A Flurry of Lies (Bison Creek #4)



Essie is enjoying the summer, however, her boyfriend Patrick is going a little insane without access to snow. All is peaceful for the pair until a tragedy happens on the main street when an actor in the shootout is killed. At first, everyone believes that it’s a horrible accident, however, when Essie’s brother-in-law’s gun is found missing and at the scene, things go from bad to worst. She’s no pulled in to try to figure out who would want the victim dead, and why would they want to frame Wayne for it.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s been quite some time since I read this book series. However, to be fair that last book was written in 2016 so it’s been 2 years. I really do love the characters in the book, however, I felt like Patrick was a little 2 dimensional in this book. I get it that he’s a retired snowboarder, however, he has to have more interests then snowboarding. I did feel like the camping trip really solidified Essie’s and Patrick’s relationship in this book. I find that they are a very cute couple and that they are still in their honeymoon phase because of it. I also enjoyed the readers to continue learning about Essie’s past and father, even though she, herself, doesn’t know about him.

The mystery in this book was actually quite interesting. Though she tries really hard to not get involves, Wayne’s possible conviction didn’t allow her the option. Though she didn’t really have to force anyone into giving her the answers, the information was given to her. She did, however, have to piece it together. I felt like it was a simple mystery, but given the fact that I felt like this book was very much focused on character development, that was ok.

All in all, I enjoyed this book.