Love O2O



This drama is also known as Love Online to Offline, and Just One Kiss is very alluring. It is based on a novel by Gu Man called Just One Kiss is Very Alluring.

This is a very cute drama though I feel it may be too idealistic. We follow an avid gamer Bei Wei Wei (Angela Baby), a computer science student who lives with her 3 roommates. While playing Chinese Ghost Story, the video game, she enters into an online relationship with Xian Nai (Jing Boran). After a series of events they meet and cultivate their relationship offline.

I said earlier that the show is a little idealistic. I say that because the couple never gets into any fights during the show. They are very rational people and talk through everything. I have only met one couple who is even a little close to that and that’s my friend Natalia (Twitter @Soju_night). It is very good that they don’t jump to ridiculous conclusions and they talk their issues out, since everyone else around them is doing it for them. However, I have been in a relationship like that you still have little blow ups. Overall, though, this is a really fun drama that I finished in only a few days. there are 30 episodes but they only run for 45 minutes. .