Lucky Romance Episode 16 Recap



Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) goes to her intro to technology class that she teaches and they’re going to learn how to use video chat and messenger apps.

Hee Ae (Na Yong Hee) and Mool Po (Gi Ja Bong) set out Mool Po’s birthday meal. He asks if Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) is coming because he’s told her to stop. She tells him that she put out the plates just in case he came. When she tries to get Mool Po to put the hat on Soo Ho tells him that he should. They sit for the meal and Hee Ae tells Soo Ho that she’s stopped seeing the shaman because she couldn’t believe that she told Bo Nui that she was the racoon.

Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) was talking with a prospective client trying to convince the mother into letting her manage her kid when Gary (Lee Soo Hyuk) shows up. He happened to be shooting an interview at the same place she was. She tells him that she’s so proud of him and asks if he’s seeing anyone because he’s always in the middle of a call. They part ways and she tells him to cheer up. (That suit thought *shivers*)

Dae Tae (Kim Sang Ho) hands a paper file to Soo Ho and is informed this is useless. He reminds him that he offered to pay for cram school. Young Il (Jung In Gi) says that he’s been teaching him. Soo Ho wonders why he wrote the file by hand then. Ryang Ha (Jung Song Hoon) comes in to announce that IF has been released.

Ryang Ha is driving Soo Ho and asking him about his plans for the new game. He goes off about his stocks and Soo Ho mentions that there are no stocks. Soo Ho nicks down every argument that he has and Ryang Ha asks if he’s reading his heart.

Soo Ho goes to visit Zeze for their launch and everyone is happy to see him. They ask him if he’s coming back and he tells them that he’s Jackpot and he will work hard to compete against Zeze. They all wish him luck.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 19.39.06.png

Bo Nui comes home to find a note that Bo Ra (Kim Ji Min) has gone to Seoul.

Soo Ho happens upon Bo Ra, who’s stuck on a corner. He’s is shocked at first and then helps her. He asks if she came alone, looking around for Bo Nui. She tells him that she’s not a child, and he calls her smart. She asks him if he knows where Zeze factory is, and he asks why she just says she has someone to meet there. He offers to take her there. She wonders briefly why his voice sounds familiar he simply brushes it off.

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) calls Bo Nui and tells her the Bo Ra is at Zeze. Dal Nim comes in and tells her she should have called. She tells her that she didn’t want to let her sister know that she was coming. She tells her she’s on a mission to find Soo Ho (*giggles*). Dal Nim asks if Bo Nui had told her anything and she tells her that it’s the exact opposite. BoNui tells her everything but nothing about her time at Zeze or Soo Ho.

Gary comes and hands gifts to every one of the Zeze development team and thanks them for making a life much cooler than his own. They’re all talking about his game when he gets a call from Bo Ra and finds out that she’s at Zeze.

Gary enters the room and Dal Nim tells him she has to meet with the reporters but Bo Nui should be there soon. He agrees to sit with her while she plays. She starts raving about the games and is shocked that her sister designed it. Gun Wook tells her that she made it with her in mind. He wasn’t going to be the model but after he heard that he had to be. She mentions that since they met he could give her some autographs because the neighbour’s kids don’t believe that she’s close to him. She tells him she only needs 10. While he’s signing she tells him that she thinks he’s gotten better looking and you can totally tell she’s crushing on him.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 20.12.58.png

Soo Ho waits out front of Zeze to catch a glimpse of Bo Nui. He hears her get out of the cab and answer the phone. For a moment time seemed to slow and he walks away happy.

Bo Nui storms and yells at Bo Ra. Bo Ra asks Gary if he called her and her retorts that he though she told her she was coming. Bo Ra apologises and asks about the game. Bo Nui confirms all the information that Gary gave and when Bo Ra tells her good job. Bo Nui can’t stay mad.

Bo Nui and Gun Wook go to have coffee on the roof. She complains about Bo Ra and how she calls him all the time. He assures her that it’s not hard to pick up the phone. They talk briefly about his father and make plans to eat together. Gun Wook suggests that she should move back to Seoul because Bo Ra seems to feel trapped and it would make her job easier. She tells her that she’ll see, no one knows the future.

Bo Nui sits down with Dal Nim and Dal Nim complains that she thought she left. Bo Ra tells her that she needs to be the one with the first invite. Dal Nim hands her the invite to her and Ryang Ha’s wedding. Bo Nui looks uncertain but she promises that she will go to the wedding regardless of her fear of bumping into Soo Ho.

Soo Ho arrives back at his office and pulls out a book from his bag. From the book, he extracts the picture of himself, Bo Ra and Bo Nui together. He looks at it fondly before placing it back into the book.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 20.32.43.png

Bo Ra hands Bo Nui an envelope. Inside is an application for a Game Concept Contest. She tries to get her to register because she thinks she can win with what she’s been working on. When Bo Nui walks away Bo Ra calls Dal Nim and tells her that she gave her the application but she’s not sure that she’ll go for it.

After Dal Nim hangs up the phone Ryang Ha shows up acting all cute. She asks if he’s given the invitation to Soo Ho but he admits that he forgot. Dal Nim is planning for the couple to meet again at their marriage and fall in love. He admits that he doesn’t like being the side characters, but Dal Nim tells him that she wants everyone to be happy and he agrees. (Seriously watch this scene. You’ll piss yourself laughing.)

Gary meets with Amy and she teases him about habits being hard to break. Though she’s no longer his agent they still jump at the chance to meet. He asks about her recruits and she tells him there isn’t one. She assures him that hen there is it’ll be a huge headline and he tells her to do it with his name. She thought she misheard, and he tells her that he left IM and she could recruit him. She asks why he left, and he admits that it’s because she isn’t there and it isn’t fun working there when there is no one to tease. She agrees and offers monthly instalments of hs signing fee and he agrees.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 20.48.27.png

Bo Nui is walking home when she gets a call telling her that she has passed the first stage of the contest. She tells Bo Ra who is super happy for her sister. She tells her that she’s certain that she’ll win. She asks about the game, but Bo Nui tells her that she still has to pick an ending and once she has then she’ll tell her about it.

Soo Ho asks what the investors not like about the game, Young Il (Jung In Gi) tells him that they don’ like the cave or the character. He tells them that they’ll scrap the game, and when Dae Tae protests, Soo Ho explains that no matter what they change they’re not going to like it. Young Il agrees with him, but tacks on that they still need money.

Soo Ho meets with Ryang Ha and tells him to forget the investor because he’s wasting their time. Ryang Ha tries to convince him otherwise but Soo Ho doesn’t agree with him. No matter what idea Ryang Ha offers, Soo Ho shoots them down. Ryang Ha is about to leave when he remembers the wedding invitation. He tells Soo Ho that he has to come before leaving.

We get a lovely collage of Soo Ho and Bo Nui working on their respective games. and More of Soo Ho’s glasses.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 21.00.12.png

Once Bo Nui is done she Bo Ra calls to her. Bo Nui tells her to sleep and holds her hand. Bo Ra tells her that she remembers waiting for her to hold her hand and talk with her. She remembers fighting so hard after hearing her voice when she came with the man. She asks if she remembers and she tells her that she doesn’t remember all of it, but she remembers his voice and what he said. She wants to meet him and thank him for bringing her sister back to her.

When Bo Nui gets to the presentation hall, Dal Nim is there waiting for her. She inquires as to how she knew that she was coming and Dal Nim admits that Bo Ra called her to let her know. She jokes about Bo Nui not needing a rabbit suit anymore. Bo Nui admits that she’s nervous and Dal Nim offers her a hug. She tells her that she has to win 1st prize and get her a wedding present. They make that the deal before Dal Nim runs back to the office.

Ryang Ha is at the office, freaking out about Soo Ho going missing. Dae Tae suggests just to print out the plans and have the meeting himself. Everyone thinks it’s a good idea, but when they check there are no files.

Soo Ho arrives at the competition and watches Bo Nui’s presentation. When Bo Nui sits down it’s time for Soo Ho to present and she’s shocked to see him. We have her an overlap of the 2 presentations, that start off very similar. Bo Nui’s game is about a girl who has the worst luck, who is given a knife to hurt people she loves. The game starts with a letter that the girl received when she loses everything. We get to see the letter that Soo Ho wrote for her when they parted ways. He tells her that her knife was a light that helps him no matter what. He ends off with him loving her. Their games mirror each other, her game about the girl trying to respond to a boy calling her his light and his game about a boy searching for his light.

After the presentations, the two of them meet up. Their voice over says everything. She apologises for taking so long and she will only think about her happiness and he chastises her for taking so long to get to the correct answer. They pull each other into a hug.

Ryang ha comes to visit Dal Nim and no one says hi because he comes so often. He starts serenading Dal Nim much to the irritation of their coworkers.

Dal Nim is waiting at the Daebak office when Soo Ho comes back. He asks where the other 2 went and she tells him she’s to call them when he gets back. He talks about the how releasing Miracle and Will like twins. He pauses and Bo Nui understands it’ll be hard and they should release Miracle first, he then tells her they think they’re geniuses and invested 100%. Bo Nui is so happy because Bo Ra was singing about it. Soo Ho remembers that Bo Ra is waiting.

They pull up in front of their old home and Bo Ra asks to stay outside for a second, finally feeling home. They get up to her rooms and Soo Ho opens the door. He tells them to go in and he’ll be on the roof. Everything is the exact same as when they left and Bo Nui isn’t quite sure how. Bo Ra reminisces about the drawing that hanging on the wall. Bo Nui repeats what she said when she put it up. “We’re not 2 people but 4 because mum and dad are watching over us.” Bo Ra mentions that they’re 5 now.

Bo Nui goes to the roof and gives Soo Ho a hug from behind. She thanks him and promises to be good from then on. She tells him that it’s not enough and he agrees. She tells him that she’s grateful and heads in to eat.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 21.46.24.png

They sit down to eat and Bo Ra asks how someone could be so crafty. He asks what he did and she knows that he set up everything without her sister knowing, she tells him that he even pretended not to know her. He accuses of her not recognising him, and when she tells him that her memory fails, he tells her to memorize the 10 multiplication table with him. They have a little squirmish about her not liking math.

When Bo Nui finally settles down the door rings and it’s Amy and Gary. They came to congratulate the move and when Bo Nui asks if he called them he admits be prefer when it’s just them. Bo Ra calls from inside and Gary walks in. Next Ryang Ha and Dal Nim show up. Though Soo Ho tries to block them at the door they let themselves in. They had a very energetic evening together.

Soo Ho calls from the car and they get ready for a picnic. Suddenly it starts to pour and Soo Ho declares that they picnic is cancelled. Bo Nui asks what’s a little rain. They end up playing in the rain.  Their voice over says that though her fortune might be a little rough at times they decided to live in the present.

The finally truth or dare is the epilogue. The Shaman vacates his premises. Bo Nui and Soo Ho are walking and it had stopped raining. He’s happy they came and when she asks if she’ll always be in it with her together, he reminds her that he likes yes. She proposes to him and tells him no matter how she looks at it, it has to be him. He says yes and starts running around before finally stopping. We get 1 final kiss.

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Lucky Romance Episode 14 Recap



Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) replays the shaman’s warning that once he has nothing that she’ll take what’s left. Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) asks where she was and she admits that she met with his mother and she’s worried. He tells her that he started Zeze from a small room and he can start something again. He admits that he only realised that he hasn’t taken a vacation day in 7 years and wants a day to play.

While they’re watching the jungle book, Bo Nui looks over to him and starts to cry. He grabs her hand and holds it to his chest. Afterwards, he asks if she was crying about the movie and not about him. She tells him that she knows that he’ll call them foolish words, but asks what they’ll do if it was her fault. Soo Ho asks if she physically did anything wrong, and when she says no, he tells her that she’s done nothing wrong and it’s not her fault.  They go out to eat Italian and have a good time together.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 18.13.53.png

When Bo Nui gets home, she paces and tries to convince herself that it’s not her fault, and everything is a coincidence. Soo Ho’s reminder that nothing is her fault replays followed by the Shaman’s warning.

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) and Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) meet up, and Dal Nim tells her everything. Seol Hee wonders if Soo Ho really needs to go that far. Dal Nim admits that she’s worried about Bo Nui since Soo Ho went from prince charming to a frog in one day she’s certain Bo Nui’s blaming herself.

Seol Hee and Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) meet up and he’s furious about the lawsuit. She tells him that all that the company sees is the numbers. He asks why she’s on the company’s side, and she tells him that if she goes up against the company there will be blood. He threatens to quit and she tells him that since Soo Ho stepped down, it’s a demonstration that Zeze is taking responsibility and the media will soften. She said it quickly so he asked to clarify who stepped down. When she confirms that it’s Soo Ho who did he begins to worry.

Soo Ho finishes giving everything over to Ryang Ha (Jung Song Hoon). When he hands him the car key, he’s told that the shareholders said he could keep the car. He gets a call part way through and finds it annoying that the shareholders keep calling about the stock prices falling. Soo Ho reminds Ryang Ha to make sure no one can find out about what he’s doing.

Everyone is working on tracking down the virus when Bo Nui goes downstairs to buy food for everyone. Soo Ho calls her and tells her that he wants to see her. He notices her standing outside the door  he moves to see her but she lies to him. This confuses him but he can’t think long about it before Ryang Ha returns.

They pack up his house, and Ryang Ha starts crying and apologises for not being able to protect him. Soo Ho tells him that he better not let anyone take away his place as the major shareholder, and to protect their employees. Ryang Ha tries to get him to stay with him, but he tells him that he’s not staying with him, however, he refuses to tell him where he’s staying.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 18.45.08.png

Soo Ho goes to Bo Nui’s house and barges in. She asks what he’s doing there and he admits that he sold his house and has nowhere to go. She inquires to why he doesn’t stay with Ryang ha and he tells her that his house is a complete mess and not fit  for human life. She kicks him out and he mentions it wouldn’t be the first time. She looks like she’s about to give in but she says she’ll sleep at a sauna and he backs up. They say good night and Soo Ho is pleading with Bo Nui when Gun Wook shows up.

Gun Wook takes Soo Ho out to eat. Soo Ho asks about his father. He admits that not matter how hard he tries he can’t convince him to come to Canada with him. Soo Ho tells him since he has a lot of time he can visit him often. Gun Wook asks why he stepped down from being CEO and asks if there wasn’t another way for the situation to be resolved if he stayed. He admits that he stepped down because IF is important to Gun Wook and Bo Nui and he wasn’t going to give it up. Gun Wook admits that he hates him because he’s a really good person. He offers to let him stay since Bo Nui kicked him out.

He ends up going on to the roof of her place, before calling her. They have a quick conversation where he mentions that the stars aren’t visible that evening. She comes up to check on him s and eventually invites him in. She haggles to let him stay for 7 days. He teases her and gets her to wear his PJs. She calls her an angle and very cute. She forces him to sleep on the couch much to his disappointment.

The evening Bo Nui is sitting up thinking about the Shaman’s warning again. She hears So Ho ask if she’s asleep. He whispers how she must be asleep. He thanks her for letting him stay and wishes her sweet dreams.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 19.13.24.png

Bo Ra (Kim Ji Min) dreams about Soo Ho running towards Bo Nui with a bouquet of flowers. However, one of them gets hit by a car. Bo Ra wakes up calling for her sister.

The next morning Bo Nui wakes up and looks into the living room to find Soo Ho missing. She hears him come out of the bathroom and smiles. He mentions that it’s nice seeing her in the morning and asks if she wants coffee. When she leaves, he follows and asks if he should bring her to work. She tells him to go in a be lazy. He tells her he forgot something, he runs into the apartment and runs out to kiss her. Once she’s gone, he calls someone and plans to meet them.

The staff at Zeze are all worried that even if they re-do the game no one will look at it. They ask how Soo Ho is doing and she tells them good. They remind her that she can’t break up with him for having nothing. She gets a call from Soo Ho, telling her that he got everything done at home so she can work in comfort.

Ryang Ha arrives and we find Soo Ho at Lucky software where Bo Nui use to work. He tells Ryang Ha that he’s going to figure out the ransomware. Ryang He thought it was impossible, and he admits that thought it was impossible  in 2 days he’s going to make it work. He had called Young Il (Jung In Gi) to come help him. They are working together when Ryang Ha comes back with some snacks. He mentions how compatible they are, and when Soo Ho tuts him he reminds him that the are many ways to be compatible

Screenshot 2016-07-08 19.40.49.png

Ryang Ha asks if he’s happy living with Bo Nui. He admits that he is, but more than anything he feels like he has to be there. He tells him that he needs to show her that everything is ok even if they’re together. He explains how Bo Nthinksgks everything is her fault. Suddenly it makes sense why he hid the information about Dae Tae from everyone.

Dal Nim asks Bo Nui what love is. Bo Nui gives her a detailed explanation of how precious it is. Dal Nim tells her to never loose Soo Ho, and she agrees. Dal Nim just then realises that she’s in love with Ryang Ha, even if he is greasy.

She runs downstairs and stops right in front of Ryang Ha. He asks her if she’s eaten, and she mentions that he’s greasy before running away. he then proceeds to chastise himself for what he said.

Soo Ho goes to pick up Bo Nui from work and when they’re on the bus he makes her promise to stay by his side. We get to watch them through the evening living a normal life, with her voice-over saying that she loves him so much that she wants to believe in his words, and believe that everything will be ok.

Yoon Bal comes in telling everyone that the culprit was Park Ha Sang. everyone wonders how he got in while Dal Nim explains to Bo Nui who Ha Sang is. Suddenly there is a software to remove the ransomware and it actually works and the game plays.

Soo Ho leans back and takes a breath, it’s finished. Young Il congratulates him on his hard work. His mother comes in and Young Il admits to having told her about it. He leaves them so that they can talk.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 20.16.09.png

His mother sits him down and hands him the bank book with all of the money that he’s given her. She’s never spent a single Won, telling him that she had planned to give it to him at his wedding. She hands him that documents about his father selling the fishing spot. He tells her that he doesn’t need it. She pulls out a bag and gives it to Soo Ho to give to Bo Nui. She mentions that she added a tiger for her. She remembers that he’s a tiger and it suddenly makes sense why they look good together. She jokes about them getting married.

Seol Hee comes to say goodbye to everyone in Zeze and tells them that she’s no longer with IM.Dal Nim asks if she was fired and she admits that she was.

Seol Hee pulls Bo Nui aside and she apologises for being mean to her. She tells her that she went to see Soo Ho for her father but he refused to leave. She tells her that the happiness that Soo Ho is feeling is the happiness that she’s given to him. She tells her that they both have to be happy. Bo Nui says that she envies her because she’s so cool, and Seol Hee finds it funny that the person that she envies, envies her.

Bo Nui is at home when she gets a phone call from the hospital telling her that Bo Ra is speaking. She leaves to see Bo Ra but when she’s outside he pauses to call Soo Ho but she decides against it.

She arrives to see her sister and though she’s nervous. She goes in and her sister looks at her and says Unni (Sister). It looks like she’s trying really hard to say something else but she can’t find the words. Bo Nui thanks her for her hard work and tells her to get better so the can live together again.

Soo Ho comes in and notices Bo Nui’s salt bags on the kerb. He comes into the apartment to find that the shrine is gone. He turns and tells her that he’s proud of her. She tells him that Bo Ra is awake he offers to take her to see her in the morning but she tells him that she’s already seen her. He’s so happy and when he asks him to tell her that everything will be ok and he complies.

She reminds him that it’s the end of the 1st week the following week, and Soo Ho asks if she’s really going to kick him out. She asks how long they can live the way they are. He tells her fine but he grabs some bag and tells her that they should go on a date. He pulls out a dress (the same dress from the dream) and tells her to come pretty. He reminds her that he like the word yes and she should just agree.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 20.41.56.png

That night Bo Nui has trouble sleeping so she gets out of her room and crawls next to Soo Ho on the couch. He wakes up briefly and pulls her to him before going back to sleep.

Bo Nui tells Dal Nim about the date, and she’s certain it’s a proposal. Bo Nui confirms that she did get clothes for a date, and admits that she doesn’t have to teach him anything for him to understand dating. She asks Dal Nim if she’s allowed to be happy and Dal Nim tells her that she has to be.

She leaves the company and gets a phone call from Dae Tae telling her to meet him. She overhears everything. She confirms the information asks him why he’s doing this to her. She just convinced herself that it’s not her doing but if he helped the culprit then she can’t believe that.

Soo Ho waits for Bo Nui and when she calls he asks her what’s going on. She tells him that she wants to see him badly. He grabs his flowers and goes to see her. He gets to the corner and he sees her. He calls to her and they wait for the crossing light. She convinces herself that everything is going to be ok. When the light turns green they run toward each other. Soo Ho notices the car going straight for Bo Nui and he runs  faster to push her out of the way leaving him to get hit. The Shaman’s words replayed in her head as she looks to Soo Ho. (*remians shocked for a while*)

The truth and dare scene is Bo Nui getting rid of the salt and beans, and telling them that she’s going to rely on Soo Ho from then on.

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Lucky Romance Episode 11 Recap



We rewatch Soo Ho’s (Ryu Jun Yeol) confession and Bo Nui’s (Hwang Jung Eum) refusal. We also get to see their first kisses, again. Bo Nui pushes him away and they have a little back and forth. Soo Ho walks Bo Nui through his reasoning as to why he believes her to be lying. about not love him. She admits that her heart has come to love him without her consent. She tells him that she wants him to forget that day because she wants to  on her own and then let her feelings fade. Even though Soo Ho promise to do anything for her to prove his love, she simply asks him to forget about his confession and their kiss. She promises to see him at the office the next day and leaves.

Soo Ho goes home and is confused. He wonders what’s so hard about their relationship and he wonders if it really is that hard.

Bo Nui dreams about them in a park next to the river. Soo Ho is standing under a tree holding flowers and  Bo Nui runs to him and they twirl around being really happy.  Her little voice over asks if she ever ran towards her open happiness before. At the end of the dream, she sees the shaman who tells her that happiness isn’t hers, and she wakes up. The words replay in her head and she is saddened.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 10.25.09.png

Mr Je wakes up the next morning to find Mrs Je really made at him telling him not to cross the line. She accuses him of not only going to the company to makes a show for security but running rampage in a store where their son’s company frequents and embarrass him. Mr Je remembers the night before. He accused her about the rumours that would be spread going to the restaurant. They have a back and forth about things that they’ve done wrong in the past.

A Nurse goes to open the window in Bo Ra’s room to find her eyes are open.

Soo Ho gets to the office and Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hun) congratulates him. He starts asking about the date and Soo Ho informs him that they didn’t go. He tells him that he didn’t attempt formally so he wasn’t rejected formally. As he walks away Ryang Ha knows that he’s been rejected.

Bo Nui runs into the office and B-lines straight to Soo Ho. She tells him that she needs to talk to him. He closes the blinds and asks if she reconsidered. She tells him she hasn’t but she needs him to be her talisman. She tells her that Bo Ra opened her eyes, and Soo Ho breaks out into a huge smile.

They get to the hospital and Bo Nui explains that when she got the call, the only person she thought of was him. He lends her a land but she asks if they can use the red string because she thinks it’s better. He just smiles slightly and asks her to give it to him, and asks if he only has to wrap it around his pinky.

They go in and Bo Nui starts talking with her sister telling her that she did well. She introduces him as the CEO and someone she’s grateful too. Soo Ho tells her that she introduced him wrong. He tells Bo Ra that he’s the man that her sister likes, and Bo Ra needs to get better to tells Bo Nui to be happy in his place of him. He promises to see her often.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 10.39.56.png

Then as the leave the hospital, their pinky fingers still attached by the red string (Of fate!!!!), Bo Nui looks thoughtfully at the string. She goes to untie the string and Soo Ho tells her to stop resisting and to come to him. He mentions that after their first kiss, Bo Ra opened her eyes and it must be a sign. She accuses of not believing that. He admits that he doesn’t, but he’s starting to understand keeping someone by your side while bringing in senseless things. Soo Ho pulls out the necklace from the day before, he tells her that math class was always boring for him because he already knew the answer but had to wait for the other kids to solve it. He suggests that she needs that time, and hands her the necklace. He tells her that she simply doesn’t know that the answer is already chosen, but when she finds the answer in her heart she should come to him on her own two feet and with her own free will. He turns to walk away pulling her by her pinky.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 10.47.39

Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) is at the salon to get her hair cut when Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) calls about which ring is better. This saves her hair from going short. She goes to see him and asks what’s going on. He tells her that he didn’t confess right and wants to do it right. She pulls him out of the store and asks him what he’s planning on going after he leaves in 3 weeks. He tells her that he could ask the same. Seol He admits that he can look away while she’s gone because she’ll be back soon, and Gun Wook praises her for her confidence. Seol Hee assures him that she will support him and offers to pick for him.

Young Il(Jung In Gi) comes to deliver meals to the company. One of the guys asked him if it was him who bought the smartwatch 2 weeks prior. He mentions that he got a full bow from the CEO of coconut. He pulls up the information that he’s the genius of the first generation, and shows a news article about him. They ask him to look over the program and he tells him to look at the parameters.

Soo Ho and Young Il go to have coffee while Ryang Ha watches. Soo Ho tries to pay him for the damage and Young Il refuses the money, he tells him to simply buy plenty of chicken. Soo Ho asks how he knew his mother. He tells him about volunteering to help with computers back in university, and his mother grew fond. Soo Ho and Young Il both wondered why Mr Je acted the way he did. Soo Ho asks him why he ran a chicken shop, and he admits that when he was Soo Ho’s age he was at his peak. However all he did was work and when he finally looked around he was alone. He tells Soo Ho that before he becomes like him to grab on to what something precious before losing it. They part ways and Ryang Ha comes over holding a cat pillow and starts teasing him.

Mr Je looks at the photo album and wondered if he felt drained, and wonders why because he only had to solve equations. She mutters to the picture to smile because it brings luck.

Bo Nui is in the bathroom and pulls out the tiger necklace. She replays Soo Ho’s words in her mind, and then holds the necklace up. Seol Hee comes in and she hides it. She compliments Amy and Seol Hee wonders if Soo Ho will like what she’s wearing, before heading in to see him. Bo Nui has to recenter herself after the conversation.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 11.15.41.png

Seol Hee looks at the video game and tells them to remove the girls from the party. She tells Bo Nui that she thought that she knew him better. Dal Nim tells her that Gary has already said yes, and she mentions that he’ll say yes to anything Bo Nui asks.

After the meeting, Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) pulls Bo Nui aside and asks if she’s trying to provoke her. Bo Nui tells her not to speak back about a meticulous person because the bad aura will come back around. Soo Ho pops in and asks if there is a lot to adjust, and Bo Nui tells him that there isn’t and it should be done by the end of the day. Dal Nim puts on her cool look and heads off. Bo Nui and Soo Ho head back to the office though he walks backwards at first, and Boo Nui chastises him and tells him to turn around. He walks a bit and then tells her that she did great and he’s proud of her before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 11.19.46.png

Gun Wook arrives home with the requirements for a romantic night. (Though is the lazy song by Bruno Mars really a mood song…)

Bo Nui is at work when Gun Wook texts her, she tells him that she can’t meet him and postpones the meeting. So he calls her and she tells him that she really can’t go. When Soo Ho walks out he tells her that it’s taking a long time for her to come to the right answer, even though the answer is yes. Bo Nui tells him she’s already told him know, and he tells her ii’s the wrong answer but he’ll wait.

Soo Ho goes out to find Seol Hee at his bike, and she admits to wanting to see him. She complains that he wasn’t at the meeting, and he asks that if there is an issue he should know about because Bo Nui was there. She tells him that she’s hungry and he should buy her food.

They go to the sushi place, and he remembers Bo Nui. Seol Hee asks if he remembered the day he threw up the sushi she bought him. He admits that he doesn’t remember and she’s hurt. She tells him that it was the first time that he showed himself to her and told her about his father however it was all in her head. She asks if the plate was for Ryang Ha, and he tells her that it’s for Bo Nui because she’s working through the night. Seol Hee tells him that it’s good he’s looking after his subordinates and he tells her that it’s not how he sees Bo Nui. Seol Hee tries to convince him that he’s only momentarily attracted to her because of her oddity. Soo Ho inquires as to why Bo Nui became his friends and he asks if that isn’t loved because he curiosity and protectiveness she felt towards him is how he feels towards Bo Nui. Seol Hee realises that she lost Soo Ho’s love to Bo Nui,

Gun Wook is at home making a sandwich with the aid of his smart fridge. (Really dude a sandwich is difficult for you. I know it’s just product placement but still) He packs the sandwich for, who can assume to be, Bo Nui.

Ryang Ha meets with Dal Nim and she complains that she hasn’t had any progress since the first day. She came up with a plan, and as she explains it to him he sighs and tells himself that she doesn’t know that bus is already gone. Ryang Ha tells Dal Nim to takes off her braces, glasses and a little wait and she agrees.

Bo Nui is coming out of the bathroom when she hears whistling, and she follows it to the roof to find Soo Ho with food. They sit down and she eats it, He starts telling he to come to him but when she puts down her food he promises to wait. She tells him not to whistle and he tells her he did it on purpose so she’d follow. He tells her that he will rewrite all the painful memories for good ones. She tells him that he still can’t whistle at night even if there is only a chance. She asks if he’s trying to contact his father and he goes to the roof’s edge. They discuss his father, and how the communication between them is strained, and wonders if she ever thought ill of her parents. She tells him that he should tell him, but he reminds her that he’s like him and doesn’t know how to apologise. He’s scared that if they fight they’ll never see each other again. She tries to get him to talk with him but he refuses and they go downstairs.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 11.45.57.png

Gun Wook comes to give Bo Nui the lunch he packed. Soo Ho is staring at Bo Nui as she works and she tries to get him to focus on the screen. He stands and bends right next to her to look at the screen. Just then Gun Wook comes and sees them and decides against giving it to her.

After they talk about work Soo Ho tries to kiss hr. She pushes him away and tells him that she wants to ban physical contact. He doesn’t understand why they bother between 2 people who have kissed. She tells him that he dreamt it, but he reminds her about the kiss she gave him while she was drunk. He mentions that people say you hear bells at your first kiss but he didn’t hear anything. Bo Nui is shocked and asked if Amy wasn’t his first love. He tells her that she wasn’t and all of his first were with Bo Nui. He goes into his office and beats himself up a little.

Gun Wook and Seol Hee are both sad and thinking about their prospects. Seol Hee wonders what her feelings towards Soo Ho are and why they still ache.

Soo Ho calls Bo Nui to make sure she arrived home, and when he tells her that he misses her she fakes a bad connection and hangs up. Soo Ho gets annoyed with Bo Nui and wonders how long it’ll take her to figure out the problem. Bo Nui prays to the spirits to help her with her heart.

The next day Gun Wook tells her that the reporters are back and tells her to wear the sunglasses. She asked what he ate and he lied about eating tteokbokki. He does off for a run and she goes to work.

Mr Je comes to see Soo Ho but Dae Hae refuses him entry. When Bo Nui  comes in she says  hello and he tells them to not bother calling him. Just as he leaves Soo Ho comes in and catches the elevator with Bo Nui. When the silence was too much Soo Ho starts hammering out questions for her to answer. The last question was about their relationship which she said would be done by that night.

Soo Ho is at the office when he gets a test from his mother that she’s at his house and he runs out. HE asks if Ryang Ha gave her his passcode and he confirmed tat he did. Soo Ho gets mad but heads home. He tries to get to his bike but he forgot his key so he grabs a taxi. His mother asked why he came since she was just going to clean. He tells him that she doesn’t need to and she promises to barge in from time to time because it’s good to see his face.

Mrs Je and Bo Nui meets for coffee. Mrs Je tells her that she doesn’t know much about her and so she asks about her parents and siblings. She then asks about her schooling before finally asking about her dating Soo Ho. Mrs Je asks why she  refused him. and she confuses Bo Nui.

She takes Bo Nui shopping and buys her some makeup and an outfit. She tells her that she should hurry and go on a date with Soo Ho. Bo Nui tries to tell her it’s not like that, and Mrs Je tells her about the pictures in his room. She reminds Bo Nui that she calls Soo Ho cool. She agrees she can’t force her, but insists on giving her the gift anyways.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 12.19.32.png

Soo Ho tells Ryang  ha about the pictures in his room and Ryang Ha can’t believe it. Soo Ho explains how he feels to Ryang Ha and he asks what he’s done with Soo Ho. While they’re talking Bo Nui calls and Ryang Ha assumes that he was rejected. However, he tells him that Bo Nui wants to go for lunch the next day.

Bo Nui prays that night for Soo Ho.

Mrs Je tells Mr Je that she’s coming with her and doesn’t have the right to complain.

Soo Ho has difficulty picking out an outfit that day and plays around with each outfit. This scene is really cute and a good watch. finally arrived at the meeting spot to meet with Both Nui. She starts to tell him that he’s actually meeting with his parents when they arrive. Bo Nui goes to leave however Ms Je stops her and they all go in together.

Mrs Je and Bo Nui try to keep the conversation going, however, the two men are silent and don’t look at each other. Finally, Mr Je snaps at Soo Ho and his disapproving look and asks if he’s his father. Soo Ho moves to leave but Mrs Je mentions that it’s been 20 years and Mr Je asks how long he’ll have to grovel for. Soo Ho turns to him and asks him why he threw a 7-year-old in the seas, and Mr Je defended himself saying all seamen learn to swim that way. He tells his parents that since then he is unable to be near water or smell the sea, and since their house is surrounded by water they wonder why he doesn’t come home. Mr Je tells him that even when he was puny he believed he knew everything. Soo Ho mentions to them that he was a child, he was scared of the sea, of the night and of strangers touching him and watching him. The only people who didn’t seem to notice he was a child was his parents. He leaves and Bo Nui follows.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 12.38.44.png

Bo Nui apologises for not telling him soon and he asks he that if she’s thought she could manipulate him because he liked her. She tells him that she wanted him to heal and take the first step to extending his hand to his parents. He understands that he’s the problem yet again and apologises for bothering her so much over the last while and leaves. Bo Nui just watches him leave while a tear rolls down her cheek.

The truth of dare of this episode was Bo Nui’s reaction to finding out that she was Soo Ho’s first kiss, and how happy she was.

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Lucky Romance Table Of Content

Lucky Romance Episode 9 Recap



We rewatch the very touching scene where Soo Ho(Ryu Jun Yeol) brings Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) to the hospital and promises to come with her when ever she wanted to see Bo Ra. Bo Nui asks if it’s a dreams and then tells Soo Ho that she must be dreaming because she never got to see Bo Ra’s face. Soo Ho tells her that they should come see Bo Ra many more times. She thanks him for the day and though he suggests going in the car she doesn’t want to keep bothering him. He runs after him and tells her that he wants to have lunch with her.

He drags her into a restaurant that primarily serves fish, and though she wants to leave he orders. He tells her that there were things that he could eat. When they started eating Bo Nui asks about his disdain for fish because it goes against what his mother had told her. She tells him never mind and he tells her that he nearly died after falling into the ocean. Due to his vivid memory, it left some side effects.

After they finished the meal, Bo Nui bring Soo Ho a cup of coffee. She finds him relaxing on the bench with his eyes closed. She tries to scare him to no avail. She sits next to him and apologizes for causing him so much trouble, so she gives him more room. He asks her about her parents and her belief that it was her fault they died. She admits to have not known back then but she which she had so she could have sent Bo Ra to be adopted. Soo Ho chastises her about saying that after all she gave up for Bo Ra. She admits that she could always earn money or skip food, but she was terrified that they would take Bo Ra away from her. Soo Ho goes silent while just staring at her. She guesses that he’s thinking that she’s pathetic, but he finally states that she must have had a hard time. This shocks her, and he goes on to saying that a child raising an even younger child must have been hard. Bo Nui states that she’s already taken up enough of his time and they leave.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.05.21.png

Bo Nui goes home and while she’s praying she thinks of Soo Ho pulling her into a hug at the hospital. She chastises herself a little before going back to praying for Bo Ra.

Soo Ho is at him thinking about Bo Nui trying to scare him in the park. He sits up smiling before looking at his hands and thinking about holding her at the hospital.

Bo Nui has a hard time falling asleep which mimics Soo Ho, but they both finally manage to drift off.

The next morning Soo Ho wakes up and sits on his little pods like seat and wonders if Bo Nui slept well. He then tries to find the words so that he can call her but she doesn’t know what to say.

Bo Nui goes to the hospital and brings the nurses food. They tell her that Bo Ra is busy meeting with the man she brought last time. When she checks up on Bo Ra she finds Gun Wook (Lee Su Hyuk) coming out of the room. She inquires about Bo Ra and he admits that she must be sleeping so he only popped in. He asks if she wanted to see Bo Ra and she admits that she did the day before thanks to Soo Ho. She explains what happened and tells him that Soo Ho will come with her when ever she wants to see Bo Ra.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.14.06

They drive home and when they arrive they see a man faced away from there who has a similar appearance to Soo Ho from behind. Gun Wook asks her about Soo Ho still coming at all hours, she tells him that it’s not the case and that he tends to drop by when he’s in the neighbourhood. He decides to teach him about boundaries to find out that it’s a reporter asks about the truth about him looking for his father.

The next he has a meting with Soo Ho and Seol Ha (Lee Chung Ah) about the leak. Seol Ha tells him no to worry about anything since they have all of the original copies of the photos. She wonders if they should sue, and Soo Ho tells her that there is no reason to fight, it’ll only increase the gossip. Gun Wook suggests that they do a broadcast, because since they managed to stop it this time, next time the news will come out like wildfire. Soo Ho tells him that they won’t force him, but Zeze will support his choice. Seol Hee tries to stop him, but Gun Wook tells her that as long as he finds his dad he’s fine with that. She agrees, and tells Soo Ho that she’ll plan it.

Soo Ho pushes up the beta release date. When the employees complain about not being able to go have the company dinner, he tells them to go. He puts it under the guise of wanting them to be in top shape, however, he smiles when he sees how happy Bo Nui is.

Bo Nui takes a call in the hall and Soo Ho walks by trying to listen in. After he walks past Bo Nui thanks him for being so considerate towards Gun Wook. Soo Ho asks why she’s thankful for him doing something for Gun Wook, and she tells him that she cherishes him as a little brother. He asks if she wants to eat but she has an appointment and can’t go. He asks with who but then back tracks and tells her to go.

When Soo Ho comes back into the office he notices the woman looking at the 3d rendering of Gun Wook. He scoffs at it and when Dal Nim notices him, she mutters that Gun Wook doesn’t hold up to the heavenly level.

Bo Nui meets up with Mrs Je in front of the shaman’s place. Mrs Je offers to pay for her and tells her to come in. Mrs Je  introduces her, and Bo Nui reveals that she comes there often. Mrs Je is overjoyed to hear that, and she asks him to check out everyone’s fortunes, starting with Soo Ho’s.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.36.39

Soo Ho is at the office watching the 3d rendering of Gun Wook when notices Bo Nui’s gift on his desk. He puts them away and then takes them back out. Through this entire scene, we have the shaman’s reading of his fortune.

Mrs Je and Bo Nui go out to eat and Mrs Je inquires about anything a miss in the office. Mrs Je tells her that Soo Ho can never be near water because he nearly drowned. She hints to Mr Je dropping Soo Ho into the water thinking that it would help him swim. When Bo Nui probes, Mrs Je reveals her husband dropped him in and wonders if he’s the racoon.

When they get back to the office Mrs Je hands Bo Nui a talisman for Soo Ho. She tells him to give it to him herself, and she admits she can’t stand seeing him throw it out. Young Il (Jung In Gi) shows up to deliver some chicken and Bo Nui runs over to say hi. Mrs Je recognising his voice never turns around until Bo Nui introduces her. She never makes eye contact and excuses herself.

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) comes back to discover that someone messed with Gun Wook’s rendering. She asks who was so childish and no one admits to it.

We see Soo Ho hiding in the dining area playing with Gun Wook’s programming, when Bo Nui and Dal Rim show up. Dal Nim asks her why she isn’t coming to the company outing She tells her that she doesn’t want to jinx the group with her misfortune. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be selfish, because the last time she was Bo Ra’s surgery got delayed.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.56.35.png

That evening Bo Nui meets with Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho) to help him hand out flyers. After a person rudely knocked her flyers out of her hand, Soo Ho shows up to help her pick them up. She explains that she’s helping Dae Hae and he tells her that not one asks her, and takes a paper.  Dae Hae asks Bo Nui if there is anything between then when she says there isn’t, he mentions that there is a good atmosphere around them.

Mrs Je calls Young Il  and apologises for earlier. He tells her that it’s ok that she didn’t want to admit to knowing him in front of an employee. She admits that since Bo Nui works right under Soo Ho she was scared that she would tell him. Mr Je overhears the conversation and that she took a box of carp juice.

When Young il hangs up, he finds Soo Ho standing there. Soo Ho orders a coke and a beer, and when Soo Ho swigs the beer Young Il asks if something is wrong. He mentions Bo Nui and asks if she did odd things while working there. Young Il points to a talisman she put up and tells him that she use to do all the dangerous things for him. When Ryang Ha shows up Soo Ho suddenly stands and tell him that he has somewhere to be.

The next days Bo Nui finds Dae Tae working at Zeze as a security guard. He admits that Soo Ho came to ask him for some help.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui take the elevator up, and Soo Ho is the first to break the silence. He tells her that it’s odd that Dae Tae got a job at a nice place. He says that she says she’s bad luck, but good things keep happening and it’s weird.

That evening Gun Wook calls her over and tells her to stop watching Bo Ra. She tells him that she just wants to keep watching her face. He asks if she’s uneasy about the workshop, but she tells him she’s not going to look over Bo Ra. She tells Gun Wook not to be nervous about the broadcast. He asks her if she could come with him. She declines worried that he bad luck will transfer.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 19.19.00

Seo Hee gets a phone call from Gun Wook tells her that he wants to cancel training the following day. She tells him that it’s a good idea not to overwork himself before the broadcast. She tells him to take care of his heart. She goes back to packing some food.

Both of the men prepare to ask Bo Nui to spend the day together, we see an overlapping scene of them both climbing the stairs. Who will get there first?

Bo Nui tells Dal nim to lie to the other workers that she’s sick. Dal Nim promises to send Bo Nui plenty of pictures so she’s jealous. She hangs up Dal Nim and her doorbell rings, she’s shocked to see who’s there. (WHo could it be?)

Dal Nim risks at Bo Nui and complains that she already got the salt and red beans ready. Seol Hee shows up right before they leave to join them on the workshop.

Bo Nui is sitting in Soo Ho’s car when she gets a phone call from Gun Wook. She tells him that she’s on her way to the workshop. So Hoo has given himself to her as her talisman all over again. She starts to feel paranoids and put red beans and salt around her. He promises her that no matter how long they are in the car for nothing will happen.

Bo Nui leans out the window to enjoy the sun, so Soo Ho hands her his sunglasses. He tells her that she should wear sunglasses to get in the right mood, and mentions that Ryan gHa said it, it must be true. She asks him if he likes her, and he tells her that he doesn’t. She knew it, but she mentions that Dae Tae keeps telling her that. When Soo Ho asks her if she likes or hates her she just stares. He assumes that she hates him.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 19.36.05.png

When the crew arrives at hotel Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) is there to greet them. When Seol Hee asks about Soo Ho, Ryang ha tells her that he’ll show sooner or later. Gun Wook arrives, followed closely by Bo Nui and Soo Ho. Dal Nim is super happy that she came. Gun Wook and Seol Hee, however, are not happen that they came together.

Bo Nui chastises Gun Wook for coming when he has his broadcast the next day. He admits that he came to asks her one more time. He tells her that she’s not something that brings him bad luck but rather his good luck charm. When she refuses, he walks away hurt.

They all decided to go off roading and Gun Wook makes a bet with Soo Ho and whoever wins gets a wish. Though Soo Ho scoffs it off he gives it his all even if it’s his first time on a 4 wheeler.  does, however, manage to drive his 4wheeler into the ditch, but thankfully Bo Nui is there to drive him back. They have a little ‘fight’ but Soo Ho is happy. When Gun Wook comes in, he asks Seol Hee if she saw Bo Nui to see her laughing with Soo Ho standing behind her.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 20.11.14.png

All of the employees are contemplating trying to get Soo Ho drunk while they are at the workshop. They start playing the truth game and Bo Nui gets asked a bunch of questions about her love life, which she tells them nothing is going on. Soo Ho listens intently to her telling them that she doesn’t like anyone nor does she have a crush.

Later that evening Seol Hee catches up with Soo Ho while he was walking. She asks if he’s ok being by the water and he reminds her that he’s grown up. She asks why he’s never dated, but he declines to answer.

Bo Nui sits down next to Gun Wook after he finishes his conversation with his mother. She asks if she’s mad, and Gun Wook tells her that she’s just nervous. She asks when she’s needs to be at the broadcast for, and promises to leave the next morning. She tells him she would feel better if they went separately.

Soo Ho and Seol Hee are walking when she spots a moth. She starts running around and screaming. Soo Ho bets the moths away. As she’s explaining how much she hates moths, one lands on her head.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 20.24.14.png

Gun Wook and Bo Nui stumble across Soo Ho and Seol Hee. Bo Nui looks on hurt while Soo Ho teases her. She excuses herself and promises to call him.

On the way in Bo Nui notices Dal Nim passed out drunk. She gets her in when she finds out that the guys are going to dunk Soo Ho into some water. Bo Nui freaks knowing his aversion to water and runs to the pool. She chastises the men and Soo Ho tells her to no over react. She follows after him anyways. He tells her to leave him be, he just needs to sleep. She ignores him and tells him that they should check him out. He tells her that he doesn’t want his employees to know about his issues. This makes Bo Nui blow up at him, asking him why he always has to carry everything on his own. She tells him that she wants to support him like he supports her.

They head back, and Soo Ho reminds her that what’s happening is his trauma and not something she caused. She asks if he still holds a grudge against his father. He tells her that he only ever lived with his parents for 10 years so there isn’t much to look back on. He tells her that while studying abroad, he was always tret like a monkey and it caused him to hate dealing with people who smile in front of him and talked trash behind his back. She tells him that he must have been lonely. She admits that she once thought that he lived with a golden spoon in his mouth but she was wrong.

He suddenly feels sick and she comes to his side. He whines about showing her a side of him she wasn’t supposed to see, and she tells him that they’re even now. This makes him smile.

She ends up bringing him back home and taking care of him. She writes a charm on his hand, and while she does she admits that her heart hurts. He’s done so much for her but all she can do is write a charm for him. She answer his question from in the car and tells him that she could never hate such a kind person. She tells him that she’s always found him affectionate, kind and warm hearted, and she wishes she could be that type of person to him. She asks that he not be in pain and she stands to leave but he catchers her hands and asks her to stay.

This week’s truth or dare we get to see Soo Ho’s 4 wheeler get stuck in the ditch. He looks to the sky and says out loud that if destiny exists then to save him. He starts chastising himself about catching it from Bo Nui but as soon as he pulls his phone out Bo Nui turns around the corner and asks if he’s ok.

Lucky Romance Episode 8 Recap
Lucky Romance Episode 10 Recap
Lucky Romance Table Of Content

Lucky Romance Episode 8 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is desperate to save her little sister Bo Ra. When she consulted a shaman, he tells her that she must sleep with a man born in the year of the tiger. While she’s trying to find one, her project for virtual reality was bought by Zeze factory, whose CEO, Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is born in the year of the tiger. Through a stipulation in the copyright contract, Bo Nui is hired into the company and she gets him to agree to date her for 3 weeks if she signs his contract. Though Bo Nui is nervous about everything, Soo Ho has a trust issue due to his upbringing and broken relationship with Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) in college. Soo Ho figures out that it has something to do with her superstitions, and accuses her of using him, which she denies but he won’t listen to her side. Finally, Soo Ho finds out about Bo Ra, and his heart is moved. Soo Ho finally spends the night following Bo Nui around, after another failed attempt to sleep with a tiger. She goes through all of the steps to quit but makes it seem more like a suicide. Meanwhile, Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) is looking for his father and secretly in love with Bo Nui.

The two men get out of the hospital, and Gun Wook tells Soo Ho that he trust Bo Nui not to make a rash decision. Soo Ho tells him that he’s a coward, and  thought Gun Wook tries to claim that Bo Nui tried to save Bo Ra she reminds him that it’s exactly those superstitions that brought this about. After some harsh words, they  split up.

We see Bo Nui at the river bank. Soo Ho starts running around that location looking for her. Gun Wook tries calling her but her phone is off. Soo Ho re-reads her letter in his car (Which I’m pretty sure he left on his desk in his office.) and mutters about how she wasn’t going to give up.

Bo Nui is kneeling by the river the next morning. She sets sail a paper boat with Bo Ra’s name on it. She prays that her parents look after Bo Ra and promises to follow after.

The men meet up outside the apartment building when Bo Nui passes. Though Gun Wook wants to go talk with her Soo Ho stops him. He tells him that she’s back so that’s enough and they should let her rest.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 14.36.54.png

Bo Nui gets back home and finally turns on her phone. She sees missed calls, but the only she care about is the nurse. She’s told to come to the hospital right away. She inquires about Bo Ra and is told that her finger moved. She runs to the hospital and gets given the news that her sisters started to regain reactions. She is thrilled about the news and leaves.

Gun Wook is working out and staring at his phone. He tells her to just come back because he won’t stay still. She calls him and tells him that Bo Ra woke up and she’ll tell him that details when she gets home. Gun Wook offer to go right then but Bo Nui hung up on him.

Soo Ho is in his office pacing and contemplates calling her. He decided not to but when he throws his phone it calls by accident. He tries to cancel the call before it goes through but fails. When he hears someone arrive he believes in Bo Nui but it’s just the delivery guy. He tries to save face but fails and everyone ask Dal Nim if things with Bo Nui didn’t end well.

Bo Nui goes to see the shaman and thanks him. When she confesses that she didn’t catch a tiger she recounts what happened the night of the full moon. She realises that she actually did spend a night with a tiger. She thanks him and promises to bring Bo Ra with her when she’s awake. After she leaves the Shaman prays for her to be protected.

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) comes to see Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) and asks if Soo Ho has come by. He starts teasing her and finally she leaves after calling him a bunch of hateful things. She finally finds Soo Ho outside going over some documents. Dal Nim asks Soo Ho to try and convince Bo Nui to stay. She tells him that the day of the final interview 2 years prior is when her sister had the accident. She tells him that she changed after the accident, and once she started working at Zeze she seemed to calm down. Dal Nim is worried about what will happen if she doesn’t work at Zeze.

Dal Nim and Soo Ho meet up with Bo Nui in the hall and Soo Ho tells her to come in. She tells Dal Nim the good news before meeting with Soo Ho. He inquires to where she was the night before when she tells him the Han river, he starts asking how far she’ll continue being a fool. HE admits that he keeps thinking about her and it’s driving him crazy. She tells him that Bo Ra woke up. She thanks him because that she did.

The employees are talking about Bo Nui and wonders what is going on. Someone admits that she wants her to be reprimanded just once. However, one person bets that she’ll be back.

Bo Nui explains that since she spent the night at his house, Bo Ra woke up and is getting better. She tells him that she’ll disappear from his sight, and he tells her that she can’t do that. He explains that there will be a lot of expenses that will start piling up not that she’s awake. He tells her to stop trying to quit, and that it’s a bad habit. She asks is she heard right that he thinks about her, and he tells her it’s true so she should stay in his line of sight. He admits that he wastes time thinking about what she could be doing when she’s out of his sight.  He tells her that he’s banning resignation letters, absences and not being able to contact her. He sends her home to rest, and she thanks him again before she leaves. He is thrilled that Bo Ra is awake.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 15.01.06.png

Bo Nui gives Dal Nim the background. Dal Nim asks if anything happened between Bo Nui and Soo Ho and she tells her that nothing did they just slept because she was drunk. Dal Nim admits to having thought that they were secretly dating, and Bo Nui tells her that wasn’t the case. Dal Nim hugs Bo Nui against her protests.

When Dal Nim comes back upstairs she tells them that Bo Nui is back at work the following day. They find it odd that it’s the first time the Soo Ho stopped someone from resigning, and it’s out of character.

Soo Ho is going over some documents when he thinks back over Bo Nui’s words. (Also I want his keyboard) He smiles to himself before re-centring and opening a cat scan on his computer

Screenshot 2016-06-22 15.10.43.png

He goes to get coffee and he’s still smiling, Ryang ha asks if something is wrong with him because of the smile. Finally, Seol Hee comes and it doesn’t dampen his mood. He tells Ryang Ha he’s leaving and Seol Hee follows. They go to the bike rack and she forgot her extra shoes up in the office. He tells her that she should go get them before leaving. She catches up with him, wearing her heels. She reminisces and he corrects her date again. She topples over. He stops and has this aspirated look on his face.

He comes back with medicine and she asks him to do it. He tells her that her bull-headedness hasn’t changed, and she mentions that he use to like that about her. She tells him that thinking about someone and worrying about them is liking them. He finishes treating her hand and tells her not to ride the bike before leaving. He links all of the pieces of information together and it adds up to him liking her.

Without thinking he bikes to her apartment, and after a mild freak out wonders if she ate. He buys her some porridge and follows her back home smiling because she’s so happy. He sees her meet with Gun Wook who hugs her and decides against giving her the porridge.

Gun Wook brings out a cake and they make a wish that Bo Ra fully wakes up and they find Gun Wook’s father. They blow out the candle and Gun Wook offeres for them to go see Bo Ra the following day. When he asks she confirms that she is done with the tiger business and should be nothing more that a nuisance for Soo Ho.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 15.23.26.png

The next day at the office everyone is inquiring if Bo Nui is dating, which she promises she’s not. Soo Ho asks suddenly who’s going to the motion capture with Gary that afternoon, and gets informed the Bo Nui is. He asks if she’s going alone, and they confirm it since she and Gun Wook are friends. Bo Nui hands Soo Ho a jar of salt silently and though he tells her off about the charm he still takes it.

Soo Ho sits at his desk and mutters about Bo Nui smiling at anyone and frustrating him. All the while he’s arranging the jar of salt and cactus on his desk to look just right.

Bo Nui and Gun Wook are at the motion capture facility and is having a hard time so Seol Hee comes up with an idea and has Bo Nui stand in front of him. When he has a question Bo Nui tells him that it’s a dating scene and tells him to look at the camera and say the words sweetly. He directs the words to Bo Nui and they find it perfect.

Seol Hee is talking about fortunes with Bo Nui and she finds out that in the olden days having a flower, peach tree and the sign of death in her four pillars was a mark of a bad woman. When Gun Wook inquiries and Seol Hee tells him what she discovered, he confirms that it’s accurate.  Bo Nui consoles her by telling her that now they’re related to pretty charming and popular women. Seol Hee starts going off about how Soo Ho didn’t recognise what he had before she stops and confirms that Bo Nui new about their past. She is certain that she is fated with him since they met up so many years later. Gun Wook asks if they made up because he was pissed for 10 years and he assumes they did because she’s smiling.

After Gun Wook has finished changing into the motion sensor suit they head back out to find Soo Ho there. Seol Hee makes a comment about him coming to see her but plays it off as a joke. She shows him her hand and when he asks if it’s gotten better she admits to having not taken off the band-aid.

They flip the filming to a date seen and the director asks Bo Nui to play the part as his girlfriend. Seol Hee puts up a fuss even though Gun Wook is happy. Soo Ho comes up with a reason about how Bo Nui can’t model so he steps in. They start teasing them about matching so well and while walking around the set Gun Wook ask if he has to go so far. They do a back hug and Bo Nui finds Soo-ho so cute that she snaps a couple of pictures.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.44.31.png

After the shot, Bo Nui suggests that all of them go out to eat, however, Gun Wook wants to the group to split so he and eat alone. Soo Ho tells Bo Nui to have the date ready for tomorrow, which forces her to have to decline Gun Wook’s dinner plans. Soo Ho leaves even when Gun Wook tries to stop him, and Seol Hee follows.

Bo Nui goes home  to work on the files for the next morning.

Soo Ho is at home and he smiles to himself thinking about Bo Nui. He suddenly starts to wonder what is wrong with him. He pulls up an article about how to know if a man like a woman. He ticks off everything on the list and gets frustrated.

The next day Soo Ho and Bo Nui meet up at the elevator, and though she was calling to keep the door open he was pressing the close door button. When they get upstairs, they find out the Se Young is being brought to the hospital. They believe it’s because of the water that she was drinking. They go to the lounge and find the cases of the miracle water. She calls Dae Hae right away and tells him to come meet her, she apologises and Soo Ho tells her to stop apologising.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui continue with the meeting with Gary anyways. When Soo Ho is asked about his parents he asks for a private audience with Seol Hee and walks out of the room. Bo Nui asks what’s wrong with Soo Ho because he was mean. She leaves the room and he follows asking what was so mean. He tells her to follow him to the roof, and she wonders why.

Seol Hee goes over the contract and tells Gun Wook that there are no specific clauses and they should be able to negotiate. Gun Wook finally tells her that he came to Korea to find his father, and he doesn’t want his father or how bad of a son he is to be in the game. Seol Hee calls Soo Ho and tells him that they should stop the meeting for the day and that they will contact him in a few days. She offers Gun Wook to take the day to just talk.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui are on the roof. Soo Ho tells her that Seol Hee has put the scenario on hold for a bit. He tells her that he doesn’t understand, and if he can’t then the players can’t. The game was to take a look at Gary’s life what is always hidden. Bo Nui tells him that there is always a reason to hide things. Soo Ho tells her to convince him. Bo Nui tells him that he doesn’t answer his mother’s calls, and though she has him in mind when she calls all he ever does is hit the reject button. She admits that his mother is the one who asked her to put the talisman in his book. She mentions that when someone becomes too comfortable they don’t know how to be grateful, and she admits to thinking about her parents every day and wishing they were alive. She asks if he knew that his father got hurt, she tells him that it’s sad that a stranger knows but not his son.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.22.31.png

Mrs JE brings carp juice and herbs to Il Young (Jung In Gi). Soo Ho pacing his office thinking about calling his mother, which he finally does. Mrs Je is shocked and asks what’s going on. He asks to speak with his father, who she claims if out. Soo Ho asks that she not send his employees to do errands. Mrs Je tells him that she was just being nice with Bo Nui. She hangs up saying that she has something on the stove.

Soo Ho watches Bo Nui pray and reminds himself she’s a bug. He tells her that she needs to redo the analysis of the motion caption data. The other employees come back and she asks about Se Hyung. They tell her that she’ll be fine and she apologises that it happened because of her.

Soo Ho is at the cafe tearing up a straw covering. He tries to rationalise his feeling for Bo Nui by telling himself that he wants to catch her to fix her. Ryang Ha hands Soo Ho 2 drinks calling one the femme fatale and them other the bundle of luck and asks him which he will choose. Soo Ho sees Bo Nui leaving and he follows her out. He happens to subconsciously stab his straw into the bundle of luck drink. Soo Ho tells Bo Nui that she shouldn’t be meeting with Dae Hae, and then asks how she can be so forgiving towards everyone else except him. She explains herself and leaves but the entire time Soo Ho is wondering why his heart is beating so fast. While he’s leaving up against a pillar he notices his mother getting on a bus.

Bo Nui meets Dae Tae at the chicken restaurant. She orders lunch and asks how long he’s starved himself. He tells her about how the con men took his money right after he gave them a payment.

Dal Nim comes to the cafe and Ryang Ha hands her Soo Ho’s drink. He tells her that he ordered it and put the straw in it himself but walked away. Ryang Ha teases her about her crush on Soo Ho when he notices him walking by while very distracted.

Soo Ho goes to the chicken place to find it closed. When he’s at home he can’t sleep and imagines Bo Nui on his floor again. He walks over and looks down at her while sipping some water. The next day he wakes up on the floor certain that he went to bed. He wonders if he as sleepwalking.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.37.47.png

Bo Nui leaves early the next day to see her parents. Soo Ho is waiting in is the car and stops her to chat. He finally takes her to the mausoleum. He watches over her as she talks to them. Driving back he asks about the song she’s humming and she reveals that it’s a song her parents liked called sad fate. Soo Ho asks about the lack of family photos are her house. She admits that her 4 pillars are very evil and can destroy people around her so she tries to avoid her family. She tells him that if he sister can wake up that she fine not seeing her. This seems to hurt Soo Ho and he brings her to rehab to see  Bo Ra. She doesn’t want to give Bo Ra bad influences just to see her. Soo Ho turns to her and lays his hands on her shoulders. He reminds her that he’s her talisman, and when she mentions that he doesn’t believe,  he mentions that she does. He uses her words against her and tells her that it’s an effect for the person who believes. He walks her in never losing contact with her allowing her to finally visit with her sister for the first time since the accident.

When they get outside she finally thanks him and breaks down crying. He pulls her into a hug to give her support. He tells her that whenever she wants to see Bo Ra to tell him and he’ll come with her.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.51.06.png

The truth or dare this episode is Soo Ho continuing to looking down the article till the end where the writer leaves a little blurb.  The passage reminds the readers not to be happy because none of the categories apply, because if they thought of someone while reading the article then they are already in love.

Lucky Romance Episode 7 Recap
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Lucky Romance Table Of Content

Lucky Romance Episode 7 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is desperate to save her little sister Bo Ra. When she consulted a shaman, he tells her that she must sleep with a man born in the year of the tiger. While she’s trying to find one, her project for virtual reality was bought by Zeze factory, whose CEO, Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is born in the year of the tiger. Through a stipulation in the copyright contract Bo Nui is hired into the company and she gets him to agree to date her for 3 weeks if she signs his contract. Though Bo Nui is nervous about everything, Soo Ho has trust issue due to his upbringing and broken relationship with Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) in college. Soo Ho figures out that it has something to do with her superstitions, and accuses her of using him, which she denies but he won’t listen to her side. Finally Soo Ho finds out about Bo Ra, and his heart is moved.

We watch Bo Nui walk away from Soo Ho and asks the nurse to tell her if there is any change. He follows her outside, and she doesn’t look back at him. She starts walking in the rain back home, and Soo Ho runs back into the hospital to get an umbrella. He catches up and tells her to just think of him as a utility pole. He follows her to the bar and wonders what’s wrong.

Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) is still waiting for Bo Nui at the bus stop, while still trying to reach her. He thinks back to Bo Nui telling him that she needs to sleep with Soo Ho. He imagines them, having sex, and he tells himself he’s crazy.

Soo Ho watches over Bo Nui while she drinks, and when a very drunk man asks her to hang with him, she warns him of her terrible luck. She agrees to a one night stand with the man if he was a tiger. Soo Ho stops them man and send him home. Soo Ho asks that she stop what she’s doing. He tells her that her sister is fine, and she tells him that she could have woken her up. He asks what she would have done if the men had filmed her. She tells him that she could have save her sister. and he tells her that the sun hasn’t risen yet and he’ll make her wish come true because he’s a tiger.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 13.43.32.png

Seol Hee finds Gun Wook asleep in the hall, in front of Bo Nui’s apartment. They get into his apartment and she chastises him for not changing her clothes. She asks him if like Bo Nui and he mentions that she still doesn’t know his type. Seol Hee tells him that she’s certain that Bo Nui is with a boyfriend.

Soo Ho begs her to come back to reality and lists why her superstitions are wrong. She tells him about having to give her parents their funeral at 16 and that Bo Ra is all she has left in the world and she’d rather die than to see her pass away. She tells him that her reality is bleak, and she’s always stepping on eggshells never knowing if Bo Ra will survive. She screams at him to  stop following her, and she leaves. He swears he’s out of patience but he follows her anyways, but loses sight of her, until he hears her singing to herself. When Soo Ho asks Bo nui to go home, she tells him that she can’t look at Bo Ra’s things right then. He picks her up and carries her.

Gun Wook looks at the owl and tells him it’s disqualified. He tells him that if he can’t find his father and Bo Nui he’s useless. He tells the owl that he will still leave them in their care, and he points the owl to the window.

Soo Ho bring Bo Nui to his home. He tries to put her on the couch but she rolls off to the floor. He runs around bringing her a blanket and towel when he gets a call. Ryang Ha tells him that his staff really want him to come out, and he tells him that he can’t come out. He tells him he’ll leave it up to him to make sure that his staff doesn’t come, and calls him brother before hanging up. He dries her off  a little with the towel before resting her head on a pillow. He stares at her trying to figure out what type of life that she lived before they met.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 14.10.41

The next morning they wake up next to each other and freak a little. She asks where she is and he tells her she’s at his house. When inquiring more he mentions that she sure black out a lot when she drinks. She suddenly remembers everything the night before, and asks him about the hospital. He asks if it matters when he found out. She apologizes for making him worry, and he mentions that thought she’s delusional she is aware of her actions. She tells him that she’s grateful and asks that he stay healthy before leaving.

While Soo Ho is cleaning he can’t make sense of her actions. He mentions that she’s a weird woman, but while thinking he piled everything in his living room into one area.

Bo Nui goes to see the guru to find that he’s out to pray. She tries to call him to find that his phone is off. So she heads home.  Gun Wook is waiting for her, and even tried at her door earlier. He spots her on the street, and verifies that Bo Ra is ok. He asks if she was at the hospital all night, and she says that she wasn’t. He wants to ask where but he sends her in because she looks tired.

While Gun Wook is working out he wonders where she slept and with who. He knows that Bo Nui is reckless but he assumes that Soo Ho wouldn’t sleep with her. He reminds himself that Bo nui is pretty and Soo Ho is still a man. He lets himself fall to the ground and then gets frustrated.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 14.37.03.png

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) and Seung Hyeon go to get coffee from Ryang Ha’s shop. Ryang Ha asks if she lost anything the night before, and he shows her her notebook that she dropped the night before. She tries to get it back but he starts reading from it. She manages to steal it back, and he wonders why everyone wants to get with Soo Ho.

Everyone is in the office talking about the fact they only have 100 days until the beta, and they’re going to need to sprint to make it. Someone brings up that he thinks something is going on between Bo Nui and Soo Ho since neither of them were at the dinner party, and they’re both late. Someone chimes in that Soo Ho is already there.

Soo Ho is checking, and waiting for Bo Nui to arrive, and he’s tempted to give her a good talking to when she arrives. He goes to grab the elevator to the 8th floor when he meets with Gun Wook who came to speak with him. He asks Soo Ho where he was the previous night, and with who and Soo Ho asks why he’s curious about it. He asks if he was with Bo Nui the night before and he tells him to ask Bo Nui herself. Gun Wook tells him that since something happened she clings to superstitions and Soo Ho tells him he knows it’s because of her sister. Soo Ho assures him that they’ll handle their affairs, and he’s disappointed that he’s meddling in Bo Nui’s affairs.

Soo Ho’s mother goes to see Yong Il (Jung In Gi).

Ryang Ha pops in to see Soo Ho who’s pacing around his office. He asks Ryang Ha what stay healthy means, and he asks if a hot woman told him that because if so he was dumped. He pushes him out of the room, and Ryang Ha wishes him a good meeting. Bo nui arrives right when Ryang Ha is leaving, everyone tells her she looks horrible, She inquires about Soo Ho and is told he’s thinking. Soo Ho notices she seems fine, he steps out of his office and asks to see her, and everyone assumes she’s in trouble about being late.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 15.00.05.png

When they’re outside, Seol Hee shows up for the tea he’s agreed to the day before without thinking. Seol Hee asks about her date, and tells her that Gun Wook waited up for her. Bo Nui confirms that she saw him that morning, and before Seol Hee can asks anymore questions, Soo Ho asks if she’s there for the meeting. This is when she reminds him of the promise of tea. Ryang He gets pushed right in the middle of the conversation and calls Seol Hee Soo Ho’s first love and Bo Nui Soo Ho’s bundle of luck. Soo Ho denies it, but Ryang Ha confirms it true through his interpretation. Soo Ho pushes him towards the elevation.

Young Il asks Mrs Je (we’ll call Soo ho’s mother that) if she lives in the neighbourhood, and she tells him she doesn’t but Soo Ho’s company is. Young Il tells her that his son’s company is regulars at his restaurant. She tells him that her son’s the CEO, and she inquires about his children, and he tells her that he’s alone since his business failed, and he regrets not having children.

Seol Hee decides to start, and Soo Ho asks about the time because people will think something happened between them. She tells him that she didn’t run away from him, but rather from herself, because she was scared that she might continue to use him. She admits she didn’t approach him because of her thesis but rather to see who her father chose to replace his son. She tells him that there was an accident and her brother was killed, out of guilty she went into physics. She tells him that she never submitted his thesis. She tells him that she knows it’s shameless but she wanted him to understand the 2004 her, even if it won’t lead to forgiveness. He corrects her and tells her it was actually 2005 before leaving.

Seol Hee is thrilled that she managed to have the chance to start again with Soo Ho. Dal Nim comes to give her the pass, and tells her that it’s only a temporary pass for the project. Seol Hee thanks her, before Dal Nim leaves.

Soo Ho comes back to the office, and places his miniature bike up on display with a smile. He notices the cactus and asks who put it there. He’s informed that Bo nui did. He finds Bo Nui in the conference room going over IF with Hyun Bin. He asks if she’s trying to give up her position and after a moment of silence he sends Hyun Bin out of the room. He asks if she’s going to pull the quitting card again. He tells her that he’s just gotten a call from the hospital and Bo Ra is fine, which she knows. He reminds her that all the superstitions are scams, and says that she must have a psychological error. She agrees that by his standard she’s full of errors. He tries to prove that there is nothing valid about her claims and writes his name down using a red pen. He’s fine, he begins to write his parent’s names. She tells him to stop and that living a life after causing your own parents to die isn’t a happy one. She tells him to never do any of those thoughtless things again.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 15.52.20.png

Soo Ho’s father was looking for a newspaper article that Soo Ho was supposed to be in when he tripped.

Bo Nui gets a call from Mrs Je. She finds out about Mr Je’s  accident, and meets up with Mrs Je. Bo Nui asks if she shouldn’t call Soo Ho, and Mrs Je admits that she tried to call him multiple times before calling her. While heading there Bo Nui remembers tearing the note bad out of Soo Ho’s hand. When she sees that Mr Je is ok she is relieved. They set her down to eat and Mrs Je talks about how she’s very night more than most young people. He first response is to be grateful that Soo Ho won’t have to worry since Mr Je is fine. They asks Bo Nui about how Soo Ho is at the company, and she admits that he’s very cool. She praises him for his work ethic, for helping his employees out, and to help fix things when they’re not working. His parents are shocked, and when Bo Nui tells her that she’ll be leaving the company Mrs Je says someone like her should stay next to Soo Ho.

Soo Ho is at home looking over the game when he imagines Bo Nui sleeping on the floor at his feet.

Bo Nui is sitting at home and imagines Bo Ra studying like she used to and vows to take care of her sister.

Soo Ho arrives at the company and sees that Bo Nui’s desk is empty. Some of the employees tell him that Bo Nui came and cleaned everything up. She thanked them for their time and told them to stay healthy. He is also told that Dal Nim helped her carry her things.

Dal Nim sits down for a meal with Bo Nui and asks if she’s really quitting. Bo Nui tells er that they’ll be fine without her. Dal Nim suggests staying because of Bo Ra’s hospital bills. She asks Dal Nim to hand an envelope to Soo Ho. We cut to a scene of her doing so, and tells Soo Ho that she wasn’t acting any differently. Though, she does confirm that she told her to stay healthy after he asks.

Bo Nui is at the hospital and meets up with Gun Wook, and she confirms that she’s not going in. She tells him to go in and see her before leaving. He talks to Bo Ra a bit before realizing how hard it actually is. Bo Nui decides to discharge Bo Ra, and Gun Wook comes by once she finishes up with the doctor. Gun Wook tells her that Bo Ra looks a lot like her, and tells her that she’s going to wake up soon. They talk positively, and she gives him a hug telling him that it was good meeting with him again. She reminds him to work well with Zeze on the IF game, and he promises that he will.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 12.53.18.png

Soo Ho opens Bo Nui’s letter and reads it. The letters reveals her thoughts about the time together and her apology for making him worry and bringing him evil spirits. She does thank him for allowing her to feel warm the night of the full moon and promises to treasure the memory. Soo Ho run out of the office, he blows past Dae Hae who’s asking for money. He drives to her house to find out from Gun Wook that she’s not there. Gun Wook asks why he’s over reacting. Soo Ho tears into him for letting him go, and Gun Wook tells him that she was just fine when they talked. Soo Ho reminds him that a person whose dying won’t tell you they are. He admits that nothing happened the night of the full moon so Bo Nui is certain that her sister is going to die. Both men run out  of the building together.

Bo Nui watches them transfer Bo Ra to a rehabilitation centre. When the men arrive to the hospital they won’t give them any information, and the nurse tells them that she’s heard from Bo Nui that it has a really nice view. Soo Ho runs out of the hospital room.

Bo Nui is standing on the bank of a river and walks slowly towards it. She drops her bag, and the episode ends there.

This episode’s truth of dare we see Soo Ho lies down next to Bo Nui, watching her while she sleeps. He eventually falls asleep and the arm falls limp causing their hands to touch. At that moment Bo Ra’s hand twitches.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 13.09.22.png

Lucky Romance Episode 6 Recap
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Lucky Romance Table Of Content

Lucky Romance Episode 6 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is desperate to save her little sister Bo Ra. When she consulted a shaman, he tells her that she must sleep with a man born in the year of the tiger. While she’s trying to find one, her project for virtual reality was bought by Zeze factory, whose CEO, Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is born in the year of the tiger. Through a stipulation in the copyright contract Bo Nui is hired into the company and she gets him to agree to date her for 3 weeks if she signs his contract. Though Bo Nui is nervous about everything, Soo Ho has trust issue due to his upbringing and broken relationship with Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) in college. Soo Ho figures out that it has something to do with her superstitions, and accuses her of using him, which she denies but he won’t listen to her side.

Gun Wook hears Soo Ho’s call to meet Bo Nui at the park. He follows her and overhears Soo Ho screaming at her. We rewatch the verbal altercation between the two of them before he drags Bo Nui away. We also see her run back to Soo Ho who’s in his car. Soo Ho drives away rather than listen to what she has to say.

Bo Nui goes back home and tries to text Soo Ho multiple times without successfully finding the words. Soo Ho sits in his apartment looking and Bo Nui’s contact information, thinking about contacting her. When he finally decides to go to bed his phone goes off much to his despise it’s not her. After a little flailing on his bed, he gets under the covers.

The next day before heading into work Bo Nui practices what she’s going to tell Soo Ho, about her predicament. She realises that he won’t forgive her but he’ll at least hear her out.

Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) goes for a run that morning, and when he returns he finds Seol Hee waiting for him. She tells him off about not answering her calls or texts. they go upstairs and she tells him that he should reconsider the game, so he could earn the company money. He refuses and when she asks why he tells her that he doesn’t have time, doesn’t know the company’s name and doesn’t like the CEO. Seol Hee is stunned that he met him without telling him. Soo Ho knocks on the door wanting to talk about the night before but Seol Hee is there, and reminds him that he wasn’t suppose to be meeting with her player unofficially. Gun Wook tells them that he doesn’t want to do it there and suggests that they go somewhere else

Screenshot 2016-06-21 09.22.10.png

They go to a coffee shop, and Soo Ho and Gun Wook goes true the formalities in front Seol Hee. Gun Wook is fairly aggressive towards Soo Ho as they talk business. Soo Ho offers to accommodate him, and Gun Wook tells him that up to date his attitude hasn’t been very trust worthy and he doesn’t work with people like that. Gun Wook leaves, and Seol Hee inquires to what happened between them. She tells him that he should have let her handle it, and Soo Ho gives her until the following day to give him an answer.

Everyone is working hard in the office when Soo Ho comes in. He tells them that Gary Choi has until the following day for a definite answer and informs them to also create a graphic not containing Gary Choi. Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) tries to calm everyone down after the announcement.

Bo Nui goes to answer a call and tells the person to stop sending her weird photos. She is heading back to the office when Soo Ho appears out of nowhere (Well really he was just standing in the hall) which shocked Bo Nui. So much so that she drops her phone. Soo Ho picks it up to see dick pics in the in section (Sexy am I right ladies *retches off screen*) He tells her that he didn’t see anything and doesn’t care because it doesn’t have to do with him anymore. He tells her that whatever happens in her personal life has nothing to do with him, and he tells her that they’re going to continue to get Gary Choi so she’ll be busy.

Soo Ho comes out of his office to see Bo Nui leaving, she tells everyone that she has an appointment. Soo Ho follows her out, and when she turns his way he hides behind the Zeze sign. He chastises himself for hiding and he should just look on confidently. He tells himself to go back in but he ends up following her appointment. When Gun Wook shows up and he hears her talk about wanting him to be the main character of her game he leaves.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 09.44.36.png

Bo Nui promises Gun Wook to help him look for his father and take up as little time as possible. When Gun Wook asks if Soo Ho to her to persuade him, she tells him that it’s like fate. She explains how she had made the game thinking of Bo Ra, and to help people in difficult situations have a better life, even if it’s only within a game. She feels like him coming back to Korea and her game design being selected must have been fate. He asks if she’ll be fired if he refuses, and she assures him it’s nothing like that, she just thought that she’d ask one more time.

Seol Hee is pacing her office praying for Gary to agree when she gets a call from Soo Ho. He tells her that he needs to come to his office right away, she tries to comes up with an excuse but he isn’t listening and tells her to come. When she arrives she sees Gun Wook and Soo Ho both coming out of the office. Bo Nui comes out saying that the presentation is ready, and Seol Hee recognizes her right away. Gun Wook introduces Seol Hee as his agent, and her colleagues can’t believe that she knows Gary Choi. She gets dragged into the meeting with them after Gun Wook asking.

They are watching it, and Soo Ho explains the basics. Gun Wook agrees to do it, and he tells him that it’s only possible because of Bo Nui. Soo Ho admits that he’s fully aware of that. When outside Bo Nui thanks him, and he reminds her that he promised to do whatever he can for her.

Seol Hee and Gun Wook go upstairs and Seol Hee asks if something is going on between them. He tells her they have friendship, memories and happy moments between them. He then turns the question on to her and asks what’s between Soo Ho and her. He asks if she couldn’t say goodbye and just left him, and she mentions that he’s smart. He asks what happened to make her suffer and she tells him about Soo Ho’s past and why he’s sensitive about being used. She admits that he thinks that she did that to him, but she admits that she did the same thing. She thanks Gun Wook for helping her have another bridge to get close to Soo Ho.

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Soo ho’s mother looks up Ahn Young Il (Jung In Gi) to find that he runs the chicken place. He husband sees and asks if she say their son, he then side tracks and says not to be out too late, and she tells him that it’s a get together. She goes to to the restaurant to see Young Il, however she bumps into Bo Nui. She tells her that the company is having dinner there but Soo Ho doesn’t comes to the dinners and offers to call him for her. She tells her that she has friends waiting and thanks her. She leaves but only after she see Young Il’s face.

Soo Ho shows up at the restaurant while some of his employees are talking smack and they don’t notice him until it’s too late. He tells sits down and tells them not to come in the following day because it’s Saturday. Soo Ho and Bo Nui end up leaving last, and she tells him that she’s wanted to tell her something since that morning. He admits that he had something too, and he wants to continue their contract to uphold his word. She tries to push it off until after  her time limit but he tells her that he’ll see her the following day.

He takes her to a shaman and though the shaman gets it right about his personailty she said that he picked the worst time for the presentation. Soo Ho starts ratteling off what he learned from the books. He goes to multiple mediums and pisses them all off. Bo Nui tells him that there are a lot of swindlers and she admits that she knows that what she’s going doesn’t make sense. She thanks him for the tour and leave because she has to meet someone.

She waits and a man pulls up, who passes her id as a proof of his tiger status. Soo Ho comes up and grabs his id. The man leaves, and  Bo Nui rips into him. She tells him she’s already asked him to stop and she tells him that it ends at the full moon. She tells him that if he’s not going to sleep with her then to mind his own business. It might seem foolish to him but to her it’s important.

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Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) and Soo Ho are at his house, and Ryang Ha complains about winning 5 games in a row. He asks if the shamans told him that he’s incompatible with Seol Hee. Soo Ho asks him why people out believe in them since it so barbaric, and Ryang Ha tells him that sometime people need hope. Ryang Ha asks what he did with the list, and Soo Ho tells him that he thinks that Bo Nui lives immersed in it. Though it throws him for just a second Ryang Ha agrees. He tries to compare Bo Nui to his mother but Soo Ho tells him she’s much worst. He admits that he’s worried what she’ll do is he leaves her alone. Ryang Ha is shocked, because this is the first time that he’s seen Soo Ho worried about someone. He tries to spin it to make it sound like he’s worried about the company, and not about her as a person

Bo Nui is on the roof praying for a tiger when Gun Wook offers her a beer. After telling him what the shaman told her, he feels like he’s asking for too much. She tells him that she’s stopped receiving phone calls lately as if someone is blocking them. Gun Wook tells her that he’s not sure if he should root for her or not. When she asks if Seol Hee knows anyone, she apologizes for it right away. Gun Wook tells her that he’s not sure about the one night stand of the tiger but he knows that she puts Bo Ra first, and that heart with give Bo Ra strength. Bo Nui comments that he’s grown up, and he asks if she fallen in love.

The next day everyone is prepping to stay up 24 hrs and when they ask about Bo Nui because she’s a contract worker, he tells them that she’s included.

Seol Ha asks Ryang Ha to make time for her to talk with Soo Ho because she would like to clear up the misunderstandings between them. Ryang Ha mentions that he’s soft, and Seol Ha braggs that she was special. They try and compare their effect in Soo Ho’s life when Dal Nim comes for some coffee. She lets Seol Ha knows that no one can some into the office until the demonstration. She calls Seol Ha strangely hateful, but Ryang Ha finds her strangely charming.

They are all working hard at the office to prepare for the demonstration. Dal Nim and Bo Nui take some turns in the massage chairs and Bo Nui admits that it’s nice.

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Bo Nui gets brought downstair by Dae Hae, and she realises that he’s be swindled, again. He leaves the bottles of water for her and leaves. When she gets back upstairs she gets a picture of someone’s id and she calls them. They agree to meet the following night after the presentation.

Gun Wook comes in for the presentation. He offers to take her out to eat and she tells him that they should go the following day. He starts to say it’s the full moon and then looks to Soo Ho.

Soo Ho takes his pills and Dal Nim comes into to tell him that he has 5 minutes. She tells him that Bo Nui gave her something which is a talisman for a steady heart. He tells her that she knows what to do with it. He explains the plan to the press, and Gun Wook gets introduced as the model and everyone is excited.

The crew decides to go for a company dinner, and she tells Dal Nim she can’t go and to tell the crew they did good. While she’s having the conversation Soo Ho removes his earplugs and overhears the tail end. He follows Bo Nui but gets caught off by Seol Hee, and he’s so distracted that he agrees to have tea with her the next day.

He watches her go into the hotel with the other man and replays Bo Nui’s words in his head. He goes to leave but he sees something that makes his suspicious so he goes in to check it out.

Gun Wook has a press conference about being part of the game and not competing for the time he’s Korea. He tells Seol Hee to have it wrapped in 5 minutes or he’s quitting.

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Bo Nui is putting up the talismans when the man returns. Right, when he’s forcing himself on her the police knock on the door. The man tries to run but is arrested for hidden cameras. The officer tells Bo Nui that it could have been dangerous. Soo Ho is watching from his car when the man gets arrested. He drives off so that she never knows he was there. The police tell her that they need her testimony at the station, and she asks what time it was.

Gun Wook and Seol Hee arrive at the company dinner and he doesn’t see Bo Nui. Gun Wook asks Dal Nim where she is and Dal Nim tells him that something came up and she had to go home. Gun Wook runs home to find her apartment empty. He calls Seol Hee to find out where Soo Ho is, and is told that he went home. Gun Wook assumes they are together. Gun Wook is worried about Bo Nui and goes searching for her.

Bo Nui goes to visit Bo Ra in the hospital and finds Joo So outside her door. They make eye contact.

We see that Soo Ho actually did hear what she wanted to tell him from the other side of the pillar while she was practising. Soo Ho goes to check on Bo Ra after hearing Bo Nui’s story.

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