The Hack



This isn’t a book for everyone, it deals with a lot of uncomfortable topics. So much so that I wouldn’t suggest this book to my mother, another avid reader, she to some aspects of this book. If you’re ok with being uncomfortable and reading about topics that the larger media would like to brush under the rug, then this is the book for you.

Kate O’Sullivan, a freelance reporter, is working on a piece about George Simms. However, when a serial killer in Thailand kills him she has a bigger story on her hands. With the groundwork that was already started on the story, she works together with a big newspaper to get more information. However, though this story was going to be the first step in her career, she didn’t really know that she was getting herself into.

There are a lot of things I liked about the book. The book was fast paced and the story was well built. We got to see the story from the point of view of multiple characters, and though that can be a little confusing, it was really interesting. Not only did you see the murders and the police point of view, we also see other character’s storylines. The story wouldn’t have been affected if they weren’t there, but it was a nice stylistic touch.

This book does deal heavily with child molestation as well as the common occurrence of sex tourism in Thailand. Some of the scenes are a little more graphic than others, however, they thankfully kept most of the scenes about the children very vague. We still got the idea of what was going on without the details.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, but it’s not for everyone.