Getting Wilde (Immortal Vegas, #1)



It’s been a while since I read a nice action filled urban fantasy

Sarah Wilde is a psychic, specifically a tarot card reader. She’s also the best at finding and tracking down items for a price, and she isn’t cheap. When the Council hires her to get back a box from inside the Vatican, she is a little apprehensive. The last time that she was with the Magician, she can’t remember what happened, it’s just completely blank. However, when the girls that she’s been looking for are in peril, and this job offers her a way to save them, she has to accept. Little did she know that the Magician wasn’t completely honest with what she was stilling, and with what she was going to have to deal with.

This was a fun book that was suggested to me by a reading buddy. It’s a great urban fantasy that focuses on a strong, yet broken female lead. I seem to have noticed a theme in my reading choices. This book has humans living with magicians and psychics. The main character, though a seer, was very realistic and down to earth. However, the men in her life are apparently all the men in her life are model material, or that might just be how she sees them.

Her past comes back to haunt her in the worst way. We get to see her life before the life that she currently lives near the end of the book, and you start to feel bad for the character as well as in awe by how she’s overcome to her situation.


Desire Series



Bailey is stuck and unable to reach orgasm anymore. She just can’t figure out what is wrong with her and as she’s working with one of the hottest men in Atlanta. Griff, the clubs owner, knows exactly what he’s going through as he’s already been there himself. Changing from mortal to immortal for incubi and succubi are practically the same. With the thought that he’s saving her life in mind, he sets off to help her complete her change.

This isn’t my favourite novelette. If you like a very erotic book with not much else. This story only covers a week, but most of the story is over in a day. The characters aren’t developed past the need of the story. Since there isn’t really one it ends at their very shallow relationship. The sex scenes are good, so if you’re looking for that it’s fine. I feel like even smut needs a little more of a story. This isn’t a book I’d recommend sadly… on to the second one!


Rhyan is an angel who’s been sent to Earth as punishment. She has been given the task of collecting information on Dominic, a fallen angel that has still retained all of his powers.  As Dominic works at Desire, he has not problem picking up ladies when he wants a little one on one time. However, once Rhyan walks into the club he is hit with a desire that is unknown to him. Now, both Rhyan and Dominic have to decide what

This is actually quite good in comparison to the 1st book. The story is interesting and the characters are well developed. Tompkins got the balance between smut and story down in this book. The sub plot behind Rhyan’s arrival is nice and interesting. It’s refreshing to see a plot about Fallen angels. I guess it only makes sense that he’s friends with a incubus and a djinn. I do like the interactions between the 3 friends.


Seth is a fire djinn, and the most dominant of the doms on the Atlanta scene. Thanks to his gig as manager of Desire, he doesn’t have any trouble getting a woman. Eden is a witch priestess who has been force to into great power with out really wanting it. The night before she takes the place as the Elemental Guardian, she seeks out Seth in order to let go. However, though they simply wanted some good sex they both get more than what they bargained for.

This book is about 1/2 between the 2nd and the 3rd book. I loved the accurate depiction of BDSM that is displayed at the beginning of the story. When they roles switch it was a little less willing. There was a story but it simply fuel the sex. Similar to the first book, it is all sex all the time, however, this book we do get more character development then the first book. I still prefer the 2nd book though out of all of them.