Death In Vermilion



When Leila is in full paint mode nothing can distract her. When she hears her upstairs neighbour getting noisy she just turns up the volume on her radio. However, when she later goes to check up on Iris, she finds that she is in fact dead. Shocked she calls the police, however, she can’t let it go. She is determined to find out what happened to the unlikable artist.

This was my first time reading anything from this author, and I will say that this is an excellent first book. This book is a fascinating murder mystery that allowed us to get to know all the characters around the lead. With the main character finding the murder victim within the first chapter of the book, it allowed the story to get on the way quickly.

I always enjoy books that allow the readers to get to know the murder victim and this book gave us that. Though Iris is painted with an unlikable brush through most of the book, her past started to develop throughout the book. Her motivations, as well as her history, were brought to light, and even though the people around her didn’t find her agreeable, she became a fleshed out characters.

The way that Leila handles the murder was a little brazen, as are most leads in murder mysteries. She does manage to get a lot of information out of the police by just being able to read people. I’m not sure how effective her husband’s character was throughout the book, as he just seemed to blend into the background.

I was a little uncomfortable with the relationship between Leila and her husband as well as the cop. I am not sure that her relationship with her husband will be maintained if this series continues. They are on the edge of divorce as it is. Also, I know that the trope in cozy mysteries is that the main female protagonist falls in love with the cop… however, she is a married woman.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.

I got a free reviewer’s copy from the website Hidden Gem.