Blood, Body and Mind (Aaron’s Kiss Series #1)



I don’t tend to read these books much, but as you can see by the cover it is a racy women’s book. Now the reason I picked it up is because the concept was interesting, but I was sadly disappointed in the flow of the book.

Sara Temple is one of the Queen of Magic’s royal guards. After an explosion that claimed the life of the Queen’s unborn child, Sara takes the Queen to the human world to protect her. While working one day, a batch of rogue vampires come in with orders to kill Sara’s boss. While protecting them, she meets Aaron MacManus the vampire lord. He takes her in after the altercation to heal her wounds. Meanwhile, Aaron figures out that Sara is his mate and now he has to break that news to her.

I loved the concept of this book. I enjoyed the characters and all their flaws. I even like the plot structure and the direction that the story was going. I, however, couldn’t get over was the gaps, the odd pacing and the swings in the characters’ personality. The lack of consistency ground on my nerves a tad. These are all things that should have been caught in editing but I checked out that this book was published before the publishing house was opened, I doubt that a certified editor read this book. I do like the characters enough to try and read the next book in the series that was released after the publishing house. My hopes are high that the consistency will be there. This is such a good concept that I want this series to be good so bad.

A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry #1)



Based on the cover, I should have expected there to be sex in this book. But I didn’t, so here is a nice fair warning. There is sex in this book and it is quite descriptive, so if that isn’t something you’re into I would suggest not reading this book. This is really a woman’s book in that respect.

We follow Merry Gentry a private eye in the human world and the missing princess in the Seelie courts. She’s on the run from her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness while working as a private detective for Grey’s Detective agency. After she’s found by the Queen’s right-hand man Doyle. Merideth gets dragged back to the courts to discuss an plan that her aunt has, while also trying to stay alive. Though Merideth’s magic isn’t flashy, it’s a valuable aspect in the human world where she lives but it’s the only thing keeping her alive in the courts.

This is an interesting book. It’s a good first book, but I will admit it took me a little longer to get into than I’m used to. Some points are a little drawn on and other’s rushed through. This is the first book in this long series so I’m hoping that there is some good progress in the story structure. That won’t make me write off the store completely, however. I enjoy seeing how much the author’s writing style changes and progresses through a book series. The ideas of faerie courts and different types oUnseelieie is very interesting to me. Along with the urban, and relatable aspects, this book series seems like something right up my alley. I can’t wait to read the next book.


A Caress of Twilight (Merry Gentry #2)

Kiss Him, Not Me!



Are you having withdrawal from  The High School Life as a Fudanshi, if you are then this is the anime for you. It’s based on the manga by the same name and it’s just as good as the anime. I love this reverse harem so much.

We follow Kae Serinuma, an otaku girl who is a little overweight. However, after her favourite character in an anime is killed off, she hides herself away for 2 weeks. When she emerges she has lost a tonne of weight and is now seen as very pretty. As soon as she’s back, 4 boys fall for her fast. At first, she tries to pass herself off as a normal girl as to not push them away, but that plan soon falls through and they are forced to either accept her as she is or to give her up. The boys seem ready to overlook everything but to their dismay she’s into BL and is more interested in their interactions together rather than their relationship with her.

Like I said earlier I absolutely love this anime. I really love when Shima Nishina is introduced. Not only is she interested in Serinuma but she also shares her love of everything BL and they get to have their own personal shows when they are alone with the boys. The scene with Serinuma losing weight again is especially funny because of Nishina. This is totally an anime for anyone who is into shoujo but it plays with the tropes nicely while also sprinkling the otaku culture with characters who don’t seem to unjderstad what’s going on.

Love O2O



This drama is also known as Love Online to Offline, and Just One Kiss is very alluring. It is based on a novel by Gu Man called Just One Kiss is Very Alluring.

This is a very cute drama though I feel it may be too idealistic. We follow an avid gamer Bei Wei Wei (Angela Baby), a computer science student who lives with her 3 roommates. While playing Chinese Ghost Story, the video game, she enters into an online relationship with Xian Nai (Jing Boran). After a series of events they meet and cultivate their relationship offline.

I said earlier that the show is a little idealistic. I say that because the couple never gets into any fights during the show. They are very rational people and talk through everything. I have only met one couple who is even a little close to that and that’s my friend Natalia (Twitter @Soju_night). It is very good that they don’t jump to ridiculous conclusions and they talk their issues out, since everyone else around them is doing it for them. However, I have been in a relationship like that you still have little blow ups. Overall, though, this is a really fun drama that I finished in only a few days. there are 30 episodes but they only run for 45 minutes. .