Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson #9)



So after barely surviving a volcano God’s wrath while protecting Christy, Mercy’s life was starting to get back to normal. Well as normal as it can be being a coyote shifter and mate to the local Alpha werewolf. Unfortunately, the Fae, who are still on the verge of war with humans when a troll attacks the city to get back a human boy that underhill had taken centuries prior. Mercy must make a decision on how to keep their cities safe and Adam has to decide how he’s going to get the pack to treat Mercy with the respect she deserves.

So Mercy is even more of a powerhouse in this book than the last, though let’s be honest, it’s hard not to be powerful when you’ve been brought up by the Marrok and Adam has your back. After, essentially, declaring the tri-cities the pack’s territory and the promise of protection of the citizens from the preternatural, she had to deal with the fallout. Now, throughout these books, Adam has always given Mercy breathing room because he was terrified of her leaving. Though, in this book he finally steps in and it’s magical. Briggs managed a very tough balancing act with this book. She’s still left Mercy the powerful woman she is and even though Adam starts protecting her, it doesn’t take away from that. We also get to learn more about the Fae and underhill thanks to Adien, but we also learn more about Jessy. I feel like Jessy should get a bit more presence in these books but I understand why she doesn’t. Overall, it’s a great read like every other book and really enjoyable. It was a perfect addition to the series.

This is the last book of the series that is currently out and I’m sad, but you guys get to have a different book series to take this series place. The next book is slated to come out March 7th 2017 and I will be waiting with bated breath.


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