Christmas Waffle Caper (Wicked Waffle Mystery #4)



The Christmas season has arrived! As Sonja and Frank are the newest couple in town, they are inundated with invites. Their holiday calendar is fuller than either of them have seen it before. However, before they can enjoy the first party of the season, Sonja has a delivery to make. This delivery steeped in mystery and problems. When their truck is stuck, and the ferry is forced to stop for the night, they are forced to stay with the family who asked for the delivery. When Sonja starts seeing the ghost of the family’s youngest daughter, she knows things are going to be going from bad to worst.

This was an enjoyable little book. I enjoy how Franck and Sonja work with each other throughout the book to figure out the mystery. Frank is still really against Sonja helping him solve any murders, and he keeps quoting the law. When Sonja speaks with someone in the police station to tell them what has happened, they also agree that Frank should deputize her to be able to help him. I still enjoyed the reality in their relationship. Though it is a lot better than the tensions in the last books, however, now they are an engaged couple.

The mystery was intriguing. The reader got to delve into the family’s past. We get to learn a lot about the daughter as well as the history of the family. I enjoyed how the storyline was able to expand on Sonja’s powers and add another layer to them for future books. The addition is something that we frequently see in books that deal with ghosts, however, it adds to what the characters can do without making them overpowered.

All in all, I enjoyed this book.

Creepy Christmas Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #7)



Christmas is here, Sonja’s second favourite season of the year. With everyone getting together, times couldn’t be better. However, when a mysterious package is left on Sonja’s doorstep things get weird. With murder occurring at the party that Sonja and Frank were at, things are just not adding up to the murders. Sonja had a suspicion that they have something to do with her

This one was a little more of a kerfuffle then the last book. This book had Sonja ruining all over the place. With so many murders in a sorry book, it gets confusing and not as armless as the last book. I liked the character building in this book with the ending scene, but the mystery fell flat for me.

In this book, they pulled the, because magic, and that’s not cool. Never once in the previous book did they do that. They brought in a mystical stone that makes people get murdered. I get that Sonja has become a target with her powers, but this is getting a bit much.

I still enjoyed the book, however, it’s not one of my favourites.

Turkey and Terror (The Diner of the Dead #6)

The Arrangements – Box Set (Flower Shop Mystery Series, #1-3)



When the vulture is found dead in a coffin with a flower arrangement set up. However, with multiple different florists in the city, the police are not any closer to finding the killer. However, things keep happening in Quincy’s life that makes her worried that something is going on. From someone trying to wreak her van and the new cute police officer that seems to be a little more interesting in her than the case at hand.

This was a really fun book. For once there was no cop that starts off acting like an ass and then gets better. However, there was a cop that was mean but he isn’t very important to the character development in this book. We find out a lot about Quincy in this book and her history is a little hard to read about, this might be because I know people who were in abusive relationships or just because I’m a human being. She is a very strong character that due to her past she doesn’t know when to ask for help from others. Alex is a very interesting character and is a little more interesting than most of the cops in cozy mysteries. Near the end of the book you find something out about him that is really interesting.

The mystery was interesting and though Quincy didn’t actively go looking for trouble it does find her causing Alex to come to her rescue. The background of the mystery was very interesting and though normally I complain about not learning more about the victim, Quincy wasn’t actually looking into the death more than a normal curious person. They did end up solving 2 mysteries in the book that weren’t even connected.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.


While trying to figure out where her relationship is going with Alex, she is also planning a wedding for the most overbearing mother of the bride, Quincy’s life is a little hectic. However, after KC’s groom is accosted and a dead body is discovered, things go from weird to weirder. On top of everything else, Alex’s old work body, Samantha, comes back and takes Alex back home to California. Quincy must now deal with getting ready for a wedding, as well as worrying that there might be going on between her boyfriend and the girl that she doesn’t like.

Quincy looks into this mystery a little more in this book than the last book. She does a pretty good job looking into things without anyone knowing about it. I will say that KC was the main catalyst in this book to get Quincy out of her comfort zone. The reader didn’t have any information about finding out who the true killer was, however, neither did Quincy.

We got to really get to know Quincy in this book thanks to the situation with Samantha. Quincy is still really reluctant to fully trust Alex, or even let him explain things to her before jumping to conclusions. I understand due to her background, however, I hope that she learns to trust Alex more in the future.


Quincy was up for a surprise when she finds out that her ex-husband is not actually her ex and she is about to meet Alex’s mother. Quincy’s insane life is about to go on display while she is trying to impress Mrs. Cooper. On top of that, she as this mysterious secret Santa that she can’t figure out who it could be, much to Alex’s chagrin.

This was very much a non-mystery book. The book is 100% focused on Quincy and Alex’s relationship without a murder going on. This does allow us to see their relationship grow and Quincy getting used to being in a commited relationship again. Meeting Alex’s parents was actually very funny, and Alex’s mother was really fun to read about, after all she was acting like the typical mother-in-law.

I did enjoy this book however, there was no additional mystery with the book, so if you like romance novels this book would be for you.

Darcy Sweet Mysteries # 1 – 5



In a small town, Darcy lives a simple life running her bookstore, Sweet Read, and trying to be as normal as possible. However, when you are connected to the other side with a sixth sense it’s hard to be normal. When her next door neighbour is murdered, her sister’s new partner, who is new to town, zones in on Darcy. She can’t exactly tell him that her six sense told her something was wrong next door, so she must live with his scrutiny while trying to find out what happened to her friend Anne.

I’m so happy I found this book. I have been looking for a good cozy mystery series. Right away, we get a feel for the town and get to know more about Darcy. The town and its residents are well developed through this book and allowed the reader to connect.

The entire situation between Darcy and Jon was a little weird, but that was forgiven as it’s a cozy mystery. We do have the mandatory ex, but he was taken care of relatively quickly.

The mystery was interesting and watching Darcey figure it out was amusing. The added touch of her 6th sense was interesting and well utilized throughout the book. This brings together 2 of the genres that I like, urban fantasy and mystery. This book doesn’t lean too heavily on her powers, however, they are an interesting bonus in this series.

I really enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to reading the next book.



Everything is calm in Misty Creek, that is until Darcy has a vision about something that happened in Jon’s past. As she is just getting to know him, she doesn’t know how to broach the subject. Together they work to find out who has killed his colleague, as well as solve the one case the still haunts him from his past district.

Excellent follow up to the previous book. The last book we found out about Jon’s past or a little bit about it, but thankfully they didn’t leave us in the dark. We find out a lot more about the murder charge and everything surrounding it.

Jon and Darcy have really grown as characters as well as a couple. Jon’s past feels more like part of him than just something quickly thrown together for the precious book. We get to meet two of his college friends which added more depth. Darcy’s gifts were utilized much more in this book which gives us a better idea of what she can do.

The mystery was a fun delve into Jon’s past, and without anyone dying in Misty Creek we got to have an excellent murder mystery. I did feel like Darcy should have maybe spoken with Jon after the vision but that might be a little outside of her comfort zone right now.

I am really enjoying the series so far, I hope it keeps its momentum.


When Sue brings her friend to see Darcy, she is shocked to find that they are looking for some more information about her deceased mother. After years of unanswered questions, she’s come to the one person in town who has a reputation for knowing things that she shouldn’t about people. Darcy agrees because she can’t say no to a friend. While looking into the fire that took place years prior, she finds out not all is as it may seem.

I’m really enjoying the books where there is a mystery to solve but no one in the town dies. Jon and Darcy look into the death of a woman that happened many years prior. Due to the mystery, we get to delve into the history of the town. We get to learn so much that it makes the town feel much richer than previously. We get to also expand the character base in the story adding more layers into the town. Misty Creek feels like a city that you could just visit.

Jon and Darcy also work closely together throughout the book which allows them to grow as a couple. With the introduction of Darcy’s mother, we get to see how the family dynamic is between them. They work together very well, however, I feel like Jon still doesn’t really believe Darcy throughout this book.

I really love how everything in this book builds onto the previous books so well. This was a very interesting book.


When a vengeful ghost comes to visit Darcy, she is pulled into a new mystery. Now Darcy and Jon must look into a murder that happened years before on Christmas. But not only that, but Jon and Darcy have to face the real reason their relationship is in a stall, her powers.

Well, this was a really fun book. We get to see why Darcy is so reluctant to let Jon move in with her and it has everything to do with her powers. Jon is reluctant to accept her powers like so many people would be in this world. We get to see them work it out throughout the book and they even have a fight that makes them seem like a relatable couple.

The mystery, once again, was a cold case that was brought to Darcy by her visions. Similar to the last books, there were no murders in the present day, and they were looking into something that happened years back. This makes a lot more sense for a small town, as in other series there is a murder nearly every other week which doesn’t make a lot of sense in the real world. However, like most people know that even small towns have their skeletons and Darcy is cleaning out the closet.

We got to see an expansion in the town this books, thanks to the Christmas pageant and looking into the past once again. Also, we get to see more of Grace in this book and her thoughts on Jon and Darcy’s relationship. This gives a different perspective on the couple and their fight.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book.


With Valentine’s Day on the way, the town of Misty Creek has love on the mind. However, while Aaron was out he goes missing. Now Darcy must help Grace find her husband as well as keeping her calm throughout the ordeal. Jon must take the lead while both Grace and Darcy are relatively out of commision.

Just when I thought that there wasn’t another take of no murder in a cozy mystery book, Emrick succeeded. We got to see Grace in the forefront of the book with Jon and Darcy this book which was lovely. With Aaron missing, Grace is beside herself throughout the book. As this is right before Valentine’s Day there is also a heavy emphasis on love throughout the book. I really enjoyed how closely Jon and Darcy worked this case even though Darcy used her powers very little this book.

The characters grow closer in this book, and it was nice to see. We also got to explore a new town in the universe which was nice. Just seeing Jon and Darcy come closer and think about the next step that might happen in their lives.

I really enjoyed this book.

Peanut Butter Fudge Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #30) + Christmas Donut Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #31)



While at a gingerbread workshop with Lilly and Amy, Heather is witness to a murder… Ok by witness I mean she heard someone through a door and when they finally got in it was too late. The victim was a well-loved baker in the community and will be missed. Her guilty conscience of not being able to get there to help her spurs Heather on to discover who killed her, and why did they use the weapon that they did.

This book was a little weird, I have to admit. It was interesting and the story had a nice flow to it… but there were some oddities in it. I would love to discuss it but I don’t want to give anything away because I really like that part of the book.

The mystery was simple but interesting. The murderer wasn’t in the book very much so it was a little difficult to figure out. You really have to think outside of the box with this book. I will say one thing… Heather really needs a gun license if she’s going to continue working these cases.


Christmas is supposed to be a festive time of the year, however, when Victor Hardbody is found dead in is own basement there are only 3 suspects. With the FBI called in due to someone browsing the Dark Web, Heather has to not only deal with the lack of co-operation of the Hardbody family but also an FBI agent with an ego the size of Texas. Oh well, at least Christmas is just around the corner.

Ok… So I have never been a fan of a who-done-it where the members of the victim’s family are the suspects. I know that realistically you are more likely to be killed by someone that you know that a complete stranger, but it’s still not a story I enjoy. I had an incline part way through the book that I knew who the murderer was but I didn’t know for sure until the end of the book.

This book introduces another cocky law enforcement agent, this time, however, Agent Orchard is an FBI agent. Though he was not in much of this book, I have a sneaking suspicion that, similar to other annoying characters I’m not a fan of, he’s going to be showing up again in future books.

Overall, this was a fun little book.

Peppermint Glazed Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #28) + Hot Chocolate Glazed Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #29)
Lavender Grape Dust Murder + Neapolitan Delight Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #32 + #33)