Bladedance of Elementers


ae33dd128ae23ad1be9d65438f00141c1405097747_fullAh this show is on of the better harem animes that I’ve seen in awhile. It has all the tropes needed to make a good harem anime. It’s also know as Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance in japanese is a anime series that was developed from a light novel, by the same name, which also spawned a manga series. the are 12 episodes to the anime series, 13 light novels and 4 mangas.

This anime follows Kamito, the only male spirit contractor whose very existence was suppose to be impossible. He gets brought into the Areishia Spirit Academy where girls from noble households are taught to be spirit contractors.

So let’s put a single male into a secluded high school and see what happens shall we. I still love this anime and the odd situations Kamito gets into. Not only that, but I love the character building of Kamito and the story line into his past.  If you haven’t picked it up you should it’s worth the 4 hours of your life.