Coffee Treacle Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #24) + Choc Churro Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #25)



After Geoff’s PI teacher was found dead. Murdered by blunt force trauma caused by on of Geoff’s fudge balls. He is now the prime suspect in the murder investigation, however, he is missing and no one can find him. Heather is brought into the investigation to find out who could have murdered the victim and where the hell is Geoff?

Geoff didn’t make an appearance, however, he was the centre of this story. Finally, He’s being used for a productive reason. I enjoyed them looking into a mystery involving him without him present. I’m certain that he will be in the centre of the next book as well. I feel like Gillard is playing with the idea of having overarching story lines through the novels, and given how quickly they come out, it would be a good idea.

I am having an issue keeping up with the timeline, but each book seems to be a week and so some of the events seem to happen a little too quickly. Like the little talk, they have about Lilly.

I enjoyed this book though, and it was a good continuation of the story.


When Heather gets called to another crime scene at the Kenny’s household. After the death of his wife, and the imprisonment of his daughter, Mr Kenny is found dead inside his residence. Heather pushes past the sadness to track down the killer and find closure for the town.

Geoff finally got used, and I finally like him. Now that I get to see what overarching story that he is part of I can finally enjoy his character in this book. I kind of feel bad for Geoff in this book, which makes me feel bad about hating him.

Heather’s past gets to be fleshed out a little bit in this book with the aid of Kate. Knowing Heather in the series it seems hard to believe that she would hang around with someone like her, but then again it was mentioned that she was a different person.

I enjoyed but also disliked that the Kenny was the victim in this book when his wife was a victim only 2 books prior. I have no love loss for the Kelly family, but it was a little odd.

Overall I enjoyed the book.

Oreo Sprinkled Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #22) + Spooky Choc Orange Glazed Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #23)
Iced Pumpkin Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #26) + Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #27)


Coffee Prince



It has taken me a long time to actually sit down and review this drama. Not for any other reason then I forgot. Coffee Prince is a standard cenger bending romantic comedy, so it’s pretty cookie cutter, but also lovable. This series has 17 full episodes.

So we have Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye), who due to her boyish appearance and attitude, is always mistaken for a boy. She meets Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo), who hires her as a barista at an all male cafe that he’s opening, thinking that she is a man. Love starts to blossom and Han Kyul has to come to grips with the face that he’s gay, well not really but he doesn’t know that. How will Eun Chan break it too him that she’s a female, and how will he take it?

Overall I like this show, however there is no ways Yoon Eun Hye could ever be mistake for a boy, no matter her style. However it’s a cute romantic comedy filled with awkward situations and ┬átropes. I would say it’s worth the watch.