Ao Haru Ride



This anime is based off of an anime with 13 volumes and has a live action movie associated to it starring Higashide Masahiro. This is an excellent story that I fell in love with as the manga and I am glad that none of the renditions has destroyed this excellent story.

We follow the rocky relationship between Yoshioka Futaba and Tanaka Kou. Futaba has been in love with Kou since middle school. However, after Kou’s move in the middle of summer vacation causes a misunderstanding she believes that she no longer loves him. In high school Kou reappears under the name Mabuchi Kou and he’s changed.

This is an excellent anime to watch even if you don’t know the story. It’s a very cute and heartwarming anime that even though it deal with some very sad topics you can easily relate to the characters, even if you haven’t had anyone die in your life. I really resonated with Kou throughout the anime. I would say to watch the movie first to get the feel of the anime and then move on from there.

Blue Spring Ride – Live Action
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Blue Spring Ride



This lovely live action movie is a good movie adaptation of the manga and anime. We get to see Mabuchi Kou (Higashide Masahiro) who comes back to his hometown after the death of his mother. He is forced to come face to face with his fist love who has changed so much. Yoshida Futaba (Honda Tsubasa) forces Kou to face his problems head on and doesn’t give him a place to hide anymore.

This is a good movie, though it is overly condensed. Knowing the source material, I will admit that there is a lot of material to condense into 2 hours. The two actors in this movie have a really good on screen chemistry and Higashide Masahiro portrays the struggling Kou perfectly. This is a really good movie to watch if you want to get a base knowledge of the anime and manga series.

Ao Haru Ride – Anime  
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