The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star



The second episode of the OVA came out and I watched it and loved it. We find out about Chise’s past. At the end of the first OVA Chise comes across the library in the forest. She comes to love reading and finds it to be the escape from her every day life. She goes there everyday to work on her book report. The librarian welcomes her and gives her peace, she only has to follow a few simple rules of the library.

This episode really gives use an insight into Chise’s home life and how she began reading. Magus gives her access to many books and she reads avidly. The glimpse into her past also shows how fragile she really is. The librarian was very kind to her and gave her some solace, so at the end when he asks her to return the book, she doesn’t really see how she can say no.

I love how much detail is coming from these episodes. I feel more connected with Chise than I did while reading the manga.