Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo



This is a really cute drama that uses childhood friendship, but in a cute way.

Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) is a promising female weightlifter, who’s father has pushed her into working hard for her passion. While her father, Kim Chang Gul (Ahn Kil Kang), works hard at his restaurant and her uncle, Kim Dae Ho (Kang Ki Young), is trying to break into the entertainment industry. As the weightlifting team is not popular with boys, no one on the team has a boyfriend, well that is until Jung Joon Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk) notices Bok Joo.

Joon Hyung is a swimmer in the same school as Bok Joo. One day, on campus, he bumps into Bok Joo and doesn’t recognize her until she comes back to give him back his handkerchief. When she falls into the pool and he saves her, the puzzle pieces starts to fall into place. As soon as they recognize each other Joon Hyung starts hanging out with Bok Joo and picks their relationship back up again.

The relationship in this drama is cute. Bok Joo is not the typical cute girl, or even a relatively thin girl. She very realistic that way. When she starts putting on weight to go up a weight group, Joon Hyung simply encourages her, as weightlifting is her passion. They show a very healthy relationship, where they talk openly and love each other even though they have their flaws. It also shows that even people who are not stereotypical pretty can find love and be happy. This drama just left me with a good feeling in general. This is definitely worth a watch as it’s a very happy go lucky drama.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



This is a fun drama and I liked it a lot. I’ve been in a lull when it comes to watching dramas. This one caught my attention quickly.

We follow Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), she is an aspiring game developer and an extremely strong woman. Every woman in her family is gifted with amazing strength in order to help the less fortunate. There is a catch, however, if they ever use their strength for personal gain or to hurt an innocent then they will forever lose their powers. Though Bo Young tries to hide her powers she constantly uses them to save people. One day she crosses paths with An Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) and he becomes infatuated with her. He tracks her down and convinces her to be his bodyguard as an opportunity to work at his company.  She jumps at the chance to work for his company. However, while he’s pining over her and trying to get her to notice him she only has eyes for her high school crush In Gook Du (Ji Soo).

With girls being abducted from their neighbourhood, Gook Du is busy trying to catch the culprit which makes the people around him targets. With Bong Soon’s sense of justice, she tries to help with the most that she can. Which is difficult because he doesn’t know about her strength.

The concept is cute as is the chemistry between the 2 main characters. Though, really, all of the leads have excellent chemistry. The 2 men both have Bong Soon’s best interest at heart. The over-arcing story was also interesting, it wasn’t just the normal romantic comedy. I love dramas that are a little bit darker that make you think. I will mention one thing though, Kim Won Hae stole the show for me. He plays 2 drastically different characters and I loved it. Definitely, suggest you watch it for yourself.

My Shy Boss



Ok… I will start off with I had some really high hopes for this drama, however, it when down quickly. The show was altered after the 4 episode due to audience feed back and it made the drama very awkward.

Chae Ro Woon (Park Hye Soo) is a theater actress who’s older sister, Chae Ji Hye (Han Chae Ah), committed suicide due to something happening at work. Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin), a very socially awkward CEO of a public relations company, takes the blame for her suicide as he feels partly responsible for her death. Ro Woon goes to work for Hwan Ki’s company in order to reveal to the world how mean the mysterious CEO really is. However, when she comes to know him, she finds that he is more broken than anything else.

This review makes this series sound really good and it did have a really good idea. The execution, however, is really bad. After the 4th episode things got weird. The writers changed Hwan Ki’s personality far too much. His interactions with Ji Hye because it all occurred before he relapsed into heavy introversion. He starts doing things that people with sever social anxiety would never do. I was really sad when it started to look like the writers were trying to grasp at straws. I feel like they could have made far more serious and it would have come out better.  You can watch it for yourself, however, I didn’t enjoy it by the end.


Goblin: the Lonely and Great God



I’ll be honest, the only reason that I watch this show is because it was partly shot in the capital of my home province, Québec city. I think that it’s such a beautiful city, so I was happy to see it on screen.

We follow Kim Shin (Goong Yoo), a military man who gets slain by the king that he is in charge of protecting. Due to his rage and the number of people that he’s killed, he is cursed to become a goblin and to recall every life that he’s witnessed.  900 years later, he saves the life of a woman and her unborn child who will grow up to be Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun). Eun Tak was gifted with the abilities to see ghosts and due to this, she finds out at a young age that she is the goblin’s bride. Due to some events, Kim Shin and Eun Tak cross paths. But since Eun Tak was never supposed to be alive, she has a grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who wants to bring the scales back to balance. We follow the love story between Kim Shin and Eun Tak as she is the only one that he loves and she’s the only one who could break his curse.

This drama is amazing, though I found it did drag in the middle. This drama also gave be my one request and that was to not have anyone die from cancer. The scenes were shot beautifully and were breath taking. It was so nice seeing Gong Yoo in a fantastic series again because he’s a talented actor. I could rave about Gong Yoo’s and Lee Dong Wook’s chemistry but I think most of the interwebs have done enough of that. It’s an excellent series, but I will warn you to not watch the final episode in public because I was balling. All in all though it’s well worth the watch.

Shopping King Louis



This drama takes a few episodes to get into, but once you’re in you’re hooked. This is an excellent drama. Natalia, from @soju_nights, was raving about it so I had to watch it. It’s a simple premise that is added with a few k-drama tropes. However, the 2 main characters are so cute that you forgive them right away.

We follow Kang Ji-Sung Louis (Seo In Guk) a materialistic rich boy, who after being carjacked looses his memory. He stumbles across Ko Bok Sil (Nam Ji Hyun), a country girl, who after the loss of her grandmother, she moves to Seoul to try and find her missing brother. Together, they live together and work through their individual issues while they grow closer together.

Seo In Guk is an excellent actor and I have reviewed a few of this other works, but this show he got to portray a completely different type of character which I find is refreshing. His character in this drama is cute and bubbly, at least it is when he has memory loss. With Bok Sil is written as a naive character but her character has the opposite issues to Louis, who is just inept at taking care of himself. I must say, though, this drama has a few little twists that aren’t hard to see coming but are interesting all the same. I enjoyed this drama as a whole and though I want to go into more details about the underlying plot, I would hate to ruin anything.

This drama is definitely worth the watch and has my stamp of approval.

The Lover



This is a drama I found through the twitter account Outofcontext Doramas (@oocdoramas). I didn’t know this existed until I saw their post.

We follow 4 “couples” through a period of their life. The stories run pretty independently, however, there is some overlap because they all live in the same apartment building. I’m going to try and make a little resume of each of the 4 couples with their room numbers. (Similar as to Asian Wiki)

609: The first couple is Oh Do Si (Oh Jung Se) and Ryoo Doo Ri (Ryoo Hyoun Kyoung), they have been dating for 5 years and though Do Si is an unemployed voice actor, Do Ri keeps them afloat with her review job. They have their ups and downs, but they are always looking out for each other. And even when they fight their love is obvious.

610: The second couple is Jung Young Joon (Jung Young Joon) and Choi Jin Nyeo (Choi Yeo Jin), there is a 12 year age gap between the pair. Though Young Joon is the guitarist to a not so famous rock band, he tries to work hard to try and make it work. There is a 12 year age difference between him and Jin Nyeo she really acts like more of an old lady than 33 years-old.

510: The third couple is Park Hwan Jong (Park Jung Hwan) and Ha Sul Eun (Ha Eun Sul). There are a new couple and Sul Eun always tries to act the part of a lady as much as she can in front of Hwan Jong. They are living together while they wait for their apartment to be ready and to plan for their wedding.

710: The fourth “couple”, this is where the air quotes are coming in, is Takuya (Terada Takuya) and Lee Joon Jae (Lee Jae Joon). Takuya moves in with Jae Joon to make the rent easier. The plan is to only live together for 3 months, however, the more that Takuya gets to know Joon Jae the more he wants to get him out into the world. The entirety of the drama we get to see their bromance play out.

This drama is pretty funny. It’s a slice of life and a lot of misunderstandings happen because of Takuya and Joon Jae. They are probably my favourite “couple”. Oh Jung Se does an excellent job in this drama, I had only ever seen him in Vampire detective, but his role in this is perfect for him. This is not a drama suitable for all ages, though everything is blurred out, some of the jokes will go over younger people heads. There are a lot of sex jokes and reference to sex as well. Be warned that if you don’t like hearing about sex to not watch this drama because it’s about healthy relationships that contain sex. The struggles that the couples have to go through are quite realistic and you can relate to all of them. I quite liked this drama and found it quite funny.

Marriage Contract



I don’t know why I put myself through this. I knew walking in that this drama was going to be filled with heart-ache and cancer, but I watched it anyways. If I feel like shit it’s my own fault. Well on to the review.

Kang Hye Soo (UEE) is a single mother, who after her husband passed away is forced to raise her daughter by herself. After an aggressive brain tumour is found, Hye Soo struggles to find a way to pay off her late husband’s debt as to not leave her daughter, Cha Eung Sung (Shin Rin Ah), in trouble. She enters a short term contract with Han Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin) who is looking for a liver donor for his mother. For a sum of money she marries him and offers to give his mother part of her liver. But as fate would have it, life isn’t that simple.

So I’ll start off with, no one dies in the drama. It is suggested that Hye Soo doesn’t live long after the ending. This drama also if a very rough watch. Nothing ever goes right for the couple until the very end. So don’t expect this to be a light-hearted show, in my opinion. It’s a good show overall and the actors were on point. However, I feel like Kim Yong Geon might be a victim of typecasting. He is excellent in his role, but he feels very much the same character as in Cinderella that came after this series. I will nee to look up his previous roles to see the other characters that he’s played in the past.

Overall, if you can get over the death by cancer and horrid family, this is a show worth watching. It’s a great watch, but for the next little while I’m going to try and not watch shows that people have cancer in them.