Cupcakes & Cobwebs (Sky High Pies Mystery #20)



Cresent Creek’s own celebrate cupcake shop owner is on the up an up. With culinary camp around the corner and a book deal, Jane’s hard work is paying off. However, when Katie finds her dead in her own kitchen things start coming to light that maybe not everything is a rosy as it appeared on the outside. With multiple threats and the breaking of her storefront window the day before her death, it looks like someone had reason to kill her. Katie works hard to figure out who wanted her dead and for what reason, as she seemed to be loved by everyone.

We got to find out about people around Crescent Creek in this book. Due to the mystery being centred around an influencer in the cooking community in town. We got the full story behind the murder and what lead up to it. The history between the murderer and the murder victim was very interesting and was explained throughout the book.

I enjoyed seeing Katie working full force in this book. She felt more like a pi in this book than a baker. Though she was still at the bakery very often so it didn’t feel so disjointed. She does manage to figure out a lot about the murder victim even though they were friends before the incident.

I enjoyed the book.

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Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen #16)



Doc Bev is back and ready to fight. She came back into town with her new fiancé and a new look. While still trying to get back with Norman, she is getting ready move into the new penthouse in town. But after Barbara was attacked and survived the fall. Hannah finds Doc Bev’s car on the bottom of the lake. As she has a reason to want Doc Bev dead, she is back in the hot seat in a murder investigation and she has to yet again clear her name.

Ok… So this book is one of the more interesting books of the series so far. I enjoy the multiple murder angle that we see in this book. Hannah is definitely drifting away from Mike in this book as a hole. Being the prime suspect in a murder investigation will do that with a cop boyfriend.

Norman plays quite a large part in this book as does Delores. I’m sure I mentioned this in a previous review but I really like how much Delores has been expanded on in recent books. Over the last few books, she fits better in with her daughters than she did at the beginning of the series.

I do dislike that the murderer is painfully obvious early on in the book. However, if you don’t mind that then this is an excellent build on the series