Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap



Ha Won (Park So Dam) is packing when she comes across the little box that Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) gave her. She thinks back on the times she had with Ji Woon and cries. She manages to stop crying long enough to answer the phone.

Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is signing his CDs when he thinks of Ha Won and the meal they shared as well as the advice he gave her. He goes back to signing when he cant’s a phone call.

Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) is standing alone in the park thinking about his proposal from 10 years ago. He pulls out a box with the exact same ring. He leaves it on the see-saw before walking away. He gets a phone call to which he is shocked.

Ji Woon gets a call from Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and he tells him he needs to speak with the CEO and asks if he’s at the company. Yoon Sung tells him that he’s not and that he passed out.

Ha Won is the first to arrive and she meets with Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri). Ha Won assumes responsibility for making CEO Kang (Kim Young Geon) so mad that he passed out. Hwa Ja takes it as fact when it was actually her fault. She asks what happened and Ha Won tells her. When Hwa Ja inquires about what Kang had told her, she admits that she was given the option to choose between payment or Ji Woon. Hwa Ja sends her off before everyone else arrives under the threat of telling everyone about her fault in the matter.

Ji Woon arrives and goes to talk with Yoon Sung. He’s told about his grandfather collapsing and inquiries about what’s going on. He’s told of the liver cancer and that the other two will be arriving and he can wait outside. Ji Woon asks about Ha Won and Yoon Sung admits that she said that she’d come.

Hwa Ja follows Ji Woon out and tells him that Ha Won can’t answer the phone. She tells him that his grandfather knew of his relationship with Ha Won. She talks badly about her, but Ji Woon is quick to defend Ha Won. Hwa Ja tells him that his grandfather forced Ha Won to pick between love and money. Hwa Ja admits that Ha Won is being wise because his grandfather would never let him date someone like her. She surmises that he must have been harsh to her if she left so late at night. Ji Woon excuses himself and leaves.

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Seo Woo and Hyun Min arrives and are brought up to date. Hyun Min takes it personally that their grandfather never told him about his liver cancer. Seo Woo mentions that they are his own blood relatives, which Yoon Sung explains is that reason that they are having difficulty finding a match. Hyun Min leaves to see the doctor with Seo Woo on his heels. Yoon Sung tries to call Ji Woon with no success.

Hye Ji goes to see her friend who admits that she was so worried about her. She offers her the storage room since there is no room at home. Hye Ji thanks her and apologises for the inconvenience.

Hyun Min and Seo Woo talk with the doctor about the transplant and are warned of the difficulty. Seo Woo acknowledges it and Hyun Min asks for him to run the tests as quickly as possible. Once outside, Hyun Min admits that he left his car somewhere and took a cab all the way there because his hands were shaking so bad. Seo Woo was surprised that he lost his cool. Hyun Min admits that since his father’s death at 10 years old, the chairman is all he had.

Ha Won leaves her room and comes face-to-face with Ji Woon. He asks where she’s going and she tells him that she doesn’t belong there. She puts the blame on her misunderstanding him and believing she could be like Cinderella but she’s only a part-time worker. She asks him sadly to let her go and starts to walk off. Ji Woon warns her that if she leaves he’ll never see her again. It takes all the will she as to leave him.

She’s walking aimlessly while crying. She thinks back to all the good times that she had with Ji Woon which just makes her cry harder. She looks back once before continuing to walk.

Ji Woon goes to storage and thinks back to the conversation that he just had with Ha Won.

Ms Belgyo is carrying Hye Ji’s things unsure what to do with them. Hyun Min asks what’s going on and Ms Belgyo admits that Hye Ji left her things there and she didn’t want to throw them out because it would be a waste. Hyun Min takes the items to his room and while going through them he reminisces of the time spent with Hye Ji. He tells himself that he’s an asshole.

Hye Ji is sitting in the storage room looking at the picture of herself, her brother and Hyun Min from 10 years prior. She remembers his confessions and thinks back to all the times she confronted him about his feelings for her.

Hwa Ja asks Yoon Sung s anyone knows that they were there when the CEO passed out. He asks if that is really something they should be worrying about. She admits that she spoke with the doctor and they don’t know when the CEO will wake up so they’ll need a leader and she will make the judgment call if needed.

Ha Won goes to see her mother and tells her that CEO Kang is in a hard spot because of her and because of that everyone is having a hard time. She tells her that everyone is so important to her and asks what to do while crying.

Yoon Sung gets given the news that neither Seo Woo or Hyun Min are matches to the CEO. The doctor asks if there are any other relatives.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) go to try and pawn off their old bags but the sales rep tells them that she doesn’t believe them to be authentic and tells them why. Needless to say, they are not happy.

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Ji Woon goes to a little café that he saw in a picture taken by his father. When he goes in he finds a little rustique feel with posts on the walls. An older gentleman welcomes him and leaves him to look around.

Hye Ji helps her friend out around the store and goes to put an outfit on display after seeing her friend out. Hyun Min pulls up across the street and watches her. He makes a phone call and arranges to meet with someone.

Ji Woon gets his coffee and the owner asks him if he’s recently broken up with someone. He tells him that it’s not the case but the owner can tell. Ji Woon tells him that he’s not there for himself and the owner notices the picture. He asks who’s in the picture and he tells him that it’s his mother. He takes a look and the date and asks him to wait for a second. He comes back with the notes for 1995. after finding a few notes he asks for the other boxes. He finds out what happened to his mother through the notes. He finds out how much she loves his father and why she hid him away. She wanted to make it so that Ji Won could love the woman he wanted to without ever having to worry about social status. By the end, Ji Won is crying and can’t believe his grandfather did that to his mother.

Seo Woo sits with grandfather all day. Later in the evening Hyun Min comes in and tell Seo Woo that he can’t sleep. He tells his grandfather that he’s been disobedient so he can’t ask him to wake up but he should. Once he sits back down Seo Woo shakes his head and Hyun Min sags.

Yoon Sung is at the company and he strokes the Chairman’s name plaque. He thinks back to how abusive his father was to his mother and him. We then see how hard he worked with his fighting so he could protect his mother.

Hyun Min meets with a fashion designer buddy and apologises for not making his show. He tells him it doesn’t matter so long as he wears his clothes happily and Hyun Min promises to do so. Hyun Min asks his friend a favour and he places his hand on Hye Ji’s drawing pads.

Ji Woon is driving with tears in his eyes when he gets a call. He looks at the caller display and chucks his phone out the window.

Hyun Min gets called into sees the doctor who tells him that he can’t contact Eun Ha Won. He’s informed that she came in to be a donor if she can but she’s not a match. Hyun Min is sitting with his grandfather when the nurse comes in to do some tests. Before leaving, she tells him that they received a call from a restaurant who has some of the CEO’s things.

Hyun Min finds out that the chairman’s cell was dropped but when the manager went to look for the secretary he was gone. Hyun Min finds out that Yoon Sung was with Hwa JA at the restaurant before the chairman came in and fainted. Hyun Min goes to the office to find out that Yoon Sung didn’t come to work and said he was going to the hospital. Hyun Min calls Yoon Sung and asks where he is. Yoon Sung claims he’s at the company and asked if it was anything important. Hyun Min tells him to not worry about it as he just wanted to inquire as t when he’d be at the hospital.

Yoon Sung hangs up with Hyun Min and Hwa Ja hands him an envelope containing a transfer of stock document. She tells him that if he signs it all of her stocks will become his. He asks if she really means to go through with her plan. She reminds him of the first time they met again and she told him that she wanted him to play dumb so she could live the life of a lady. She admits that it wasn’t the case but rather she wanted to live the life o a mother and take care of him if only once. She asks if he’ll let her but she’ll leave the decision up to him. Once alone the orphanage’s headmistress’s words played through his head.

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Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) is looking at her phone and asks Ha Won if she knew about Seo Woo’s grandfather. She tells her that she did and when Ja Young asks why she didn’t tell her, Ha won reminds her that she’ll just worry. Ja Young is convinced that Ha Won is not ok even though she’s smiling but Ha Won tries to assure her to the contrary. Ha Won turns around and sees her father.

He inquires to why she’s there and she tells him that she’s working 2 jobs. He worried of her living at the sky house and tells her that’s the reason that people like Young Jin came after her. She tells him she’s ok and not to worry. Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) asks if she still has her mother’s ring. He tells her that the ring was actually the neighbours who wanted her son to have it. He admits that his misunderstanding with her mother was because of the ring. He wanted to return it to the rightful owner and she agrees.

Hyun Min’s friend called Hye Ji to meet. He tells her that he’s seen her designs and wants to be her mentor. He admits that he suggests 1 student every year for a full scholarship for a fashion school in Paris. He tells her that he wants to recommend her. She asks how he saw her designs and he tells her that he’s always on the look out for the up and coming designers. He admits that her work got quite a bit of attention while in school.

Hyun Min is staring at the chairman’s phone when Seo Woo comes out. Hyun Min tells him that it’s their grandfather’s phone and inquires to who passed by the hospital and Seo Woo told him no one. Hyun Min tries to open his phone but can’t. Seo Woo tries and it’s the same pass that he uses.

Ja Young goes to see Seo Woo and gives him  a meal. She tells him that you can to take care of the people in the hospital as well as the people around them. She goes on about how her father was in the hospital for cancer as well but he’s fine now. He listens to her talk and takes a mouth full. Seo Woo gets up to get water and she checks her compatibility with Seo Woo. When he returns she lies about his phone having a smudge and he asks if she knows where Ha Won is.

Seo Woo goes to see Ha Won at work and tells her he’ll wait. He can’t believe that she stopped after the phone after getting tested. She asks about the results and finds out that she isn’t a match either. He tells her that there is only Ji Woon to be tested but he’s vanished. He hands her the chairman’s cell phone and tells her that there is something that she needs to show Ji Woon. He admits that she’s the only one who can bring Ji Woon back. She’s shocked that he thinks so. He admits to knowing about their relationship and tells her that it’s the reason he’s there to ask for this favour. It hurts him that even though he’s been living with Ji Woon for a year he knows nothing about him.

Ha Won goes to see Ji Woon at the shop he used to work at. He comes out and tells her to leave after drinking. She shows him the chairman’s phone and tells him that there is something that he needs to see on it. He tells her that he doesn’t want to but finally caves when she tells him that it’s related to his father. She tells him to go inside and read the texts. She tells him that the CEO has been sending a text to his father every day since he’s found him. She tells him about everyone waiting for him. He tries to deny it but he informs her that he’s the CEO’s only chance. He doesn’t want to hear about it but she tells him that no matter how hard he hates him he shouldn’t run away. She asks if he can’t hear what the CEO wants to tell him with the texts. She tells him to go save his grandfather and then yell at him, get angry and face the problems they have head on.

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Ji Woon thinks long and hard while Ha Won waits outside.

Hwa Ja introduces Yoon Sung as the new majority shareholder of the company.

The doctor comes and tells Hyun Min that the Chairman’s liver has failed completely and they need to do a transplant soon. Ji Woon comes in with Ha Won on his heels.

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Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 12 Recap



Ha Won (Park So Dam) is standing in front of her mother’s urn and thinks of what Young Jin said as well as her adoptive father (Seo Hyun Chul) told her. She asks her mother to tell her that it’s not true. She begins to cry and squats to the floor.

Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) pulls up to the memorial hall. He runs in to find Ha Won crying by herself. He admits that he was worried that she’d be crying by herself or in pain. She asks if it’s because she called earlier and tried to brush it off but he pulls her into a hug. He tells her that she doesn’t have to say anything and can cry if she has too. She breaks down and starts crying as he holds her.

Ms Belgyo tells Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) and Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) what happened. She tells them that she only let Young Jin in because he claimed to be her father but she called him mister through the entire meeting. Ms Belgyo admits that she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Ha Won tells Ji Woon that she suddenly has two fathers and finds it funny. He opens up about his past and admits that the year prior when Yoon Sung (Choi Min) found him and told him that he was Chairman Kang’s (Kim Young Geon) grandson. He admits that his mother never spoke of his father and he’s never seen his father. He likens his reaction at that time to her current emotional distress. He admits he might not understand everything but he has an understanding. She asks if he came to terms with it and he admits he never did. He’s lived his entire life as Han Ji Woon so he was sceptical. Ha Won agrees that it’s only natural and admits she was curious after Gi Sang told her that she wasn’t his real daughter. She admits that though she hoped her father said it out of anger she wondered if she did have a different biological father. She goes down the path of accepting the truth but Ji Woon tells her that she’s not ready to accept the truth yet and should wait until she’s mentally prepared. She thanks him and admits that she was scared to be by herself and had wished someone to be there with her and he appeared. He asks if she was happy to see him but she simply tells him that she thought that he had his uses.

Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is walking and thinks back to Ji Woon’s apology in the car.

Ha Won and Ji Woon come home and when Ji Woon walks right past his door, Ha Won is confused. He opens her door and she smiles at him. He tells her to sleep well and she thanks him. They part ways, both very happy.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) tells Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) that she’s giving up on Hyun Min because she doesn’t need a man who has bad taste in women. Soo Kyung applauds her choice. Since she’s the one refusing Hyun Min, So Kyung asks for her to give up on the Hanuel group. She tells her that she’s just going to switch over to Seo Woo. She’s determined to win him over no matter what.

Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) goes to see the chairman and asks why he left without telling her.  He tells her that he had a meeting over breakfast and she chastises him for not telling her sooner as she made breakfast. He apologises and when she asks about his health because he’s been quite he admits that he lied and he had gone to the bathhouse. When he mentions that he knows that she doesn’t like going, she tells him that it’s only because he goes so often and once a week is fine. He tells her that he’s been honest with her not it’s her time. He asks if there is anything that she wants to be honest about and admits that he will not get mad if she tells him now. She tells him that she has nothing to hide from him.

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Ha Won gets a phone call telling her that there have been 2 monthly payments for her mother’s spot that month. Ha Won is confused and asks him to check who paid the other payment. He tells her that it’s someone by the name of Kang Young Jin. She doesn’t understand what’s going on. Just then, Seo Woo pokes his head in and tells her to come out.

Seo Woo makes her garlic spaghetti and tells her to eat since she didn’t have breakfast. She finds it tasty but when she looks over at Seo Woo she finds him watching over her. She chastises him for looking at her with so much concern. He admits that she’s always trying to fix their families problems but they haven’t done anything for her. She tells him that she’s fine since Ji Woon was with her. Seo Woo is surprised and she tells him that even though Ji Woon keeps telling her to go away he’s a nice person deep down. She mentions that she even got top star Seo Woo to cook her breakfast so there are some perks to working there.

Hyun Min is standing next to her door muttering she scares him and asks what he’s doing. He admits that he’s just standing there and makes sure that she’s eaten. She assures him that she has and when he mentions that he told Ji Woon that she was mentally strong she agrees. She walks into her room and he peeks in. His eyes fall on her tracksuit and his encounter with Hye Ji flutters through his mind. She asks if he’s not leaving and he tells her never to wear her sweats again.

Ji Woon is in his workshop thinking about his talk with Hye Ji in the car. He goes to the courtyard and finds Hye Ji working. He tells her that he’s sorry he just left her, but she tells him not to worry. She heard that something happened to Ha Won and it’s in his nature to make people feel better. He tells her that that wasn’t the reason he went to see Ha Won. He admits that he has special feelings for Ha Won and she flips out. She asks why he came to her if he had special  feelings for Ha Won. She asks why he didn’t just let her deal with everything on her own and not make her feel more pitiful. He tells her that she was the first person to open up to him when he arrived and he wanted to be nice to her and he apologised if that hurt her. She tells him that she really wanted to rely on him this time. He asks if she did or if she just became used to him being there instead of Hyun Min. He asks her to think if he would have been able to fill the hole that Hyun Min left in her heart.

Hyun Min watches the scene from his room and thinks back to when he first came back. Hye Ji hugged him and told him how much she missed him. He tells her that he didn’t miss her and tries to push her away. This led to Ji Woon and Hye Ji starting their relationship. Hyun Min seems conflicted on what to do next.

Young Jin looks at his bank book and the payment he made to the crematorium . He’s sure that Ha Won must feel confused but she should have called him about the payment he made. Ji Woon comes out and comes face to face with Young Jin.He asks if he’s Ha Won’s father, and he confirms he is.

Ji Woon takes him to a café to talk. He finally introduces himself and Young Jin lays on the praise thick. Ji Woon assures him that he’s not so great to be called young master. Ji Woon assures him that he is Ha Won’s friend and see her as part of the family. Young Jin pulls the pity card and thanks him for taking care of Ha Won when he couldn’t. Ji Woon admits that he knows everything  because Ha Won told him. Young Jin admits that he was debt-ridden was planning on coming back when he had the money to take care of Ha Won. He admits that his financial situation never got better so he never came. Ji Woon hands him a wad of 50,000 won bills (He easily gave him over 1 milling won) and tells him to take it and meet with Ha Won and get to know her. Young Jin refuses half-heartedly and then takes the money. Ji Won gives him his phone number and tells him to contact him if he needs anything.

Yoon Sung followed Hwa Ja to a meeting with the lawyer who is drafting the chairman’s will. Yoon Sung calls the lawyer but he doesn’t answer. The lawyer tells Hwa Ja that he got a call from Yoon Sung and if the chairman hears about him giving her this information there will be trouble. She tells him not to worry and gets handed a copy of the chairman’s will.

Yoon Sung makes a b-line for Hwa Ja and asks who she was meeting. She doesn’t tell her but he shows his hand. He takes the envelope and asks what she’s planning on doing with the will. She tells him that he just has to keep his mouth shut and when he asks for how long, she tells him until she has what she wants in her hand. He accuses her of throwing him away for money and she tells him that she’s doing it for him so he can have a future. (Um… Dude Yoon Sung is probably rich enough.) Yoon Sung tells Hwa Ji that if she planned on throwing him away she shouldn’t have come back. He also mentions that if she planned to come back she shouldn’t have come back looking so pathetic. Yoon Sung walks away and Hwa Ja makes a phone call asks the caller to set up a meeting with the board.

Ha Won is outside enjoying the fresh air when Young Jin texts her and asks if she got home safe. She thinks about the time that her friend was harassed and Young Jin stepped in as her father to chase the boy away. She decides to call him. He’s at the casino gambling Ji Woon’s money away. Ha Won asks if he’s eaten and offers to meet with him to have supper.

They meet up and he asks what she’s not meeting. She asks him about why he didn’t come to see her and he admits that he’s had financial troubles. He takes his hand and reminisces about their fun at the park and playing with her. She examines his jacket and tells him she’ll be back, she just needs to pick something up from a friend.

She goes to buy him some clothes and when she comes back she finds him going through her purse. She suddenly understands what’s happening. She comes back and puts her bag down. She asks if he’s still struggling financially. She only brings it up because that’s what he said earlier. He admits that he is and doesn’t have a house they can live together in. He asks if she could lend her money but she tells him she doesn’t have the kind of money. He wonders if she can ask Ji Woon and she immediately goes on the offensive. He tells her that he’s met with him at the house. He tells him that he’s so generous and gave him money to treat her to something special. She asks how much money he accepted and then tells him that she’ll ask him herself. Ha Won excuses herself.

Hye Ji is at a bar thinking about Ji Woon’s words and letting them sink in. Joon Soo comes over and can’t believe that she’s drinking alone. She invites him to drink with her. One of Hyun Min’s friends calls Hyun Min and tells him what’s happening. He asks if he’s really ok with that and Hyun Min hangs up but gets ready to head out.

Ji Woon is in his room looking at the little present when he picks up the phone to text Ha Won. After multiple attempts at sending a text, he puts down his phone and decided it’s bad timing to give her the present. He gets a call from Young Jin.

As soon as Ji Woon step outside Hyun Min is there. He asks where he’s going and if he’s going to get Hye Ji. Ji Woon asks where she is and Hyun Min tells him never mind. Ji Woon tells him that they should stop these games. He pitches Hyun Min the locker key and tells him that if he wants to take care of Hye Ji to just do.

Ha Won comes back and Ji Woon goes to see her. She tells him that she knows he gave her father money. She tells him that she wasn’t as lucky as Ji Woon to have been born into a rich family. Her first worry was how she was going to live if Young Jin was her father. She tells him that by giving him money it’s put her in an even more pathetic situation and tells him to never try and but into her business again. She walks away and he thinks back to the phone conversation. Ji Woon gets a call from Young Jin telling him that he really wants to live with Ha Won and wants to get a fully leased apartment in Seoul. The warning bells start going off in Ji Woon’s mind. He asks if Ha Won knows that he’s asking and Young Jin assures him she does. He agrees to meet him the following day but heads out right away.  (Ha Won would never approve.)

Ha Won is in her room, looking at her necklace and asks her mother if she really loved a man like that.

Ji Woon goes to the work site the following day and spies on Young Jin. When he throws out his paper cup, Ji Woon picks it up to do a DNA test.

Ha Won goes to the bank and looks at her bank book that has the note about paying for college. She thinks back to her conversation with Young Jin about living together.

Seo Woo does a radio interview and is asked about his song confession and about his first love. He admits that his first love is passing by him right now. When the hostess asks about the type of woman his first love is, he describes a headstrong tomboy who only wears skirts once in awhile. He adds on that even when a person like him confesses she goes straight to the person she loves.  The announcer admits that even though she doesn’t know who that woman is she’s jealous.

Yoo Na is preparing to meet with Seo Woo when she gets pushed away by some fans. Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) happens to be part of the crowd. Yoo Na inquires to why she’s there and tells her that she’s a Seo Woo fan. Yoo Na complains about bad taste and Ja Young takes offence. Ja Young turns to Seo Woo and calls him Oppa and tells him that Yoo Na is Ha Won’s sister with the bad attitude. He takes her book and writes something before handing it back with a smile and tapping Ja Young on the shoulder. Ja Young is a little irate but starts laughing when the note reads to be nice to Ha Won. She tells Yoo Na that she’s on his hit list and should have been nicer to Ha Won sooner.

Hyun Min looks at the key and Ji Woon’s words pass through his mind. He thinks back to him and Hye Ji’s older brother playing. That was when he was hit by the car and killed. Hyun Min feels as if he’s guilty of killing Hye Ji’s brother which is why he can’t be with her. (Could we all see this coming?) He gets up and goes somewhere.

Ha Won hands Young Ji the money for her mother crematorium fee. She tells him that she has no reason to accept money from him. She tells him that she can’t accept him as her father and when he tells her that it doesn’t matter if she can accept him or not they are related. Ji Woon puts down and envelope between them and tells him that the results are in. They can check to see if he is really her father. Young Jin pushes it aside and asks if Ha Won trust him. Ji Woon asks if he wants to open it or if he should. Ha Won took the envelope and tore it. She looks at Ji Woon and tells him that she trusts her mother and she wouldn’t have loved a man like him. She tells Young Jin that she has no money so he’s come to the wrong person. She goes to leave and Young Jin tells them that he had no choice and had it not been for the fire his life wouldn’t have been ruined. Ha Won turns back around and fists her jacket it and says incredulously that his life was ruined. She tells him that he should think of the people who lost her life and people like her who were left behind. No matter what happened that day she never thought her life as ruined. The only person who ruined his life was him. She walks away and Ji Woon follows with a smile. He catches up before grabbing her hand tells her that they are reading for their drive.

Hyun Min comes out of his room and comes face to face with Hye Ji. She gets a phone call from Joon Soo agreeing to meet at the café nearby. She shows up and Joon Soo can’t believe she came. He asks if things are really over between her and  Hyun Min. She tells him that they were just friends. Hyun Min asks if that’s true and tells her to come with him. Joon Soo tries to stop him but Hyun Min mentions that he really should leave before the girl from the previous day calls. Joon Soo leaves and Hyun Min takes Hye Ji to his car. She tells him to either treat her like a human being or to leave her be. He admits he should if she would stop dating sketchy people after Ji Woon dumped her. She tells him to let her out and when does pull over he gets a beer and chugs it. He tells her that he can’t drive and gets in the passenger seat.

Screenshot 2016-09-17 17.23.24.png

Seo Woo’s manager gets a call from a reporter asking about Seo Woo’s relationship status. He assures him that he’s not dating anyone and promises to come see him. Seo Woo asks who he’s supposed to be dating this time and is just grilled again about his relationship status. He assures him that he’s not in a relationship and he doesn’t have a first love. He mentions that he has no time to date.

Hye Ji turns out to be a horrible driver and is always asking Hyun Min for advice. She mentions that it’s her first time driving since getting her license.

Ji Woon is driving and asks Ha Won if she’s still mad. She apologises for how harsh she was. She admits that she was conflicted and took it out on him. She admits that she had thought about whether or not to believe Young Jin but when he put down the envelope she knew. She tells him that she believes in her mother and she would never love a man like him. He smiles and ruffles her hair a little. Ha Won mentions that it’s a little boring doing the same drive and Ji Woon takes it as a challenge.

Ji Woon takes Ha Won to a place to enjoy the ride through some rolling hills. Ji Woon asks if she still bored and she admits she’s not. She tells him that it’s the first time that anyone has taken her to a place like this.

While walking Ji Woon confesses that it’s the first time that he’s found someone that he found to be similar to him. Ha Won admits that she finds that they are very similar, however, he has a very particular personality and when someone gets close he tells them to go away. He asks if that’s true and she tells him it is. He hands her an empty box and she asks what it was. He tells her his feeling for her and she starts to walk away. He explains that it was supposed to be chocolates but they melted. So instead he tells her that it’s her and not Hye Ji that his heart belongs to. He thanks her for getting close and tells her to stay where she is because he will be the one to get closer to her from now on. He walks to her and kisses her. It takes a second before she kisses back.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap
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Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap



We rewatch the scene where Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) tells Ha Won (Park So Dam) and Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Shin) that Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is going to be staying with them for a while.

Ha Won invites Hye Ji into her room and Hye Ji apologises for barging in. Ha Won tells her it’s fine but Hye Ji is worried that she’ll be uncomfortable because of her. Hye Ji puts down her bag and tells Ha Won how grateful she was that Ji Woon came running, after all, that’s what he always does. Hye Ji leaves Ha Won alone in her room.

Hyun Min tries t save face in front of Hye Ji but she tells him that he was a step behind Ji Woon again that day. She walks away and we can see that her comment hurt him deeply.

Ha Won is preparing the bed when Ji Woon comes in holding Hye Ji’s purse. He tells her that Hye Ji left it behind and Ha Won tells him to leave it on the table. She gives him the cold shoulder, hurt by the turn of events. Ji Woon starts inquiring on her trip home and she gives him concise answers without giving him much information. He asks her to take care of Hye Ji for him and after he leaves she wonders aloud if Hye Ji is the only person he cares for. Ji Woon seems confused after their exchange.

The next morning Ha Won wakes up to find Hye Ji’s side of the bed empty. She comes out to find Ms Belgyo muttering about it being strange. She asks what up and why it’s so quiet and Ms Belgyo assures her there is a reason for that. Ms Belgyo tells her about Seo Woo (Lee Jong Shin) waking up and finding Hye Ji at the table. He wondered why she was there, but she doesn’t give him an answer. When Hye Ji mentions he looks different he realises that he’s in his PJs and runs back to his room.  She tells Ha Won about the asking Hyun Min about his underwear in front of Hye Ji and him running away. She finally tells her about how Hye Ji waited for Ji Woon to come back from his run and gave him a glass of water as well as mopped his sweat. Ha Won tells her that it was like that when she first came and Ms Belgyo is quick to refute that claim. She informs her that the boys never changed how they acted for her, however, Ms Belgyo suspects it’s because Hye Ji is such a looker. She compliments her and this seems to hurt Ha Won.

Ha Won heads back to her room complaining out loud that she’s a woman too and there isn’t much of a difference between Hye Ji and her. She notices Hye Ji outside with the window blowing her hair just so. She looks down at herself and agrees that they are quite different.

She’s colouring and muttering about all men being the same when she notices a passage written on the previous page. It reads: “Your own inherent charm will attract the one fated to be with you.” She tells herself she has plenty of charm already. She takes her time to get dressed and goes to the living room. Seo Woo is watching TV but when he turns to her he drops the remote. He mentions that she looks different and when she asks if she looks weird he tells her he doesn’t know and wants to call the other. Ji Woon comes out but when he lays his eyes on her he quickly looks away. Ha Won runs out of the room  and Seo Woo mentions that Ha Won is acting weird.

Ji Woon is in his workshop thinking about Ha Won and wonders if she’s still mad at him.

Kang (Kim Young Geon) tells Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) To stop taking pictures of the food and to eat. She tells him that she wants to cherish the memories of eating with him. She tells him that she has a gift for him. She gives him a shirt and he remembers back to the tie she was buying. Now he suspects everything is not as it should be. When they leave she tells him that she wants to come back and when she asks why he’s staring he tells her it’s because she’s beautiful.

Hye Ji goes to the police station to try and see her father. The police officer that she speaks with tells her that it’s not possible. He tells her that she should come back after she tries to give him a lunch for her father.

She comes back to the sky house and calls her uncle. She tries to get his help but he tells her he’s busy. She apologises for calling and hangs up. Hyun Min overhears her conversation and calls his friend.

He meets his friend at the bar and he tells him that he owes him for this one. He tells him that the judge is his uncles senior and he promises to put in a good word. He hands him a letter from Hye Ji’s father. He tells him that with charges like embezzling, Hye Ji won’t be able to show her face anywhere again because of the humiliation. Hyun Min cracks and throws his glass at the wall. He turns to his friend and reminds him that his father set up his law firm after being charged with corruption. His friend warns him not to say another word, but he reminds him that it’s the same humiliation he’s talking about. He takes the note and leaves.

Hyun Min arrives and finds Hye Ji in the living room. He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry anymore. He walks over to her and hands her the note. He tells her that her father wanted her to have that. She asks what happens and he tells her that there isn’t anything he can’t do. She tells him that she doesn’t feel comfortable accepting help from him but she thanks him for the note anyways. She leaves a very hurt Hyun Min in the living room.

Hyun Min goes into Ji Woon’s room and throws him a key. He tells him that Hye Ji’s things are there and he should get them. Ji Woon seems taken back by the demand, but Hyun Min tacks on to not let Hye Ji know that it was him who got it. Ji Woon finds the situation quite amusing.

Hyun Min walks out of the house and Ha Won wonders if he and Ji Woon got into a fight again. She seems to notice something else. Hye Ji is outside reading her father’s letter and crying when Ji Woon comes out. Ha Won walks to the window and looks at the pair of them.

The next morning Hye Ji is making breakfast and Ji Woon tells her that they’re going out. He gives her 30 minutes to get ready. They go to the storage bay and opens one filled with her things. She asks how this happened and he starts to say that it was Hyun Min but stop. She thanks him and we can tell that he doesn’t like taking the credit deserved for Hyun Min. He tells her to just grab what she needs because it would be too hard to bring everything back. He tries to tell her about Hyun Min against but she cuts him off and offers to buy him something to eat.

Ji Woon takes her to the convenience store and makes her ramen. She asks if he really wanted to eat that and he admits that he did. She asks if he’s eaten it a lot and if so with who and he admits the Ha Won loves that specific ramen. Hye Ji mentions that he’s gotten close to her and wonders if him being nice to Ha Won is the same as him being nice to Hye Ji. He admits that he hasn’t thought about it and goes to get coffee. He notices a little display of white day items and picks one up. He puts it in his pocket and when he sits down Hye Ji notices it.

Ms Belgyo sets the table for Ha Won and she asks about the others. She’s been informed that Seo Woo is at work and Ji Woon is out with Hye Ji went out that morning. Ha Won is surprised about they leaves and Ms Belgyo mentions that she thought he knew. She feels sad for Ha Won because ever since Hye Ji has come she’s been left alone. She can’t imagine how Ji Woon’s personality has taken a 180 flip. When Ms Belgyo wonders if Ji Woon only cares about Hye Ji Ha Won escapes by seeing if Hyun Min is in his room.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 18.01.42.png

Ha Won goes into Hyun Min’s room and asks him to eat. He doesn’t want to and finally she has to turn off his tv to get him to come out and eat with her. He tries to get mad at her but she tells him that she doesn’t want to eat alone. He tells her to the lead the way and she thanks him. He tells her that he was about to win and she tells him the reverse.

He mentions that the portion of food that she’s eating has tripled and she tells him that her heart feels empty not her stomach. He asks if she misses being his fake fiancée. She tells him to be quiet. When he mentions that if she wants someone to not talk then asks Ji Woon to sit with her. She admits that  Ji Woon left with Hye Ji that morning. Hyun Min sits back down and wonders where they went. She finds it funny that he’s suddenly interested when it comes to Hye Ji. He denies it but she tells him that he’ll have indigestion if he mulls it over by himself. He asks her if she’s sad that they’re leaving her out and she claims that she’s not being left out. He points out that she’s eating alone and starts to act immature. He tells her to got back to eating.

Ji Woon and Hye Ji return home and bump into Hyun Min and Ha Won. Hye Ji tells Hyun Min that Ji Woon helped her find her things that were in her studio. Hyun Min and Ji Woon’s eyes meet but not a word was exchanged before he walks away. Ha Won is soon to follow. Ji Woon offers to put the items in storage.

Hyun Min looks at the photo of the smiley face again when Ji Woon comes in. He tells him that this is the last time that he’ll do that for him. Hyun Ji admits that he’ll ask him to do more nice things for Hye Ji. When Ji Woon asks why he doesn’t do it he admits that he doesn’t have the right to take care of Hye Ji. He can hurt her but no tend to her wounds. Ji Woon asks if he intends to continue to do nice things for her and pretend that it was him who did it. Hyun Min reminds him that taking care of Hye Ji is what he’s always been doing. Hyun Min feels that Hye Ji will feel no pressure if she thinks Ji Woon was taking care of her. Ji Woon admits that he’s not doing it for him but rather for Hye Ji whom he treasures. Ji Woon warns him to not make Hye Ji cry anymore.

Ha Won is walking outside talking to herself. She hopes that Hye Ji and Ji Woon has a great relationship and tries push Ji Woon out of her mind. He shows up and asks her who she’s talking to. She asks what he’s doing there and tells her to go take care of Hye Ji or something. He mentions that she seems disappointed that all his attention is being focused on Hye Ji recently. Ha Won, obviously, denies that. He apologises for leaving her behind and she asks him why he’s bringing it up again. He goes to give her a gift but then asks her when she has time. She asks why and he mentions that it was to finish the drive they stopped half way through. When he wonders if she doesn’t want to go, she assures him that she does want to go. He admits that he wants to tell her something as well. He excuses himself and just out of sight he pulls the little gift out and comments on how he couldn’t give it to her in the end.

Ha Won is thinking about what Ji Woo could have meant by saying that he wants to talk when Seo Woo comes over. He asks why she’s thinking about and she tells him that it’s nothing. He asks if it’s because she’s sharing a room with Hye Ji and she assures him that it’s not that. He tells her to be nice to her while she’s there because she’s a little pitiful having lost her house and her father coming up with charges. He tells her to just be herself and helpful.

Hye Ji starts to get some laundry ready and Ha Won wants to help. She tells her that she feels like she hasn’t helped her with anything since she came. She ends up messing up and shrinking her clothes. Hye Ji mentions that it’s no big deal and Ha Won offers her her sweats to wear.  Hye Ji assures Ha Won that it’s no big deal and she’ll go out with Ji Woon clothes shopping. She admits that she confessed her feeling to Ji Woon and asks if Ha Won knows. She tells her about how Ji Woon was always there for her when she was having issues with Hyun Min. She tells her that since Ji Woon has always been by her side she wants to try and go out with him. Ha Won asks if he’s given her an answer and she tells her yes. She mentions that she thinks that Ji Woon has the same feeling as she does.

Yoon Sung (Choi Min) gets called into seeing Chairman Kang and is told to keep an eye on his wife and to report everywhere she goes and everyone she meets with down to the last detail. At first, Yoon Sung is confused and then sees the present on the table. He tells him he understands.

Hwa Ja goes to get a message and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) implements her plan. However, it backfires. When Soo Kyung tells her that she’ll relay all the rumours that she hears about her to her Hwa Ja sits up. She tells her that she chit chats too much and she’s going to speak with her manager to have her fired. Once she steps out of the room she calls Mrs Kim and tells her that they should go golfing some time. She tells her that she’s heard she’s been talking behind her back and warns her if she heads about it again there will be consequences.

Ha Won is sitting in bed thinking about all of the times that she’s spent alone with Ji Woon, as well as their kiss. When Hye Ji’s words of trying to go out with Ji Woon passes through her mind she sighs giving up all hope she had for going out with him.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 19.07.39.png

Hye Ji goes to the storage locker and is soon followed by Ji Woon. He asks what wrong and she assures him it’s nothing. She tells him that she needs to buy a few things the following day and asks him to come with her. He quickly agrees.

Soo Kyung shows up for work and the receptionists askes her if they hadn’t told her. She asks what happened and she’s told that the manager has fired her. When Soo Kyung asks what happened she’s reminded of the conversation with Hwa Ja the previous day. She tries to say it was a misunderstanding.

When she gets home. Soo Kyung is crying and Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) asks what’s wrong. She tells Yoo Na that she did something dumb because of her. She admits that she was just trying to marry off her daughter and ended up getting fired. Soo Kyung is worried about getting another job and Yo Na is worried about not being able to get to meet anyone from the Hanuel group.

Hwa JA is getting her nails done when Yoon Sung walked past the door. The nail artist asks if everything is ok and she says it’s fine she just thought she saw someone. We pan out to see Yoon Sung standing outside the door. We get an unnecessary flashback to earlier in the episode telling him to tail the chairman’s wife.

Hye Ji comes out of the shower wearing Ha Won’s track suit and heads to the kitchen. Hyun Min sees the back of her and thinks it’s Ha Won. He wonders if a parisite is living in Ha Won’s gut if she’s going back for more food. He goes over and places his hand on her head and tells her that she should finish drying her hair before eating. He absent-mindedly wonders how long it’s been since she had an orange. He looks at her in shock and pulls away grabbing the towel. He apologises and admits that he thought she was Ha Won. Hye Ji grabs her towel and walks away.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 19.27.21.png

Ha Won steps outside and goes to knock on Ji Woon’s door but he’s not there. She’s looking into his room when Hye Ji comes out. Ha Won asks if she’s going somewhere and she tells her that she’s going out with Ji Woon.

Hye Ji gets in the car and Ji Woon notices he’s forgotten his wallet. He jokes about her paying for everything and tells her he’ll be right back. She sits there thinking of Ha Won’s reaction to her confession.

Ha Won is pissed that they are going on a date and notices Ji Woon run back in. He goes to his room and pulls his wallet out. He notices the gift for Ha Won and pulls it out with a smile. Ha Won comes in and he hides the items behind his back. She apologises for not noticing earlier and she couldn’t believe she made the misunderstanding. He admits that he doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. She tells him to please not do anything to cause the misunderstanding again. Ha Won walks out back and tries to stifle her embarrassment.

Young Jin arrives at sky house while ha Won is walking. When Ha Won arrives, Ms Belgyo tells her that her father is there to see her. She is excited and runs into the dining room. She is confused when she sees the man and he tells her that he’s Young Jin, the man who ran the taekwondo studio with her mother.  She suddenly remembers him but is still confused.

They take their conversation to her room and she brings her tea. She asks him what brings him there to see her and thought he tries to slow it down she asks about what her mother told her about her biological father.

Ji Woon is driving and pulls over to the side of the road. He replays Ha Won’s words in his mind. Hye Ji asks why he suddenly pulled over and he inquires as to if she had said something to Ha Won. She admits that she told Ha Won that she wanted to try going out with him and that she thought that he probably felt the same way. He sighs and she asks if it’s not true and then thought it was so since he rushed over to her. He apologises and tells her she’ll have to go alone that day and he’d see her at home. Hye Ji gets out of the car.


Ha Won spills her tea and Young Jin goes to check if she’s burned. She is shocked that he’s her real father and mentions that he and her mother were always friends. He admits that he’s always felt bad towards her father who raised her. He tells her that now that they are together they shouldn’t live apart. She tells him to leave and when he doesn’t she does. He calls to her from his crouched position and it’s quickly followed by Ms Belgyo’s calls.

Ha Won walks out of the house. Young Jin is leaving right as Ji Woon arrives him. They both glance back at each other. Ji Woon goes in search for Ha Won but finds Ms Belgyo in her room. He asks where Ha Won is and she asks if he saw him. She tells him what happened with Young Jin and how Ha Won wasn’t happy about him claiming to be her father.

Ha Won is walking and replaying what Young Jin told her. She tries to call her father but he won’t answer the phone. Ji Woon is looking for Ha Won and thinks back to the conversation that he had with Ha Won about her father. He tries calling her but she’s trying to reach her father. We see his phone in his truck. He manages to get through right as her phone dies. All he hears is her crying and calling his name.

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The staff is preparing for the 3 son’s death anniversary when Ha Won (Park So Dam) turns to Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and asks if the boys are coming. Seo Woo’s (Lee Jung Shin) mother arrives and complains when Yoon Sung greets her. He tells her she can go in , she starts to but then turns to Ha Won and asks who she is. She introduces herself and she’s automatically placed as Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) finacée. The mother asks about Seo Woo.

Seo Woo is in the studio recording and the last conversation that Ha Won had with each of the grandson’s plays. When Seo Woo stops singing his producer tells him that it was good. When her comes out, he’s told to reign in his emotions and try again. He replays Ha Won’s words in his head and goes to leave. He tells the recording crew that he has someone he wants to see.

Hyun Min’s mother arrives and Seo Woo’s mother starts to chatter. When Hyun Min’s mother brushes her off, Seo Woo’s mother mentions that she’s as similar to Hyun Min as ever. The memory of the day she dropped Hyun Min off at the sky house plays. She tells him to stay and protect his place even though he begs for her not to go. She hugs him one last time before pushing him to the ground and walking away, leaving him to cry after her.

Hyun Min wakes up from a nightmare of the day. He gets up and grabs a glass of water when Mrs Belgyo arrives. She apologises having not known he hadn’t left yet. She apologises and leaves complaining that he’s heartless and doesn’t understand Ha Won’s situation. He comes out and asks what she means.

He’s told about the conversation she had with Ha Won. Ha Won helped to cook because she could. She admits that she would watch her mother prepare her grandparents death anniversary meals. When Mrs Belgyo mentions that her mother must be proud when she celebrates her anniversary, Ha Won admits that she’s never done do because of her step-mother. She tells Mrs Belgyo that she’s sure her mother is waiting for visit her so she’s certain the boys’ fathers are too.

We next see Hyun Min in his car as he replays Ha Won’s words in his head and the conversation that Mrs Belgyo has with him.

Yoon Sung tells her that it’s nearly time. She is discouraged that they’re aren’t coming and Yoon Sung tells her that it’s not too late for her to not be completely disappointed. Seo Woo pulls up to the temple. When Seo Woo gets out of the car and asks if he’s the only one who showed up, she nods, but then Hyun Min pulls up. and asks if she was waiting. She tells him of course and his father is probably waiting too. Seo Woo and Hyun Min head into the temple together.

Once they are left alone, Yoon Sung tells Ha Won that he doesn’t think that Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) will be coming. Ha Won goes in last after waiting for Ji Woon a little longer.

Ha Won goes to CEO Kang (Kim Young Geon) and apologises for failing her mission. Kang goes in and Yoon Sung tells her that having Ji Woon arrive would have been nothing short of a miracle. She felt like it could have happened if she could have just gotten through to him. She tells him that she’s going since it’s a family gathering and she doesn’t feel it’s right to intrude.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 14.54.16.png

Kang arrives and tells them to begin because the children are probably hungry. They start the ceremony.

While outside watching a monk approaches Yoon Sung. He tells him that they must all be very happy this year having seen their sons. Yoon Sung admits that one of them must still be lonely. The monk is confused by the statement because Ji Woon had already come and left a rose as a gift to his father.

After the ceremony the mothers eat with CEO Kang. Hyun Min’s mother tells Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) how well she cuits CEO Kang. Then precedes a contest of the mothers as to whose son will become the heir of the company. Kang stops them and mentions that if she talks about the heirs out of the son’s that are under qualified, he will search the earth for other sons her husband might have had.

Ha Won leaves the temple looking defeated.

Kang and Hwa Ja gets into the car and Kang is sad that Ji Woon didn’t come. Hwa Ja tells him that his mother and father are happy together in heaven. He doesn’t want her to talk to him about his mother. He blames her for forcing Ji Woon to fend for himself for so many years. When Yoon Jung gets in the car, he reiterates that he wishes that Ji Woon came. Yoon Jung tells him that he’s heard the Ji Woo actually did come.

We see Ji Woon visit his mother and notices the flower that Ha Won left for his mother. He thinks long and hard at the crematorium about what to do. He takes the flower that Ha Won left for his mother and gives it to his father instead.

Ha Won packs up and reminisces about her time at the sky house. She leaves a note telling them that she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be there anymore and leaves. However, the notes falls to the floor.

Hyun Min is driving his mother and she starts to asks him about Ji Woon and if he’s given up trying to be heir. Hyun Min asks if that’s all she wants to talk about when he’s with her. She mentions that he past the exit to the hotel. He tells her that he’s not taking her to the hotel but the airport. He tells her to never come back to Korea.

Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) and Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) go to the sky house. Soo Kyung likens it to a castle and tells her that she’s Ha Won’s mother after all so Ha Won isn’t the only one who can live there. They are brought in and greeted by Mrs Belgyo. Soo Kyung plays the worried mother card and she is brought to Ha Eun’s room. Mrs Belgyo is pulled away to work. Yoo Na heads to Hyun Min’s room because she doesn’t care about Ha Won’s room, while the mother checks out Ha Won’s room.

Yo Na walks around Hyun Min’s room when she notices Ha Won’s school uniform. She throws it on the floor and steps on it thinking that Ha Won is trying to worm her way into Hyun Min’s room. She spills ink over the uniform out of spit.

Soo Kyung is trying to gets Yoo Na out of Hyun Min’s room when Yoon Sung arrives. He inquires to the purpose of their visit and Soo Kyung tries to play the worried mother card that doesn’t work on him. He asks if Ha Won knows that they are there. She mentions that it doesn’t matter because she’s her mother. He assures her that Ha Won is being treat like a guest and when the mother mentions that she should also be a guest, Yoon Sung puts her in her place. He escortes them out leaving the last bit to the security guards.

Yoo Na goes to an internet cafe and puts a post about Ha Won on the internet. Basically, a tell all.

Ha Won goes to see Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) at work. She tries begging her to let her stay at her house that one night, but Ja Young tells her that he room is too cramped as it is. No matter what Ha Won tries the answer is still no. Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) walks into the cafe which surprises Ha Won.

Ja Young is thankful to Hye Ji for letting Ha Won stay at her house. She gives Hye Ji her phone number should anything happen. Though Ja young didn’t wait to hear Hye Ji’s answer, she shoves them off. Hye Ji tells her to come with her.

She gets to Hye Ji’s house and she finds it amazing. She compliments her room says it’s as pretty as her. She sees the picture f her, Hyun Min and her older brother together and asks about it. She apologises after she finds out her older brother has past way. When Hye Ji asks her about leaving the Sky house and Hyun Ji, Ha Won admits that she was never Hyun Min’s finacée and she was living there due to a job she took from the CEO. She tells her that She found that she and Hyun Min looked good together and not to worry about her. This relieves Hye Ji and offers to let her wash up first.

That night Ha Won thanks her for letting her stay, because had it not been for her she would have stayed at school the night before her graduation. Hye Ji asks if she’ll see her family. Ha Won admits that she doesn’t know, but really all she has to do is go and get her diploma. Hye Ji promises to goes see her. Ha Won hugs her and thanks her for coming.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 16.00.37.png

Yoon Sung tells knocks on Ha Won’s door and tells her to sleep well. He turns to Ji Woon and mentions that he heard that he went to the temple. When he asks if it was because of Ha Won he’s super offended and tells him that it’s not it. Yoon Sung tells him that it’s Ha Won’s graduation the next day and he should drop by to congratulate her if he has time.

Ji Woon goes to his workshop and tells himself that it doesn’t matter to him if she’s graduating. He lays down for a second and then he’s back up thinking again.

Ha Won texts her father to find out if he’s coming to her graduation the following day.

Hyun Min goes to check on Ha Won the next morning and asks where she could have gone so early. He notices her calendar and sees her graduation day. He remembers her asking for her uniform and then he runs to his room. He looks for it and then notices the stains. He freaks out and runs to get changed.

Ha Won is in class and everyone is ignoring her. When everyone leaves to get ready she stays behind. Ja Young arrives late and asks where everyone is. Ha Won directs her to the auditorium and Ja Young drags her to the graduation.

Hyun Min arrives at the uniform shop and asks for the same uniform. He tries to call Ha Won bit it goes to voicemail. He tells her to wait for him because he’s bringing her the uniform.

Hyte Ji goes to pick up Ha Won a bouquet of flowers. After thinking about her conversation the night before she tells the owner to give her the prettiest.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 16.25.59.png

Mrs Belgyo is cleaning when she notices the note that Ha Won left. She calls Yoon Sung to tells him the news. He reports back to the chairman that Ha won left thinking that she had failed the mission. When Kang asks where she might be, Yoon Sung reveals that it is Ha Won’s graduation that day.

At the graduation, everyone starts reading the post that Yoo Na wrote about Ha Won.  They all act coldly to her. When he stepmom comes she warns her never to return to her house. Only moments later someone calls her out.

Ji Woon arrives and gets bombarded but the flower people but he tells them he’s not there for the graduation. He overhears a few students saying that they are catching Ha Won and he goes in.

Hyun Min arrives with food trucks and tells everyone that it’s on him. When he asks for Ha Won a girl tells him that she’s been called out from the auditorium a little while ago. Hyun Min goes to look for her.

Ha Won is being held down by a group of girls in the recording booth. They starts accusing her of not being good enough to hang out with the Kang cousins and that she should be sleeping with CEO Kang.

The 2  cousins start looking feverishly for Ha Won.

Ha Won tells the girls that the weird rumours about her are not true. The also tells her to take back what they said about her. The lead girl pulls out a pair of scissors and tells her that if it’s not true then she’s going to check how pure she really is.

Ji Woon notices the 4 boys in the hall and walks over. He asks if Ha Won is there. When they don’t answer directly he knows that she’s there. Enter a random fight scene that makes Ji Woon look amazing.

The lead girl suggests filming it with the big camera and the 2nd girl starts it. Ji Woon comes in and asks if they were in the middle of something. The girl notices that the boys were beaten up and tells everyone to run. Ha Won looks scared and ashamed of her position. Ji Woon removes his jacket and draped it over her shoulders before leading her out.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 16.43.07.png

Once outside the gang shows up again and he goes to fight but Hyun Min tells him he shouldn’t be using his fists. He offers his car to the gang and shows him what it was. He tells them he doesn’t care what they do with it and then throws the keys out the window. The gangs thanks him and runs outside, meanwhile, the girls head in the opposite direction.

Seo Woo arrives and gets mobbed. He asks if there is anyone whose being mean and they tell him no. He asks to be brought to where Ha Won is and the entire group heads out.

Hye Ji arrives at the school and looks happily at the bouquet.

Hyun Min removes Ji Woon’s jacket and throws it at him before putting Ha Won’s new school blazer over her shoulders. Hyun Min tells her that it’s her graduation gift. Ji Woon says he’s going to leave and Hyun Min says that he should. Ha Won looks at him pleadingly and tries to stop him but he leaves anyways.

The gang goes after the keys but Yoon Sung picks them up. They try to beat him up but Yon Sung has no problem defending himself.

Ha Won changes and she thank him for it. When he gets up he accidentally turns the system on so people can see them all around the school. The tells her that he wants to talk and decided to talk there. Everyone freaks out about it . Meanwhile. Ji Woon and Seo Woo meet and see the broadcast. Hye Ji quickly joins the group and Ji Woon starts to hear the beginning of the confession before heading off. Yoon Sung joins the group and asks if Ha Won is ok. Seo Woo motions him to the screen they are all watching. Ha Won dumps Hyun Min tells him that she wants to stop it there. Before it could go further Ji Woon shuts off the system.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 17.10.05.png

Ji Woon is walking away when he hear Ha Won tells Hyun Min that she wants to stop pretending to be his fiancée. He agrees and asks her to date for real instead. Ji Woon is in shock right away.

Hye Ji happens to be outside and drops her bouquet when she hears Hyun Min’s confession.

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Ha Won (Park So Dam) is brought into the Sky Huse. Yoon Sung (Choi Min) notices that not only is she soaking wet, but she’s also shivering. He takes off his blazer and hangs it on her shoulders. He leads her further into the house to the bathroom.

She sits in the tub, fully dressed and thinks about what her father had said to her. He shakes her head to rid her of the thoughts and then lays back into the tub, submerging herself.

Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo), Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) are all waiting in the living room for the announcement. Yoon Sung comes in and tells them that starting from that moment Ha Won will be living with him and while she’s there, no one is allowed to date. Seo Woo mentions that Hyun Min will have to break up with her. Yoon Sung is about to tell them that Ha Won isn’t Hyun Min’s finacée when Hyun Min stops him and pulls him aside. He tells him to not tell them that she’s not his fincée as it would make sure that the other 2 won’t date her. He tells him that they go crazy for anything in a skirt and Yoon Sung mentions that it’s him and not them. He promises to keep them in line and if he fails he’ll give up his cards. Yoon Sung mentions that he better keep up his side of the deal and then comes back out. Yon Sung reiterates that there is to be no dating in the Sky House and Hyun Min mentions that he’s the exception.

Ha Won comes out of the bath and looks around the room. She dries her clothes with the hair dryer because putting it back on. She picks up her mother’s urn and looks around. She places it on the stool that comes with the make-up desk. She tells her that it’ll only be for a little while and she’ll be fine until her father isn’t mad anymore. Her stomach growls and she giggles a little.

Ji Woon goes into his room and looks around before coming out. Yon Sung tells him that with that he has agreed to live as Kang Ji Woon. Ji Woon tells him that it was more coercion. He tells him that he returned for one reason. He wants to know why they want to erase Han Ji Woon so badly and what type of man his father was to abandon his mother and himself. He promises to find out by himself. Yoon Sung tells him to do that but warns him that while living at the Sky house he shouldn’t dare try and disobey the Chairman.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 18.14.40.png

Ha Won wanders into the dining room and wonders why it’s so big if only 3 people live there. She goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge. Mrs Belgyo comes in and introduces herself. She tells her that the Masters will be mad if they see them and she bring her to the staff housing. Ha Won admits that she much prefers that. Yoon Sung comes in and asks why Ha Won is there. He’s told that she’s the new employee. Yoon Sung tells her that she’s the Chairman’shonouredd guest. and Mrs Belgyo apologises. She tells her that it’s ok and not to worry while Yoon Sung ushers her out.

They are walking back and Ha Won tells him that the other staff shouldn’t have to treat her differently because she’s staff too. He tells her it’s the chair man’s wishes. No matter what argument she brings up is responded with it’s the chairman’s wishes. Her stomach growls and he asks if she has not eaten yet and she tells him she hasn’t.

They go back into the house and Ha Won watches as Yoon Sung whips something up to eat. She digs in and he smiles as he watches her eat. Eventually, she asks him if he’d like some.

Ha Won is walking around the house when Hyun Min comes and grabs her arm before pulling her to a secluded spot. He tells her that they are still engaged. She tells him to stop talking crap. He asks if she’s really so brave to live with 3 men alone. He asks if she really wants to reveal that she did everything for money and she said she can’t change what she did in the past. She reminds him that dating is forbidden. He reminds her that he’s not asking her to date him just pretend to be his finacée. She refuses and he reminds her that he hasn’t paid her and offers to pay more. She tells him that she doesn’t need his money and he wonders if she’s fallen for him so quickly. she asks him to raise his hands and eventually he raises them high enough. She goes to punch him but he dodges but catches her before she can fall. He reminds her that he said he’d protect her and she tells him to stop talking crap. He rights her and she scurries away.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 18.45.53.png

She walks back to her room and crosses path with Ji Woon. He asks how much money she got this time and walks away.

Ha Won lays on her bed but can’t get comfortable. She thinks of Ji Woon and says that he’s a jerk out loud. Her thoughts stray to Seo Woo who make her feel at ease. She remembers the altercation with Hyun Min and complains about him being a playboy. She thinks back to what Yoon Wung told her and she wonders if he’s crazy because she wouldn’t date any of them.She lays back down but can’t get comfortable on the bed. She notices that the desk is the right size so she takes a blanket and a pillow and sets herself up on the ground which allows her to finally go to bed.

Hyun Min and Ji Woon are both out walking when they bump into each other. They both try to side step but they keep going the same way. Ji Woon tells him that they should try to not interfere with each other. Hyun Min mentions that he didn’t think that he would come back and he would like them not to see each other. Ji Woon agrees and tells him he would appreciate it if he ignored him and walks off. Hyun Min asks why he returned and Ji Woon tells him to mind his own business.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 18.55.44.png

Ji Won goes to a hidden area and opens a door. He finds a dust covered workshop. He goes in and grabs a box from under that table. He pulls out a picture of himself as a child with his mother. He holds back the tears and he thinks of the reason of why he returned.

She wakes up to her alarm and bashes her head. She looks around and remembers that she slept at the Sky House the night before. She gets a text and tells her girlfriend what happened and send her a pic. She’s stretching and notices that you can see into her room. She looks in the room on the left to find it’s Hyun Min’s. He sends her a message telling her that he’s not dressed. She freaks that it’s so close and then goes to check the room on the right when Ji Woon comes over and asks why she’s looking into someone else’s room. She tells him that’s not it so he tells her to get lost. She has a mild freak out realising that she’s surrounded.

Ha Won explores the property and sees everyone working hard around. When she sits at the table she waits for the men. Yoon Sung comes in and asks why she’s not eating. She admits that she feels back eating before everyone else. He tells her to not worry because the boys won’t come as they have yet to sit down together for a meal. She is shocked by this revelation. She asks why happens to the food and he tells her they have their way. She mentions that it’s a waste. Yoon Sung receives a call from his tablet and tells her it’s the chairmen.

CEO Kang (Kim Young Geon) greets her. He asks how her first night was and she admits that she doesn’t know. He tells her to try and eat with everyone and that’s her first mission.

Ha Won sits down in front of the contract that CEO Kang had drawn up. He tells her that she gets a bonus every time she completes a mission that the CEO gives her, however, should she fail she must leave the Sky House. The bonus is directly proportional to how hard the mission is. She is reminded that the only rule is to not date any of them.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 19.23.49.png

Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) is leaving and he tells Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) not to let Ha Won come back. She tells him she understands and asks if his previous wife really cheated on her. He tells her to not bring it up. HE warns her that he’ll be working on an apartment construction so it’ll take a while. She goes to call Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) but he tells her not to wake her.

Once in his truck, he gets a call from someone who knows a taekwondo master who he’s been looking for and arranges to meet him.

Yoon Sung goes to Ha Won’s old house and introduces himself. He explains that he’s there for Ha Won’s personal effects. While Yoo Na is packing them up, Soo Kyung tries to offer him some tea but he refuses. She asks how Ha Won got to live at the Sky House and he tells her that she was given an invite by the chairman. He tells them he;ll be taking his leave and Soo Kyung tells Yoo Na to say goodbye. He ignores it and asks if her father went somewhere.

Ha Won puts her contract away in her room and feels like she’s going important work. She sits on the couch in the living room and asks what’s so hard about getting them to eat together. She notices that there isn’t a single family photo in the entire house. Seo Woo shows up and hands her the bouquet that she was looking for. This thrills her as she was looking for it.  Seo Woo sits down and asks if something happens the night before because it looked like she was crying. He tells him that she wasn’t it was just because she was caught in the rain. He understands and admits he was worried that something happened to her family. She asks why he thought that and he says it’s just because. She asks if him deleting her texts wasn’t by accident and he assures her it was. She asks if the text were that bad. HE tells her they were and he was worried that they would hurt her feelings. He couldn’t believe that Yoo Na was part of her family because of how badly she treat her. Ha Won mentions that her relationship with her sister isn’t as bad as his with his cousins. She admits that she’s heard they’ve never shared a meal together. She would always sit down for a meal even if it was just for appearance. She suggests that they have a meal together and when Ji Woon passes, Seo Woo tells her that he won’t ever have a meal with them. Seo Woo walks away.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 19.37.02.png

Ha Won follows Ji Woon outside. She finally follows him to his workshop.

Yoon Sung is returning with Ha Won’s things and he gets a call. He tells the caller he understands and leaves Ha Won’s possessions on the walkway near the pond.

Ha Won goes into the workshop and Ji Woon asks if her hobby is invading other people’s privacy. She tells him that she doesn’t see what so special about the workshop. She steps towards his pictures and he stops her. He tells her that living there isn’t going to be east and she tells him that she’s away. He asks why he came and when she said it’s to protect something precious to her he jumps to money. She tells him that it’s not like that. She goes to leave but he stops her and spins her around. She backsup and tells him that she’s warned him not to touch her. She walks away and we get to see that she nearly nicked her that with a blade. He puts everything away and closes the tool trunk.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 19.45.24.png

Ha Won comes out and runs right into her things scattering her things into the stream. She gets in and starts picking everything up. She smiles to herself realises that this reality is her life.  Hyun Min notices Ha Won and goes over. Seo Woo runs over and asks what she’s doing.  Hyun Min asks if she likes cold baths and wonders why there is so much trash. She tells him that it’s not trash but her belonging. Seo Woo tells her that she’ll get sick and should just throw the items away. She asks why she would do that. Seo Woo thinks for something and runs into the house.

Ji Woon is walking along the stream. He notices the bouquet in the water. He places it with Ha Won as he’s seen it the day he went to visit his mother.

Seo Woo comes out with a net. He tells her to get out so that they can finish up. She tells them that it’s fine and they can go in. Ji Woo tells her that she’s forced her way in and that’s how she treats them. He comes over and hands her the bouquet. He tells her to take better care of her belongings so that she doesn’t worry people. Hyun Min drapes his arm across her shoulders and tells him not to bother with her because he’ll worry about her. Ji Woon asks if she’s his new toy and he asks if he wants her. Seo Woo tells her to not mind them since they are always like that. She pushes Hyun Min’s arm off her shoulders and tells all 3 of them to leave her alone. She takes her things and goes inside leaving Hyun Min and Seo Woo near the river.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 20.22.16.png

once inside she sees Ji Woon going into his room and notices that the bottom of his pants are wet, similar to hers. He looks down and his pants once in the room and remembers getting the bouquet back.

Ha Won is drying her things when Yoon Sung comes. He apologises and tells her that he should have been more careful with her belonging. She tells him that it’s fine and thanks him for bringing it back. He tells her to get ready because the car is waiting.

Yoon Sung brings her to a clothing store and she asks if they are filming pretty ladies. He tells her that they are there to buy her clothes but she refuses. He tells her it’s the Chairman’s command and she tells him that she can just return everything he buys. He starts to say it’s the chairman’s command but she cuts him off. He tells her to grab a coffee and wait while he picks some things out.

Ha Won is walking in the mall when she bumps into a woman. The woman tries to con her because she says that she scratched her 30 million won bag and she wants her to pay her back. Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) steps in and examines the article to discover it’s a fake and the woman continues on her way.

They go to have a drink together and Hye Ji asks if she’s shopping. she admits that she’s not but rather waiting for someone. She thanks her for helping her and asks how she news about the stitching. She admits that people who deal with needlework a lot then to know. She reveals that she wants to go college for fashion. She mentions that Ha Won isn’t one of them either. Ha Won is taken back that she isn’t rich. She admits that she and Hyun Min were childhood friends and have known each other for a long time. She starts to pry into how they met and Ha Won only volunteers that Hyun Min came into the convenience store that she was working at. They talk a little bit more before Yoon Sung comes back and tells her that the shopping is done. Hye Ji is surprised that Yoon Sung did some shopping for her and asks if Hyun Min asked him to do so. He tells her that Ha Won is currently residing at the Sky House so he’s taking care of her. Hye Ji excuses herself and leave. Ha Won asks Yoon Sung why he bought so much after she told him that she’ll just return everything. He tells her that it was the Chairman’s command. She tells him that it’s too much and he reminds her that he has a duty to fulfil. He tells her that she’s going to have difficulties with the Kang cousin’s so he’s there to make sure she doesn’t have to worry about anything. She picks a bag and tells him that she’ll wear this one thing and pushes him to return everything else.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 20.48.21.png

Yoo Na is waiting for Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) at the coffee shop. When she comes out with the garbage she calls to her. She asks what she wants and she tells her she’s heard the Ha Won is living at the Sky House. Ja Young tells her that she doesn’t think so. Yoo Na hears the slip-up and asks her what she knows that she doesn’t. Ja Young tries to tell her that she knows nothing but Yoo Na grabs her phone she looks over the pictures and Ja Young asks if she’s jealous she takes her phone back and tells Yoo Na she’s busy. When Yoo Na turns her around her hand goes straight into the trash bag. While she’s freaking out Ja Young leaves.

Seo Woo finds Ha Won’s check book on the ground. He goes to hand it back but decides to look at it instead.  He sees a 3.99 million transaction to the crematorium which leaves her with 800 won. He can’t believe that she only has so little money.

Ha Won tells Yoon Sung to not worry about her. She’s had plenty of part-time jobs to make money and she has experienced much worst. He tells her that she’s not only the part-time worker but also a guest.

Ji Woon meets up with Hye Ji at the art gallery. He finds her staring blankly at a picture. He takes his place beside her and waits for her to speak. She admits that she doesn’t get it and then asks if she can ask him something.

She asks him if it’s true that Ha Won has moved into the Sky house. He tells her it is. She tells him that she can’t take it any longer. She wants to go to the house and ask some of Hyun Ji herself because she knows that Ji Woo won’t tell her.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 21.14.16.png

Ha Won arrives home to find Seo Woo in the living room. He asks if she went out with Yoon Sung and she tells him that he bought her new clothes. He suddenly remembers and hands her back the bank book. She asks where he found it. He tells her that it was on the ground. She starts to asks if he looked inside but he volunteers the information. He tells her not to worry because it’s only natural for a high school student to have no money. She tells him that it’s ok. They have their world and the bank book is hers. Their worlds are just overlapping for a short while. He tells her that it hurts her to say that and wonders if she’s a bigger player than Hyun Min. She tells him no to pry or else he’ll get hurt. He fist bumps her extended fist and walks away.

Ha Won gets into her room and sees some face cream and wonders if it’s Yoon Sung who left it there. She lays down and she gets a call from Hyun Min that she ignores. They text each other and he asks her to come to his room but she refuses. She lays down and he sends her a few more text before noticing that she’s ignoring him.

He runs out to her room and knocks on the glass she comes out and he tells her not to move. He comes out with her uniform and scissors. She tells him to give it to her and he threatens to cut it but she must wear it to her graduation. She runs over and he back up into the room. Once she steps inside his room he tells her that she’s the first girl in his room. She tells him to forget about that and starts telling him about the 2 types of customers who come in at 4 am in the morning and the partyers always come on strong like him. He takes offence to the idea that he’s like those people. She starts backing him up and asks him if he knows what she does. she gives what she receives. She goes to try and kiss him but ends up head butting him. He tells her that she keeps going doing the unexpected and tells her that she’s getting more amusing. He leans in for the kiss.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 21.40.54.png

Hye Ji and Ji Woon arrive at the house and Ji Woon is the first to notice Hyun Min leaning in for the kiss. He steps in front of Hye Ji. She tries to look over his shoulder but he still her head.

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Cinderella and Four Knights Table of Content



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Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 1 Recap



We start with a cute animation telling us the story of Cinderella. Then Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) bringing the viewers back to reality, Cinderella wouldn’t have time to find her prince because of the part-time jobs. She also points out that all of the princes are stuck up assholes.

Ha Won rides up to a basketball court where some college students are playing. She tells herself that it’s a nice view and reminds herself that the next month she’ll be a college student. She completes her pizza delivery.

On her way back she stops because a motorcycle is blocking her way. He seems to be trying to get something back but a fight breaks out. The guy with the motorcycle helmet beats everyone up and takes make the bag that he went there to get.Ha Won misinterprets the situation and believes that he actually stole the bag. She’s pissed so she follows him on her moped. She follows him to the park and stops just in time to see Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) return the bag to a woman. He refuses a coffee or to give out his information before driving away. Ha Won inquires about the man and finds out that the bag belongs to her. She decides are are still some good people in the world. She then gets a phone call and tells her boss that she’ll be there soon.

Screenshot 2016-08-13 00.19.49.png

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is waiting for Ji Woon when she spots Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) coming out of the restaurant with one of her friends and she calls to him. She accuses him of picking her friend to date. He tells her that there are 2 types of women. Women that he’s dated and will date, her being her friend doesn’t change anything. Ji Woon arrives and tries to usher her off when his brother accuses him of hanging around the hotel a bit too much for someone who wants nothing to do with the business. Hyun Min tries to tease Ji Woon  and tells him that he will never be able to become the heir and he’s trash. Ji Hyun gets a little violent. Hye Ji asks Ji Woon why he always gets into a fight with his older brother. He tells her that he doesn’t like seeing him. She tells him no too and he reminds her that she should do the same. He also tells her that he must approve of the man she’ll marry.

Ha Won goes to work and takes home some products that’ll go bad by the end of the day. When she gets home her step-mother (Choi Eun Kyeong) and step-sister (Ko Bo Gyeol) are eating fried chicken. She gets chastised for not scrubbing the dishes properly and for not picking up her sister’s dry cleaning. She is truly Cinderella. The step-sister says aloud that she takes after her dead mother. When she goes into her room, the audience gets to see that she’s saving up for her college tuition and working hard at multiple jobs.

Ji Woon, Hyun Min, and Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) all receive a text telling them that they must arrive at the office at 6 pm sharp or else.  They all arrive and we get to see what type of personalities they have because everyone asks about something different. Hyun Min asks about the money, Ji Woon asks about the location of their grandfather and Seo Woo is worried that he passed out.

Screenshot 2016-08-13 00.49.42.png

They all get handed a black card, but the only one who seems interested in it is Ji Woon. The letter is actually a wedding invitation to their grandfather’s wedding. They are advised by Lee Yoon Sung (Choi Min) that the 3 brothers must go. Hyun Min and Ji Woon both asks who are brothers. We find out that Ji Woon is seen as a cousin. Ji Woon storms out of the meeting. The only one who agrees to come to the wedding is Hyun Min because it’s his grandfather’s 5th wedding.

Young Sung remembers to when he brought Ji Woon to the house for the first time. Ji Woon and Hyun Min had an altercation after Hyun Min acted all high and mighty towards him. Finally, Yoon Sung introduces Them to each other as cousins. Hyun Min starts to go into the lineage of Ji Won’s mother and this tells everyone how focused on status he is. He insults CEO Kang say that it’s normal for him to pick up stray grandchildren. This doesn’t get on Ji Won’s good side.

Director Kang comes to see the CEO (Kim Young Geon) and tells him about the news continually britting gossip columns about the Kang family. The CEO tells him not to worry about it since he took over the publication the previous day.

The CEO is frustrated about his grandsons and mentions that he can’t keep running the company alone. He needs to find a successor. Young Sung mentions that all of his grandsons are still young. The CEO is determined to have his grandsons duke it out among themselves. He also tells Yoon Sung that his grandsons must be there for his wedding because many people will be watching them that day.

Ji Woon is at work when a customer comes in and starts yelling at another worker. He asks what’s going on and he’s told that they customer is trying to blame them for the issues with his car after he gets some parts changed. Ji Woon gets pissed and rams into the customer’s car with his own car. The customer turns to him and without finishing he tells the man that he will pay for all the repairs on the 2 cars and in return, he is never to show his face at the shop again.

Screenshot 2016-08-13 21.54.48.png

Seo Woo is playing his guitar in the stairwell when everyone starts looking for him. Since he has his headphones on he can’t hear his phone ring.

Hyun Min is at a restaurant when a girl walks in and throws her phone at him. She can’t believe that he dumped her via a text. He mentions that he sent her a smiley face. She leans forward and asks if it’s true that he wishes every girl 1 wish after they break up. He tells her to say the word and she drives off with his car. This seems to be a regular occurrence, though.

CEO Kang comes out with Ji Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri), his fiancée and teases her. Later she takes a phone call and she tells the person on the other line that she’s only getting started. The music changes and she tells the caller to not worry about the grandsons because they’re all 3rd generation rich boys. (Well not all of them.)

Hyun Min mentions that his grandfather’s new wife is going to be the same age as his mother. He decided that he and his friends will have to crash his grandfather’s wedding. He tells his friends that the next girl that comes through the doors he will ask to the wedding. His friends mention that girls who go to that hangout aren’t easy and he tells them that the crazier the better. They wait with baited breath and Ha Won is the next girl who comes in but she’s only there because someone ordered pizza.

They guys started picking on her and he mentions that he asked for them to send the prettiest girl. They end up dumping the pizza on the floor. Hyun Min is about to step forward to help the girl when his friends hold him back saying that he’ll be paying for a hospital bill if he uses his fists. He is about to tell his friends that he’s going to use his wallet when the man goes flying because of the girl. She gets the men to pay and to apologises. Hyun Min seems to have fallen in love. Ha Won apologises for the commotion before leaving. Hyun Min’s friends tell him that he can pick a new girl, but he tells them that he’s a man of his word. He tries to catch up with her but ends up taking a picture of the moped.

Soo Kyung and Yoo Na are checking Yoo Na’s college applications when Ha Won arrived. Needless to say, Yoo Na didn’t get into any. Ha Won asks to use the computer and she checks her status. Before, however, her stepmother, Soo Kyung, tries to put her down. She ignores them and finds out that she’s accepted. when her step-sister, Yoo Na. reminds her she needs money, Ha Won tells her that she’s already saved up enough for the down payment. She goes in her room and celebrates a little. She tells her mother that she’ll be able to fulfil her wish and become a college student.

CEO Kang comes to the house and calls out toe the butler. He asks why the house is a mess and they hear a noise which directs their attention to the ceiling where the butler is tapped. The Butler quits and calls his grandsons devils. They leave and CEO Kang tells Yoon Sung to hire someone because he’s sure he will find someone willing. He mentions that he can’t have the 3 grandsons continue the way the are and he wonders where he could hire someone to beat some sense into the boys.

Ha Won is super happy that as of payday the next day she can pay her deposit for her college. Hyun Min goes to Ha Won’s job to buy an ice cream. She mentions that it’s a BOGO item and when he asks what that is she explains that he gets the 2nd ice cream free. So they sit down together to have ice cream. He mentions that she eats fast and she tells him that it’s free. He mentions that she’ll be perfect and asks to buy her time. He tells her that he has money and then buys everything in the store to prove it. Hyun Min writes his number on Ha Won’s arm and tells her to call him.

Hye Ji is looking for fabric at a showing but the stall that has the colour she wants won’t see out of wholesale amounts. When their display gets toppled over she tells the shop owner that if she can reset up in display in 30 minutes he has to sell her fabric. She comes home wth the fabric and gets to work.

Ji Woon goes to the garage and asks if he the crew has eaten. When he finds out that he hasn’t he heads to the closest convenient store to buy food. He realises that he’s forgotten his wallet at the shop and goes back. When he’s there he overhears one of his colleagues complain that he’s keeping all of the money to himself. His boss tells him not to talk like that since he’s still the same person. Ji Woon is hurt by his friend’s words and walks away. Ha Won stops him since he needs to pay for the food and he tells her that he’ll be back the following day to pa. They have a mild altercation and she tells him that he better return.

Ji Woon goes to see Hye Ju and overhears her on the phone. Some had called her to tell her that Hyun Min might be bringing a girl to his grandfather’s wedding. He comes in after he hears her exclaim in pain from pricking her finger. He chastises her about hurting herself all the time and then goes to get band-aids for her.

Ha Won is at home when she looks into her keepsake box filled with pictures of her and her mother. She texts her father to find out if he will be making it home for her mother’s death anniversary before going to bed.

Ha Won goes to the mausoleum to find that the cubby is 5 years overdue. She asks how much is due and finds it 5 million won. She doesn’t have the money but she begs to have her mother brought out of storage. Ji Woon recognises her from the convenience store and noticed how different she’s acting. He walks out without saying a work. She travels back to town with the flowers that she couldn’t give to her mother.

When she gets back to town, she sits and talks to her mother she tells her that she wants her to go to college so she can’t use the money that she has. He breaks down crying and tells her mother that she doesn’t need to go to college it’s just that everything is so difficult right then.

Hye Ji shows Ji Woon the dress she made and tells her that it’s for the wedding. She tells Ji Woon that Hyun Min will be bringing a girl to the wedding. When he asks if it bothers her, she side-steps and asks him to come with her. He tells her that he would normal grant her any favour. She understands and apologises for asking.

Ha Won meets up with Hyun Min and she asks if the offer is still valid. He tells her that it is and he also tells her that she has to play the role of his fiancée. He tells her that his grandfather is ill and wants to see him tied down before he passes. He really lays on the sob story. She totally buys it. They introduce themselves and once they get in the car Hyun Min tries to get cosy with Ha Won who isn’t having it. She reminds him that everything will be over at midnight.

Screenshot 2016-08-14 01.03.40.png

The news is covering the event and is wondering if the 3 cousins will arrive at the wedding.

Hyun Min ushers Ha Won to his rooms to get made over. She asks what everything is for and he tells her that she needs to transform into his fiancée. The door rings and he heads up leaving Ha Won alone. He is met with Hye Ji asks about the girl he’s with. He asks her if she doesn’t get tired of obsessing over him. He tells her to let it go and goes back in.

Hye Ji goes into a room and holds up the skirt. She wants to quit but his grandfather is waiting. Seo Woo happens to be in the room and overhears her. He peeks out and sees her. He subtly takes her phone when he meant to take his that was lying next to it on the bed. She walks out of the changing room where Hyun Min is waiting with her shoes. She gets handed over to the makeup artists and gets transformed into a stunning lady.

Yoo Na is with the choir who are going to be singing at the wedding. She pissed off at the outfit but gets calmed by the thought that she’s the prettiest one there.

Hwa Ja gets her bouquet and reminds herself she’s halfway there. CEO Kang finishes getting ready before he and Yoon Sung leave for the hall.

The choir comes out, the marrying couple comes out a short while after. Hyun Min and Ha Won preps to go in and Ji Woon just arrives. Ha Won and Hyun Min come out the opposite side to his grandfather and they are spotted right away by them. (Well Ha Won is essentially wearing a very chic wedding dress.) Ha Won realises what’s going on and tries to stop him but he keeps walking. When she refuses to move he picks her up. When they get to the stage they ask her who she is and she answers honestly. She chastises him and tells him that he’s not a child. She tells him to apologise and he tells her that he doesn’t want to. She twists his arm and forces him to his knees with ease and apologises. CEO Kang is speechless as she manhandles his grandson and smacks his head.

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They step out of the ceremony and she tells him that she’s leaving. He asks for a second round. Seo Woo comes over and asks if she’s really his fiancée and he says nothing. A girl tells him that he shouldn’t be acting this way in front of Hye Ji. He reminds them that he’s not in that type of relationship with her. She comes over and tells Ha Won that it’s a pleasure to meet her, but before their hands touch Ji Woon pulls her away and asks if she has no pride. Ji Woon must have recognised her because he asks if she came all that way for money and they drops a load of cash at her feet.

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