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We rewatch Soo Ho’s (Ryu Jun Yeol) accident. Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) gets closer to him, once she’s over her shock, and sees his bloody hand, but runs away. She blames herself for the accident. She tells herself that ha she hot love him that he would have been ok.

She eventually goes to the hospital and when she asks what room Soo Ho is in she’s told he’s away for tests. She sneaks in a writes a talisman before placing it under his pillow. She goes to leave but the doctors bring Soo Ho in. She watches after him, solidifying her blame.  When she gets home she breaks down crying in front of her picture of Soo Ho.

The next morning Soo Ho wakes up to find Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) sitting there. Soo Ho is automatically worried about Bo Nui. Seol Hee tells him that she’s there because Bo Nui called. She tells him that she was told that she can’t come herself so she sent her. She asks what up with them but Soo Ho doesn’t answer. She tells him that she needs to go to Gun Wook’s (Lee Soo Hyuk) interview and she was happy that she saw him wake up.

As soon as Amy leaves, Soo Ho sits up and leans to get his things. He tries to call Bo Nui but her phone is off. He stands to leave when his parents rush in worried. He tries to send them home because he can stay alone. His mother (Na Young Hee) chastises him and tells him that he was like that when they sent him to America. He mentions it was a long time ago, but you can tell that she’s been thinking about it a lot. He tells his mother that he;s not dying and only has a broken arm. His father (Gi Ja Bong) goes to leave but he calls him back to tell him not to sell the fishing spot because he likes it. His father suddenly leaves followed soon by his mother. She smiles because he’s softened and then notices her husband’s tears.

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Once alone he tries calling Bo Nui again to find her phone is still off. He leaves a message telling her that his injuries were very small and he misses her. He tells her to come to see him so that she can write on his cast to heal faster.

Bo Nui comes out of Bo Ra’s (Kim Ji Min) room and sees Soo Ho’s calls. She calls Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) and asks her to empty out her desk because she’s leaving. Dal Nim wants to meet so that they can talk about everything. Bo Nui promises to tell her everything later and hangs up. She goes back to see Bo Ra and tells her that everything is the same as 2 years prior. She was greedy with 1 more minute and it leading her to be hurt. This time, she was greedy with one more day leading Soo Ho to be hurt.

Dal Nim goes to talk to Ryang Ha (Jung Song Hoon) about Bo Nui, but she isn’t making any sense so he acts her to say it again with only the facts. She tells him that Bo Nui told her she was going far away and asked her to throw out all of her tools. She was certain that Soo Ho was going to propose to her. She asks if Ryang Ha heard anything and he hasn’t. He tries to get her to stay longer and finally asks her what she was going after work.

They do a promotional interview in which Gun Wook mentions that he hopes the CEO Je gets reinstated soon. Amy asks if it’s because of Bo Nui that he did the interview and he tells her that it’s because the games was developed for a pair of siblings and Soo Ho tried to protect it. He points out that he knows that she quit the company so that they would drop the lawsuit. Though he hints towards regret between her and Soo Ho. She assures him that it’s strictly friendship. She asks him if he’s heard anything about Bo Nui and Soo Ho. She tells him that he’s been in a minor accident and Bo Nui asked her to look in on him for her. Gary tells her to just let what happened between them be resolved by them, but that doesn’t stop him from being worried.

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Gary goes to see Bo Nui to find her packing. He asks if she’s moving and she tells him that it turned out that way. He asks if it has anything to do with Soo Ho. Bo Nui is shocked but he tells her that Amy told him everything. She tells him that Soo Ho has lost his money, his reputation and got hurt because of her. He asks how it’s her fault, and she tells him that he was trying to save her and that’s why got hurt. Gun Wook offers to bring her to where ever she’s going.

Ryang Ha goes to see Soo Ho at the hospital freaking out because he got hurt. He asks him what’s going on because he heard that he was going to propose, now he’s at the hospital and Bo Nui quit work. This had Soo Ho sitting up and pulling the IV from his hand. He gets the car keys from Ryang Ha and runs to the car. He goes to pull out of the parking to fast and nearly hits someone, so he tries to calm down.

He drives to her place to find it empty. He then goes to Bo Ra’s room, to also find her gone. She asks Nurse Lee where Bo Nui went and all she tells him is that she rushed through the discharge paperwork earlier that day. Though we know that Bo Nui asked Nurse Lee to not tell him where she went. Soo Ho remembers the phone conversation he had with Bo Nui and he knows where he must go next.

He goes visit the shaman (Kim Jong Goo) and asks him what he said to Bo Nui. The shaman tells him that he only says what he sees and what the person does with that information is up to them. He asks what can he see. The Shaman assures him that he’s never wished harm to come to Bo Nui and Soo Ho tells him that if that was the case then he would have given some hope for living. Telling her everything about her evil spirit didn’t help. He tells him that Bo Nui means everything to him.

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Soo Ho returns back to the hospital and finds Bo Nui’s talisman under his pillow. He looks utterly defeated.

Bo Nui apologises to Bo Ra for the sudden move, but she tells her the clean air will help her. Bo Ra asks if she’s ok and Bo Nui lies and says she is. She takes a breather outside and looks longingly at a passing couple.

Everyone at the company starts making bets about the outcome of Bo Nui’s and Soo Ho’s relationship. Dal Nim, who’s worried  sick about Bo Nui, snaps at them before leaving.

Ryang Ha brings Dal Nim a drink, but she tells him to leave. He asks what’s she’s worried about and she admits Bo Nui. He calls her spiteful and Dal Nim snaps at him. He tells her that this is the second time that it’s happened to Soo Ho. She asks if he’s having a hard time and he admits that though he’s eating a sleeping it seems more anxious. They both agree that they should just be able to be in love. Which leaves Ryang Ha asking if Dal Nim and himself could be in love.

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Soo Ho is calling around to all the rehabilitation hospitals when Seol Hee comes in. She asks how he’s doing and if he’s heard anything from Bo Nui. He doesn’t respond, she notices the papers. She steals them and asks if he’s looking for Bo Nui. He tells her that since she left with her sister, Bo Ra will still need to be hospitalised. Seol Hee steals about 100 hospitals to start calling.

She leaves and calls Gary, asking to see him before he leaves the next day. He tells her that it would be difficult. She asks if he knows anything about Bo Nui because she’s gone missing without a word to Soo Ho. He doesn’t respond the way she expects, she accuses him of knowing something. He tells her he’s busy before hanging up.

He goes back inside to find Bo Nui cleaning. When he tells her that she should take a rest he finds her burning up. She tells him that she’ll be just fine after she rests. She tells him to leave after he’s seen Bo Ra. That night she’s coughing up a lung.

Gary is outside the facility and checks his phone. Soo Ho asks him to call him because he has something to ask.

Ryang Ha comes in with Soo Ho’s things. He tells him that they caught Dae Tae (Kim Sang Ho) and he met with Bo Nui. He asks when and He tells him the day of the accident. He tells him that Dae Tae is claiming that he was also tricked. Soo Ho tells him to leave it be when Ryang Ha suggests a lawsuit, Soo Ho tells him that Dae Tae has nothing. He gets a call from Gary and leaves the hospital.

Joon Soo goes to see Gary and gets teased for sending soo many texts. Gary assures him that Bo Nui is fine, but Soo Ho tells him that he wants to know where she is. He tells her that he had made him promise not to make her cry. He tells him that he’s week in front of crying women. He had listened to her, but ever since she left Soo Ho she’s only pretending to be happy and is crying even more on the inside. He tells Soo Ho that he needs to go to her and do something.

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The next day all of the employees what to go and see Joo So at the hospital. They start planning it when Ryang Ha comes in. They ask him how Soo Ho is doing and he tells them that he’s been discharged. Ryang Ha pulls Dal Nim out of the office and confirms that she still hasn’t heard anything from Bo Nui. She tells him that she’s worried. She tells him to take care of Soo Ho and he admits that he doesn’t know who he wants to take care of.

At the Sunshine clinic, Bo Nui keeps imagining Soo Ho everywhere. She thanks one apparition for showing her that he’s ok. She apologises for what she did and that she couldn’t be next to him. Soo Ho over hears everything that she said.

He eventually catches up with her and tells her that he’s not there to cling or to bring her back but to break up. He tells her that the last memory is always the strongest, so he wants their break up to be done right. (I sit her on the verge of tears. :'()

They walk together along a wood path. The mixture of the body language and the music backs the scene both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Eventually, they stop and Soo Ho buys them a drink. The have a very basic back and forth about his feelings, Bo Ra and his eating habits. They eventually get to the end of the road and he stops. He tells her that they’ll break up. He tells her that he is incapable of saying that he loves someone then pushing them aside. He tells her that he’ll wait for her to come to him, whether it takes a year, 10 years, however long it takes. He then pulls her into a hug. He tells her goodbye and walks away leaving her crying with the bouquet of flowers she picked.

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We bounce 1 year in the future and Soo Ho is renting the Jack Pot office. He gets a call from Ryang Ha about going to his house. He tells him he’s at the office and gets chastise. He gets ready and leaves for a meeting.

He’s in the meeting and the investors aren’t happy that he took a year off. He explains that he developed an anti-ransom ware program  over the last year that almost everyone has on their computers. Soo Ho tells them that it’ll be all or nothing. If they don’t like the prototype they don’t have to fund it, if they like it 100% backing. Wehn they leave Ryang Ha asks if he has a really good Idea, he tells him that he doesn’t but he can do it. Ryang Ha reminds him that he barely made it with his Zeze team.

They go to the office and we find out that Soo Ho’s new team is Young Il (Jing In Gi) and Dae Tae. Ryang Ha tears into Dae Tae for eating so much food on the company card. he tells him to skip lunch the next day. Soo Ho mentions that they need a plan for a game and Dae Tae tells him that Bo Nui was the best for planning. This just makes Soo Ho smile.

Bo Nui is working at an old age centre, teaching them about their tablets. When she gets home she asks Bo Ra about her homework. She complains about her asking about it all the time. She accused her of video chatting with Gun Wook against and she tells her that he said she could do it whenever she wants.

They go for a walk and she pulls Bo Ra to the side so she can look for a 4 leaf clover. Bo Ra asks if she’s ok and she tells her that she is. Bo Ra mentions that she find it odd that sometimes when she sees her smile she feels sad. Bo Nui mentions that there will be shooting stars so they can make a wish. Bo Ra tells her to prepare her heart for hers, but Bo Nui tells her that she could do anything for her.

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Bo Nui is looking at the night sky and comments on the sky. She thinks of Soo Ho’s surprise on the rooftop. She starts crying thinking of happier times.

Soo Ho is working hard and looks at the cactus that Bo Nui gave him and pushes himself to continue working.

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We close the episode with both Bo Nui and Soo Ho getting ready to go somewhere.

The episode’s truth or dare is Soo Ho’s version of the goodbye scene with him crying.

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