So while I was moving, I didn’t have much time to watch anime. That being said, I didn’t marathon this anime one night. It’s a short anime with each episode running only 5 minutes a piece. Thre is also 2 other series that I haven’t watched sadly. Give me 2 weeks and I’ll watch them.

The description on cruchyroll doesn’t really match with this anime. We follow a manga club that consists of Ai, Mai and Mi. These girls have vivid imaginations that they let roam free. Instead of working on their manga, as that is their club activities, instead, the distract themselves with far out fantasies and inane adventures.

This is a really funny anime that I enjoyed this anime and it reminds me a lot of Teekyu with the fast action and weird comedy. This is not your standard slice-of-life anime, however, this is well worth the watch in my opinion. It won’t take you much time to watch it.

One Room



This anime is a POV ecchi anime. The best thing that I can liken it too is Pillow Boys, Makura no Dashi, where it is a POV anime offering you multiple bishounen to cuddle up too at night.

This POV follows the protagonist and his story with 3 girls in his apartment. The next door neighbor, his younger sister and your childhood friend. Each story is developed separately and the time line is uncertain.

I don’t mind Ecchi, but this anime has a long way to go. The camera angles make no sense for a POV anime. The stories with each girl is weak and it is solely in it for the ecchi. Each episode is only 4 minutes long, so you can watch it yourself and make your decision.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid



This I a little bit of weird anime, but a fun one. If you have been anywhere online over the last few months, then you’ve probably seen the lolli-dragon, Kanna, pop up on your screen. Don’t worry there is more to this that just Lolli Dragons.

Kobayashi might have made a mistake one drunken night when she invites a dragon to come live with her and be her maid. Well, that’s exactly how Tohru the dragon came to live with her. Tohru is seemingly in love with  Kobayashi, but she works hard to fit in in the human world. Slowly Tohru is followed by more and more dragons. Kobayashi might have bite-off more that she can chew.

I adored this slice-of-life anime. Though it looks like it might be filled with bubble-brained characters, all of the characters are actually really relatable. Each character has their own development and you really get a feel for each of them. Though this is a lighter anime, the story doesn’t feel like fluffy that makes it different than a lot of slice-of-life comedies. This is a really good anime and I would suggest youwatchh it.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star



The second episode of the OVA came out and I watched it and loved it. We find out about Chise’s past. At the end of the first OVA Chise comes across the library in the forest. She comes to love reading and finds it to be the escape from her every day life. She goes there everyday to work on her book report. The librarian welcomes her and gives her peace, she only has to follow a few simple rules of the library.

This episode really gives use an insight into Chise’s home life and how she began reading. Magus gives her access to many books and she reads avidly. The glimpse into her past also shows how fragile she really is. The librarian was very kind to her and gave her some solace, so at the end when he asks her to return the book, she doesn’t really see how she can say no.

I love how much detail is coming from these episodes. I feel more connected with Chise than I did while reading the manga.

Interview with Monster Girls



Based on a manga by the same name, this anime is one that I really enjoyed. It’s pretty much the standard run of the mill school based, slice-of-life anime.As you all should know by now, I am a huge fan of shojou slice-of-life comedies so this is right up my alley.

Takahashi Tetsuo is a high school science teacher who has always been interested in Demi-humans, even back in his university days. One day, 3 new girls arrive at school who are all demi’s as does 1 new teacher. Takahashi suddenly has access to teenagers who are willing to answer his question. The 4 demis however, find solace in him as a councilor while he helps them work out their struggles about being demis.

This is a fun light-hearted anime that deal with the struggles of being different. It also deals with the social discrimination that people who are different face. All in all it’s really fun.

The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D



This is a very odd anime with a slightly odd animation style. To begin, it is done with the 3d ish animation style and all of the characters look like dolls. But other than that, the storyline is odd as well.

We have 5 students that were brought into the school who are steeped in passion. Their hope was to increase the overall passion in the school and reignite the passion in their hearts. They try and help people in the weirdest ways and to try and understand the populace around them. They also have the odd habit of rolling back their eyes and showing the whites of them.

Though some of the episodes were entertaining, I would say this wasn’t my type of anime. Though with each episode being 4 minutes long it’s easy to simply watch the entire series. There doesn’t look like there will be a second season to expand on the characters at all, but I don’t really think there needs to be. I will say though that Masumi Hayami was my favourite character even though he was a prick.

Psycho-Pass Season 1



Ok so the poster is actually for season 2 but, Shhh, don’t tell anyone. This anime is one of my favourites. Because season 1 and 2 are not direct continuations I’m going to review them separately.

In the not so distant future, if you so much as think of a crime you can be convicted. That is the society that our characters live in. If you are working in the police force and do not meet the quota for the psycho-pass then you are handed over to another enforcer until you can obtain a passing score or fall so deep that you are incarcerated. We primarily follow Kyougami Shinya, who do to a trauma in his past he can no longer pass the test so he is to be monitored by his partner, Tsunemori Akane, who is very special as well. Akane can never fail the test. She always scores near perfect on the test no matter what happens. These two are sent head on into trouble that stems from Shinya’s past.

I love the animation style of this anime. The cyberpunk designs and the thought that even when into the guns that they use. I dislike that the society stigmatises mental health issues, however, it does go perfectly with the dystopian environment that they are going for. The thriller aspect is fantastic and even the villain is clever. Though he does remind me of a saner version of Muraki Kazutaka from Descendents of Darkness. All-in-all I really love this show and if you’re into psychological thrillers this is probably for you.