Goblin: the Lonely and Great God



I’ll be honest, the only reason that I watch this show is because it was partly shot in the capital of my home province, Québec city. I think that it’s such a beautiful city, so I was happy to see it on screen.

We follow Kim Shin (Goong Yoo), a military man who gets slain by the king that he is in charge of protecting. Due to his rage and the number of people that he’s killed, he is cursed to become a goblin and to recall every life that he’s witnessed.  900 years later, he saves the life of a woman and her unborn child who will grow up to be Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun). Eun Tak was gifted with the abilities to see ghosts and due to this, she finds out at a young age that she is the goblin’s bride. Due to some events, Kim Shin and Eun Tak cross paths. But since Eun Tak was never supposed to be alive, she has a grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who wants to bring the scales back to balance. We follow the love story between Kim Shin and Eun Tak as she is the only one that he loves and she’s the only one who could break his curse.

This drama is amazing, though I found it did drag in the middle. This drama also gave be my one request and that was to not have anyone die from cancer. The scenes were shot beautifully and were breath taking. It was so nice seeing Gong Yoo in a fantastic series again because he’s a talented actor. I could rave about Gong Yoo’s and Lee Dong Wook’s chemistry but I think most of the interwebs have done enough of that. It’s an excellent series, but I will warn you to not watch the final episode in public because I was balling. All in all though it’s well worth the watch.

Goblin : The Lonely and Great God Episode 4 Recap



We return back to the end of the last episode when Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) reveals that she can see the sword. Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) inquires to why she didn’t mention it earlier. She admits that at first, she wanted to be polite, after that she was mad at him and didn’t want to mention it. Finally, she was scared of what would happen if she did tell him that she saw the sword. She asks if he won’t leave anymore and he tells her that now he must make plans for him leaving much farther away. She asks what the first thing she should do as his wife and he tells her to go there.

Kim Shin runs upstairs to talk with Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) and tells him about Eun Tak seeing the blade. Wang Yeo is confused and mentions that it’s a good thing that she can see the sword because now he can die. Kim Shin is unsure how he feels about finding out that he can rest in peace once more. Wang Yeo promises that he will be the one to escort him. However, Wang Yeo shutters at the paperwork that will be required. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin that he’s not allowed to get her mad and Kim Shin admits that he’d rather die. While talking the doorbell rings.

They go outside and Kim Shin complains the Eun Tak couldn’t wait for a little while. She tells him that she’s waited for a long time as she’s always known she’s the goblin’s bride. She starts going on about her life and acting sappy. Wang Yeo interjects and mentions that he’s seen the drama. Eun Tak continues to tell him about how tough her life is and he reminds her who he lives with. She admits she’d rather die in a house then n the street. She asks him to make sure that Wang Yeo doesn’t take her. Wang Yeo starts to talk but Kim Shin cuts him off and tells her to wait for him in the living room and not to move. Of course when she walks in she goes straight up the stairs.

Kim Shin can’t believe Wang Yeo nearly told her. Wang Yeo admits that he doesn’t know why he can’t tell her that he’s going to be his escort. Kim Shin reminds him that if he tells her that it’s just the cherry on top of her misery sundae. He makes him promise not to come out and when Wang Yeo asks if he has a plan. He admits that he does but it’s a little harsh.

Kim Shin hands Eun Tak the money and she refuses it, telling him that she was ignorant of a few facts when she made the request. She mentions that now that she’s seen the house that it’s a perfect place for children to be raised. She thinks her words about how he’s handsome and cool but Kim Shin confesses that it was a lie. She asks about how he knew that she was in danger and he admits that he doesn’t know because he just felt it and he thinks it’s because of her birthmark. She screams at him about how she’s been careful about her thoughts as to hide the fact that she was thinking about him. Kim Shin admits that he’s confused at her sudden confession and she asks him why as she’s already told him she’s his bride. She asks him if she can unpack or not. He mentions that there wasn’t an option like that and then she inquires for a possible 4th option.

Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) comes in the hotel suit to find his grandfather (Kim Seong Keom) bowing to Eun Tak. Duk Hwa is shocked and asks what she’s doing there. His grandfather dismisses him and tells Eun Tak that Duk Hwa lives the floor below and she can order him around however she likes. He doesn’t trust his grandson to behave so he gives Eun Tak his card and she’s shocked that he’s the chairman. The 2 men excuse themselves and Eun Tak goes to play around with the room. When she settles down, she finds it eerie that she’s there all alone.

Duk Hwa asks who she is but his grandfather tells him that he doesn’t need to know. He tells Duk Hwa to make sure she has everything that she needs because she holds a very strong fate. When Duk Hwa asks what, his grandfather reminds him about his credit card. Duk Hwa can’t believe that his credit card fate depends on Eun Tak.

Duk Hwa goes to see Kim Shin to tell him about Eun Tak, only to find him taking out pills. He lists off the pills and Duk Hwa wonders why he’s taking them. He admits that he’s on the brink of a nervous wreck. He takes the pills and walks away. Moments later, Wang Yeo comes and does the same. He admits that he’s having the same symptoms and couldn’t understand why he wept when meeting the woman. Duk Hwa thinks that they’re both nuts.

Eun Tak if at work fixing the napkins while the television goes on about how bipolar, depression and insomnia are becoming more frequent in the population because people doesn’t take care of their mental health. As the announcer lists the symptoms we are graced with Kim Shin experiencing all of them. The one scene I loved the most what Kim Shin complaining to Wang yeo about his stomach ache and Wang Yeo reminding him that he can’t die unless Eun Tak takes the sword out. He takes it the wrong way and gets mad at Wang Yeo, screaming at him that he should just tell Eun Tak to take the sword out. Wang Yeo asks if he’s holding back tears.  Kim Shin admits that he was and leaves crying.

Eun Tak leaves the hotel and notices the rain clouds on the horizon and wonders if Kim Shin is depressed. We get a brief moment of Kim Shin looking at the maple leaf sadly. Eun Tak screams at the sky and gets so weird looks from some passer-bys. She rummages in her bag when Duk Hwa pulls up. He gets out of the car and tells her that he’s escorting her to school and she tries to tell him to talk informally to her. He assures her he doesn’t want to because someone will tell his grandfather even if she doesn’t.

Duk Hwa pulls up to the school and she tries to hide from her peers but he gets out of the car and opens her door. He tells her that he’ll do the same thing the following day if she doesn’t get out then. She makes him promise not to and he promises he won’t. Someone in the crowd mentions her name and he finally clicks as to who she is. He mentions that she knows his uncle and then asks what happened to her aunt. He used the works punishment and gold together which in Korean make up the word fine. She asks if her aunt has some fines to pay and he admits that he doesn’t know.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 20.29.05.png

The aforementioned trio are in a store and the owner asks where they got the gold from. The aunt takes an offence to it. The jeweller mentions that the bars are such good quality that he wondered where they got it. The Aunt mentions that they were an inheritance. The Jeweller asks the girl what happened to her face and she mentions that her mother hit her. The Jeweller tells them that he’s going to get some equipment to check them out.

The trio are brought into the police station and are accused of stealing the gold. The aunt takes offence and tells the police officer that she found them in her niece’s room. Her son mentions that it’s stealing and she hits him. The police officer tells her to sit and when she does he asks her why she lied. She assures him that she didn’t lie just never told the jeweller that it was her inheritance. The policeman asks them what her for her niece’s name but they can’t seem to remember, they can’t even remember their address in Seoul.

Duk Hwa asks why Eun Tak is Kim Shin’s bride and Wang Yeo admits that he doesn’t know. He puts it up to god’s jokes. Duk Hwa assumes that Kim shin is sad because Eun Tak isn’t his type. He also decides to point out the plate that Wang Yeo just froze and inquires if he’s still thinking about Sunny. Wang Yeo describes her but assures Duk Hwa that he’s never seen her before. Wang Yeo then goes around looking for Sunny.

We see a man die with his wife and then we cut to Kim Shin getting ready. Kim Shin goes to leave when he comes upon Wang Yeo. Wang Yeo asks if he is heading to a formal affair or a funeral but Kim Shin tells him that he’s feeling solemn. Kim Shin asks him if he works abroad and if he would be able to help him that evening.

Eun Tak arrives at the hotel and looks around but find Kim Shin not there. She starts doing her homework before getting mad and wondering why Kim Shin is beeing mean to her. She goes to his house and screams at the door. She tells him that even if he ignores her that she’s going to summon him in the most embarrassing place. She wonders if she’s to wait longer if because she’s already waited for so long. (Girl he’s waited over 1000 years.)

Kim Shin is sitting at Wang Yeo’s place in the tea room when the boy from all those years ago (1st episode) comes in. They greet each other like old friends and Kim Shin teases the boy about not writing 4 for the 17th answer. He admits that he couldn’t as he had given him the answer. Kim Shin tells him that he’s proud of him for how he handled his life and how he became a lawyer. The boy tells him that he has always worked as though he was watch as a way to repay the sandwich. Kim Shin tells him that he’s handed out thousands of sandwiches but not many people are like him which made him root for him. The boy thanked him and asked where he was to go now. Kim Shin tells him that afterlife is a u-turn and he is to head out the way he came. The boy gets to the door and looks back once more before heading up the stairwell to heaven. Wang Yeo asks him why he did that as it was not his job, as it is his. Kim Shin tells him that he wouldn’t be cool if he hadn’t.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 20.58.59.png

Kim Shin is standing in the lobby of the hotel when Eun Tak summons him. she asks where he’s been since he wasn’t at his house. The fact that she went to his house surprises him a little. She asks why he’s been avoiding her and she assures her that he hasn’t been avoiding her that he’s been busy. She doesn’t believe him and then warns him not to run away or else she’ll blow out the candles. He asks how she got them and she admits that Duk Hwa got them for her and he curses the boy. She asks to stay with him because of the empty rooms and again Kim Shin curses Duk Hwa for telling her about his house. He gets a beer and asks if she’s eaten and offers to order room service while sidestepping the question.

They go out and she gets a tonne of junk food. He asks her if that’s all she wants and assures her that he still has plenty of cash. Eun Tak notices that Kim Shin is really drunk after 2 beers and she can’t believe it. They end up walking home and Kim Shin assures her that he will walk her home. She starts asking questions about his past. When she gets to how many brides there have been, he assures her that she’s the first and the last as of his will. She asks what would happen if she doesn’t become his bride and he tells her that she’s the only one who can pull the sword from his chest. He tells her it’s to make him pretty. They plan for it to be the day of the first snowfall.

Duk Hwa comes into Kim Shin’s room and shows him the newspaper articles about the flowers showing up. He accuses him of getting drunk and he assures him that it’s not the case. Duk Hwa doesn’t know what he’s going to do because at least the rain and snow are put up to the weather.

They go a get stew and sit at the table where Wang Yeo is sitting. He’s wearing his hat however so Duk Hwa can’t see him. They eat and watch the drama where there is a surprise ending. They walk outside and when Kim Shin sees Duk Hwa drink some milk he freaks out and remembers that he told Eun Tak about the sword. He starts talking to Wang Yeo and Duk Hwa mentions that he’s crazy before trying to get his uncle to stop acting crazy.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 21.27.53.png

Sunny (Yoo In Na) goes to get her makeup done and helps the makeup artist sell a few eye shadows. The artist asks if she’s going on a date but she admits that she’s simply waiting for his call and wonders why he hasn’t called. She wonders if he may be playing hard to get.

Wang Yeo is walking downtown, but every woman he walks by looks like Sunny to him. He’s pretty sure he’s going crazy and runs away.

Sunny and Eun Tak are at the restaurant and Eun Tak asks her why she’s always looking out the window. She tells her that she always seems to be waiting for someone. Eun Tak assumes it’s customers when it’s really Wang Yeo. Sunny corrects her and says she wants a king on a white steed.

Eun Tak is looking at Shin Woo’s, the grandfather, business card when a girl from class takes it from her. They ask if she picked it up somewhere and she tells them that she was given it. The mains girl asks if it’s the man you dropped her off that morning or the other man that she saw her with. A cigarette appears in her hand and she starts holding it like she normally does. The teacher catches her and though she tries to explain that it’s Eun Tak but another classmate helps her out. We finally see the back of the class with the 4 ghosts sitting there and being the culprits of the incident. As the leave school, the ghosts are so proud of what they did and Eun Tak thanks them. They stop talking and when she turns around she sees Kim Shin.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 21.48.35.png

Eun Tak gets in the car and mentions that she thought that he didn’t drive. He assures her that he wanted to show off his car. After he mentions the night before he asks her if he did anything weird and she assumes that he’s forgotten. She asks if he’s hungry and if he would like to eat. He inquires to why she’s always asking him that and she tells him that she wants to eat with him. He offers beef and she agrees. He pulls the car over and tells her to stay still. He gets out and goes around the car, the next thing she knows she’s back in Quebec.

She is excited to be back and he brings her to a restaurant. He inquires to what the hilt looks like and she tells him that there is a tiger on it. When he asks if it’s cool she tells him it isn’t. She admits that she did some research and couldn’t find out why the blade was there. He tells her that a person he least suspected put it there. She asks for his age and he tells her he’s 939 years old. She decided that it must be a very sad story.

Once finished, they go for a walk and Eun Tak mentions that he’s very happy for a person with a sad past. He tells her that it’s been nearly 1000 years and there is nothing sad enough for you to stay sad for that long, nor a love that will last that long. she wants to bet that there is but he refuses her bet. She asks if he doesn’t want her to the bride and suggests pulling out the sword, however, he starts running away from her. She asks him to summon his bat and he tells her that he doesn’t have one. What he does pull out is a sword. He lets the sword go and splashes Eun Tak with the water that is left on his hands. She tries to splash him back but he uses his powers. She complains about not having powers like him and then tells him to stay there.  She hands him a book and tells him that she has some business to take care of.

She goes to the hotel and writes a letter before heading back to meet with him. He’s sitting on a bench reading the book that she left with him. She calls to him from across the street and he smiles. She walks and the paint changes colour under her feet and she has fun with it. The poem he was just reading runs through his minds and he realises that it’s the first time that he’s fallen in love. He has a very serious face when she arrives and she asks if he’s mad. He holds her gaze without saying a word.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 22.12.23.png

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 3 Recap

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 3 Recap



The old lady’s voice replays from the time when She told Eun Tak’s mother to pray if she’s on the brink  of death. The driver of the car stops suddenly and we get to see Kim Shin’s (Gong Yoo) and Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) walking towards the car. The head lights of the car blow up and the kidnapper in the back tells the driver to gun it. Once he did, Kim Shin cuts the car in half. The 2 kidnappers continue moving much faster than Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) . Wang Yeo stops her side of the car and holds it up while she’s in it. We see Kim Shin let go of his sword and it disappears before going to see her. Shock starts to kick in and she starts to freak out and cry.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 19.22.14.png

Kim Shin opens her car door and suggests that she gets out of there. She nods and gathers her things, as per his instructions, before getting out. She stumbles and he asks if she’s hurt anywhere. While Kim Shin is checking on her, Wang Yeo lets go of the car and it falls to the group. She jumps into Kim Shin’s arms at the sudden noise. She asks him how he can ask if she’s hurt after he cut a car in 2. He doesn’t say anything and wraps her scarf around her neck. He asks her to stay there for a moment and goes towards the men. She suddenly realises that he plans on killing them. She accuses him of that and he assures her that he isn’t planning on doing that. She tries to use the fact that he brought the grim reaper and Wang yeo didn’t come to save her. Kim Shin assures her that he’s going to show them that he’s angry and that he’s going to make them wish they were dead.

Kim Shin goes over to them and tells them that for 2 days the road they are on will not exist on any map so no one will find them and they will be in a lot of pain. However, after 2 days the police with stumble upon them and they can repent for their sins with the police. He informs them that they should be happy that it’s not him punishing him and they should thank Eun Tak for their life. Wang Yeo goes to see them and tells them that they will not remember anything other than they had a horrible fight. He adds on that they will never reconcile and he walks off.

The trio walk down the street when Eun Tak started to ask them if they brought a car. Kim Shin admits that they don’t take cars very often, to which Wang Yeo nodded.  Wang Yeo starts talking in his head about how he would like to know when she’s going to thank them, to which Kim Shin reminds him that she’s a pissed off 19 years-old. She  mentions that she didn’t know that they were so close and that he would bring the grim reaper when someone was asking for help. Wang Yeo starts going on again and Kim Shin tells him to shut up, out loud. Eun Tak assumes that he’s talking to her and is hurt. When Wang Yeo tries to start pestering him again, he reminds him to shut up.

Kim Shin and Eun Tak are sitting across from each other when Eun Tak asks when he’s leaving. He assures her that he’s leaving soon but she tells him not to worry. She tells him that she’s investigated what Wang Yeo told her and it’s true that she’s not supposed to be alive and that Kim Shin saved her mother and her. She has decided to come to terms with that and has decided not to hate him. He mentions that it seems like she does, but she tells him that she doesn’t and she wanted to tell him that if they ever met again. She reiteratess that he still feels like she hates him and she assures him that she doesn’t. She promises him that she won’t wish for him or think about him so he can live a happy life. She wishes him luck find his bride and motions to leave. He asks her if he’s going to pay for the food that he hasn’t eaten. She counters that she doesn’t have any money. He promises her that he’ll buy if she eats. She doesn’t believe that he’s trying to feed her, but he reminds her that the kidnappers didn’t exactly feed her.

Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) tells Kim Shin all about Eun Tak’s life up to date. He tells Kim Shin that the entire neighbourhood knew that Eun Tak’s mother left her 150 million won, (168k CAD) that she can’t have until she comes of age. Kim Shin is shocked that Duk Hwa can be useful at times. Duk Hwa asks him why he asked him to do all of this and Kim Shin tells him that it’s to punish them. Duk Hwa doesn’t understand how 2 gold bars is a punishment and wants them for himself.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 19.58.59.png

Eun Tak’s begins to grow worried when she doesn’t get a call back from the kidnappers. She is worried they may have killed her. Her children tell her not to worry and her son mentions that she shouldn’t have borrowed the money. She tells them that she should have let them starve. She searches Eun Tak’s things again and finds the gold bars. They believe that Eun Tak exchanged the money for gold bars. The son suggests that they split the money evenly but none of them trusts the either. The Aunt and male cousin fall asleep and when they wake up they find the daughter had taken the money. They going looking for her to no avail.

Kim Shin and Duk Hwa are out to eat when Duk Hwa’s grandfather calls. He assures him that Kim Shin is eating. He tries to talk to his grandfather about his card but he gets hung up on. He tells Kim Shin that he could fix his problem. Kim Shin, however, is zoned out watching the television. He tells Duk Hwa that the king that he protected 1000 years before looked like the lead singer of IKON and his wife was part of IOI.

He goes back home and tells Wang Yeo about it and he’s told that he would have to touch them to find out. Kim Shin, however, is absolutely certain that they are the reincarnations of the two people.

Wang Yeo goes to meet up with 2 new recruits as well as another senior grim reaper. He meets up with another grim reaper briefly and told about the special cases that need to be solved. Everyone knows he has 2 but he simply promises to take care of them. The new woman grim reaper introduces herself before going on. They don’t know why she became a grim reaper when she could have been an angel. Wang Yeo teases the other reaper of enjoying her the most and then walks away to do his job. He meets up with the doctor and informs him of his death due to overwork. Wang Yeo does tell him that the patient was saved thanks to him and that calms him. Late on while eating, Wang Yeo looks over his paperwork.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 21.04.17.png

No matter where Eun Tak goes she can’t forget Kim Shin. She thinks back to the time she spent with him while Kim Shin does the same.

Eun Tak goes back to the bookstore and looks for the book that she put the leaf in. She can’t believe that someone found it and then overhears Duk Hwa wanting to return it. She tells him that she’ll buy it. When he asks where the leaf is from she tells him that he wouldn’t know anyways. She thanks him for the leaf as she thought she lost it. He mentions that she seems a little old to be reading those bs\ooks. She mentions the same thing to him and he mentions that he knows a goblin. He tries to play it off before asking for his money.

He arrives back home to find his grandfather and Wang Yeo standing in the living room. Wang Yeo tries to pass as Kim Shin’s friend, however, Kim Shin kicks them out. Wang Yeo and Duk Hwa sit on the stoop complaining about how Kim Shin treated them. Duk Hwa assures Wang Yeo that his grandfather should leave soon and Wang Yeo freezes some ground as a warning. Kim Shin lets Wang Yeo back in and tells him that it’s 1:0. After his shower, Kim Shin comes out to find a towel with a mark. He calls to Wang Yeo to clean it up.

Kim Sun calls Eun Tak over and asks her if she’s been sleeping at the store. Eun Tak apologises and asks how she found out. He shows her the tooth brush and then mentions that she also found the notes. She asks if it was because of her aunt and she agrees with her. She tells her she’s ok with it and hands her a weekly salary. She tells her to grill some squid before she leaves. Eun Tak thanks her for her coolness about the situation.

Eun Tak goes to grill the squid but she gets lost in thoughts about Kim Shin, and the legs catch on fire. She blows out the flame and summons Kim Shin by accident. He was browsing a bookstore when he was summoned. She apologises for summoning him and when he mentions that she promised not to summon him, she assures him it was an accident. He goes to leave but she tries to get him to tell her what it is that she’s supposes to see. He asks if she sees anything that looks painful while pointing to his chest. She acts like she does and manages to get a meal out of him for free.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 21.36.08.png

She doesn’t mention being able to see it, so he takes her for juice. Wang Yeo shows up and wants an order but Kim Shin refuses to buy him one. They all sit at a table and Eun Tak eyes Wang Yeo wearily. He tells her that he came for the juice and when Kim Shin jokes about someone dying he reminds him that he’s a regular. Eun Tak is worried that she’s going to die and he tells her that he’s on her side. She is confused by what he mean but he tries to tell her about the sword but she can’t hear her. Wang Yeo gets calls away by work and Eun Tak relaxes. She tells Kim Shin that Wang Yeo is unnaturally handsome. He gets jealous and takes her drink away but she mentions another person being handsome and when he turns to look he sees the man. He plays around a little and makes the man she mentioned and the woman who just walk in fall in love after 3 small little incidences.

Eun Tak and Kim Shin leave the restaurant and she likens him to cupid. He mentions that he knew the man in a past life and he just wanted to set him up. She asked if he saved his country or something but when he tells her about how he was a low life who took advantage of his tenants she can’t believe he acted like a guardian angel to bad people. He tells her that he was actually protecting their significant others and they will be each other’s hell. She mentions how cool he is and then points out that he’s been talking in the dialect of someone from a historical drama and he seems surprised that it popped out. She tries to trick him into telling her about her past life but he doesn’t know. He asks again if she can see it, but she tells him that it’s the end for them and parts ways. She begins to walk away, however, sh turns back around and they look at his eyes.

Kim Shin is thinking about her when Duk Hwa comes in. He mentions that he might be able to become a grim reaper like Wang Yeo. Kim Shin starts to answer the questions and mentioning that he would have to commit a large sin to become the grim reaper. He stops part way and asks how he knew that Wang yeo was a grim reaper. Duk Hwa reminds him about when his was brooding and they talked about it in front of him. He starts to describe Wang Yeo but he pops up next to him. Duk Hwa tries to run away but Wang Yeo stops him and asks him how he knew. The same explanation follows and Kim Shin is blamed for Duk Hwa knowing. Kim Shin tells him that Wang Yeo must have been a murderer and Wang Yeo takes offence to that before leaving.

Wang Yeo is furious and starts writing down sins, before asking Kim Shin why he’s there. He admits that he crossed a line and apologises to Wang Yeo for it. When Wang Yeo asks him what sin he did, Kim Shin admits that he doesn’t know his past. Wang yeo asks if it matter and Kim Shin mentions that it doesn’t matter since he would hate him regardless. This makes Wang Yeo laugh before he catches himself.

Duk Hwa mentions that when Wang Yeo moved in he was certain that Kim Shin was going to hate him but they’re actually getting along. His grandfather tells him that one of them is sad because he can’t remember his past and the other is sad because he remembers it. However way they look at it, though, they are but a blip in the God’s lives. We pull away to find out that Duk Hwa has been standing in a chair squat for the conversation.

Duk Hwa goes to the building that he got for his 8tbirthdayay and he wants to breath new life into so he wants to empty the store front. When he starts to talk about his plans to the secretary,secretary Cha reminds him that they didn’t come together but rather he was following him. He starts asking for another card but Cha refuses to go against his grandfather’s ruling.

Kim Shin is reading when Wang Yeo comes out. He asks where he’s heading and Wang Yeo claims to be headed to the supermarket. They go shopping together and Wang Yeo mentions that he can’t believe he followed him there. Kim Shin admits to his suspicion of him wanting to take Eun Tak. Wang Yeo promises that he’s on her side as if she pulls the sword from his chest than he dies. It would work out better for him if Kim Shin dies rather than just leaves. Kim Shin promises to leave if Wang Yeo does one thing for him and that’s to not touch Eun Tak if he leaves. He promises to leave in 2 days and promises to return if he tries to take her again.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 22.27.36.png

Kim Shin steps out of the grocery store and steps right in front of Eun Tak’s house. She comes in and when she notices him she quickly pulls him away. She begins to worry if anyone saw him and mentions that her aunt would kill her. She asks what he was doing there and he admits that he wanted to see her. She goes on to list all the reasons that he shouldn’t want to see her but he did anyways. He goes to leave when he tells her that her family has disappeared and she can go in the house. He asks why she came back and she admits that she needed something but doesn’t want to tell him what it is.

Wang Yeo is walking when a street vendor tries to sell him a hairpin. He tells her that he doesn’t need one but when she raises the mirror and shines the light on his eyes he notices the jade ring. He leans in to take a closer look when Sun picks it up. (OMG he’s the king!!!!!!) He stands up and looks at her, but Sunny is surprised that he’s crying and points it out. She asks if he wants her to give it to him and he nods but she won’t give it for free and wants his number. He admits that he doesn’t have one and she finds it hard to believe. He asks her to write down her number and he’ll call her. She introduces herself as Sunny. The street vendor warns them that they will be paying a high price.

Kim Shin pulls out a scroll of the Queen he loved so much and he remembers taking it from the King’s collection before burning the rest. He cries silently while looking at the painting.

Eun Tak ignores the ghost while cleaning and when Sunny explodes it scares the ghost. Sunny doesn’t know why Wang Yeo hasn’t called her back. Eun Tak tries to calm her but Sunny is hell bent on getting Wang Yeo to call her back.

Eun Tak goes to her house and finds that her auth has put the house up for school and she doesn’t know what she should do next. She takes her bouquet from

the house and tries to save a few of the remaining stock in her book. The next day at school she gets asked to see the teacher and gets treated like a trouble student, when in fact, she’s being framed. The school buly smiles while listening in to the conversation.

Wang Yeo goes to drink a beer but Kim Shin takes it from him. Wang Yeo asks him why he’s drinking and Kim Shin replies that he could ask that too. Kim Shin mentions the women, drink and meat were all easy when he was a general. Wang Yeo was surprised to find out his past. A little later Kim Shin keeps going in and out of a door but he can’t find Eun Tak. Finally, Wang Yeo asks him what he’s doing and Kim Shin tells him he can’t find Eun Tak. When Wang Yeo asks how he found her that last times he admits that he went looking for her similarly to what he did today. He grabs an umbrella and when he goes back and doesn’t come back Wang Yeo assumes that he found her.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 23.18.44.png

Eun Tak talks with her mother and admits that she’s not doing well. She complains that no one asks her how she’s feeling. When the rain starts she complains that her life is always getting rained on. She notices the rain stops hitting her and turns to see Kim Shin holding an umbrella. He tells her that it’s because he’s sad that it’s raining. She tells him that now she’s going to think of him every time it rains because she’ll think he’s sad. He mentions her clothes being too thin for the weather and she admits that because she is miserable it helps her feel better. She assures him that she didn’t call and he agrees that she didn’t. She tells him that a human life has 4 stages, 1st stage to plant the seeds, 2nd stage to water the seeds, 3rd stage to harvest the plants and 4th to use the crop. Kim Shin is surprised that she knows it as it’s what a grim reaper tells a soul whose passing. She reminds him that she can talk with ghosts and she also mentions that she finds it unfair that she’s stuck in the 1st part. He mentions that all kids lives are like that. She insists that kids have it better as they get praised. She hands him the leaf and he agrees with her that it’s pretty. He pats her head and tells her that he’s leaving the next day and he hopes she stays well.

Kim Shin and Wang Yeo are on the couch when the doorbell rings. Wang Yeo tells him he has a text but Kim Shin corrects him and tells him that it’s been 60 years since someone used it. Suddenly they are both really scared.

Wang Yeo goes out to find Eun Tak waiting for him. She is surprised that he’s there and assumes she’s at the wrong house, but when she turns around Kim Shin is there. Wang Yeo can’t believe he told her where he lived but Eun Tak admits that she asked the local ghosts. Wang Yeo dismisses himself to give them privacy. Eun Tak asks him what of 3 situations is likely to happen. She asks him not to go but he doesn’t believe that she can see the blade. Finally, she mentions that she can see it and points right at the blade. Kim Shin is in shock at her mention of the blade and it closes off the episode.

Goblin : The Lonely and Great God Episode 2 Recap
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Goblin : The Lonely and Great God Episode 2 Recap



The last few minutes are played again where Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) tells Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) that she loves him while in Quebec city.  (IT’s really hard to not take a bunch of screenshots just because it’s Quebec.) She teases him of never hearing those words before and when he doesn’t retort she continues to tease him.

Kim Shin follows Eun Tak all around the city because she starts acting like a kid in a candy store. When she gets into the Christmas store, she’s wished Merry Christmas by the owner but she gets all shy. She asks Kim Shin to take her picture but he doesn’t take a proper one.

Eun Tak continues to take in the scenery while Kim Shin gets more and more annoyed. She tells him that she feels like the falling maple leaves are like a red carpet just for her. She notices a blue sign with two gnomes on it. She asks him what it means and he tells her that it signifies that there are fairies there. She teases him about being tinker bell but he just walks off. She follows him and starts to try to catch a falling maple leaf so that an old wives tale comes true. She tells him that if you successfully catch a leaf while it’s falling it said to make the person you’re walking with fall in love with you. He accuses her of  lying but she likens it to catching a cherry blossom petal to make your first love go well. She tricks him by telling him that she actually wants it to work with the handsome man behind him and when he turns to look she takes the leaf. She runs towards the Canadian man but quickly returns telling him that it’s a Canadian ghost.

They arrive at a hotel and Eun Tak complains about being scared of the ghost. Kim Shin reminds her that she sees ghosts regularly and can’t understand why she’s scared. She tells him that the ghost was talking to her in English (Not likely.) and it scared her more than normal. She finally notices that they are in a hotel and call him out on it. He mentions that she wanted to marry him, but she tells him that it’s a little shady bringing a high schooler to a hotel. He tells her to go up and rest but she inquires to where he is going. He tells her that he has business to attend to and when she asks to go with him because she’s scared being abroad, he reminds her that she had no problem earlier with her fear. She tells him that it’s because she’s with him. She tries to get him to take her with him or lend her 10 dollars but he simply leaves with her yelling at his back.

Screenshot 2016-12-03 18.16.35.png

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) meets another grim reaper at a coffee shop. He gets a document about a special case which the younger reaper had never seen before. Wang Yeo explains to him that what humans would call miracles, they would call special cases. The other reaper starts to tell him about the problem with his landlady and how it’s unfair that if they don’t eat or sleep they feel the effects. Just then a couple walks in screaming .The woman can’t believe that he walked away after he hit someone and she accuses him of drinking. The younger reaper wishes Wang Yeo good luck and he’s off to work.

Wang Yeo brings that couple back to his tea shop and tells the woman to drink the tea to help her forget. She asks if she must and he strongly suggests that she drinks it. The man inquires as to why he doesn’t get a cup of tea as well, however, Wang Yeo tells him that he must remember his sins as it’s not the first time that he’s killed someone with his car. He explains to him the details of what he’ll go through due to his sins and the woman seems content to drink her tea. The man starts to beg forgiveness but Wang Yeo tells him that he’s superiors would not be happy. He tells that man that he’s sure he knows another man who would beg for forgiveness, however, it’s not good because he’s already in hell.

We switch over to Kim Shin standing in front of a grave holding a bouquet of flowers. He tells his 1st servant that he left Korea with that he’s buried most of his family there. He admits he once thought that his long life was a gift, but he soon realised that it was a punishment as he can’t forget any of the deaths he has been forced to witness. We the 1st young boy grow up to a young adult than an elderly man. We then see Kim Shin trying to remove his sword from his chest. and failing.

Screenshot 2016-12-03 18.44.32.png

He lays the flowers on the grave and asks them if they’ve been well. He admits that he’s still alive and hasn’t yet been able to rest in peace.

Eun Tak starts looking around the hotel but quickly gets bored and starts to wander the streets. She stumbles on to a park and finds Kim Shin standing there among the graves. She sits to wait for him. She blows on a dandilionnnn to disperse the seeds and they float towards him in order to get his attention. However, he is so lost in thoughts that she lets him be.

Finally, as dusk begins to fall, Kim Shin stands up and turns to head back. He is surprised to see Eun Tak and mentions that he told her to stay at the hotel quietly. She teases him about getting the quiet part down. She asks him how many times he’s come to see the graves and he admits that he can’t remember. She introduces herself to the deceased. She tells them that she is Kim Shin’s Bride, but he assures her that she’s not. She talks to them about how cool Kim Shin still is and then bids them farewell.

They head off and asks Kim Shin how long he’s lived in Canada for. He admits that he came and left many times. He admits that it was the first place that he went after he left his hometown. She tells him that he should have bought a cottage there so that hotel would be his. Suddenly realisation hits her that he owns the hotel. She offers him a lollipop and he wonders how she got it. She first jokes that she stole it but then she tells him that someone gave it to her. He asks if she isn’t late and then mentions that it’s 10 am in Korea. She contemplates moving illegally to Canada rather than being late for school. He hands her back the lollipop and doesn’t say anything.

Eun Tak thanks him for the day, claiming that it feels very much like she woke up from a dream. She asks him to let her off the hook even if she was annoying because she had a lot of fun with him. She runs off to school leaving a very confuses Kim Shin behind her.

Eun Tak gets yelled at for arriving late at school, she apologises but the teacher just assumes she’s slacking. She tells her that even if she doesn’t want to go to college she can’t be a hindrance. She advises her that she wants to go to college and the teacher acts like she didn’t say she couldn’t while she assumes what Eun Tak

Eun Tak sits in a bus shelter waiting for the rain to stop. She takes out the Quebec tourist guide and picks up the leaf inside. She is listening to a radio show who that starts listing of sentence for people in love. Her mind fills with thoughts of Kim Shin and she smiles.

Screenshot 2016-12-04 16.31.00.png

Kim Shin arrives home and asks Wang Yeo if he was busy. He tells that he is, but Kim Shin tells him to follow him and not to asks questions because he wants to confirm something. Kim Shin walks through the door and goes to the field where he likes to sit and looks behind him. Wang Yeo wonders what could be so important. He follows him out but he simply walks out the door. Kim Shin comes back and wonders how she could do something that not even a god of death could do.  Wang Yeo asks who did what and his competitive streak is lite. Kim Shin tells him to go away and head in.

Wang Yeo is about to go in when Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) comes to see Wang Yeo and asks if h’s having any problems living in the house. He tells Duk Hwa he simply wants Kim Shin to leave. Duk Hwa agrees and then advises Wang Yeo that if a man asks after him to lie because he didn’t tell his grandfather that he rented the place.

Eun Tak goes back to the library and tries the bathroom door again in hopes that it will lead to Canada. It sadly does not and she is left to stand awkwardly in front of a woman. The woman guesses correctly that she’s a high school senior. She gives her a bag of spinach since she got it from a guy. She tells her to go and eat it with her family.

Eun Tak gets home and her aunt starts to yell at her about being late. Eun Tak reminds her that she’s always home at this hour. Her Aunt sends her to make supper while warning her about talking back. While making kimbap her cousin comes out with her Quebec brochure and telling her mother to look at it. They claim that she wants to run away with the insurance money to Canada.Eun Tak gets mad and tells them to give her book back. Her aunt starts hitting her with the book and finally when he cousin cuts her finger she stops. Eun Tak takes the book and a Kimbap roll before leaving the house.

She sits on some stairs while eating her kimbap. She looks through the Quebec brochure to find that the leaf is missing. She starts to cry.

Kim Shin is laying in bed trying to figure out who Eun Tak is. He tries to piece together everything that he knows. He knows that she can touch him and can follow him throw a portal, but she can not see the sword. He finally sits up and decides to go and ask her.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 20.29.22.png

Kim Shin goes to see her, only to find her pacing. He pretends that she summoned him but she promises she didn’t. He asks if she was thinking of him and she wonders if she can summon him with a simple thought. He asks why she’s pacing at that late hour and she tells him that she’s waiting for everyone at her aunts to fall asleep. She assures him that it’s normally around midnight, and Kim Shin asks if she’s going to be a weirdo until then.

They go for a walk, however, Kim Shin assures her that he’s only going to digest his supper. She tells him he knows and that he’s told her 3 times and she assures him that he can leave. He tells her that he knows because she’s told him 3 times. One of her classmates sees her and sends a message that she’s prostituting herself. They want pictures, but before she can snap it the car door she was leaning on opens by itself and knocks her down.

Eun Tak notices a sign in a restaurant’s window looking for help. She goes in and comes face to face with Kim Sun (Yoon In Na) and asks for the owner. She is quickly hired if only because Kim Sun is lonely and hasn’t had any customers for a while.

Eun Tak is walking home and tries to summon Kim Shin with her thoughts but it doesn’t work, so she lights a match and makes him appear before her. He is in the middle of eating a steak and when she starts to tell him what happens he sighs. He asks if she wants to exchange phone number so that they can talk like normal people but she tells him she’s fine with the arrangement. He assures her he’s not. She tells him she loves him before he leaves.

When he arrives he walks right by Wang Yeo with a grunt and Wang Yeo thinks he’s crazy. A little later when Wang Yeo is about to go to bed, Kim Shin comes in and asks him if his outfit is better. Wang Yeo agrees with him just for him to let him go to sleep. However, Kim Shin has other plans and the next morning Wang Yeo promises to kill Kim Shin.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 21.07.02.png

Kim Shin is putzing around the kitchen happily and then until Wang Yeo comes out. He starts to mess with his underwear and this gets on Kim Shin nerves. He yells at him to stop but Wang Yeo just continues to bug him until Kim Shin yells at him.

Duk Hwa comes into Kim Shin’s room and asks him what wrong as it’s currently raining. Kim Shin tells him that he wants to tell him something but he can’t be surprised. He starts to tell him that he’s a goblin but Duk Hwa tells him he already knows. Kim Shin turns around and asks him when he figured it out and Duk Hwa confirms that it was since he was 8 but he had his suspicions when he was 6 as he would make gold bars appear in front of him when he was drunk and would accidently levitate. Kim Shin gets really mad that he knew what he was but he still spoke informally to him.

Eun Tak is at work cleaning while Kim Sun lazes around. Kim Sun mentions how it’s so nice that it’s raining and Eun Tak mentions that they won’t have any customers if it rains. She mentions that they don’t get any customers anyways. Eun Tak mentions about not having an umbrella but Kim Sun offers her one of hers. When she gets tired of eating the chips she goes to head out and tells Eun Tak to laze around while she’s not there as she won’t know if she does.

Kim Sun goes to see a fortune teller who tells her that she has horrible luck. She agrees and asks if she has any talisman for it. The woman tells her that with her having no blood relations her life has been difficult. She tells her that she should beware of a man with a black hat.

Eun Tak sits with her friend and laminates the leaf. He friend asks if she isn’t supposed to iron it but Eun Tak tells her that’s what they did a long time ago and what she’s doing is fine. She tells her that she’s doing it for a rather old fashioned man and her friend assumes she has a boyfriend.

Eun Tak summons Kim Shin but when she turns around, she’s face-to-face with Wang Yeo. She turns back around and mumbles about forgetting her scarf and wondering if her boss locked the door. However, Wang Yeo is not surprised about the attempt and tells her that he’s been looking for her. She asks if she’s supposed to die when she barely turned 19. He tells her that people die when they’re 8 and 9 as that is how death is. She asks her who she’s with and looks up to see Kim Shin. She hides his eyes as so that he doesn’t look at him but he tells her that they’re acquainted. He mentions that he’s in the middle of work and Wang Yeo wonders why he’s there and he tells him that he’s interfering in a human’s life. Wang Yeo suggests he’s making a grave decision.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 21.41.26.png

Eun Tak suggests that they run away as he has been looking for her for 10 years. Kim Shin tells her that it doesn’t matter if he’s been looking for 10 or 100 years as he can’t take someone so willing to marry a goblin in front of the goblin himself. Wang Yeo realises that she’s the Goblin’s bride and suggests that he’s been made out like the bad guy. He goes to attend to his business leaving the couple alone.

Kim Shin urges Eun Tak to talk as she must have questions. She asks him why he lied to her about not being a Goblin. He admits that he didn’t know if he was going to see her again and didn’t think that she would be able to follow him through his doors. She asks why he’s telling her now and he tells her that it’s due to the same reason as he lied. He didn’t want her to have any false hopes. She accuses him of thinking that she’s not pretty but he assures her that she is pretty. He tells her that he’s not looking for someone pretty, he’s looking for someone to see something about him that she can’t see. She tells him that she never wanted to be a goblin’s bride and tells him that she’ll never summon him again. She walks away and with one last look he vanishes. She turns around only to find him gone and walks away crying.

Kim Shin arrives home and Wang Yeo asks if he’s going to die as the rumours have it. Kim Shin tells him that she can’t see the sword so it’s unlikely that he’s going to be dying anytime soon. Wang Yeo suggests that she just may not be able to see it yet as she is quite young. Kim Shin reminds him that she is young and he should not go anywhere near her. Wang Yeo tells him to go somewhere else as he can’t live with a goblin that intrudes in his life. Kim Shin suggests he use the door if he can’t handle it.

Kim Shin goes to his bedroom and lays on the bed, meanwhile, Eun Tak is at the library being all solemnly.

Eun Tak starts reading the children’s’ books about goblin’s as to try and figure out about Kim Shin’s past. A little girl asks why she’s reading the books and she suggests that she is trying to find out about her boyfriend and the girl assumes that he’s a prince. Eun Tak agrees that it would be easier if he was a prince. The young girl gives are another book about goblins and runs along. Eun Tak thinks back about her interaction with Kim Shin and decides to give up. She puts the leaf in a book and walks away.

Kim Shin is sitting outside when he sees smoke. At first, he thinks that he’s being summoned but it turns out to just be Duk Hwa. Duk Hwa tries to claim that Kim Shin smoked but Kim Shin reminds him he quite 350 years prior.

Wang Yeo comes out and asks what’s wrong with Kim Shin. Duk Hwa tells him that he’s been like that for hours and the humidity is killing him. Duk Hwa notices a shower cap on his head and Wang Yeo gets mad. He stomps over to Kim Shin, however, his flames flare up and thunder strikes and Wang Yeo backs off. Kim Shin sighs and more clouds come rolling in but Duk Hwa tells him that he can’t make it rain in the house. Wang Yeo suggests that Kim Shin is like that because he hurt Euk Tak and their lover’s spat didn’t turn out so well. Duk Hwa is focused on the fact that Kim Shin has a girlfriend and asks if she’s pretty. Kim Shin suggests that a god of death should not be spouting nonsense in front of a kid. Duk Hwa suggests that he apologises but Kim Shin silences him.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 22.11.30.png

Wang Yeo and Kim Shin both head out at the same time. Kim Shin claims he’s going to the supermarket and Wang Yeo says he’s going to the dry cleaners. They both head out and arrive at Eun Tak’s house. Kim Shin inquires if Wang Yeo has killed her, and Wang Yeo claims he told her to move. Kim Shin reminds him that Eun Tak moved the last time he came to look for her some it’s only an obvious thing to do. Kim Shin walks away while Wang Yeo asks him if he knows where she is.

Eun Tak sets up to sleep at the restaurant. She feels uneasy about leaving her aunts. She tries to convince herself that it was never her home, however, it still doesn’t sit well with her. She suddenly sits up with the thought of an idea and she runs out of the restaurant.

She goes looking for the ghost and when she finds her the ghost disappears. She’s told that she’s acting scary since she normally ignores her. Eun Tak tries to ask the ghost about why she’s called the Goblin’s bride. The ghost tells her that she was called that by another ghost.

Eun Tak goes to see the other ghosts and she’s told the story of her mother. The ghost tells her that he mother was hit by a car and Kim Shin saves her. Eun Tak finds it hard to believe that he did that.  The ghost is pretty sure that she should have died because of a little while after that the God of death came to that very spot but left empty handed. Eun Tak suddenly realises that Kim Shin is right and that she has no rite to be angry at him. If it wasn’t for him than she would not be alive and not have any memories of her mother. She wonders what she should do, but the older ghost tells her that she must marry the Goblin.Kim Shin watches Eun Tak talk with the ghosts.

Eun Tak’s aunt goes to see Kim Sun and requests to speak to her boss. Sun tells her that she s the boss and the aunt wonders how she could hire someone else precious niece. Sun mentions that she doesn’t seem to treasure her due to her personality. The aunt tries to intimidate her, however, Sun justs walk away. She calls someone and pretends to be calling for some muscle to beat up the aunt. This makes the aunt leave and the other person on the other line is hella confused about what just happened.

The aunt arrives home to find her loan sharks waiting on her. He wants to take a drive with her as she’s not paying them back. They tell she’s been going on about the insurance money for months. She assures them that it exists, however, her bank book keeps going missing and she’s sure that it’s Eun Tak’s fault. They inquire as to what school she goes to.

Eun Tak leaves with her cousin sending her a text message. She takes a different route from school and gets cornered by the loan sharks and forced into their SUV.

Wang Yeo and Kim Shin are sitting at the table eating supper when Kim Shin asks how he got the money to pay 20 years of rent in advance. Wang Yeo reminds him that families tend to leave their loved ones money to pay for the taxi to the underworld and he’s been saving for 300 years. Kim Shin reminds him that he’s rich as well. When Wang Yeo tries the pepper trick again Kim Shin catches it. Instead, Wang Yeo throws his plate out of the window and Kim Shin tells him that it was from Louis XV’s era. At first, he laughs but he quickly gets mad.

Eun Tak sits quietly while the loan sharks look through her back for the bank book. She notices the man in the driver seat lighting a lighter but when she tries to blow out the flame she fails. the loan shark in the back tells her about the bank book but she assures him that she doesn’t have it. He tells her that her aunt claims that she has it so someone must be lying. He goes to hit her but her she hides her mark flash.  Kim Shin and Wang Yeo are playing with each other when Kim Shin drops his power and senses something is off.

The loanshark warns her that where she’s going no one comes back from and tries to threaten her into giving them the bank book. She tells them to go to her auntès house and looks. Suddenly, the driver stops and they watch as the lights down the street start blowing out. 2 figures are walking towards the car. Sure enough, Wang Yeo and Kim Shin some into view. Eun Tak calms down and Kim Shin looks furious.

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