Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie



This isn’t normally a book I reviewed, so much so that the only description for the book I can think of is this is a compilation of fantasy short stories. Some of the stories are written more like fairy tales and others were just thought experiments. There were some good stories where you wanted more elaboration, and other stories were kind of boring.

My two favourite short stories were: Troll, a troll in life with sunrises and sunsets, and Teenage Driver, a story about a teenager taking their driving test with a werewolf. The other ones were ok but kind of bland. I would have loved for more if the stories to have a bit more depth to them.

BabaYaga.com felt like the beginning of an urban fantasy novel and doesn’t really read well alone. Dragon Hoard feels like disjointed stories that don’t really flow together. Finally, Beware was just an odd story.

Since is free on Kindle, only having a few stories you like isn’t horrible. I would be more interested in the author’s full-length work.

I received a copy of this book from the author via Voracious Readers Only.


Murder in Dragon City



After a serial murder case is assigned to Qin Ming and his team, the killer’s mental state becomes obvious as body parts from previously killed people are appearing on the body. While following the clues, the killer continues to taunt the police and seems to have a personal vendetta against Qin Ming. The case drags on while they also have to solve other active crimes around the Dragon City.

I picked this book up because there is a really good Chinese drama that was based off of this book. Since I have only read the translation, I don’t know if my grips with this book are because of how it’s written or how it was translated.

This book has a really interesting story line it is based off of the life of the writer who is a forensic pathologist. However, the book doesn’t spend a length of time on any of the crimes that are presented in the book. I understand that the overarching story is more important than the individual cases, but I also feel that a little more time should have been given to each case. Also the writing is very basic in comparison to what I’m used to in English written mystery books. I enjoyed the characters in the book, and you did get to know them fairly well, but it does lack some character development.

I still enjoyed the book and would read another novel written by Qin Ming, if it is ever translated into English.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid



This I a little bit of weird anime, but a fun one. If you have been anywhere online over the last few months, then you’ve probably seen the lolli-dragon, Kanna, pop up on your screen. Don’t worry there is more to this that just Lolli Dragons.

Kobayashi might have made a mistake one drunken night when she invites a dragon to come live with her and be her maid. Well, that’s exactly how Tohru the dragon came to live with her. Tohru is seemingly in love with  Kobayashi, but she works hard to fit in in the human world. Slowly Tohru is followed by more and more dragons. Kobayashi might have bite-off more that she can chew.

I adored this slice-of-life anime. Though it looks like it might be filled with bubble-brained characters, all of the characters are actually really relatable. Each character has their own development and you really get a feel for each of them. Though this is a lighter anime, the story doesn’t feel like fluffy that makes it different than a lot of slice-of-life comedies. This is a really good anime and I would suggest youwatchh it.