Cinnamon Roll Murder (Hannah Swensen #15)



After just missing being in a multi-car accident, Hannah and Michelle find a tour bus that was overturned in the ditch. After making sure that the members of the Cinnamon Roll Six Jazz band were all ok, they are brought to the hospital for a check up. A short while after Buddy Neiman was found murdered in his hospital room. Hannah must mow track down the murderer while also trying to break off Norman’s and Dr. Beverly’s wedding.

I must say I’m glade that we just finished this arch with Beverly… I really hated that character. But I digress. I loved how all of the people in Lake Eden worked together to break up Norman’s wedding prep. They worked really had to figure out if he was really Beverly’s baby daddy. The part that I found funnier is that Hannah and Andrea go undercover to get DNA from Beverly’s daughter and they worked harder on that than figuring out who killed Buddy. It still works out in the end, and the killer incriminates himself.

I really enjoy that Michelle is starting to have a more prominent role in the books, I love her as a character. Also, since she is so similar to Hannah it gives her someone to help her out with the investigation as well as other places in her life. I loved this book, and it’s a good continuation to the series.