Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 19 Recap



We watch Yeom (Kim Byung Ok) attempt to kill the stand in for Dan Tae’s (Namgung Min) father while Dan Tae and Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) watch. They overhear Yeom calling Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) for the money. Joon Soo kicked Dan Tae out of his revery and remind him that they should be following Yeom.

They follow Yeom outside and sees him get into a taxi. Thankfully Ho Joong is right there to pick them up. He asks why they didn’t capture him right there, but he tells him that there is not link to him and the kidnapping. Joon Soo asks about the bluff he told Yeom and he admits that since it’s not blood it’ll be hard to get DNA. Therefore, they must find proof.

Yeom meets up with his sister to get the 1 billion won. She assures him that it’s there and makes him promise he’s taken care of Dan Tae’s father. She tells him that she regrets turning a blind eye when he went to abduct Joon Pyo all those years ago. He chastises her and tells her it’s too late. She tells him that she wants to stop talking about Joon Pyo and have it taken care of.

Meanwhile, Joon Soo tells Dan Tae that he’ll retrieve the black box from his mother’s car. They notice Yeom leaving with the bag of money. Dan Tae tells them that there is just enough time for him to return to the office to get his embezzled money and get to the airport. Joon Soo tells him that he has the proof of the embezzlement.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 01.43.04.png

Yeom goes back to his office and gets his money from his safe. He gets to his car in the office parkade and Dan Tae ambushes him. He fakes being pissed because he killed his father. He starts beating him up, but Joon Soo arrives just in time to punch him and leave with his uncle while he’s down. Ho Joong comes around the corner with a realistic police siren playing. Dan Tae thanks him and sends him on his way. Dan Tae now has all his money.

Joon Soo drives his uncle away and he thanks him for helping. When he pulls out his phone Joon Soo tells him to turn it off. Yeom complains about his money and plane ticket being in his car. Joon Soo mentions that there isn’t any way he’ll be able to take a flight that day anyways because he’s certain the airport will be covered with police. Yeom asks where he should hide and Joon Soo tells him he has an idea.  He brings him to a little container room. He tells him that, there is some food and water and that he shouldn’t go outside. He promises he won’t and Joon Soo promises to look into getting him out of the country via boat.

As soon as he leaves he calls Dan Tae to tell him Yeom has is there and he’s going to pick up the black box and be over. He promises to wait. We zoom out to Dan Tae being surrounded by money.

Joon Soo arrives home and sees his mum. He asks if she’s come back from somewhere and she admits that she did go out. She inquires if he’s done work and tells her that he has to go back. She offers to make him a health drink before he leaves. He agrees and takes her fob. He makes his way to the car and gets the micro SD chips from the black box.

He brings it to Dan Tae and tells him to come get him once it’s done. He agrees and moments later follows him to the roof. he tells him his thoughts about his mother was wrong and tells him to go check for himself. He sits there and finds out that his mother only found out about the abduction after it happened and had no part in it. This relieves him a little and Dan Tae squat beside him and asks is he’s happy with the result. He admits that he’s happy his mother’s fault was minimised. Dan Tae asks if they should go home.

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The man from the arboretum comes to the house and when Tae Hee answers the door and he tells her the person who handed him the note was Joon Soo. She tries to get more information but he just leaves. Dan Tae thanks him for helping out and bring him home.

Tae Hee is in shock that Joon Soo knows about her part in the abduction. He arrives back home and she turns to him with tears in her eyes. They are suddenly in her bedroom and she’s sitting on the bed apologising to him. He tells her that her only blame is by not telling someone. She tells him that she committed a big sin because she should have talked. She tells him to not forgive her, to hate her, because he knew nothing. He asks what son hates his mother, after all, she didn’t order someone to kill Dan Tae’s father.

Dan Tae is at home thinking about Gong Shim (Minah) and he calls her. He asks where she is and when she tells him work he tells her to just listen. He tells her that he doesn’t know how his life will change after be becomes Joon Pyo but he knows that he will always be Dan Tae to her. No matter what changes, he will always be the same with her and his feeling with never change, no matter what happens. She asks if there’s anything else and he tells her that he wants to see her. She goes to meet him but gets caught by her co-workers. She promises to come back early in the morning to finish the work and leaves.

She’s walking and notice Dan Tae and waves. He sees a truck coming right for Gong Shim and he runs across traffic to protect her but the truck stops in time. He suddenly remembers his mother’s death that he witnessed as a child. Gong Shim turns around to make sure Dan Tae is fine, simply to find him crying. She asks what’s wrong and he tells her that he remembers everything from his past. She can’t say anything so she simply holds his hand.

Gong Shim being him home and continues to hold his hand. At one point she thinks that he’s asleep but when she gets up to leave he opens his eyes. He pulls her down and asks her to stay like that until he’s fallen asleep and she agrees. He tells her that if she ever runs into a busy street like that again she’ll be severely punished, and she jokes about him being a Nagger. Eventually, she extracts herself from his arms and tells him to sleep well.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 02.58.18.png

Gong Shim comes down to the convenience store and bumps into her father. He asks where she was since she wasn’t in her room. She tells him that she was in her room. But before her father leaves he admits to seeing her come down from the rooftop.

The next morning Dan Tae receives a package of his father’s effects from the Philippines. When he starts going through it, he finds a 2nd military ring. He pulls out the ring that was in Joon Pyo’s effects and he notices a slight difference in the regiments. He thinks about it and recalls him getting the ring from Yeom in exchange from his necklace.

Yeom is eating ramen when Dan Tae arrives. He tells him that they should finish it know. He admits that he knows that he abducted Joon Pyo 26 years prior and should turn himself. He was providing the last chance for him to act human. Yeom stands with a knife in hand. Dan Tae warns him, but Yeom refuses. He pulls out the ring and shows it to him. Yeom asks if there is any proof that it’s his ring. He reveals that he’s Joon Pyo and recounts the memory where they  exchanging his ring for his necklace. A mild fight happens and Yeom runs out, which has him running into the waiting police officers. Grandmother (Jung Hye Sun) stands to the side, shocked. She slaps Yeom and screams at him before collapsing onto Joon Soo. He’s arrested and Dan Tae comes out. She asks if everything is over and he assures her it is. He tells Joon Soo that they’ll talk at home before whisking him off.

Joon Soo is alone and replays the conversation that Dan Tae had with Yeom in the trailer. He only then finds out the Dan Tae is Joon Pyo and to say he’s in shock almost seems like an understatement.

They arrive home to Tae Hee and Dae Hwang  (Kim Il Woo) on their knees. Tae Hee apologises for doing wrong and that he family didn’t know. Joon Soo kneels next to his parents. She screams at her not being a human enough to help her in her search, or to have said anything. She can’t believe that they lived in the same house for 10 years and still she said nothing, and even encouraged her to stop. Finally, she tells them that Joon Pyo is now by her side and they understand that Dan Tae is Joon Pyo.

Dan Tae sits with Joon Soo and apologises to him for not telling him sooner of his identity. He explains that he found out when he was cut off for a month. Joon Soo feels like he should apologise but he tells him he can’t ask him to forgive his mother. He admits that he doesn’t think that forgiveness is his to give. Joon Soo tells him that he and his family will regret and live a quiet life. Dan Tae admits that he just wants things to go back to how they were. Joon Soo mentions his sin being too great for that, but Dan Tae wants to try.

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Dan Tae goes to visit his father with Ji Yeon (Bang Eun Hee) and she tells him that Dan Tae has found his family so he needs to wake up. She also mentions that they should go apologise to the family.

That evening Dan Tae tries to call Gong Shim and remembers that she lost her phone in the road te evening before. Grandmother comes out and Dan Tae helps her sit down. He tells her that she should take care of her health so then can go places together for a long time. She tells Dan Tae to fix up the roof top and to come home because she’s been waiting a long time to live his him. He assures him that he will clean up soon.

The next morning reporters are huddled around the apartment talking about Dan Tae’s heritage. Gong Shim’s family watch and become very confused. When Gong Shim comes out they ask if she knew, however, she doesn’t answer just tells them she needs to go to the roof. As soon as she steps outside she’s bombarded with reporters so she steps back in.

Dan Tae tells Grandmother that Yeom will probably not serve any time for the abduction but will be serving time for attempted murder. Joon Soo’s family came to say goodbye but she refuses to leave. Joon Pyo wants to go but she tells him to stay put. Everyone bows and leaves.

Joon Soo sends his parents off at the airport. His paternal grandmother wishes he could come with them. Daw Hwang reminds her that he has his work there. they promise to call when the arrive in Sydney. He nods and they leave.

Gong Mi is pacing her room and decides to try and call Joon Pyo. Also, he doesn’t answer the phone. Joon Pyo sees the news and is certain that Gong Shim is worried. Gong Shim is pacing but is certain Dan Tae is fine.

He arrives at Gong shim’s house as a delivery boy. He comes in right away and apologises for the reporters. They say it’s fine and her mother calls Gong Shim. Gong Shim comes out and calls him Dan Tae which she gets chastises for.

They go to her room and he pulls her into a hug. She complains about worrying and he missed her. He pulls out a cell phone and tells her not to hear it because when he wants to hear her voice he has to. She smiles and He tells her that he won’t be able to come for a while but once everything is said and done, they’ll go to see Grandmother together. She tells him to close his eyes because she has something to tell her. He assumes it’s for a kiss but she takes off her wig. She shows him that her hairs growing back and soon she can remove her wig. He’s super happy about that. He goes to leave and he steals a kiss and another hug before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 04.10.14.png

Yeom is sitting in his cell reading the newspaper and notice the article of Gong Shim and Dan Tae. He promises to leave him alone but to deal him a world of pain.

Gong Shim leaves her apartment to find movers emptying his apartment. She runs upstairs before getting a call. He apologises for not being able to tell her sooner because he only just found out about it. She tells him that it’s fine. Right after they hang up a move hits her Sunflower and she runs over to it.

Yeom meets with his goon and places a hit out for Gong Shim.

Dan Tae gets introduced to the company as Joon Pyo and she tells him that he will go study management in the USA. Once out he asks why it came up so suddenly. She tells her that he should go with Gong Shim. He can study management while she studies drawing. He promises to bring it up with her.

Dan Tae plans a proposal. He’s out buying rings when he tells Gong Shim that he’s going to go pick her up from work.

Joon Soo has a quick conversation wth his parents.

Gong Shim send her senior off because she needs to meet with Dan Tae and while she’s waiting, the Yeom’s Goon tries to mow her down with the car. (Seriously why does she stand on the road?) That’s the end of this episode.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 18 Recap



Dan Tae (Namgung Min) storms into Yeom’s (Kim Byung Ok) office and accuses him of kidnapping Joon Pyo as well as assaulting his father. Yeom tells him he shouldn’t accuse him without evidence. Dan Tae picks up his arm and tells him that his mother wasn’t talking about the bow tie but rather his tattoo. He also brings up the fact that he didn’t tell him his father was in intensive care and he happened to visit him at the same time that he was attacked in the hospital.

Dan Tae goes back to visit his father’s roommate again and asks about Yeom. The man keeps his mouth shut, and tells Dan Tae that he has told him everything. Even when Dan Tae begs, he won’t tell him anything.

Yeom and  Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) meet and Yeom asks for more money. He tells her that he’s already appeased Soo Young with his own money and has promised if they give him more he’ll leave the country and never come back. Yeom asks where Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) when and Mrs Suk admits that she doesn’t know.

We see Joon Soo at the hotel and get calls someone.

Joon Soo calls Yeom to meet him. He tells him that he has decided to work with him to cover up what happened. He wants to get make sure that Da Tae doesn’t know. Yeom tells him that Dan Tae came to him telling him a nonsense before leaving. He knows that he didn’t have any proof but he feels like it’s dangerous. He tells Joon Soo that they’re going to have to get him out of the company, and away from the family so he can’t stick his nose into their business.  (Please tell me he’s working with Dan Tae.)

Dan Tae is looking through the box of all the items that he had with him when he was brought to the Ahn family when he gets an idea.

Dan Tae goes to Yeom’s desk drawer and gets his toothbrush. Yeom arrives and asks if he was trying to steal his toothbrush. Dan Tae walks up to him and tells him that he will be borrowing his toothbrush. He admits that he has an item in his possession that will prove that he was the one who took Joon Pyo. He tells him that his DNA is on the clothes. He offers for him to take the toothbrush away and when he doesn’t he advises him that he trusts that he’s innocent before leaving with the toothbrush. Yeom can’t believe that Joon Pyo’s clothing are in Dan Tae’s possession.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 11.09.46.png

Joon Soo gets a phone call from Yeom telling him that Dan Tae has Joon Pyo’s clothes and tells him to go get them.

Joon Soo goes to see Gong Shim (Minah) and asks her if she knows Dan Tae’s door code. He admits that he left something at his house the last time he was over and he needs it urgently but Dan Tae isn’t answering. Gong Shim tells him it and he thanks her.

Joon Soo goes to Dan Tae’s apartment, proceeds to make a HUGE mess while looking for the clothes. Finally, he finds it. He’s leaving when Dan Tae arrived. He gets stopped by Goo Nam which reminds him that he should have the emperor meal. This gives Joon Soo a chance to escape.

Dan Tae sits down to eat when Gong Shim calls to invite him out to eat. He asks Goo  Nam to hold it for him, but he says he’ll eat it.

Joon Soo brings the clothes to Yeom to incinerate them. Joon Soo brings only the clothes out of the entire box. He confirms that that’s it and Yeom throws them into the fire saying it’s all for his mother benefit.

Gong Shim and Dan Tae are out eating when she asks what he likes about her. Suddenly an old colleague shows up. Attorney So believes that Gong Shim is a student and starts flirting with Dan Tae. When she asks if he has a girlfriend, and then offers to go out for a drink with him, Dan Tae introduces her to Gong Shim as his girlfriend. Gong Shim plays along and offers he to join them for wine at home. This has the other lawyer leaving as quickly as she showed up.

Gong Shim is walking home with Dan Tae when she mentions that she thought men preferred the girls who are more fashionable. He assures her that he likes girls who are cute, like her. He turns the question on him and while she’s pausing her father shows up. She pushes Dan Tae to the ground. They speak briefly with him before he rides away on his bike. They go back to their conversation and when her father turns back around he admits that he say everything and Gong Shim is embarrassed.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 11.54.58.png

They arrive at Dan Tae’s apartment to find it ransacked. Gong Shim automatically assumes he’s been robbed. Dan Tae heads straight to the bag to find the box missing. She asks if they should call the police and he tells her not too. She starts cleaning up but Dan Tae tells her to stop. She mentions that Joon Soo had come earlier and he must have forgotten to close the door properly. He seems a little shock, but she confirms that Joon Soo told him. Dan Tae pulls her into a hug and tells her that if something worst happens to not be surprised. Gong Shim asks if there is something more going on and he tells her not to worry.

The next day Dan Tae is leaving and he walks right past Yeom and his goon. Yeom tells the man to make sure that Dan Tae gets plenty of rest in a hospital for several months.

Dan Tae is on the phone when the Goon tried to hit him. Joon Soo hits him hard with a fire extinguisher. He asks Dan Tae if he’s hurt, and when Dan Tae asks what happens he admits he thinks it’s his uncle’s doing. We get to see his meeting with Dan Tae telling him that he wants to work with him so that he can get his uncle to pay for his crime. He admits that he wanted everything to go away, but after he found out that his uncle tried to kill his father he couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore.

Dan Tae meets with Joon Soo at his office and Dan Tae complains that he really made a mess of his room. Joon Soo admits that he didn’t know if his uncle would follow. He shows Dan Tae the recording of his conversation with his uncle. While Dan Tae is listening he notices Yeom coming and he throws the phone and goes into attack mode. He accuses him of going into his house right when Yeom comes in. After some yelling and death threats, Dan Tae leaves. Joon Soo asks what he’s doing there and Yeom tells him he wanted to see his office.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.36.41.png

Dan Tae pops downstairs to see Gong Shim work, and he hears her get complimented. He tells her that it’s nice to hear. He offers to take her out for coffee but she tells him she’s busy. He understands, he tells her to make a lot and of money and regretfully lets her hand go.

Dan Tae goes back to see the worker who then calls Yeom. He asks if he actually did hurt Soo Young and if he did he doesn’t need his money. He tells him that he will meet with Dan Tae and tell him everything.

Dan Tae gets a call from Ji Yeon and runs to the hospital. They are told that his father was convulsing all through the night and his breathing is unstable. The doctor warns them to prepare for the worst.

Ji Yeon comes to Dan Tae’s room while Gong Shim is on the roof. She tells Gong Shim that she’s brought side dishes for him. After letting herself in, Gong Shim runs downstairs and brings her back some misu. She tells her to take her time and she’ll be back for the glass later.

Dan Tae goes to met with grandmother and she asks about his father. He tries to lie but she sees right through it. He admits that the doctors told him to expect the worst. She tells him to bring him to see him while he’s still alive. He tells her that he’s unconscienced and she calls him Joon Pyo and tells him to bring her to him once again.

Gong Shim comes back to see the ICU pass of Ji Yeon fallen. She wonders about it.

Grandmother  sees Soo Young and her heart breaks for Dan Tae. She thanks him for raising Joon Pyo so well and is grateful to him. She tells him that he has to live so they can greet each other happily. Gong Shim overhears everything. Dan Tae tells her he’ll explain but Gong Shim hides behind wanting to give the pass back to Ji Yeon. Though she won’t listen to Dan Tae, Grandmother asks her to step out for a talk.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.53.50.png

Grandmother tells her everything and when she comes out to talk with Dan Tae she tells him she understands. She asks if Joon Soo knows about his identity and he tells her he doesn’t. She promises not to tell anyone. She asks if he’s father is very sick, when he confirms that he is, she asks to pay are respects. Dan Tae soon bring her out off the room. However, Gong Shim asks him to go first because she needs some time to think.

Dan Tae is lying on his back at home when Gong Shim’s father comes to see him. He asks if he has time. When he confirms that he does, he invites him downstairs to talk. Gong Shim’s mother starts giving him the 3rd degree when Gong Shim comes in. She told to sit, but when she notices what question she’s asking Gong Shim pulls him away. Gong Mi comes in a few moments later and her parents tell her about Gong Shim’s relationship. They ask her opinion and she tells them they should congratulate them, (Really she’s just happy it’s not Joon Soo.

Gong Shim apologises for her parents’ embarrassing questions.  Dan Tae apologises for being who he is and having her embarrassed of him. He asks what she was thinking about while she was alone. She tells him that she understands why he had to keep it from her, but she wished he could have told her sooner. She tells him that she needs to sleep it off because it all still feels like a dream.

When Gong Shim is in her room she thinks over everything that has happened. She imagines Grandmother trying to pay her off  to break up with Dan Tae, but she chastises herself for watching too much TV. She tries to think about what will really happen but she can’t figure it out. The next morning, she’s a little colder towards Dan Tae than normal.

Joon Soo brings Gong Mi a coffee and inquiries about a contract. She admits that she’s still waiting on it and he’ll be when she does. She asks him if he knew that Dan Tae and Gong Shim were dating and from his expression she doesn’t think so. She admits that they do look good together.

Joon Soo meets with Dan Tae. Dan Tae notices something is up, but Joon Soo won’t open up. He assumes it’s about what they’re doing. Joon Soo mentions that everything is going as planned. Dan Tae confirms that the item has already ben delivered.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 13.34.01.png

Dan Tae calls Yeom, who pick up flustered. He tells him that he won’t fall for the same trick. Dan Tae assures him that the clothes that Joon Soo stole were the fakes and the real clothes are being tested for DNA.

When he hangs up Joon Soo asks if he was taken back and Dan Tae assures him that he was. Just then his friend and friend’s uncle come in Dan Tae introduces them. Joon Soo remarks that he uncle looks a lot like Soo Young.

They set up a hospital room at the Shin Han Seol hospital. Joon Soo calls his uncle to tell him about the move. He asks him what he should do now that he’s conscience. He tells him that a friend at the hospital told him about the move. Yeom tells him he’ll take care of it.

Yeom goes to the hospital and finds his room. As Dan Tae and Joon Soo watch, he wraps his hand around the air hose and the episode ends.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 17 Recap



We’re back to the scene when Yeom’s (Kim Byung Ok) cell phone rings in Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) and Dan Tae (Namgung Min) is around to hear it. Meanwhile, Gong Shim (Minah) is standing innocently beside Joon Soo. Gong Shim notices the staring contest between Dan Tae and Joon Soo but is quickly broken up by the rest of the employees. Gong Shim gets whisked away to a company lunch and Joon Soo and Dan Tae go to talk.

Dan Tae all but accuses him of attempting to kill his father. He asks about the cell phone and Joon Soo admits to not knowing about it. A very mad Dan Tae promises to discover every secret that Joon Soo is hiding before stalking away.

That evening Gong Shim brings Dan Tae chicken and apologises for earlier. He asks about the company  and she tells him all about it and how she really like it there. She mentions howJoon Soo is launching a company with them but, he wasn’t the reason she got hired. Dan Tae is not happy that she’ll be working with Joon Soo, however, he sends her downstairs so she can sleep before work starts the next day.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 08.38.07.png

Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) is working out, but her mind wanders to the conversations that she and Joon Soo had. She’s happy that he’s willing to have her in the company that he’s risking his name on. Joon Soo texts her, thanking her for accepting the offer. She responds on her watch, smiles and goes back to working out.

Gong Shim comes home and her parents bombard her with questions about the new company. She tells that she really likes it there, and everyone is so nice. Gong Mi comes out and is glad her sister like her new job. She turns to her slightly and informs her that she was really surprised that Joon Soo was working with her design company on the new company he was building. It sinks in that Gong Mi will be working with Gong Shim and she isn’t exactly thrilled though their parents are.

Gong Shim’s father (Woo Hyeon) receives a text message and mother believes that he’s acting odd. He tells her she’s crazy and offers to give her a face mask. He proceeds to put the customer face mask on and when she falls asleep he sneaks out.

Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) notices the text on her husband’s (Kim Il Woo) phone, but when she tries to read it she finds the phone locked. He comes in and fains anger at his wife snooping and claims that he’s going for a walk. She briefly wonders why he’s so touchy lately.

Mrs Gong (Oh Hyung Kyung) wakes up to find her husband missing, and Mrs Suk wonders where her husband has gone. They both track them down and meet up outside a club. They have a rather terse back and forth with neither being civil they go in. After searching they find their husbands on stage singing. The two woman drag their husbands out of the bar, however, they run back to each other in the middle of the street and act like a couple who’s being forced apart. Screenshot 2016-07-11 09.06.25.png

Dan Tae calls the arboretum to try and find the contact number for the employee. Though there was not any more information than he already had, he did find out that he shared a place with his father. He tracks him down and asks him questions about Joon Soo. the man is adamant that he quit for health reasons and for no other reason. He leaves to go inside, thought Dan Tae tries to stop him.

Dan Tae accuses Joon Soo of paying the man money to remain hidden. Yeom watches the exchange from the 2nd floor and expects everything is going as planned. (I’m expecting this to blow up in his face soon). Dan Tae notices him watching and becomes suspicious.

Joon Soo brings the phone to data retrieval company. He finds out that the phone has been reset and there is very little chance that there will be any information left on the phone to be recovered but they’ll try.

Joon Soo comes to see Gong Mi at her office to welcome her. He apologises about being distracted lately. She tells him she understands, and he gives her a laundry list of things to do. She notices him carrying a bag but doesn’t say anything as he doesn’t give it to him. Right as he leaves she gets a phone call to bring down some paperwork. She happens upon Joon Soo giving the bag to Gong Shim and watching her leave happily. She suddenly understands where his affections lie.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 09.51.08.png

Dan Tae meets with Grandmother Suk and informs her that there is no progress in both the case and his love life. She tells him to call the girl he likes right away and schedule a meeting with her. Dan Tae doesn’t first agree but they he spins a story about messing up the chairwoman’s schedule and her being really mad. He begs Gong Shim to keep her busy until he gets there. She believes it.

The Chairwoman arrives and Gong Shim comes up to meet her. She tries to make her happy but feels like she failed. She introduces herself and when the Chairwoman asks where Dan Tae is Gong Shim promises that he’ll be in soon. She invites her into Dan Tae’s room. She does everything to make her comfortable. She gets her a drink, makes her a meal and even gives her a massage. They talk about Dan Tae and the more Gong Shim talks about him the more the Chairwoman likes her. While she’s massaging her she falls asleep.

When Dan Tae arrives, Grandmother Suk tells him that she likes the girl. She was so terrified fo him being scolded she didn’t everything to appease her. Grandmother scolds him about eating food off the ground before leaving.

Gong Shim and Gong Mi go out to drink. Gong Mi makes up a rumour about Gong Shim being hired through a favour. Though Gong Shim assures her that that’s not the case, Gong Mi warns her that people don’t think like that. She warns her to not be so close to Joon Soo at work to make sure no one thinks their relationship is odd.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 10.22.18.png

Gong Shim goes to see Dan Tae and notices that the Chairwoman had left. He thanks her for making the Chairwoman forgive him. She tells him that if he messes up again to let her know because she earned some points. He asks what she did to make her fall asleep, and Gong Shim admitted that she massaged her. She offers to give him on but finds out that he’s very ticklish. When she tickles him some more they tumble onto of each other causing them to become awkward. She heads downstairs and he does some pushups to try and calm down.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 11.13.43.png

Joon Soo goes to see Yeom and he asks if he has anything to do with the Arboretum employee’s disappearance. He assures him he’s not, and Joon Soo inadvertently gives his uncle more information about the open case. He leaves and when he pulls out Dan Tae marks down the plate number.

Dan Tae goes to the hospital and gets the time that Joon Soo was parked for and then pulls up that video camera time and gets a picture of Joon Soo that day. (My question… He didn’t notice Yeom?)

Joon Soo calls the unknown number and it happens to be Ji Yeon’s. She starts screaming about him trying to kill her brother-in-law again. Dan Tae takes the phone and calls him by name and asks if he was going to try and kill his father again. Joon Soo hangs up suddenly understanding that this uncle tried to kill Dan Tae’s father.

Joon Soo goes to see his uncles and inquires to why he tries to kill Dan Tae’s father. yeom informs him that the conversation is best suited for an office, and they go to his office. Joon Soo admits that he will never be able to forgive him and tells him that he will admit everything to Dan Tae. Yeom tells him to just listen to something before revealing all their secrets. He calls Mrs Suk and asks her about Dan Tae’s father. She remembers and confirms that he’s taken care of him to make sure he’ll never wake up. The realisation that his mother is in way over her head settles around him. Yeom places all the blame on his mother and that the abduction of Joon Pyo was his mother’s doing. He tells him that if he wants his mother to pay for her sins than to confess everything to Dan Tae.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 11.44.17.png

Dan Tae goes to Joon Soo’s office to find him missing. He tries calling him but it’s redirected straight to voice mail.

Joon Soo is leaving his house and his mother is asking about his destination. He doesn’t say anything, just looks sadly at his mother. She tells him that when business is slow it’s good to take a moment and regroup. He tells her that his phone will be off and she understands. She tells him to take the time he needs and to come back safe before he leaves.

Dan Tae and Gong Shim are walking on the road. He asks if she can stop working for Joon Soo. She asks why and when he doesn’t answer her mind jumps to jealousy. She tells him that he knows that she really likes the work that she’s doing for the company. She tells him that he’s not thinking about her and only his feelings. She walks away from him leaving him to watch her with sad eyes.

They meet back up on the roof later, and Dan Tae comes up behind her. She turns when he calls her name. She asks if he’s dumb. She admits that due she’s dumb she can’t multitask and can not be going out with 2 men at once. She promises that no man will come between them. She promises and Dan Tae pulls her into a hug. After pulling away, he steals a kiss before dragging her into a full blow kiss. They parted both smiling before he steals a quick peck from her again.

The next day Dan Tae meets wth Yeom in the foyer. He stops Dan Tae and asks where he’s going. He admits that he needs to go to the hospital. Yeom mentions that it must be lonely for Dan Tae now that Joon Soo isn’t with the company. Dan Tae tells him that it doesn’t bother him.Yeom mentions that it must be difficult to take care of someone in intensive care, and assures him that if he needs anything to come see him. But Dan Tae didn’t tell him that his father was in intensive care, and he noticed.

He goes back to the hospital and finds him in the footage, suddenly all the data points make sense with Director Yeom being the attempted murderer and meeting with his father at the arboretum.

Dan Tae returns to the office to find out that Director Yeom was in the same army regiment as his father.

Dan Tae looks up his father’s old army buddy and inquired about Yeom. The old friend confirms that Yeom and his father were really close, almost like brothers. He goes into the back and returns with a picture of 4 men.

While Dan Tae drives back to the office, he thinks over all of the pieces of information that he knows about the case. He storms into Director Yeom’s office and pulls up his sleeve to reveal the butterfly tattoo. We close the episode with Dan Tae accusing Yeom of the culprit.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 16 Recap



Dan Tae (Namgung Min) is sitting looking at his missing poster when a knock comes from the Door. He invites Gong Shim (Minah) in. She had brought him a glass of misu, He thanks her for it in a cute voice and she tells him never to do it again. She asks him for a favour. She tells him that she has an interview and wonders if he will practice with her, and, of course, he agrees. She gives a little too much information when answering the interview questions. He obviously pushes, as any interviewer would, and she gets really mad. She ‘comes to’ while strangling Dan Tae and apologises after pulling back. She about to leave when Dan Tae calls her back and asks if she’s free that evening, and they plan on meeting after he’s done meeting with Joon Soo. She asks if there is a reason for them to meet after his other meeting, and he tells her it just turned out that way. After leaving she wonders what Dan Tae will want to talk about, and Dan Tae solidifies his resolve to tell her that he’s Joon Pyo.

Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) gets the results saying that the results are incompatible. (Dan Tae’s doing I’m sure… probably the toothbrush) His family is calling to him, restless. He comes back and changes the announcement to him leaving the company to start his own. This leaves his family in an uproar, he apologises and heads to him room. He looks once more at the test results once more defeated.

We see Dan Tae notice that Joon Soo had been looking at his toothbrush at home. He obtains a used toothbrush from Goo Nam before exchanging it for his own in his work hygiene pack. So the toothbrush that Joon Soo tested had Goo Nam’s DNA on it not Dan Tae’s.

Joon Soo overhears the conversation between his mother (Kyeon Mi Ri) and uncle (Kim Byung Ok). He understands that his uncle means to kill Soo Yong if it would help him hid the fact that he took Joon Pyo. Since Dan Tae is Soo Yong’s son he is bound to tell him everything if he wakes up. Joon Soo goes back to his room and slides to the ground right next to his door.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.55.41.png

Ji Yeon (Bang Eun Hee) goes to see Soo Yong and he finally wakes up. While she’s running to get a nurse, Yeom’s goon goes in to see Soo Yong and reports that he’s awake. He asks if he should take care of it, but Yeom tells him that he needs to confirm it with his 2 eyes and that he’s coming to the hospital. Joon Soo notices his uncle’s departure and follows.

While Dan Tae is on his way out he gets a phone call from his aunt telling him that his father is awake. He heads to the hospital right away.

Joon Soo follows his uncle and notices him meeting with his goon. Yeom  calls Ji Yeon to get her out of the IC so that he can get in to see it for himself. Joon Soo follows him to Soo Yong’s room. Joon Soo looks in and notices that the room he visited was Dan Tae’s father’s room. Yeom sends his goon to kill Soo Yong. Joon Soo passes right next to the goon, no idea what is happening next.

Dan Tae arrives and notices his aunt. She tells him the good news about his father. He asks why she’s there and she admits that one of his father’s army buddies called but she can’t find him. Dan Tae decides to go up first to see his father. As he’s on the elevator he notices Joon Soo leaving, apparently still trailing his uncle.

The goon pulls out the oxygen tube from the machine which forces Soo Yong to suffocate. (If he’s awake he can breathe on his own, and that was just a little mask not an iron lung. Drama Science.) Dan Tae arrives right as his father flat lines and the doctors are trying to save him. His aunt shows up and he admits that he thinks that his father is going to pass away and he break down crying.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.18.27.png

Joon Soo is outside the hospital when he replays the conversation he overheard and overlay it with the fact that Soo Yong is Dan Tae’s father. He becomes physically sick thinking about what his uncle would do to him.

The doctors manage to bring Soo Yong back and the doctor admits that there is evidence that the lines were pulled out deliberately. Dan Tae’s suspicion lies on Joon Soo’s involvement. (Gawd dammit Dan Tae he’s on your side)

Dan Tae meets Joon Soo where they had agreed, and the standoff begins. They meet and though the conversation had been planned to go a much different way. Joon Soo asks him to stop looking for Joon Pyo, more worried that something will happen to Dan Tae’s father if he continues. Dan Tae reveals he was going to say that same thing until something changed and he swears to find the culprit.

Dan Tae notices Gong Shim while walking home. She complains to herself that he hasn’t called. He steps behind and tree and watched her before calling. He cancels their plans, and he watches as she lies to him about not being out of the house and that it’s ok. He watches her sadly as she walks away from him and towards home.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.31.36.png

Gong Shim arrives home, and when her mother offers her something to eat she just tells her that she’s going to bed. Though she simply sits on her bed.

Dan Tae arrives back home, and he recalls that contradictory words and actions of Gong Shim. He decides to call her and asks to see her. They meet up and he mentions he’s a little late, she starts to retort but ends up agreeing. They end up going to the movies and Gong Shim admits to never gone to a late night movie before. He smiles and as the film starts he takes her hand gently. They both end up falling asleep while watching the movie.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.44.05.png

The next morning Dan Tae and Gong Shim meets up while she’s practising for her interview. He tells her that he’s certain that she’s going to get the job.

Joon Soo goes to see Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) and asks if they can talk. He doesn’t want to talk at the company, so he takes her to Subway. While Joon Soo is ordering Mrs Suk’s words replay in Gong Mi’s mind. Joon Soo sits down and admits that he heard everything from his mother. That, however, isn’t why he brought her with him. He extends the offer to have her head their legal team. He assures her that he doesn’t want to pressure her, but he’s seen her talent and wanted to scout it for himself. She agrees to think about it before giving him an answer.

Gong Shim goes to the job interview and the interviewers not only like her artwork but her as well. While she’s coming out she bumps into Joon Soo. He asks what brought her there, and she admits to having had a job interview. He smiles knowingly and regretfully tells her that there is no time to grab coffee with her. She ushers him into the building. He goes up to talk with the interviewers and they ask if there is anyone he wants to recommend. He tells him that he’s stepping out of this process and trust him to pick the right person.

Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) calls Joon Soo and tells him to come to the company once he’s finished. She asks him to go to Yeoju. The tells him that she had ordered some ceramic from Professor Kang and he wanted to see Joon Soo. She tells Dan Tae to go with him since the professor changed his office and the streets are confusing. This leaves both of the men in an awkward situation.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 12.15.09.png

While driving Dan Tae heads to the arboretum, and Joon Soo notices. Dan Tae tells him that he just had to stop off somewhere before heading to Yeoju. He asks Joon Soo to help him gets something for inside the office. When Dan Tae arrives, the man that he’s looking for isn’t there nor will he be coming back. When Dan Tae tries calling his cell he finds that it’s off.

Yeom is meeting with the man in question and hands him money to basically drop off of the map. He promises that all he needs to do is change his number and not keep in touch with the arboretum.

When the return Joon Soo tears into Dan Tae. He tells him that he has warned him to stay away from looking for Joon Pyo. Dan Tae stays calm and tells him that he doesn’t care that he’s protecting someone, he does care about who, and what he’s covering up. Before Joon Soo leaves Dan Tae tells him that he still has a chance, but Joon Soo walks away from him. Of course, Yeom heard everything. (I’m sure he’s going to use this distrust that Dan Tae has towards Joon Soo.)

Dan Tae returns to the hospital to see his father. Ji Yeon blames herself for walking away. Dan Tae assures her that the security has been beefed up. He asks his aunt to tell him exactly what happened that day of the attack. Ji Yeon tells him everything he already knows. He tries to call the army buddy, but Yeom doesn’t pick it up. Instead, he finds out what Dan Tae’s number is, and it matches the number who called him.

Dan Tae and Gong Shim go out to eat and she admits that though his take on the interview didn’t help, she did feel less nervous. He claims that he had planned it that way. They both reach for the napkins, their hands touching. Dan Tae holds onto her hand and though Gong Shim wants to eat, they compromise into eating 2 spoon fulls while their hands are linked. She eats 2 spoon fulls and Dan Tae complains because he doesn’t want their hands apart.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 12.51.59.png

They go out on the town and stop at a henna booth. Gong Shim admits that she’s always wanted one. While Dan Tae is looking, Gong Shim grabs his hand. She offers to walk 2 blocks with their hands together and he admits he prefers 2 blocks rather than 2 spoon fulls. When he gets in, he finds her cute but suddenly remembers seeing a butterfly henna tattoo. He comes to the concluding that the kidnapper had a butterfly tattoo.

The next day Gong Shim is waiting for the call from Vow Design. She’s praying when they actually call. Gong Mi is telling her family that she will be working for Joon Soo’s company instead of star group. Her parents are happy and their father mentions that it’s rare that a man takes the hard road. Gong Shim comes out and tells them that she was hired at the company she applied for, and suddenly everyone is getting  good news.

She goes by the company to introduce herself. Joon Soo arrives and finds out that she was hired. She asks if he had a hand in getting her in, and he admits to having no control over the hiring process. The interviewer assures her that she got in on her own strengths, and they didn’t know that they president and she knew each other. Joon Soo goes to the washroom and he’s smiling that entire time thinking about Gong Shim working for him. (Back to smiling the way I like him)

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.15.26.png

Dan Tae is waiting for Gong Shim and he gets a call from Ji Yeon telling him about an odd call. She asks if he’s tried calling the army buddy again because he’s still not answering. Gong Shim and Joon Soo are coming out when Dan Tae call. Gong Shim mentions that he’s getting a phone call. Joon Soo pulls out his phone and there is nothing there. She mentions that it’s coming from his briefcase and he pulls out Yeom’s cell phone. Of course, Dan Tae sees the phone with Joon Soo.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 13 Recap



We rewatch Dan Tae (Namgung Min) in the office. Director Yeom (Kim Byung-Ok) was on his way however due to an accident he was running late, so Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi-Ri) took his place at the meeting. We rewatch Joon Soo (On Joo-Wan) seeing his mother waiting at the drop off site. Dan Tae arrives at the drop off site to find no one there. Mrs Suk received a note cancelling the drop off, from who we can assume is Joon Soo. Joon Soo comes across Dan Tae on his way out, and hides before he can see him.

Joon Soo goes back to his office to think things over, and finally be goes to see his mother. She tells him that she has to cancel their plans before she has a headache and chills. She promises to make plans with him again soon and he tells her to rest. Joon Soo goes out drinking alone.

Dan Tae wonders why Joon Soo’s mother didn’t appear at the arboretum because he was sure she would.

Gong Shim (Minah) is at home when she gets a call from Joon Soo. As soon as she answers he apologises for calling him and tells her it’s rude because he called so late. He hangs up with her and she calls him right back to find out where he was.

Gong Shim goes to pick him up at the cab and waves down a taxi for him. She tries to get him in, but he is insistent to bringing her back home. She is resistant but they come to an agreement and she gets in the car. The get off in her neighbourhood and when she comes back with some water she finds him fast asleep. He slumps against her and she tries to figure out what to do.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 08.59.01.png

She calls Dan Tae to come and help her with Joon Soo. She tells him that she’s at the park with Joon Soo and he drank too much, and now she can’t move him. He tells her that he’ll be there right away. Dan Tae arrives too see Joon Soo leaning on Gong Shim. She calls him over and he inquires to what happened. She tells him that she doesn’t know what’s wrong, but Joon Soo when out drinking alone and called her when he was already drunk. She got worried so she went to pick her up. She wanted to send him home in a taxi but he was insistent on taking her home.

Dan Tae helps Gong Shim bring Joon Soo back to his apartment, where they laid him out of the Futon. They look at him and they don’t know what was wrong. Dan Tae watches Joon Soo thoughtfully.

the next morning Joon Soo wakes up and doesn’t recognise his surroundings. He finally notices Dan Tae’s name plaque from his office and puts the pieces together.

Dan Tae is on the roof when Gong Shim came up with some hangover juice. They’re talking when Joon Soo comes out. She offered him the juice and mentions she also made hangover soup. She tells him to stay and talk a little while having the food. He thanks, Gong Shim and apologises to Dan Tae before leaving. Dan Tae admits that his attitude is worrying.

Grandmother Suk heads out to the Columbarium for Joon Pyo’s father’s death memorial. They are discussing how sad it is she’s going alone when Joon Soo arrives home. His mother chastises him for not coming home the night before. He tells her not to worry that it’s fine. His father reminds him that he needed to visit his uncles grave that day as it’s his anniversary. He double checks that it’s the Hyuan Columbarium. He remembers seeing the same note on Dan Tae’s calendar for the same day. His mother notices something but he tells her he’s fine.

Joon Soo goes into his room and starts putting the pieces together. After thinking about all of his interactions with Dan Tae he figures out that he’s Joon Pyo.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 09.21.58.png

Dan Tae goes visit his biological father’s resting place. They play ominous music while Joon Soo walks toward their place. Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye-Sun) notices him and calls to him. Dan Tae hears her and notices Joon soo as he turns away. Grandmother Suk feins having chest pain and collapsing in order for him to not see Dan Tae. Joon Soo brings his grandmother to her car, and she promises that she feels better. He makes her promise to see a doctor and to rest. When Joon Soo returns to his uncles hall, Dan Tae’s already gone.

Dan Tae meets up with Grandmother Suk for tea, but she calls him Joon Pyo so she already knows in real identity. She sits and asks him how much longer they will have to meet in secret. She worries that Joon Soo might have caught on. He tells her not to worry, he thinks they just came at the same time. He also reminds her that she should call him Dan Tae until they can tell everyone he’s Joon Pyo.

We get a flashback to the first meeting when he met with Grandmother 15 days earlier. He tells her that he thinks he found Joon Pyo. She doesn’t believe him at first but he pulls out the DNA tests. She had Joon Pyo’s DNA ran so they could match a candidate, so Dan Tae ran his blood against it, and it came back 99.9997% match. They both break down crying, and she makes him promise not to go anywhere again. They agree that until he can find the culprit than it should remain a secret, so she moved her Secretary into another position to make an opening for him to work with her.

He apologizes about not finding the culprit at the arboretum. She tells him that it’s ok, because she’s happy to have found him. She more afraid of him getting hurt while find the culprit. She tells him that she really just wants to be able to tell people that he’s her grandson. He apologizes and asks her to wait a little longer. Because of the culprit, his mother dies in a traffic accident and his father is in a comatose state so he must find them.

Grandmother asks if there is no good news and Dan Tae admits that he has a bit of a dilemma. He tells her that he really likes a girl but because he doesn’t want to bring her into the kerfuffle that is his life he can’t tell her. He doesn’t know if he can accept her heart when he can’t talk freely about his life to her he doesn’t feel like he has the right to accept her feelings. He also admits that he has a hard time figuring out if he’s Dan Tae or Joon Pyo those days. Grandmother asks what he will do if she leave due to the misunderstanding, and he admits that he is worried about that too.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 09.45.22.png

Dan Tae is sitting at home when Gong Shim arrives. She shows him some movie tickets that the octopus store gave her because they’re expiring. He tells her that he won’t be able to go and she should give it to someone else. She tells him that it’s fine that he just throws it out then and leaves with a ticket leaving the other with him. He remembers her promising that she’ll act however she wants not matter what, and that even if he doesn’t accept she will head to him. He thinks about going to the movies, but then chastises himself knowing that if he goes he won’t be able to hold back anymore. He stuff the movie ticket in a book so it doesn’t tempt him, but when he hears Gong Shim come up the stairs he frantically looks for it again.

Dan Tae goes outside to talk with Gong Shim and she tells him she’s planning on giving a plant to the octopus store owner. He helps her pick it out and she thanks him. He tries to talk to her about the movie tickets and she tells him that it’s ok and he doesn’t have to apologise. She tells him that she’s just going to stock it up to being a failure.

The next day Gong Shim is waiting for him when he comes down. He tells her that he’s getting his haircut, but when she tries to go with he tells her that he’s going to a salon for men. When he sits down Gong Shim’s father gets sat next to him and and he tells him that he got dragged there because Gong shim keeps telling him to treat his hair. Gong Shim watches over them. When Dan Tae is away getting his haircut Gong Shim gets a call from her mother. She tells her father that she has to go because she forgot she was going to buy blankets with her mother.

When Dan Tae arrives back Father tells him that Gong shim was going on a business trip to draw. He tells her that she was hired to paint a mural for a sashimi shop and she’s really excited to be being paid for her drawing. He admits that he’s worried about no being able to bring Gong shim there because of an appointment, and he’s sure she’ll have a lot of luggage. He offers to go and father admits that he was going to ask him but Gong Shim told him that he was so busy that he wouldn’t go. He tells him that’s it’s a happy coincidence that he’s free the following day.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 10.08.18.png

Gong Shim is at home planing the mural when she wonders if it’s ok that she’s going alone. She wonders if she should ask Dan Tae to join her but she knows he’ll say he’s busy.

The next morning Dan Tae waits for Gong Shim and tells her that he’s coming with her. She is a little shocked but he assures her that her father asked for him to go with her. She promises to give him lots of sashimi. She tells him that they’ll miss the bus and he tells her that he borrowed a car from work. She starts to yawn and he tells her that she can sleep if she wants too. She tells him the it’s impolite to sleep next to someone who’s driving and starts chewing gum to stay awake. She struggles to stay awake, but when she she finally does sleep she gets woken up by smashing her head into the window. Dan Tae offers to stop for a break.

While stopped Dan Tae helps an older couple who start asking him about meeting their daughters. Gong Shim comes up and calls him honey so that they can leave the situation. She explains it to Dan Tae and he tells her he understands.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 10.48.12.png

Gong Mi is working a the firm and she thinks back to her conversation with Joon Soo. She tells her mother that the Suk family all like her. She asks what’s she going to go since she beat Mrs Suk up. She promises to beg forgiveness if means helping her out. Gong Mi tells her that it’s not at the point that the parents are meeting, she tells her that it’s not at that point yet and gets yelled at.

When Gong Shim arrives they find that the owner asked 3 different people to help with the mural, and the owner apologises to Gong Shim. Dan Tae plays the apologetic husband with no talent or capabilities that end up forcing her to work nights. He plays up the sob story so that the owner goes for her.

Dan Tae sits and watches her draw, he starts talking with Dan Tae about Gong Shim. He asks how they met and Dan Tae tells him that he liked her and pursued her. He then goes and helps Gong Shim a bit. The owner informs her that there is going to be an alumni gathering so she’ll have to continue after that.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 11.08.11.png

They get set up in a separate room but soon get pulled into the meeting. They try to get the to drink but they both can’t due to work. They get them to sing a song, with the promise of more work if they do. They start telling them that they should have a kid. They keep chanting for them to make children, much to Gong Shim’s dismay.

When they get back to the room they stand as far away from each other as they can. The owner tells them to stay the night since the reunion keeps getting longer. He hands them a blanket, and went Gong Shim asks if there is another room she’s informed there isn’t. Dan Tae tries to calm her down but everything that he says has a slight sexual undertone to it, so he keeps having to apologise. He decides to get some air and she tells him that she won’t be able to sleep anyways.

When he comes back he finds Gong Shim asleep against the wall. He tries to wake her but fails so he lays out the bed and lays her down. Dan Tae apologises to Gong Shim in her sleep. He thanks her for loving him and asks her to wait for him.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 11.13.01.png

When he wakes up they managed to have switched places and he was on the bed. When he notices that she’s not there he goes out to the main room. He asks if there is anything he can do, and she asks him to fill in the lines around the octopus’s eyes. They work together to finish it. The owner and his wife love the picture and pays Gong shim. Dan Tae insists on taking a picture of Gong Shim in front of the mural. The owner tells Dan Tae that he should be in it and so Dan Tae puts his arm around her and pulls her close.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 12 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she becomes infatuated with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believing that his father murdered Joon Pyo. However it turned out that Dan Tae has been living a lie his entire life and when his father tries to tell him what happened he’s attacked. Now Dan Tae must find out the truth and all the only clue he has is the Star Group executive badge. Dan Tae is getting close to finding who attacked his father. However on Gong Shim’s front her affections have turned toward Dan Tae, and at the end  of last episode she confesses her feeling for him. On with today’s episode.

We have to rewatch Gong Shim’s very touching confession to Dan Tae, and her heart being broken all over again. Sadly we also have to watch Dan Tae’s heart break while rejecting her. Joon Soo goes to see Dan Tae on the roof while he’s still trying to regroup from rejecting her. Dan Tae apologises to Joon Soo ad asks to meet another day, because he suddenly feels under the weather. Joon Soo agrees and leaves looking sad and confused.

Both Gong Shim and Dan Tae look horrible the next day, having not really slept. Gong Shim goes shopping at the market and even the shop keepers can tell that something is up. When she’s walking back she bumps into Dan Tae, he tries to help her with the bags, but she walks past him. (It’s almost painful watching these two) She gets home and sits in a chair at the convenience store.

Joon Soo thinks about Dan Tae words when he rejected Gong Shim. He seems sad not only because Gong Shim confesses to Dan Tae, but also because he broke her heart. Dan Tae tries to call Gong Shim to no avail. He starts talking with the cleaning crew and puts on his happy demeanour for them, though he rejects their offer to go out that night. Sadly for him Joon Soo sees him right then and thinks that he’s just fine after rejecting Gong Shim.

Joon Soo comes up to him and tells him that it’s surprising. When he asks what, Joon Soo mentions how close he is to the cleaning crew. (But we know what it’s really about) Joon Soo leaves and Dan Tae asks him about his bag. He blows up at Dan Tae (as much as Joon Soo does) when he asks if he’s really inquiring the badge or the bag, Dan Tae admits it’s the badge that he’s interested in. Joon Soo pushes him to find out why and agrees that it must be because of something that he can’t talk about, before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 11.48.17.png

Gong Shim vents all of her frustration into cooking. He mother tells her that she’s made to many side dishes, and she tells her not to worry because she’ll eat it. She continues to ignore Dan Tae’s calls. Shes starts moving out some of Gong Mi’s clothes and starts to make her room fit for someone to live in. When her father asks about  how much she’s moving she tells him that she’s expecting a bed to come the following day, and asks him to put it together for her, like he did for Gong Mi. She works hard to empty out her room that day. She gets notifications reminding her that there is a reunion that evening. While she’s looking at her phone Joon Soo calls her. They agree to meet up the following evening for supper.

Gong Shim goes to her reunion, and all her classmates wonder why she came since she’s never come in the past. She gets really drunk and interrupts her classmate’s proposal. Dan Tae is walking home when he sees a little boy looking for something. The kid tells him that he’s looking for an older sister who’s wearing a wig, and Dan Tae recognises it as Gong Shim. He hands the kid a lollipop and tells him to go home because it’s late, and he’ll find Gong Shim. He finds her almost right away, and she asks how he found her.

They sit down on on a bench, and he tries to get her to go home. She tells him that she thought of all of his flaws the day before because she was mad. She starts listing them, but when she gets to the 4th one she stops and puts her list away. He tries to get her to go home. She stops him and asks why he doesn’t like her. She lists a bunch of reasons, and he tells her that that’s not why. She keeps giving him really good reasons as to why he shouldn’t like her, and starts apologizing for everything. She asks him for his reason for rejecting her and when he goes to tell her she kisses him and requests that he never tells her the reason. She runs away while Dan Tae is still in shock over the kiss. She runs away without looking back and Dan Tae watches her.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 12.13.39.png

The following day, Dan Tae meets with Gong Mi in front of the elevator, and she silently tells him not to say anything. The elevator opens and they find Joon Soo inside. He tells them to get in and make the introductions since they don’t know each other. Dan Tae gets off first and Joon Soo moves Gong Mi out of the way of the trolley. He thanks her for helping out hismotherr with the con-artist, and she admits she likes spending time with them. Joon Soo tells her to come over when ever she’d like  and she agrees.

President Suk, as well as everyone else on the commit, got a spam message about a video. they all believe it to be a spam mail, and when Director Yeom receives it he gets nervous. Joon Soo notices that something is off with him. They are all silenced when the chairwoman comes in.

Dan Tae is making some tea when he gets a call confirming that the spam text was sent to everyone like he asked. Dan Tae opens the text and has planned to meet with the person who wants to stop the video from going live. Ji Yeon gives Dan Tae his father’s clothes. She asks what’s going on and is worried that it might be dangerous. He tells her that he’ll be ok, and it’s nothing dangerous. He gets Ho Joong to help him make the fake video that they sent in the text.

Director Yeom opens the video and freaks thinking someone took a video of the day. He shows the video to his sister. She asks if he’s going to pay the dee, and he tells her he has too because if the video is given to the police then they’ll need to investigate his relationship. Mrs Suk wonders if it’s Dan Tae’s doing, and Director Yeom tells her that Soo Hyun didn’t tell his son. Mrs Suk tells him that she’ll prepare the cash.

Dan Tae meets up with Joon Soo in front of the elevators.Dan Tae asks if they can talk. He mentions that something has changed between them, and Joon Soo confirms that something must have if he’s feeling it too. Joon Soo suggests that had they been honest there would have had a misunderstanding or suspicions. Dan Tae offers to each ask 1 question and the other person can answer truthfully. He starts off by asking Joon Soo about the seminar and him loosing his bag, though the confirms he lied about the seminar he didn’t lie about the bag. Joon Soo asks about his reason for looking into the badge. He admits that the person who kidnapped Joon Pyo is there person who lost the pin, as is insinuated in the letter that was left with the pin. Joon Soo reveals he’s been looking at starting his own business and Gong Shim knows. They both tell each other about their feelings for Gong Shim, and only time will tell if they’ve become more comfortable with each other.

Gong Shim and Joon Soo go out for dinner at the place that she won the contest at. Joon Soo reveals that he can’t handle spicy food. She say that when people are irritated or stressed the eat spicy food, and when she tells him that he probably doesn’t that feel that way he admits that he has been feeling like that lately. Before they can continue the conversation the owner comes over because a customer asked for her number to do a character for him. When Joon Soo asks about it, the owner tells him she won his contest. He’s supper happy about it for her, and asks for a fresh paper to keep.When he gets the place mate he gets Gong Shim to sign it for him. He promises to keep it safe. They part ways reluctantly because Gong Shim’s bed is being delivered.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 13.59.13.png

Gong Shim plates the octopus for her family and they find it’s too much. Gong Shim’s father goes to get Dan Tae to help them eat. Though he keeps refusing, her father drags him in. Gong Shim comes out of her room to find him sitting there apologetically. She tries to run away but her mother tells her to sit at the table with them. Dan Tae tries to leave quickly seeing that Gong Shim is uncomfortable, and they asks if he can assemble a bed. He agree but it ends up leaving them alone in her room. She tells him that the kiss the night before was an accident. He agrees and tells her that since no one was hurt they’ll just say both parties are at fault. He tells her that if she continues looking at him the way she is another accident will happen. She tells him that no matter what, she’s not going to care about how he feels about her and she’ll just do things that she wants to do. She then chastises him about how he’s assembling the bed.

The next day Joon Soo and his mother agree to go out for dinner and a movie together. When he’s at the office, his father calls him due to no being able to find the document he gave him the day before. He goes all the way up to be told her found it. When he returns to his car he remembers the Director Yeom asked him about his car the day he lost his bag. He links it his uncle to what Dan Tae told him. He meets up with Dan Tae in the elevator, and he asks if Joon Soo remembers anything from the day his bag was stolen. He lies and tells him he didn’t. He going through his grandmother desk to find the note, links everything together. He starts to have a large suspicion about his uncle.

Joon Soo goes to see his uncle to find him leaving. and though he puts on his happy face when talking with him. Claiming he came up for coffee. Joon Soo, Dan Tae and Director Yeom all leave the company to head to the arboretum. Dan the needs to pull off for gas so he;s delayed a little, so Joon Soo arrives before him to see his mother waiting for Dan Tae. He walks away, and steps on a branch and Dan Tae sees him.

I’m sorry guys for the lack of photos, I just couldn’t find many. If you have any suggestion leave a comment and I’ll try to find them.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 9 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him, she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she falls in love with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believe that his father murdered Joon Pyo. On with today’s episode.

We re-watch the scene of Gong Shim checking her sunflower plant and Dan Tae watching his father dig at the bottom of the tree. Gong Shim is thinking about Dan Tae and their conversation of her not leaving while she waits for him. Gong Shim gives up waiting and returns home to her parents making supper. She reminds her parents that her flight is at 3 pm the following day before going to her room. She checks the time and starts to worry about Dan Tae.

Dan Tae is standing by the river thinking about his father and wondering if he killed Joon Pyo.

The next day Gong Shim goes to see Dan Tae, to find him looking out over the city. She notices something is off, but she asks him about the day before. He remains silent for a while before telling her to go to Jeju because he’s been thinking too much of himself. She asks why he’s so wishy washy and asks if she’s that easy that he can do what he wishes with her. She asks one more time if she should go or not, and Dan Tae tells her to go. She gets mad at him and shoves him before walking off.

We cut to the airport to Gong Shim leaving, where she meets with Joon Soo, He tells her that he’s there to say goodbye. He apologises for not understanding her feeling earlier but confirms that he will cheer her on until she’s confident. He tells her that with her first pay they’ll go out to eat, and with that, he sends her off to Jeju.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 08.47.57.png

Gong Shim arrives at the greenhouses and is greeted by the manager. They give her a quick rundown of what she will be doing, but overall they seem like nice people.

Grandmother Suk is in her off when her assistant brings in a letter from Dan Tae. He has written a short letter about not continuing the case and apologises for multiple times about not being able to find Joon Pyo. She wonders why he apologised so many times in such a small letter.

Dan Tae is packing up the Joon Pyo missing child case when Ji Yeon comes in. He asks if she’s heard from his father because he hasn’t contacted him since leaving to the Philippines. She simply tells him that his father is like that. Dan Tae meets with a friend, who tells him that there is no record of his father leaving the country.

Director Yeom calls around trying to track down Soo Young. Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) is in the office asking if it’s Soo Young who’s trying to find Joon Pyo. Mrs Suk is worried that if something goes wrong they could both lose their lives, and Director Yeom tells her not to worry.

Grandmother Suk shows up at Dan Tae’s office. She inquires if something bad happened because he looks so haggard. She mentions that she didn’t think that they could find Joon Pyo either, so he doesn’t have to worry so much. She tells him that her door is always open to him even though he’s not looking for her grandson anymore.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 09.03.01.png

President Suk hallucinates about seeing Gong Shim and then asks Secretary Yoon to make him a hangover tea.

Gong Shim is working in the greenhouses when she finds out that they’re having spicy noodles for lunch and that reminds her of Dan Tae. Suddenly in Kdrama fashion the song andante starts to play everywhere. Then she starts hearing his name everywhere. When she gets home she pulls the sunflower to her that she brought from Seoul, and starts to talk to it.

Joon Soo goes to see Dan Tae’s apartment find it covered in fast food flyers, and that the mail is piling up. When he sees that Dan Tae isn’t there he calls Gong Shim. (Like she knows what’s going on in Seoul) He tells her that he went to see Dan Tae because he wasn’t able to get in contact with him for a week, but it doesn’t look like he was there. Given the confusion in Gong Shim’s voice he assumes that he didn’t call her. When she confirms that she knows nothing about what’s going on, she suggests that he goes to the office, but he mentions that he also tries that. When they hang up, Gong Shim starts to worry. She remembers all of the time she spent with Dan Tae while caring for the sunflower. As soon as the sunflower blooms she takes a picture and sends it to Dan Tae.

Dan Tae is in a seaside village when he has the same dream again about Joon Pyo. For the first time when he puts his hand on Joon Pyo’s head, it makes contact and Joon Pyo turns towards him. He looks around the scene in his dream and finally gets to see the full picture. Dan Tae finally realises that the Boy in his dream is Joon Pyo.

Gong Shim finds out that the president of the company ran off with all the companies money, and now the works, who haven’t been paid in 2 months, won’t get paid. Joon Soo arrives just in time to see the havoc. They talk and Joon Soo tells her that she should really think about what makes her happy, and do that in her life. He asks what she’s doing the following day, and she tells him that she’s going back to Seoul for her father’s birthday. Joon Soo wonders aloud what Dan Tae is doing. They are both worried because it was a month since Dan Tae disappeared.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 09.33.16.png

Dan Tae is looking around Bukseong for clues about Joon Pyo. He asks a shop owner about the photo studio to find out that it’s still there. The man gives him the address of the studio and realises that it’s the same address as his family home back then. He meets with the owner of the studio and asks to talk with his father, who was the owner 26 years prior. While waiting he finds out that they rent out the set of rooms next door, so Dan Tae believes that this is where he grew up. Dan Tae asks the owner about the boy, which he confirms that he doesn’t know the boy. When he tells him his name, he finds out the Dan Tae died in an accident when she was 5 years old, so he can’t be Dan Tae.

Dan Tae stumbles out of the shop and starts to wonder who he is. He starts piecing everything together. And when he figures out he’s Joon Pyo he passes out in the middle of the road.

Gong Shim gets home and finds out that Gong Mi works at star group, and though her mother isn’t happy about it, Gong Mi said she wanted to work there. Her parents ask her about Dan Tae because they haven’t heard from him in a month. When Gong Shim goes upstairs she wonders, aloud, what happened to him. Gong Shim is celebrating her father’s birthday when she gets a call from Dan Tae’s phone and she finds out that he’s in the hospital after fainting. She rushes to see him, but they have to run some tests. The doctor comes in to tell her that he fainted from shock, but he should be fine after some rest.

Dan Tae wakes up while Gong Shim is out of the room filling out some paperwork. Dan Tae realises that his father isn’t a murder after all. After finally looking around he spots Gong Shim’s purse, right as she comes in. He tells her that the doctors told him he will be fine and then asks why she’s there since she’s supposed to be in Jeju. She stresses that the important thing is that he was found unconscious after being MIA for a month. He tells her that something happened to his father but everything is found now. After he asks about Jeju, she starts telling him everything.

When Gong Shim brings him his food, he tells her that he won’t be eating the food she brings it back even after he tells her to eat it. She comes back with a rice grain on her cheek which he teases her for.

Joon Soo finishes up with a business meeting and his assistant is worried that he drank too much. He tells his assistant to go home, and he gets in the car to leave

Gong Shim falls asleep in the chair next to Dan Tae’s bed and it wakes (was he even asleep?) Dan Tae. He gets up to cover Gong Shim but she wakes up. Dan Tae tries to get Gong Shim to go home because it’s late, but she refuses. Joon Soo arrives at the hospital and asks Dan Tae what happened. He tells him that he was at a meeting so he couldn’t come quickly. Gong Shim tells Joon Soo to sit down, as he is very drunk. While Gong Shim is getting something for him to drink, Joon Soo suddenly tells Dan Tae that he hates him because he made him so worried. After his mild outburst, Gong Shim lays him down in a spare bed, and just as she turns Joon Soo tells her how much he hates her even more. Though she keeps refusing Dan Tae finally gets Gong Shim to leave, and he promises to call if anything happens.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.25.49.png

The next morning Joon Soo rolls out of bed and it takes a minute to remember where he was. He asks Dan Tae if everything was fine over the night and if the bed wasn’t too hard. Dan Tae retorts that he should be asking that because of the spare bed he slept on. Joon Soo tells him that he was really drunk, but when Dan Tae tells him that he didn’t do anything  that needs to be excused he’s relieved. He asks him to forget about what he said the night before and then hurries off to work. He meets Gong Shim outside, who also jokes about the night before. He asks if she knows any details about what Dan Tae’s been up to, she tells him that all she knows is that there was so trouble at home and everything is ok now. She sees him off to work.

Gong Shim tidies up the room before leaving and Dan Tae thanks her for being there, and he promises to pay her back. They part ways when dan Tae tells her that he needs to stop by the office. She tells him to come home early because he’s not fully recovered and they part ways.

He goes to see his aunt who freaks after he comes back telling him how worried she was. He tells her that he’s not Dan Tae, and she is shocked. He explains that he went to  Bukseong, where his family used to live. He tells her everything that he knows about the indecent 26 years prior. He asks if his father kidnapped him and she tells him that it wasn’t the case.

She tells him how after witnessing her son drowned, her sister lost her mind. In 3 days his mother tried to kill herself twice. When his father brought home the little boy she responded and called him Dan Tae. She tells him that he mother started to care for him, which turned from a day to years.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.41.00.png

Dan Tae asks about the kidnapping and Ji Yeon tells him that someone asked his father to take care of him for a day. When his father overheard the man’s conversation about either killing him or throwing him away, they ran. When Dan Tae asks who gave him to his father, Ji Yeon confirms that she doesn’t know. She admits to stopping his father from confessing recently. Dan Tae tells her that she will always be his aunt and thanked her for raising him well.

Gong Shim receives her packages from Jeju and unpacks her sunflower. She realises that Dan Tae still isn’t home, and she chastises him for no listening. She goes home and cooks a meal for him.

Dan Tae is wandering the streets until he gets home to find Gong Shim’s meal on the table. She also leaves him a note containing 3 drawings. He starts crying in front of the food.

So it’s only too Dan Tae 10 episodes to figure out what we viewers knew after the first meal he had with Joon Soo. Well, one step is complete, no to track down who kidnapped him.

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