells him that she is relieved that she didn’t let San die by his hand. Tae Woo tells her that it doesn’t matter because he dead, but let’s be honest San has only shot closer to his shoulder.

Both San and Yoo Jin sit in their respective bedrooms crying, thinking about their past together.

Goo Hyung packs up his things, and Park asks if he’s really leaving. Goo Hyung tells him that someone needs to take responsibility for the death of 2 colleagues.

Yoo Jin is looking out the small opening in her curtains when Yo Na comes and closes them. She asks if she still misses the sun and if she still has lingering feelings about her past. Yo Na notices San’s necklace and takes it off her. She tells Yoo Jin that thinks like that don’t suit her anymore.

Goo Hyung goes to see San who’s sitting next to the river. San asks how he got there, and he tells him by walking. This bad joke makes San choke back a laugh, and Goo Hyung says it’s good to see him laugh even a little after so many years. He tells him to be worried and hands him his business card, and asks if he wants to join him. San laughs at the idea because one of the investigators was kicked off the police force and the other was shot in the chest. Goo Hyung tells him that even if they can’t solve the case they should at least try and help them.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.12.01.png

We’re back to the present and the cab drops San off at a seemingly abandoned warehouse. He looks around and finally comes face to face with Tae Woo. When San recognises him he moves closer but Tae Woo tells him to stop. Tae Woo asks San to never see himself or Yoo Jin ever again.

The next morning Goo Hyung sees San on the stairs and asks him what he did all night. San tells Goo Hyung that Tae Woo and Yoo Jin are alive. Goo Hyung asks if he’s meet with them and San falls silent. Gyeo Wool comes to them and tells them that she made juice, however, the two men are quite solem. San walks by her, and Goo Hyung goes up stairs and she’s left standing there with 3 glasses of juice awkwardly.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.17.28.png

Gyeo Wool goes to see Se Ra and starts complaining about the two men and their secrets. Se Ra asks Gyeo Wool why she’s drinking wine in the morning if she made juice, and Gyeo Wool proceeds to offer her a glass. Gyeo Wool asks if she comes off as rude and though Sera says she doesn’t Gyeo Wool believes that no one wants to get close to her since she has a bad personality. Se Ra tells her that San and Goo Hyung cherish her a lot and she seems to be the only person who can’t see it. Se Ra also tells her that San appears to be looking for someone.

Yo Na comes to see Tae Woo and asks where Joo Young Kwang is, and Tae Woo tells her that he hasn’t killed him yet. She warns him not to lay a finger on him, and Tae Woo tells her that once he has what he wants he will let him go unharmed. He pushes the tablet over so she can see what’s going on. Tae Woo tells her that he’s becoming impatient. He tells her to bring him the list of helpers and he won’t drain Young Kwang’s blood. Yo Na tells him that if something happens to him before she returns she promises to kill Yoo Jin in front of him.

San sits in his room thinking about all of the events that have happened between him and his 2 friends. He also thinks about how much Yoo Jin has tried to help him since she was ‘dead’.

Goo Hyung starts drinking soju across from San. San tells him that he met with Tae Woo. Goo Hyung asks that even if they are both alive that he has no idea where to start, and he confirms that he does. Just then Yo Na walks in looking quite sullen. Goo Hyung is confused about the current events and Yo Na tells them that Yoo Jin was killed then brought back to life. She turns to San and tells him that he should understand that better than anyone else. She tells them that they have 1 hours to bring her the helper list, and then she will help San reunite with Yoo Jin.

Just as Gyeo Wool comes home she spots Yo Na leaving. She runs down the stairs and chases the car a little.

Inside San is going through Goo Hyung’s computer and asks him where the list is. Goo Hyung tells him that he doesn’t have it. San tells him that he needs to meet up with Yoo Jin to find out what happened to her. Gyeo Wool comes in demanding answers about Yo Na but Goo Hyung keeps deflecting and San stay quiet. Goo Hyung finally tells her that she’s a client and she wants they to look into her cheating lover. Goo Hyung asks Gyeo Wool to look for a USB so he can send some information to a client.

Yo Na’s car stops and she thinks back to when she and Young Kwang first met and lived together as humans. San and Goo Hyung are about to leave but San reminds him about their equipment. Goo Hyung agrees that it might be dangerous and tells him he’ll be right back but San leaves without him. San meets up with Yo Na can give her the list, and Yo Na hands over an address on a piece of paper telling him that this will be their last time. In the folded paper is Yoo Jin’s necklace. San leaves upon seeing it, and Yo Na calls Tae Woo.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.02.08.png

Tae Woo meets Yo Na at the same place San did and he tells her that she called much sooner than he thought. Yo Na asks if Young Kwang is alive and where he’s being held. Tae Woo tells her that he is alive, but as too his location it will have to wait until they check the list. When they check there seems to be a computer virus that is let loose on the computer. Tae Woo asks what’s going on but by the look on her face she didn’t know either, then Tae Woo gets news that the men guarding Yoo Jin were attacked.

Meanwhile, San gets to the building and fights his way to Yoo Jin’s rooms. After fighting god knows how many men, San nonchalantly gets into an elevator. San gets to Yoo Jin’s floor and walks with purpose to her door.

Gyeo Wool comes into the living room to find Goo Hyung pacing the room. Gyeo Wool tells him that she put a tracker on the USB. After Goo Hyung asks her, she admits that she did a few other things to the USB and he explodes at her about the USB being important. She asks why they left her out of everything. She asks if it was Yo Na again and he just tuts her.

San enters the room (that isn’t locked?) and comes face-to-face with Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin starts to cry in front of San with out saying a word San walks over to her and hugs her tight. She pushed him away telling him that he can’t be there with her. She tells him that he saw her die, so just pretend that she is dead. She accidently scratches San with a pen and she watches his wound heal. She knows right away what he is, though he doesn’t. San tries to get her to leave but she tells him that either way they can’t run.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.10.12.png

Tae Woo comes back to the building to find all of his men laying prone on the floor. Tae Woo heads to Yoo Jin’s room. Tae Woo arrives to find the room empty.

San gets Yoo Jin into his car and starts driving. He asks her after a moment if she’s okay. She mentions that Tae Woo will chase them, and San tells her that he can’t be apart from her again, so they’ll find a way.

Goo Hyung asks Gyeo Wool to trace the USB again. Gyeo Wool tells him that she’s coming with and he begs her to stay at the house. He promises to tell her everything when he comes back. When Goo Hyung get to the building he meets up with Tae Woo. He admits that he didn’t think he was still alive. Goo Hyung asks Tae Woo where San is, and Tae Woo admits that he wanted to asks him the same question. Tae Woo decides that he will use Goo Hyung as bait to find San.

While driving, Yoo Jin asks why San isn’t asking her about how she became a vampire. He tells her that she probably doesn’t want to talk about it. They arrive at an abandoned building right before sunrise. He covers her with a blanket and walks her to the building, after check it was empty. He covers the windows for her.

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Vampire Detective Episode 9 Recap



Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio were hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of an illegal organization. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. Yo Na calls San after a case and asks for a meeting to which he agrees to and ends up helping her find her ex-lover, Young Kwang. Now on to this episode!

Yo Na goes into her office and sits behind her desk. She pulls out a notebook and flips through it. She finds the picture of Young Kwang in it a burns it, with the aid of a nearby candle.

Tae Woo is sitting at a bar with a lit cigar, when his men bring in a man. The man starts begging for his life claiming the President Soo tricked him into believing that if he did want he wanted then he to would be turned into a vampire. Tae Woo asks him if he knows whose blood he’s drinking and man starts begging for his life. Tae Woo tells him that if he doesn’t tell him what he wants him too then he’s useless. The man gets dragged away and Yoo Jin enters the scene. She asks Tae Woo if he’s given up on being human all together, which he confirms after ‘that night’ he had. Yoo Jin tells him that if it were that simply sho would have done it. Tae Woo asks why not, and then asks if it’s because of San. She doesn’t answer so he continues, he tells her that if she thought he didn’t know about he helping San. He tells her that it doesn’t matter anymore anyways because he can kill him again. Yoo Jin asks him to not touch San, and Tae Woo tells her that it’s her fault for helping him. He tells her that he won’t hurt him if she stops involving him.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 09.57.19

San and Goo Hyung are repairing the railing in the living room, Goo Hyung tells San that he should be more careful while he punching people in the house. San asks how it would be different and Goo Hyung tells him he should have simply punched them the other way. They manage to get it aligned and San is nailing the post down, they continue bickering over the aftermath when Gyeo Wool comes in. She asks if they are almost done and they tell her they are, she tells them something looks off and knocks the railing off. Thankfully the doorbell saves her from being killed by the 2 men.

A father, Kim Sung Gyu, sits with them to hire them find the person who killed his son. Goo Hyung tells him that if it’s about a murder he is best to contact the police.  Sung Gyu tells them that it can’t be proved to be murder, but it was, this confuses all 3 of them. He explains that his son had an internet show where he ate on camera for a living. Something clicks in Gyeo Wool’s mind and she pulls up and article about a man who died while streaming and found out that it was about his son, Kim Wook.

Gyeo Wool explains that people would stream online and they would pay in a currency called stars which could be switched into money. San wonders how much money they could earn and Gyeo Wool tells him that some people get millions of views on a video  and can earn a lot of money. Sung Gyu admits that he thought his son made a living trading stocks since he spent so much time in front of the computer.

The night that he died someone offered him 300,000 stars (3 million won) to eat all his food in 3 minutes. Sung Gyu holds that person responsible for his son’s death. He explains that he drives a cab so he never had time to spend with him, and he could never do anything for him. All he wants is a sincere apology.

The trio watched some of Wook’s videos, Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool both find this odd and weird. San tells then that there is a reason for it and they shouldn’t call it weird just because they don’t get it. Gyeo Wool mentions that she never sees San eat, and he tells her that he eats. She asks when, and Goo Hyung saves him and tells her that he eats like a pig, he only eats dinner and his portion is huge. She starts chastising  him telling him that they should eat together. When Goo Hyung notices Se Ra’s image on the site.

Se Ra comes over and performs her opening for her show IRL. San asks her if she’s heard anything about Kim Wook’s death, and she asks if he means the President. She explains that there are some viewers who a big spender on the site, and the president is the viewer who spends the most. Se Ra remembers that the president’s screen name is Dokko Gugum.She tells them that there will be a commemorative show with the top creators, and the top creator of the evening will get his money that was suppose to go to Wook. Goo Hyung asks her if she’s participating, and she admits that she can’t since she has a synchronized swimming meet that day.

On the way to the set of the commemorative show; Goo Hyung plays Se Ra’s intro repeatedly and it’s driving them up the wall. Gyeo Wool admits that she doesn’t understand Dokko Gugum, why who he offer 200,000 stars to the top creator and call it a commemorative show. She also mentions that inviting a bunch of strangers to a house in the middle of nowhere sounds like a plot to a movie. San stops and everyone gets out, and Sung Gyu is had already arrived.

The trio gets introduced to the creators:

  • Sin Sun – talkshow host
  • Judy – from aphrodite, and a fitness streamer
  • Cook Young – A chief
  • Mi Sho – from pretty angel, a makeup guru

Producer Im tells him that they are missing someone and Detective Park comes in (the funnel who eats) and is shocked to see them there. San, Park and Goo Hyung go outside to talk. Goo Hyung can’t believe that he runs his own internet show, but San reminds him that they can now work with Park on the investigation. Park asks what they are trying to achieve by Dokko Gugum since they can’t really arrest him. San tells him that the father really just wants an apology rather than and sentencing.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 11.42.55

Producer Im walking through the set up with San, and the equipment that is present, and how to talk with the creators in each of their rooms. Right before the show is to start everyone was eating and Park shared some of his food. Goo Hyung asks if he’s sick, and he tells him that food is made for sharing. Gyeo Wool compares that two of them and Goo Hyung tells her not to compare the two of them. Judy asks what they plan on doing after they catch Dokko Gugum. San tells them that they are only there to identify him. Park likens them to Sherlock but credits the work to Agatha Christie. Goo Hyung asks him if Agatha Christie wrote Sherlock Holmes, he ask what Conan Doyle wrote, but Park tells him that he was a investigator. Goo Hyung tells him that he is a disgrace. Sin Sun asks if Dokko Gugum did something wrong since they are looking for him. Sung Gyu gets up and leaves and San follows.

San explains that he understands that he’s feeling uncomfortable, but he explains that everyone who is there is his son’s friend and colleague so he shouldn’t feel awkward. Sung Gyu tells him that they are all there for the money and not really for his son. Wook was always overweight which caused him to be teased at school, so he had hoped that this job had given him the chance to meet some friends.

Judy bumps into Mi Soh and she tells her to stop acting so cute. Mi Soh tells her that she is always that cute, and Judy asks if a person so cute could diss her on air and steal her viewers. Mi Soh tells her that blaming her for her poorly managing her show is pathetic. She also tells her that she shouldn’t have met with Dokko Gugum for more money or let a small gym sponsor her show.

Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung go outside and find Sin Sun waiting for his guests. Sin Sun asks Gyeo Wool if she would like to be on his show and Goo Hyung asks is he didn’t want a pretty guest instead. 4 girls of Flash arrive and Sin Sun asks Goo Hyung to take a picture of them together.

Producer Im is taking a call and tells the person on the other end that there are investigators there. As soon as San comes closer he tells the manager that he will call him back. San asks if they would be able to get the viewers details from this location, and Producer Im tells him that even with the best equipment it would be heard. San inquires about his knowledge of Dokko Gugum, and he admits that he only knows the basics. He tells San that Dokko Gugum is the top backer of their creators which allows them to not need to support them as much, but there doesn’t mean that they don’t take responsibility, hence why some of the proceeds will be given to Wook’s family. Producer Im excuses himself and San knows something is wrong.

Park starts talking with Mi Soh and tells her she has a lot of things. She admits that she finds she is still missing a thing. Park offers to help her get whatever it is that she’s missing, and help in anyways. Goo Hyung tells him to stop talking and Mi Soh admits that she would like Gyeo Wool’s help during the stream. While Gyeo Wool helps Mi Soh, Goo Hyung helps Detective Park.

All the shows start and San is in the viewing room, and he asks Producer Im if Dokko Gugum will actually come. He confirms that he should since he’s the one who invited them there. Sung Gyu starts getting impatient and San tells him that they have to wait but he will come, he tells San that he needs to go for a walk. Dokko Gugum first appears in Mi Soh’s chat room, right after She finishes Gyeo Wool’s makeup. She asks her to draw it out as long as possible while she starts the tracking.

As soon as Dokko Gugum is no longer in the chat room, Goo Hyung, Gyeo Wool and San congregate in the production room. They ask how the tracking is going and she tells them that it’s going to take her a while yet. Goo Hyung asks what’s on her face and Gyeo Wool  tells him that she didn’t want Mi Soh to touch her makeup and was planning on removing it. San tells her that it looks good and she looks pretty. Goo Hyung tells her that it looks odd and she hits him, and he says that’s better. San and Goo Hyung both agree that she looks really pretty but the normal her is better.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 12.26.31

Hours later Dokko Gugum pops up in Judy’s chat room briefly and Gyeo Wool tries the trace again. Dokko Gugum starts bouncing from Judy’s video, to Sin Sun’s, to Park’s, to Mi Soh’s and finally to Cook Young’s. Goo Hyung complains that he really knows how to keep them on their toes. San asks if there was a way they could chat with him, and Producer Im hands him a keyboard and mouse. San opens a chat and Goo Hyung wants to chat with Dokko Gugum. San goes to move, but Goo Hyung tells him that he needs to do the typing because he can’t type, so San sits back down. Goo Hyung tells him to type what he tells him too. It first start normally and then he has San provoke him by insulting him. Gyeo Wool tells them they need more time so they need to prolong it. San asks why he spends his money so frivolously because it seems crazy. Dokko Gugum tells him that he’s not the crazy one because the creators who want his money are doing all of this for his attention. He admits that he enjoys watching people fall apart trying to get his money. San asks if he’s sane and Dokko Gugum asks back, is anyone sane. Gyeo Wool finds that IP address and it leads them to the house they are in. All of a sudden the power goes out.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 12.36.12

Judy screams and they run to her room. So see’s the blood and look to the knife on the ground. Park mentions that it’s the same type of knives that Young Cook uses. San mentions that it would be really dumb to use your own knife for the crime. San asks Judy what happened and she tells her that as soon as the power went out she stood still, someone came in her room and escaped via the window.

San leaves the room and Goo Hyung and Park trail after him. Outside San spots a blood trail and stops, he sees a body being dragged. Park asks if it’s always like this. Goo Hyung notices San’s glowing eyes and asks Park if he thinks that the culprit went a certain away, so he would face away from San. San continues to follow the blood trail to see the body dragged into the building. He asks his 2 companions what they think the building was for and he walked towards it.


Screenshot 2016-05-24 13.05.16

Gyeo Wool and the rest of the creators are in a room until the power comes back on. The producer believes that no one is missing, but Gyeo Wool advises them that Sung Gyu is missing. She calls Goo Hyung to tells him.

San overhears the phone call and steels himself into finding Sung Gyu in the warehouse. They open the door and Dokko Gugum is hanging from his neck and on fire while Sung Gyu was tied to a chair. Park tries to put out the fire and San unties Sung Gyu.

Back in the house San asks Sung Gyu to tell him what really happened, and he keeps telling him that he is. San tells him that if he had the bag over his head like he claimed he wouldn’t have been able to see Dokko Gugum hanging himself, but he tried to tell him he heard him. San tells him that he also saw a trail of blood outside the warehouse and if he was the one to being dragged like he claimed than he should be bleeding but he’s fine. San tells him that he say the tire pressure and assumed that he had brought him in the trunk, then he simply asked why. Sung Gyu tells them that originally he didn’t want to kill him but when he picked him up in his taxi he told him that he wanted an apology. Dokko Gugum told him he wouldn’t apologizes and shifted the reason for Wook’s death to him. He got really mad and ended up killing him by mistake.

San mentions that he finds it odd that Dokko Gugum always made sure to keep his identity hidden. Producer Im told him that even with the best equipment it would be hard to find him, so someone who knew his identity must have told him. San stands in front of Judy, he tells her that he saw the cut on her arm, and it is angled in such a way that it couldn’t have been made by someone in front of her. He also tells her that it gave them just enough time to go and see Dokko Gugum die. Judy admitted to telling Sung Gyu Dokko Gugum’s identity. She met with him once for more money and he made her have sex with him. She wanted revenge no matter the method. Detective Park arrests both of them.

Yoo Jin goes to a public phone and calls San. When he picks up she doesn’t say anything for a while before warning him to be careful. She hangs up and San calls back right away. Yoo Jin just stares at the phone until it stops ringing. San is in shock that he received a call from her.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 13.38.29

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Vampire Detective Episode 5 recap



Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio were hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of an illegal organization. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. Now on to this episode!

The opening scene is of a crew shooting a movie and some technical issues happen. The actress, Yoon Seol Ah, is told to take a break while they sort everything out. While in her van with the CEO of her company Yoon Young Rin, Seol Ah notices a package and when she inquires about it Young Rin simply tells her she believes it’s from a fan. When Seol Ah opens it, she is greeted with a dead bird and multiple threatening pictures.

San visits Jeong Ji Woong in prison once more to ask him about the relationship between Yo Na and Yoo Jin. Ji Woong looks a little shocked but he leans towards the glass and tells San that he has already warned him to stay away from that woman since she’s the devil incarnate. He should just enjoy his life while he can and when it’s time she will come looking for him. He also told him that he will refuse any further visits from him.

All day Goo Hyung meets with bad client after bad client and starts giving up hope in finding a good client to work with. Young Rin come into the office to see them about Seol Ah’s case. Due to the threatening letters, San asks her why she hadn’t gone to the police which she states that she had and they actually referred her to them because they could deal with this in a discreet manner. So Young Rin hires them to protect Seol Ah from Lee Ki Hyung who is a crazy fan who just got released from prison and they believe he is behind the letter.

San and Goo Hyung go to the shooting range here Seol Ah is practicing for a role she just accepted. San casually tells her she should change her stance to have a better accuracy with the gun. At this point Seol Ah asks who they are, and they find out Young Rin hadn’t told her about the protection detail. Seol Ah is completely against having bodyguards, saying that she has Min Soon, who is her road manager, and she believes that she can protect herself. Gyeo Wool being her mentions that since she knows how to use a gun she can obviously protect herself. Seol Ah is obviously not happy with her sharp tongue and fires back that Gyeo Wool should be able to take down a terrorist. Goo Hyung tells Seol Ah if she was aware that Ki Hyung was out on parole, and stresses that she could be in serious danger. She finally agrees so long as they can protect her without it looking like they are bodyguards to which they agree. San tells Seol Ah that she can continue living her life as per normal just they’ll be in the background.

Goo Hyung meets up with Detective Park (Ahn Se Ha) at a food stall to get more information about Ki Hyung. He finds out that Ki Hyung uses to be a cab driver who killed 2 people allegedly for Seol Ah, however, the 2 women and no connection with her. Detective Park gives Goo Hyung Ki Hyung’s address but tells him that even though he has been under surveillance they haven’t been able to reach him for the past few days, so he is missing.

On set, Seol Ah introduces San to Min Woo as her schedule manager and Gyeo Wool as her new stylist. Min Woo had heard about San from Young Rin. When Seol Ah reviews Gyeo Wool’s wardrobe she tells her to return everything and selects an outfit for the day’s shooting. I’m just going to take a short break out of the recap and say yes please! Lee Jon is looking good in the suit.

Screenshot 2016-05-01 00.46.10.png

Goo Hyung brings the bird to Doctor Hwang (Kim Ki Moo) who threatens to charge him more due to the dead bird and Goo Hyung agrees to discuss the rate. He starts talking with Sa Re (Jei) and finds out that the bird is the same species that she raises. Also, she adds on a zoology degree on top of everything else she has. Hwang pulls out a death tarot card from under the bird, and the card has a dead bird on it. Since a bird on a tarot card is seen as the bringing of popularity, they can only assume that the dead bird is a death threat.

On set San starts talking to Min Woo who admits that he always wanted to be Seol Ah’s manager because he really likes her, however, he states that it’s more than simply being a fan. He also mentions that he finds Gyeo Wool attractive. San probes about any suspicious people who may have been hanging around as well as Seol Ah’s relationship with Park Joon Young whom she doesn’t get along with very well. Joon Young, however, did try to put the moves on Gyeo Wool and she warns him not to touch her again and if he does she’ll break his hand.

While waiting for filming to start San starts to hear something similar to sawing however he can not pinpoint it. The sawing stops and Eun Chae, Seol Ah’s co-star, introduces herself to San and Gweo Wool. San inquires about Joon Young’s relationship and finds out that they were once together but have since broken up, however Joon Young is still hung up on Seol Ah.

Goo Hyung goes to Ki Hyung’s place and finds it empty just like Detective Park said it would be.

Seol Ah tells Gyeo Wool to go make her coffee, however, San takes the coffee before Gyeo Wool can serve he coffee tainted with cigarette water. Gyeo Wool vents at San about how she feels being ordered around by Seol Ah. Meanwhile, a segment of the set comes loose and starts to fall, lucky for Seol Ah that San is there because he saves her. Once he sits up he starts scanning the crew to see all of their reactions, and most of them are in shock.

San calls the CEO and Goo Hyung to report what had happened. While San and Goo Hyung examined the set piece the notice that the ropes seem frayed. They check the ropes in the rafters and there are some noticeable signs of tampering. San examines the crew and states that he is sure that the culprit is in the room, however, he doesn’t know who it is.

San takes Seol Ah to the firing range to teach her how to shoot. She thanks him for saving her life, she also apologises for not saying it earlier in front of everyone else. She explains that she always needs to be strong in front of people so she always comes off as angry. She is worried that is Ki Hyung were to show up she wouldn’t be able to shoot him. He tells her that all she has to do is believe and it’ll be fine. With a little of San’s help, she manages to hit the bullseye. As a present, San gives her taser.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 23.43.44.png

San gets a phone call telling him that someone broke into Seol Ah’s home. When they get there a mannequin in dressed in her dress and shredded with more threatening photographs thrown around it. Seol Ah is a little shaken since they had recently change the code to her condo. She requests that San stay with her for the night to make her feel better.

While Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool are on their way back to the office he gets a call from Hwang to tell him that the needle that was found in the bird wasn’t a normal needle but in fact an acupuncture needle.

Seol Ah and San go to her acupuncture clinic where San waits for her in the lobby. He meets up with Eun Chae again where she hints that she is having difficulty as an actress. A masks man sneaks into Seol Ah’s room and touches her leg. She screams and San comes running to her, after checking to make sure she is ok he runs after the man. In the stairwell the man tries to ambush San with a 2×4  and this time instead of stopping it with his head, he breaks it with a punch. It turns out the masked man was Joon Young and he claims he just wanted to talk with her.

Meanwhile, Young Rin gets a package containing a windup carousel, but when she winds it a small bomb goes off. San and Seol Ah go to the hospital to check on her. Though Gyeo Wool is certain the Joon Young  did it the 2 guys are uncertain, regardless San tells her to dig into him while they go Young Rin’s office to check out the crime scene.

Thanks to there being a little bit of Young Rin’s blood at the crime scene San was able to see what happened right before the bomb went off. Goo Hyung finds a saw in her drawers that could match with the saw used on the ropes. That matched with how light her wounds were suspicions start piling up against her.

While Gyeo Wool is doing a background check on Joon Young, Seol Ah comes to give her some coffee and apologise for how she treated her on set. Seol Ah feels connected to her since they are both hiding who they really are. Though Gyeo Wool tells her that she likes hiding because it makes her believe that she can be the person she’s pretending to be. She asks Seol Ah if she believes that Joon Young could be behind the attacks, and she tells her that the man she knows wouldn’t have been able to commit these crimes.

San meets with Seol Ah to get a feel of her sister when the calls come in that the saw is a match to the one that tampered with the ropes. San tells Seol Ah, and since she trusts her sister completely she tells him that he’s fired and to stop looking into the incidences since it can’t be her sister. San agrees with her and tells Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool that it’s probably not what they think.

San and Goo Hyung goes to the shoot anyways and watches from the sidelines. San tells Goo Hyung that the way that magicians perform their trick is to get the audience to focus on the wrong hand, and they have been focusing on the wrong hand. They were shooting a film where the car the Seol Ah is being saved from explodes. Right as the start filming the door locks and can’t be opened. The crew tries opening the door but it won’t budge, and the kill switch for the explosive doesn’t work so the crew scatters. San is thankfully there and he rips the door off and saves her.

We find out that Min Soon’s mother was one of Ki Hyung’s victims and he couldn’t forgive him or Seol Ah. Right after San saves Seol Ah, Min Soon pulls a knife and has a really sad fight with San, since San is superhuman. Min Soon is arrested and questioned by Detective Park.

San talks with Seol Ah, Young Rin and Eun Chae about Min Soon not doing this alone. He reveals the Eun Chae is the one who sent the dead bird and tampered with the set. She admitted that she hated Seol Ah because Young Rin was always focused on her and never helped herself. San reveals that the only reason the Seol Ah was playing this role was to land her the star spot in the next drama.

The episode closes with San receiving a phone call from Yo Na and agreeing to meet with her. Will they meet in the next episode? I hope so.

Sorry guys these are getting longer and longer aren’t they 😛 Though to be fair this last week’s episode had a lot to cover fingers cross they become simpler to recap next week again.

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Vampire Detective Episode 4 Recap



Here’s a quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-Se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout, San gets inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio was hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-Hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-Hye) being part of what they see as an illegal organisation. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, to help her figure out her father’s will. He figures out the combo to the safe and finds the actual will, however in the safe, there are pictures for Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ids.

The opening of the show is at a photo shoot. Later that same model is found dead in her apartment with slashed wrists. San meets up with Seon Yeong again after she looked into the connection between Tae Shik, Yoo Jin and Tae Woo. San starts to wondering if they are still working on an undercover on the same or a different undercover mission. Goo Hyung gets called about a new case and San gets escorted out of the house as soon as he gets back from meeting Seon Yeong.

They go to meet their client but the meet with a blind woman called Moon Mi Jin (Lee Chung Ah) whose brother, she believes, was framed for the murders of the two models. She claims to have heard her brother in his dark room at the time of one of the murders. The police don’t believe her since she is blind, and at the beginning even they are sceptical. Gyeo Wool makes them accept the case since she has a soft spot for sisters who are at risk of losing their brothers since she had only just recently lost Gyo Min. There was only one issue, however, Moon Gyeong Ho has already confessed to the murders and the murder weapon was found in their apartment.

There were some similarities to the two murders, both Chae Yu Ri and Jeong Ha Na, had just come home from a  photo shoot and the were later found dead with wrists sliced in their bathrooms. By chance both of their last calls were to Gyeong Ho.

While looking into Gyeong Ho’s past they find out that Doctor Hwang’s (Kim Ki Moo) assistant Se Ra (Jei) worked with him in the past while she was attending a modelling academy. Since Se Ra believes that she has a close relationship with Gyeong Ho, she sincerely believes that he wouldn’t kill the woman like he confessed.

While they were there Dr Hwang pulled San aside to discuss Gyo Min’s notebook that they recovered from the house they were staying at prior to their deaths. He advises San that it contains a blueprint for a blood that doesn’t exist in the real world. Well anywhere than his blood that is. Due to them not knowing how the blood will react they don’t know if there will be any adverse affects to him having it flowing through his veins.

After their conversation with Se Ra, they start looking into who would benefit from the two models deaths. They find out that neither of them was going to re-sign their contracts with their agency so they look into not only the CEO but also the new #1 model that took their place. The CEO of the company admits to being at a loss and is freaking out about how much money they’re losing due to their deaths. The new model, Joo Ha Young didn’t really seem to care either way about their deaths and didn’t notice anything different the last few days before their deaths. She also told them about the rumour that Ha Na pointed towards the killer.

San meets with the corner and finds out that the slashes were actually to cover up puncture wounds that looked to have been made by an ice pick. When San hears that he tries to meet with Gyeong Ho but he refuses to see him.

Detective Park (Ahn Se Ha) sends over the crime scene photos so that they can look into them, but he advises Goo Hyung that the police force is so happy that they had solved such a high profile case.

When they start reviewed the case they tried to find any clues that they police might have missed. They examine the clue that pointed to Gyeong Ho, which is the initials M M which is Gyeong Ho’s initials. San also advises the other 2 about the wounds. They slowly realise that they never checked Gyeong Ho’s dark room while they were at the apartment. So they go back to the apartment, but since Mi Jin is not there Gyeo Wool breaks into the apartment for them. They were a little shocked when they arrived at the dark room as the walls were completely covered in pictures of women’s legs. San notices a DSLR that seemed out of place in the dark room. Mi Jin came back while they were looking through the dark room, but they managed to sneak out due to her being blind.

There was only 1 picture on the DSLR and it was corrupt so they bring the SD card to Dr Hwang who is good with computers, though he threatens to charge them extra. While they were looking at the picture on the computer San noticed that the picture’s properties didn’t match up with the camera that the SD card was in. Due to the discrepancy, they came to the conclusion that the SD card was swapped out.


Goo Hyung calls Detective Park and gets them in to see the crime scene. San uses his new powers and looks at the message that Ha Na wrote in blood to discover it was actually VV that she had written not MM, the water had made the blood run (Very strategically, only on the ends). However due to a large amount of blood in the bathroom San needs to use his inhaler to calm down. When Goo Hyung comes across him he gets him out of the bathroom.

Later while they’re reviewing the information again, San tells them about how he believes that the blood smeared and the original message was VV and instead of it being initials it was a picture of the last thing that she saw. After this revelation, San goes back to the prison and finally gets to see Gyeong Ho. He shows him the last message that Ha Na wrote and he looks shocked at the image.

Meanwhile, Goo Hyung met with Detective Park and found out that Moon Mi Jin is not Moon Gyeong Ho’s sister like she claimed. Detective Park then shows Goo Hyung the picture of Mi Jin (Kim Nan Hee) which is not that same woman that they know as Mi Jin. Goo Hyung gets Detective Park to send him the picture that he showed him, and he flipped it to San. San they showed the Picture to Gyeong Ho and confirms that the picture is Mi Jin.

Right after hanging with Goo Hyung, Dr Hwang finished decrypting the image and sent it to San. San shows Gyeong Ho the image which was who they thought was Mi Jin, but it turns out that it was, in fact, the person who threatened him into confessing to the murders.

The Vampiress, who we later find out is called Yo Na but for simplicity, I will use it now, calls San and tells him that she knows about his past. She also hints that she also knows about Yoo Jin and his personal connection with her. She tells San that he has 1 hour to come to her location or else she will kill Ji Min.

While Ji Min and Ya No wait for San, Ji Min still holds on to the fact that Gyeong Ho is such a good man and he would never kill anyone. Ya No tells Ji Min about how her accident that left her blind, wasn’t an accident but in fact, Gyeong Ho who had done that to her. Though at first Ji Min doesn’t believe Ya No, but slowly she starts believing it.

San Goo Hyeung go back to Gyeong Ho’s apartment to find Mi Jin alone. When they get her off of the chair there seems to be a trigger for a bomb, however, it was filled with confetti. However, Ji Min was shocked from the explosion so they took her to the hospital. While waiting in the parking lot Gyeo Wool met up with the Ya No and felt hurt since she lied to her, and exploited her weakness for sisters. She warns her to no longer trust anyone and tells her that she reminds her a lot of her brother Gyo Min. When the guys come back Gyeo Wool tells them the new information and states how she is going to look into the woman.

San goes back to see Ji Min and lets her know that the police will start looking into the model’s deaths and that Gyeong Ho will probably be found innocent. Ji Min tells him that she knows about her accident and how he Gyeong Ho was the cause and she will not be able to forgive him.

Yo Na calls San to talk, and after he probes just a little bit she tells him her name. She also gives him a hint that the woman that he’s been looking for (Yoo Jin) looks very good on camera.

He called in a favour with Seon Yeong and gets her to pull the CCTV footage from the hospital parking garage. While reviewing it at the end of the episode, he catches a glimpse of Yoo Jin taking pictures of Ya No.

I love this episode and how much much this season is filling out the story, but I can’t wait until San find out what he is turning into. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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Vampire Detective Episode 3 Recap


Source: Viki

And I’m back with the 3rd episode in time for the 4th episode coming out tomorrow on Viki and Tuesday on Dramafever.

Quick recap from the previous episode: San (Lee Joon) gets inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into a vampire but not really a vampire. San, Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) are hired to protect the news caster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun). While figuring out that case San finds more information out about the vampire bar and their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of the vampire organisation.

At the beginning of the show, San goes to see Jeong Ji Woong in prison to question him about the woman that she says in the video. Ji Woong warns San to stay away from her and that she is pure evil. Though the organisation that Ji Wong was working for provides him with a lawyer and he warns the lawyer that someone is going to have to take care of San.

San gets called by an old cop buddy,Choi Seon Yeong, to help decipher her father’s will. She is the daughter of Choi Tae Sik, the leader of the black  dragon’s gang. They show up at the funeral, and after a small altercation at the gate with a few gangster members, they are shown inside to see the will.

Inside you get to meet Seon Yeong’s two brothers, Chul Woo (Park Doo Shik) and Chul Yong (Park Hyo Jun), who are a little leary about having an outsider looking into their father’s life. Attorney Kang shows the will to the trio which is simply a drawing of 4 dragons. Tae Sik had an affinity of drawing a dragon at the time of birth of each of his children, yet there were only 3 children and 4 dragons in this picture.

They believe that the picture is a clue to the safe’s combination. Gyeo Wool tries to crack the safe but she very quickly finds out that the safe is bobby trapped. Normally they would have 10 tries to cracking the safe, but the children had tried and failed 7 times prior to calling them.

After taking their leave San and Seon Yeong talk outside and San inquired why Seon Yeong distanced herself from her father. She tells him it’s because once she found out that he was a gangster she couldn’t accept talking with him anymore, and it solidified her decision to become a police officer. While talking with Seon Yeong, San’s mind turns her into Yoo Jin after she told him that she felt sorry every time that she saw him.

They track down where Tae Sik was raised and it was in chinatown where he worked in a restaurant called the black dragon. They go to the restaurant but the owner is not happy that they are poking around, nor is the kitchen staff. The chef made a call and to get some people to try and steal the will from San. Of course, San gets hit across the back with a 2×4 while the 2 guys were driving by on a motorcycle. Though San is just defending himself he gets arrested but Detective Park (Ahn Se ha)gets him off the hook.

The all went out to eat and they discussed the attack and how the attacker had a word tattooed on his wrist which they initially thought that it was a prison tattoo. Detective Park tells them that illegal immigrants get the tattoos while they are crossing into Korea. San goes back to the restaurant with this piece of information and confronted the chef who has the same tattoo.

The owner of the restaurant tells San about Tae Sik talent with his hands and how he had started making fake ids and passport for people. Most of the illegal immigrants in Chinatown owned them being there to Tae Sik’s forgeries so they hold him in high regards.

San decided that there wasn’t anything else to find out about his past so he decided to start looking into the people who would be inheriting the money. They go back to talk with everyone. Gyeo Wool talks with Chul Woo who keeps trying to use his moves on her, Goo Hyung takes care of talking with Chul Yong while San talks with both Attorney Kang and Seon Yeong. While talking with Seon Yeong, she divulges to San about her father’s mistress and that was the real reason that she cut off all communications with her father. He brothers don’t believe that a woman like that existed in their father’s life.

When San goes back to the restaurant to look at the dragon painting there again he starts thinking about a new idea. However the lights go out and another vampire appears, they fight and San is knocked out (I’m seeing a recurring theme) and the vampire steals the will and brings it to the mysterious woman. Once they open it, though, they find out that San has switched the will out for a business card.

They reconvene at Tae Sik’s house and San reveals that Attorney Kang is Tae Sik eldest son. His original name was Choi Cheol Ho and he was born long before Tae Sik was a criminal. His criminal past started when Cheol Ho killed a man to protect his father from being beaten to death. before Tae Sik left him to go to prison, he gave him a new passport with a new identity, and Cheol Ho no longer existed.

At first, nobody believes him but he used the month that the 4 children were born in reverse order to open the safe and handed them the will. The will left everything to Seon Yeong so that she could disband the group and get rid of his business. However when she is going through the safe she finds pictures of Yoo Jin and  Tae Woo. She mentions that she believes that her father still made forgeries for his VIP clients due to his talent. We are left at the end of the rama with San’s shocked face.

I’m still really enjoying this drama. I’m really wondering though when San is going to find out that he is a vampire, and when we’re going to see Yoo Jin for the first time as a vampire. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

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Vampire Detective Episode 2 Recap


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Ok! Back for the second episode, the 3rd post that will bring us up-to-date with the drama will be coming out on Sunday. So just a quick recap of the last episode : San should be dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, however, Han Gyo Min injected him with the blood serum that he invented for his girlfriend and it healed San.

San (Lee Joon) walks away from the gunshot and is completely fine, even his doctor agrees. He noticed that the scar that he had from the 1st gunshot from Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon Hye) is gone.

Han Gyeo Wool (Lee Se Young) barges into the office and states that she is moving in with them until they can uncover what happened to her brother. Which of course interests San, because of the woman in the picture that wears the same necklace as Yoo Jin.

Seo Seung Hee (Choi Song Hyun), a famous broadcaster, comes to the office to hire San and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung Se) to protect her through to the next broadcast. She found the corpse of her junior broadcaster, Park Bo Eun (I couldn’t find the actresses name),  in a locker in the changing room. However the corpse was gone when she returned with someone else, though in its place laid a letter threatening her to return something in 24 hours, and if she doesn’t she’ll be killed. There is only one problem, she doesn’t know what the person threatening her wants back.

San and Goo Hyung go and investigate the area where the corpse was last seen. Enter San’s new ability that he received from the blood serum that is now coursing through his veins. After seeing the little bit of blood that was left in the locker by the corpse, San’s eyes turned gold and he began to see a few moments of the past while the corpse was in the locker.

Of course, there is the mandatory scene where a bad guy is watching them in the room. San notices him and chases after him. However, there was more than one and San get’s knocked out by someone smashing a 2×4 across his head. While San was knocked out, he reminisces about the time the time that He and Yoo Jin stargazed together. Though when he came too, there was a lovely note reminding them of the time remaining.

Though Goo Hyung is a little apprehensive, they take the case. Goo Hyung makes a deal with Gyeo Wool, that if she can track down all of the information on Bo Eun she can move into the spare room. So obviously, she accepts the offer and begins to hack into Bo Eun’s background.

Meanwhile, San is shadowing Seung Hee at work and started talking with a radio staffer (Park Jin Joo) and he finds out that Seung Hee and Bo Eun didn’t have the best relationship. The staffer also advised him that there were rumours circulating about how Seung Hee slept her way to the top and that she was sleeping with her cameraman Kim Kyung Soo (Kim Young Jae)  before his death and her marriage to a Chaebol’s son. San also managed to see the last

Gyeo Wool found a link between Bo Eun and a Loan Shark who lent her some money to pay off her father’s debt, so they go and see Hi Mang Hi who was the person who lent Bo Eun the money. After a little discussion, they find out that Mang Hi was the one who was leaving the notes and potentially killed Bo Eun. He did, however, give up the name of his boss to save his skin.

Jeong Ji Woong is seen as a very good man who gives back to the society, however, he was under investigation by Seung Hee and Kyung Soo in the case of homeless people going missing. However right before the report was supposed to be filmed Hyeong Soo committed suicide but overdosing on medication.

They start looking into Kyung Soo’s last days to find a clue of what Ji Woong was looking for. They visit Kyung Soo’s sister so that they could look through his room, however, they didn’t find anything about the potential tape that Ji Woong wants back. However, they did find proof that Seung Hee and Kyung Soo were in a loving relationship, which Seung Hee later confirms.

While talking with Detective Park, San and Goo Hyung find out about the fake ambulances that are picking up the homeless, with the promise of taking them to the hospital, but they’ve never seen again. So San hatches a plan, and he pretends to be drunk and passed out to be picked up by one such ambulance.

They succeed and San is picked up and brought to the facility where the homeless are drained of their blood for the vampire bar’s blood supply. When San catches sight of all of the blood his powers turn on and he struggles to keep himself in control. He staggers through the facility and he finds Bo Eun dead in a body bag.

When San steps out of the facility, we find out about his increased strength. The best way to describe it is an epic fight scene with like 20-30 people against San, and thanks to San’s powers he beats them all. However when Goo Hyung shows up to stop San something clicks and his eyes turn back to normal, but he collapses since he was stabbed and sliced about 10-15 times. Thanks to his new blood he doesn’t die and it makes him even more confused about what happened to him.

San goes back to Kyung Soo’s house and found taps that were hidden and he gives them to Seung Hee and plays her his last video message for her. He tells her to keep broadcasting and that he loves her which makes her break down in tears. You find out in this scene as well that Seung Hee and Kyung Soo had known each other since they were young and you could tell that Seung Hee loved Kyung Soo much more than her husband.

At the end of the episode, San is reviewing the tapes one more time and he catches a glance of the woman again. The plot thickens.

I’m really enjoying this show, I found myself forgetting to write notes throughout the show. Lee Joon makes a very handsome leading man, and I’m a fan.


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