Molten Dusk (The Norse Chronicles #3)



A little disclaimer at the beginning and this will be at the beginning of the 3 posts attached to this book series, I did get this book for free from the author as a review copy… Well, really I got the omnibus that contains the first 3 book. I will say that this book already is right up my alley which is why I agreed to review it. It’s an urban fantasy. Now given what my review is and how much I like this novel, it might not seem like I am giving this a glowing review because I was given the book… However, that is not the case, I will try and write my reviews as objectively as possible… But I will tell you off the bat that I absolutely love the book.

Solina is trying to overcome the most recent betrayal and must rely more on Thorin than ever. While they continue their search for Skoll, Solina has a vision of Helen trying to bring about another apocalyptic war with soldiers of the dead. Soline does sense that there is more than meets the eye to the plot, however, she can’t quite figure it out.

I really put off reading this book.  It won’t have seemed like it for you, but I really really did. I enjoyed this book series so much that I didn’t want it to be finished.  It’s was a really interesting book series, finishing with a tad of a book. To be fair, if this book series finished with a pretty bow, I think I would have found it even odder. I will say though the ending is tied with a pretty little bow.

We finally meet Solina’s parents in this book, and I feel like they took things a little too well.  Given, if your daughter came back spouting fire from her hands, I might believe her. However, I would have loved to have more of the attitude that her mother showed at the beginning.  Solina’s personal growth reached a pinnacle in this book. Though she struggles, she finally focused oh her feeling and relationship with Thorin. They work a lot better in this book together then they did in the previous books. I feel like that is mainly due to her personal growth.

This book was an excellent wrap up for the rest of the series. It finished off all of the storylines as well as the character arches in this book. I kinda wish that Helen was used more in this book, it seems like a waste. Especially since she was an instrumental part of Nina’s growth.

Overall, I loved this book series. Though it has some weakness in the flow of the story and the odd way it ended, I still really enjoyed it.