Gabriel DropOut



Apparently while prepping for my move I watched a lot of slice-of-life anime… who am I kidding I always watch a lot of comedic slice-of-life anime. This series was one that I found quite fun.

We follow Gabriel, an angel who’s sent to the human world to study. Though at first, everything seems fine, she falls into a pit of addiction of video games and starts to accumulate many vices. Her best friend, Vignette, is a demon who acts more like an angel than Gabriel does. Vignette tries to get Gabriel back on track however, she quickly gives up as she sees it’s a lost cause. Vignette, Raphi and Satania are all brought together thanks to Gabriel. We get to watch this mismatched friend group and the trouble that they get into.

If you are a fan of slice-of-life animes than this will be fun for you. There is no romance and it aims to be a comedic show. The thought of angels and demons coming to earth to study the world is interesting. It also shows that no matter watch your background, everyone can get along. The stark contrast between Fallen Gabriel and Angel Gabriel is drastic and you kind of also wonder how Raphi hasn’t fallen yet. All in all it’s a fun show that makes you laugh and is worth a watch.