Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson #3)



So she’s dealt with the werewolves in the first book, and the vampires in the second book. What’s next? Why the Faes of course. Her friend and mentor, Zee, pulls her into a murder mystery where some of the Faes on the reservation are being murdered. So she puts her nose to the ground she quickly finds out who has been doing the killing. However after the suspect has been found dead, her friend is wrongly convicted. So being the strong female lead she is, she goes after the real killer.

Still loving this series and can’t get enough. This series is getting better and better. We learn about the Faes in this book our view of the world expands. We also get to have a few more hints about who Zee really is. Still a high recommendation in my books though I didn’t find it as good as the 2nd book.


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