Eerie Irish Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #10)



St-Patrick’s Day has come in full force and Sonja has just released her new waffle. However, when she finds the milkman murdered in his truck, things get a little wired. With a little man in town looking for the new milkman, as well as all of the rumours claiming that he was actually running from the law. Along with something off about a decoration that Sonja borrowed, her life is really hectic again.

I did really enjoy meeting new people as well as exploring who else in the town is attached to the occult side of town. We get to meet Panelope and her niece, Panelope played quite a large role in this books, and we really get a feel for the character. We don’t really find out much about the victim until the end of the book. For some reason, this book series just doesn’t give us much information about the victim, however, I find that would give the reader a lot more information to go on when it comes to figuring out who the murderer is.

This mystery was mainly focused on the leprechaun and less on the murder. Though Sonja believes that they are linked in some way, I find it very annoying. I know that this book series is more of an urban fantasy, however, I would love to focus a little more on the mystery. I find it more interesting if there was a mystery with some supernatural element while Sonja investigates.

Overall it was an ok book.