Half A King



Quick Summary:

Being born with only one hand is hard enough in our society with our technology. Imagine being born to royalty with only one hand in a kingdom that you may one day lead. With the technology being that of the dark ages, and people not giving you much mind because you are a invalid. That is the reality for Yarvi, he must survive and reclaim the rule of the kingdom that he doesn’t really want after the passing of his father and older brother.

Over all I loved this book, it’s not normally something I’m into but Abercrombie’s writing style is so easy to follow. If you like adventure books set in far away lands this is the book for you.


This book is the 1st in the Shattered Seas series by Joe Abercrombie. We follow Prince Yarvi through lost, heartbreak, betrayal, and fighting against ever mounting odds to reclaim the kingdom he never wanted. The book highlights the struggles of being different from the norm of the society, and for Yarvi that is only having one hand at birth, which always people to treat him as a weakling. What Yarvi lacks in strength he makes up for with intelligence and cunning tactics.

This book is part coming of age, part fantasy adventure but wholly about surpassing the expectations placed on someone by either society or their own family. As the readers, we get to watch Yarvi grow stronger and more confident through the book. It covers an unspecified amount of time while Yarvi must travel back to his home land. During that time he meets and befriends a group of mismatched  people who are all willing to risk their lives to get him back home.

I love this book and I would suggest it for anyone who likes fantasy adventures. Two Thumbs up!