The Liar and His Lover



I didn’t know walking in that this was a film starring Kubota Masataka, but it is. He plays the second male lead in this movie and he does it wonderfully. I had forgotten how much I love watching him act.

We follow Ogasawara Aki (Satou Takeru), the main songwriter for the band Crude Play. He left the band right before their debut but continues to write their songs after he was replaced by Shinhara Shinya (Kubota Masataka). He meets a 16-year-old girl who is the daughter of a local vegetable stall owner. She has a talented voice and they start seeing each other. To hide the fact that he’s Aki from Crude Play, he borrows Shinya’s name. And thus starts his cycle of lies.

This is an excellent movie. It uses music very well and plays to the actors’ strengths. Though this movie is based on a movie, it is not as awkward as most of the transition movies are. They tone down the extreme reactions, except for a few, and made it very relatable. The love story is believable, however, I would feel really weird dating someone 10 years my junior but that’s just me. Overall, the writing was fantastic, it was shot perfectly and the actors did an awesome job. I really wish it was lnger than 2 hrs.


Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa



This drama is fantastic, I just had to throw it out there. The series is only  episodes love, with run times of 45 minutes per episode, but it’s worth every minute. I sadly had to watch it on because neither Viki nor Dramafever carried it. The series is based on “Himura Hideo Series” by Arisu Arisugawa, a novel written in 1992.

The concepts is quite simple and tell me if you’ve heard this on before. We follow Himura Hideo (Saito Takumi), a criminologist, and Arisugawa Arisu (Kubota Masataka), a mystery novelist, as the solve crimes in tandem with police. Himura’s abilities are likened to those of Sherlock Holmes, And Arisugawa is the beloved Watson. Their dynamic and wit between the two of the characters is fantastic and I love the feel of the show. There is one main plot that follows through the show, but the solve a few individual cases along the way.

If you can find a place to stream these it’s a must see in my books. I also want to learn Japanese really badly now just to read the books. They have sadly not been translated into one of the 2 languages I do talk *pouts*


Death Note (Drama)



Death Note. A story that is so close to my heart, so I might be looking at this drama with rose coloured glasses, however I love it. This drama came out at the end of 2015 and had I had a blog to do recaps I would have done this show. This drama is based off of the manga series that was written in 2004. (I’ll be honest I had to look that up because I thought that it’s been ot for longer that 12 years)

This series blew up and has an anime series, movie series, korean movie and this drama. Later this year there is be a 4th movie coming out in the japanese movie saga. This series is still staying strong even after all these years, and I can say I absolutely love it.

A quick recap of the story is the following. Yagami Light (Kubota Masataka) is the oldest son of the local police chief. He is studying to be a lawyer, because he believes that the world needs to have people to in force justice. However, he refuses to be a police officer because he saw how that profession can tear a family apart. One day be comes into the possession of a Death Note. A death not is a book that allows the owner to kill a person by simply writing their name on one of it’s pages. Overwhelmed with the power, Light initial doesn’t use it but he finally gives in to save his father, which leads to the birth of Kira. Light starts killing criminals that he sees we not punished with the full extent of the law, and this draws the attention of L (Yamazaki Kento).

This drama is a perpetual game of cat and mouse but it’s fantastics. Thought Yamazaki doesn’t play my favourite version of L he really did him justice. Kubota is my favourite version of Light and he nails him. This was my first introduction to Kubota and I have loved all of the other works that I’ve seen him in.

Overall it’s a very good watch and I absolutely love this drama and it’s take on Death Note. If you can read the manga, and watch the anime. If not just take that time to watch this drama because it’s an enjoyable time.