Be Crazy About Me!



I’ll be honest. I found this movie while researching Takuya from the Lovers. This is a live action movie that is based on a manga series of the same name. After looking into the actors, I am a little surprised that they are all rather new to the acting scene when staring in this movie. When watching the movie, I put the awkwardness up to the manga adaption but it may have been the fact that they are all very new to acting.

We follow Shiraishi Akira (Karam), a young boy that is treated like a princess at his all boy school. Meanwhile, Sakurazaka Mizuki (Ono Ito) is part of a popular girl group and is treated like a prince at school. Akira is in love with Mizuki, but due to an experience from her childhood, she has come to hate men. After Akira’s confession at Mizuki’s rock show starts to remind her of her past.

This is a really fun movie. Though I did start watching it because of Takuya, this was an interesting movie. As stated above, there were some very awkward scenes, which could be for multiple reasons as stated above. I still really enjoyed the story even though it was a little awkward. It plays with the childhood friend trope that we call know and love. Overall, I really enjoyed it and would suggest watching it.

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Yes, this is another live action movie containing Yamazaki Kento. I love him as an actor I’ve been binge watching his movies.

Yamazaki comes back as the main lead Kugayama Shuusei in this live action movie. Shuusei is the school prince who is good at everything. One day, he and Nichimari Aoi (Gouriki Ayame) have an altercation that ends with Shuusei getting hurt. Aoi starts to take care of him and due to an accident he comes to live with her. This is their story of love and falling in love while transcending past wounds.

They did a good job condensing this story. However, there is much more that they could have touched on when it comes to Shuusei’s past but I can’t complain. It was a good rendition and a definite suggestion for people to watch.

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Blue Spring Ride



This lovely live action movie is a good movie adaptation of the manga and anime. We get to see Mabuchi Kou (Higashide Masahiro) who comes back to his hometown after the death of his mother. He is forced to come face to face with his fist love who has changed so much. Yoshida Futaba (Honda Tsubasa) forces Kou to face his problems head on and doesn’t give him a place to hide anymore.

This is a good movie, though it is overly condensed. Knowing the source material, I will admit that there is a lot of material to condense into 2 hours. The two actors in this movie have a really good on screen chemistry and Higashide Masahiro portrays the struggling Kou perfectly. This is a really good movie to watch if you want to get a base knowledge of the anime and manga series.

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Orange – オレンジ-



Ok… So I might have taken a look at Yamazaki Kento’s filmology page, but can you blame me. He has the perfect innocent face paired with mean acting skills that can pull off anything.

Orange follows a group of friends who welcome a new transferee, Naruse Kakeru (Yamazaki Kento), into their group. Before the entrance ceremony, Takamiya Naho (Tsuchiya Tao) receives a letter from her future self, telling her about everything that is about to happen. This is so that they can stop Kakeru from getting into an accident that costs his life.

The cinematography is excellent as is the acting. There is so much chemistry between the group of 6 friends as well as between the two leads. Normally this is where I complain that they condensed the story far too much but it couldn’t be helped. However, this time, I can’t complain. The story didn’t feel rushed at all and all the important information was covered. Watch this movie because it’s excellent.

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My Love Story!!



Another Live action shoujo movie and another movie that I love. I’m surprised that they managed to find an actor that they could make look like Takeo.

This movie follows Goda Takeo (Suzuki Ryohei) through the meeting and courting for his relationship with Yamato (Nagano Mei). Unlike the anime and manga, it ends with the confessing of their feelings. I kind of want a 2nd movie but I also want it to stay where it is. There are some difference between this movie and the source material, so if you’re a stickler for details you might not want to watch this. I like the change and thought that it added to the characters.

The acting was perfect and it was an excellent rendition of My Love Story. It gets 2 thumbs up in my books for  a good watch.

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MY love STORY!!

Wolf Girl and Black Prince



Let’s talk live-action movies, shall we! This movie came out earlier this year and I was excited for it. Mainly because Yamazaki Kento got to me on my screen again since Death Note. He’s by far my favourite L.

This is an extremely condensed version of the anime but it gives a good base for someone who’s starting. It runs from Erika (Nikaido Fumi) entering high school and constructing that lie that she’s dating Sata Kyouya (Yamazaki Kento) to them becoming an official couple. There isn’t much back story telling us why Sata acts the way he does around women but it’s to be expected with the time limitations that they have.

I still really liked this movie and thought that it was executed very well. Though it’s not my favourite rendition of the story, it’s one that I can recommend for people to get a taste of what it’s about. Overall, I really liked it and Yamazaki was perfection in this role .

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There has only been one other re-imagining of this book series, and I must say that the movie was pretty bad. The casting choices for the movie were not the best and the writing could have been better. That being said, it made me very skeptical when I saw that Netflix has just launched they’re own show based on the book series.  Currently only one episode is available to stream with the next available on Jan 20, and I will be watching it. Netflix has a good reputation with their original series. Not all of them have been great but over all they’re quite good.

I am very happy with how the first episode has turned out so far. The book series is one of the better series that I have gotten my hands on in the recent past. The characters are likable, there is not a clear line between good and evil, and magic is really. It sounds like the perfect combination of everything fantastic in the world of literature.

I don’t want to give a definitive decision on whether or not I like the series until a few more episodes in, but I can say it has potential. I will try and give an honest review with out divulging any spoilers.

The choice of actors, based on appearance, is quite good. They line up well with the books, obviously not perfectly but I can forgive Isaiah Mustafa for being Luke. So far the acting isn’t horrible, but I don’t like judging on the first 30 minutes of anything, we haven’t really gotten to see much of any one character as of yet.  The story is currently following the novels better than the movie currently.

So far, the series has good potential. I will continue to watch the series to see if it does justice to my favorite series.