Every wondered what would happen if you could just jump into your favourite drama? Liv Hewson did and she penned this ridiculous Viki original drama.

Claire (Liv Hewson) is a Kdrama obsessed college student who one day gets pulled into drama world to help her favourite Kdrama get back on track. With the help of Seth Ko (Justin Chan) she must get Seo Yeon (Bae Noo Ri) and Joon Park (Sean Richard Dulake) to fall in love and kiss to save Dramaland.

This drama has  episodes and can be finished in a little over 2 hours. It is a cute spin on things and really plays with the Kdrama tropes and plot lines. I love the random elements in this drama as well as the actors who just pop in for a scene or two. This is really a god watch if you want something light hearted.