Murder in Dragon City



After a serial murder case is assigned to Qin Ming and his team, the killer’s mental state becomes obvious as body parts from previously killed people are appearing on the body. While following the clues, the killer continues to taunt the police and seems to have a personal vendetta against Qin Ming. The case drags on while they also have to solve other active crimes around the Dragon City.

I picked this book up because there is a really good Chinese drama that was based off of this book. Since I have only read the translation, I don’t know if my grips with this book are because of how it’s written or how it was translated.

This book has a really interesting story line it is based off of the life of the writer who is a forensic pathologist. However, the book doesn’t spend a length of time on any of the crimes that are presented in the book. I understand that the overarching story is more important than the individual cases, but I also feel that a little more time should have been given to each case. Also the writing is very basic in comparison to what I’m used to in English written mystery books. I enjoyed the characters in the book, and you did get to know them fairly well, but it does lack some character development.

I still enjoyed the book and would read another novel written by Qin Ming, if it is ever translated into English.