Turkey and Terror (The Diner of the Dead #6)



Thanksgiving is a big thing in Frank’s family, and Sonja is along for the ride. Having to split holidays between family isn’t easy but they have it figured out. After a long drive to Frank’s family home, everyone is ready to have a good time. However, when Sonja finds a body in a field, things get a little spooky. Now Sonja must deal with 2 native spirits who have been warring for centuries.

I loved this book. I felt like it went a little to fast for my liking, however, that’s how all these books are. I enjoyed getting to know Frank’s family, as well as sinful. I felt like Frank became a more fleshed out character in this book. He’s always been in the background even though he is one of the main characters in the book. Having the background is something that has finally anchored the character past being Sonja’s boyfriend. Sonja has also grown in this book and has become more adept with her powers, though she still can’t tell Frank about them. I feel like this is going to be a theme throughout this book series.

The mysteries have definitely trailed towards the supernatural. Like the last book, we have a witch or at least someone who tried to kill people using a summoned spectre. I will say that it was interesting. However, the reader was never given enough information to really know who did it or make an educated guess. My gut feeling was right but it wasn’t supported by anything.

Overall this was a really fun book.


Pumpkin Pie Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #5)



Halloween is in the air and Sonja is excited. There couldn’t beer the worst time to find out that the Halloween kidnapper was out and wandering the streets. Frank asks Sonja to keep her eyes peeled for anything suspicious. After a middle schooler goes missing at the schools Halloween party things get kicked up to high gear. Now Frank and Sonja must rush and find out where she went before the night is over.

It’s been a little while since I read this series and I forgot how much I enjoyed this series. Though there wasn’t much in the way of ghosts in this book. However, thinking back on the book there may have been one, but I’m uncertain if he was a ghost. We did very you encounter a witch in this book which was interesting.

This book didn’t have a murder to solve, just a missing person which was hectic enough. Sonja was pulled into the mess by not only her cop boyfriend but also she was the last person to see Marissa before she went missing. In some way, she might have been pulled in sooner or later by the witch.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and three little bit of character that there was in this book.

The Diner of the Dead #1 – 4



When Sonja gets a call from her mother, she drops her life in New York City and returns to the small town of Haunted Falls. She returns to find out that a lot has changed in only 9 months. When she thought that she saw something in her friend’s dinner, things go from weird to weirder. They find a body in the freezer of a woman that was not well liked in the community. Now that Sonja is stuck in the middle of it,¬† she is determined to get to the bottom of this.

This was an interesting mystery. The mystery was very character focused and I felt like a little bit more time could have been spent and expanding the characters, and the city. It wasn‚Äôt that solidified as a story arch, however, it is only the first book of the series. I’m hoping that the mysteries are a little more fleshed out the in the future.

¬†Similar to what I have mentioned before, this store was very character driven, however, the character development was weak. It seems to be a common downfall for this genre of books. The main character was interesting, and the town was fun, but there was so much more potential. I enjoyed the town’s name and feel, I just hope it gets better in the future.

¬†It’s not a horrible book, however, it’s not one of my favourites.


Sonja’s dinner’s finally up and running again, however, on opening day the cast and crew do the hitTV show the Spooks come crashing in. Given the body found in the freezer, it is a prime site to film the latest episode of the show. After unsuccessfully trying to film at a local farm as well, The crew, Sonja, the sheriff and the farmer are stuck due to a rainstorm. When Sanja finds Spook dead the next morning suddenly the search is on for the murderer.

This book was a variation of the contained murder mysteries, but instead of all of the book is limited to one scene, we only have the murder being segregated. The reason behind the murder was interesting but a classic story of greed. I found that the murderer was a little obvious early on, but I feel like I say that all the time.

The characters were a little better this time, however, they were still really flat. Ally was developed upon, she has a fun quirky attitude. Sadly, the main character, Sonja, is still fairly flat even though the book series follows her. I am really hoping that she is flesh out soon because I feel like there is so much potential in her character.


Sonja is settling into running the diner alongside her best friend, Ally, and her husband, Alex. However, when she gets ready to do some landscaping things start getting a little weird. After she and the head landscaper gets threatening messages for them to break the contract, Sonja gets the sheriff involved to see who could be behind it. Who knew that getting some landscaping done could be so dangerous.

I should just make a note at the top of my blog stating “No I wasn’t surprised when the murder was revealed and yes I saw it coming from a mile away.” This wasn’t a complicated murder mystery, however, I did like how they tied together the past and the present together. With Sonja digging into the past it allowed us a brief glimpse into the past of Haunted Falls. I also liked how, though Sonja’s sleuthing did put her in danger, she didn’t let herself do anything too dangerous.

Sonja grew a little bit in this book, which was a nice change. I also enjoyed how we got to know murderer and goes motives a little bit. Even though the story was obvious it was still interesting. Ally and Alex were definitely acting like the matchmakers in this book, but Sonja was having none of it which I found funny. Also liked the added paranormal aspects that are starting to be peppered through the book. I wouldn’t call it urban fantasy but it has a hint of it.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, I just wish it wasn’t so obvious.


The Father’s picnic is an excellent place for The Waffle to promote their menu, even though they are already starting to get their regulars. When a ghost leads Sonja to find the body of the winner of the award. However, things get a little complicated when Benjamin comes back into town and Sonja’s love life gets thrown into the mix with the murder case.

Though the mystery wasn’t terribly interesting, ¬†I did enjoy how they incorporated the slight supernatural influences in the book. There wasn’t must information about the mystery, or the victim, and I felt like most of the store was focused on Sonja’s love life. It would have been interesting to see more information about the murderer.

Sonja came off as annoying in this book which was really annoying. I really just wanted to point out that she has some excellent suitor and though she’s stressed she should realize that. Though I enjoyed the advances of Sherriff and Benjamin, they were both a little all over the place in this book, I felt like I was listening to the Hot and Cold song by Katy Perry.

It was an ok book, but it had much more potential

Red Velvet, Dead Velvet (Sky High Pies Mysteries #3)



Crescent Creek might seem like a quiet town, and on most days that is not wrong. However, when the head of the library comes to Kate with a suspicious letter addressed to the known scammer in town. Kate works through the death threat and finds out that there is much more going on that what it appears on the surface.

Well, this is a fun book. We get to see the budding relationship between Zack and Kate which is nice. I was afraid that they were going to see high school exes be put back together again. As fun Trent is, and they do make a nice pair, I am enjoying Kate getting to know Zack and starting her life over again in Crescent Creek.Well, this is a fun book. We get to see the budding relationship between Zack and Kate which is nice. I was afraid that they were going to see high school exes be put back together again. As fun Trent is, and they do make a nice pair, I am enjoying Kate getting to know Zack and starting her life over again in Crescent Creek.

I enjoy seeing Kate work as a PI even though she is adamant that she isn’t working as a PI but she has worked in the field for 10 years so it’s hard to break the habit. I also like how, though he doesn’t completely agree with it, Zack doesn’t try to change her. Though Trent does belly ache about Kate putting herself in danger, he also doesn’t try to change her but just asks her to be careful. He feels a lot more like an older brother than an Ex-boyfriend.

The mystery was interesting, as was the character development throughout. Though the victim was treated like one, he wasn’t all that innocent. We still felt for all of the characters, which I really like in a book.
Overall, this book was really enjoyable.

Chocolate Most Deadly (Sky High Pies Mysteries #2)
When Magic is Murder (Sky High Pies Mysteries #4)

Bekki the Beautician: Books 1-4



After deciding to pack up her life in New York and return to her hometown and take over her mother’s salon. When the owner of the other salon is found dead, after a not so favourable conversation with Bekki, suspicion falls on her. Her old flame, Nick, has her back and is determined to get her off the hook.

This was a cute little story. Bekki, other than having a name I will never remember how to spell, was an interesting character. She has spunk, and she is willing to stand up for herself. Though she should have taken a step back in this book, she managed to show Nick that he wasn’t infallible.

The tension between Nick and Bekki throughout this book was interesting. I hope that we find out more about their past relationship. I feel like there is so much there that is still untapped.

I enjoyed the first book and I’m looking forward to the following books in this series.


After finally settling into her new life, or old one, Bekki is feeling comfortable. With the salon becoming very successful, and even rekindling some friendships that were lost when she moved to New York. Her world is once again shaken when the baker is found dead of an apparent suicide. Something doesn’t seem right about it, so Bekki looks into it, against Nick’s warnings.

I don’t agree with all the methods used by Bekki in this book. A lot of amateur sleuths toe the line between legal and illegal, but Bekki completely disregards the law in this book. I don’t like how Nick just sweeps everything under the rug. I get that he is supposed to love her babe is a cop and needs to act like one.

I did like the mystery in this book. It made a personal for Bekkibut also separate enough that she could step back and think about it.

Overall, it was an enjoyable book.


Sammy is working an event when a murder takes place. She is found over the body and is assumed the killer. Bekki is determined to clear her friend’s name. Though Nick is doing is best, Bekki decides to take matters into her own hands and investigates the murder herself. She finds out a lot about the¬†most influential family in town.

Sammy is in the hot seat this time and Bekki isn’t going to let this one go. Bekki is still a little too reckless for my liking. Nick acts more like a cop in this book compared to the last time, but he still sticks his neck out quite a bit. I want Bekki to follow the law and listen to the police a little more. I understand that she has to learn but she nearly ruined the case in this book.

The mystery was a little easy to figure out, I found that you could tell early on. Nick is wb the picture at the beginning of the book, and Trevor makes another appearance in this book. Thanks to his appearance Bekki and Nick’s relationship is worked on in this book. Nothing like the ex-boyfriend showing up to start talking about your feelings.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book


Bekki gets a call from her old boss. He is scheduled to be the stylist for the pageant in New York but a large number of his staff are sick and needs Bekki’s help. She leaves Nick behind to help out him out. Quickly, 2 judges are found dead and Bekki is found in the middle of yet another murder investigations.

Another really good book in this series. We get to see Bekki back in New York thanks to the beauty pageant and we get to see a glimpse into her old life. Her old friend was interesting but no one is really all that nice towards Bekki, between her old friends, and old flame it seems almost better that she has moved back home.

She gets stuck in the middle of yet another murder mystery while she’s away and Nick can’t help her this time. She doesn’t really work the case, but it’s become the habit for her to think about cases while she’s near one. She doesn’t go out of her way to solve it, but she does help.

the relationship between Nick and Bekki is a little strained at the beginning, but they work on it throughout the book. It’s nice to see a couple that actually talks about their issues.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)



So this is the book series that True Blood is based on. Now I will admit that I have never watched True Blood so I can not compare it to that, but since there is a TV series I had high hopes for this book. Possibly my hopes were too high.

We follow Sookie Stackhouse, psychic and waitress at the local bar. One day, Bill Compton roles into town. He’s inherited a plot of land in the town. He’s also the only vampire in town and Sookie quickly finds out that she can’t hear a word that is coming from his mind and she relishes that silence. However, shortly after Bill’s arrival women start showing up dead and they have vampire bites somewhere on their bodies.¬†Even though Sookie knows that Bill didn’t commit the murders she has to prove him innocent.

This was a quick book to read. However, it wasn’t very thought provoking. I’m grateful that even though there was sex in the book they didn’t make it unnecessarily graphic. The relation between Sookie and Bill progressed far too rapidly for my liking but if I pretended that this was a harlequin I could accept it. The characters didn’t have a stable personality which made it hard to pin down their image and relate to them. I enjoyed the concept of the story and how the plot progressed but I really wish there was more to sink my teeth in with this story there it was given. This book series has such great potential that not liking it more makes me sad.

Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega #4)



Anna and Charles have been together for 3 years, and¬†for the first time they are travelling for purely personal reasons. They go to visit Charles’ old friend, son of the local alpha, who’s life is coming to it’s natural end at the¬†ripe old age of 83. With Anna at his side, Charles comes to¬†spend some time with them, and to get Anna a horse of her own. While there, they discover a dangerous Fae on the loose and suddenly they are back into work mode. While keeping his friend’s family safe, they must track down and eliminate the threat.

This book series skips over the years and fits nicely within the Mercy Thompson series, but I love books like this one that focuses on the 2 character away from the overarching storyline. This book gives us a peek into Charles past, outside of the pack and outside of killing. As we know all of Anna’s story, expanding on Charles’ is nice. The chemistry between¬†the two main characters are perfect as always and I feel like Briggs allowed Anna to turn into a very strong woman. Though getting over past trauma is never easy, it’s nice to see Anna being so strong. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series already.


Fair Game (Alpha & Omega #3)