Diabolik Lovers II: More, Blood



Yes, we’re talking about Diabolik Lovers again. Again, I’m also going to discuss how much I dislike it. First, however, I’m going to talk about the story first.

So this season introduces 4 more vampires. However, unlike the Sakamaki brothers, the Mukami brothers were turned into vampires and rather than being pure blood. They abduct Yui in order to get her blood in hopes that one of them will be awaken as Adam. Throughout the entire anime, we never find out why they are trying to become Adam or what powers that it would bring to the vampire. This anime closes off with the promise of a 3rd season.

I am not a fan of this anime. Though the characters are well fleshed out and the men all have different characteristics. However, no matter what house she lives in, she’s a captive and abused, both psychologically and physically. You can make your own decision but this isn’t the anime for me.

Diabolik Lovers
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Diabolik Lovers



This is seen as a very sexy anime and I don’t know why. The anime follows Yui Komori moving into a shared house with the Sakamaki brothers after her father get’s transferred. She quickly finds out that they are actually vampires. Given that her blood smells rather delicious the abuse her all the while feeding on her. She tries to stay optimistic while she  tries to figure out each of the occupant’s pasts.

It is a short anime with each episode running about 15 minutes a piece. It is heavily character based and you almost feel like you’re in a dating sim. Though the story is quite abrasive, the character design is excellent. Each character is well developed and has their own distinct style which makes me understand the thrill of cosplaying as the characters.

This is a quick anime to watch to make your own decision but I can’t get over the abuse throughout the series.

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Super Lovers



Ok… I’ll be honest, I loved this anime but I’m torn between being grossed out by the age difference and the younger partner being in the first year of high school and finding it very cute. This is a +13 anime just because of some of the insinuations going on. It has the open dialogue in school about a homosexual relationship, and it squarely in the shonen-ai bordering on yaoi genre. For those who do like this anime, there is a manga that it was adapted from by the same name with 9 volumes to go along with the 10 anime episodes.

Haru gets called to Canada to visit with his mother. Once there he meets the  younger brother whom his parents have adopted. After spending a wonderful summer with him, he returns home to have his parents taken from him in a car accident, along with his memories. 5 years later Ren comes to live with Haru in Japan, however, Haru has no memory of the boy.

I would not suggest watching this anime if you are against homosexuality, large age gaps and worried about the age of consent. From my calculations Ren is 13, Haru is 22-23 and the twins are 18 – 19. So if we want to dissect this anime about the age difference and whether a 13-year-old can consent, we’ll have to do it another day. Until the last 2 episodes, it was sweet, but the last 2 episodes went the direction of Papa to Kiss in the Dark. Not something for everyone. Excuse me while I take a shower. It’s not as bad as Boku no Pico though. For those who love this anime, good news

For those who love this anime, good news there will be a second season out in January 2017

Disclaimer: The last 2 animes named are erotic animes and shouldn’t be watched by anyone under the age of 18.