Their Lost Daughters (DI Jackman & DS Evans #2)



When the body of a young girl is washed up on shore, DI Jackman and DS Evan’s are put on the case. With the daughter of one of their own missing and a cold case with similarities, suddenly their small team is overworked. When another girl goes missing from the same area, they have to work together to figure out if something is going on, or it’s just a string of tragic accidents.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a true police procedural novel, and I must say that it’s really fun. The murder mystery and storyline were interesting. We knew who the murder was early on, but that was how it was designed. The way the story was written, it allows you to follow along with the bad guy and the police. This genre focuses a lot on the evidence aspect of the mystery, which does mean that they pull out chemical names for drugs, which I enjoy but I can see being annoying for some.

After the last book, DS Evan and DI Jackman seem to have an even closer relationship than the last book. However, when you’re almost killed, it tends to make you put things into perspective. We also get to meet more police throughout this book. Not only do we meet the SI but also cops from other teams and precincts. I do find it funny that Evan is referred to as Marie throughout the book, and Jackman is just Jackman.

I really enjoyed this book. Though I don’t read many of these books, I really should get back into them. I used to read them all the time.

The Murderer’s Son (DI Jackman & DS Evans #1)


The Murderer’s Son (DI Jackman & DS Evans #1)



When a murder happens in suburbia, to police start looking into it. However, when Daniel Kinder confesses to the murder, it seems like a closed case. Daniel doesn’t remember the murder and claims to be having a fit when it occurred and has a blank in his memory at the time. Suffering from a mental disorder, Jackman and Evan’s agree that he probably didn’t commit any murder. This lays the question, who actually killed the victim and how can they prove it to Daniel that he did nothing wrong.

This book was a long read, and I really had to feel like wanting to read it. It was dense and filled with details. It’s really good, and I enjoyed it. It’s very different from most of the books I read, but in the realm of the police procedural genre, it was very good.

The story was interesting, and we got a feel for the world as well as the chemistry between the characters. There were actually multiple storylines that were weaved together throughout the book. The descriptions of the murder and thought process of the police were very well written. They way that they used Daniel in this book to add another layer to the mystery. It provides the right amount of doubt and empathy throughout the book.

As this is the first book, it allowed us a peek into the past of the main characters and their relationship. Though it didn’t take up much time, it did enrich the understanding of the characters. All the characters seem to have soo much history together, I’m interested in seeing if they expand on their history in later books, or if they just build on it.

Overall I really enjoyed this book.