Exposed Fury



Annie is finally getting her feet back under her with her new PI business. She’s finally settling into her new life while still getting over her injured from the last job with the police. However, when she finds a dead body, she is dragged back into the world of murder and bloodshed with her old partner. This was not the way she wanted to start her retirement.

This book is written like a hybrid between a Cozy Mystery and Cop procedural. I will say that the main character being a PI made the mystery a little more digestible. There was also the link that she only started looking into the murder on her client’s insistence. This mak more sense than most mystery books because she needs to get paid. I find that a lot of cozy mysteries have the flaw that the main character shouldn’t get involved with the mystery and they usually get in the way. With Anni’s past as a police detective before a shooting that forced her off the force, she already has the know how to handle a crime scene. It also allows her to have an in the department to get more information than an average citizen.

I really enjoyed about learning about Annie and her past as a police detective, however, it kinda wanted me to know more and read more about her history with Gunnar. This is a good jumping off point to that story. I feel like there is so much more to her relationship with Gunnar that we haven’t even touched yet. I really did enjoy the chemistry between them. I could see them being more than just friends if Annie wasn’t taken. I did enjoy finding out more about Annie’s past through her relationship with Ford. Annie and the reader can tell that Ford and Annie are on 2 different wavelengths throughout the book, which happens throughout life with a partner. Annie’s father managed to help her see through some of the issues that she was having, which shows how strong her relationship with Ford really is. I also enjoyed the Family dynamic that was shown throughout the book.

Overall, it was an excellent book.


I got a free ARC from, Hidden Gems.