Let’s Drink Episode 7 Recap



Gong Myung steps out of the shower and looks at his body. He fawns over his own muscles. (Yes I wrote this sentence just to use this screenshot I took.)

Screenshot 2016-09-27 13.29.50.png

Gong Myung comes out and Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) throws papers at him. He tells him their toll fees and that he’s noticed that the mileage on the car skyrocketed. Jung Suk asks if he thought he wouldn’t notice if he filled up the tank. Gong Myung tells him that it’s wrong for him to have a car he doesn’t use so it’d be fine if his only brother uses it. Jung Suk tells him that if he wants to use a car then he should by one. Every time Jung Suk makes a point he pokes Gong Myung temple. He gets mad and tells his older brother that he’s not a weakling anymore. Jung Suk pulls him into a headlock and reminds him that he has no intentions of letting him stay there long.

Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is pulling out her mattress when Gong Myung arrives. She asks what he’s going there and he admits that he was worried after she didn’t answer her phone. She tells him that since she was bringing her furniture out to dry she hasn’t had time to check it. He offers to help but she wants him to study. Finally, she concedes to him helping her.

Once inside she tries to get him to go study but he tells her that he’s already had a fight with his brother so she can’t lecture him. She asks if he has a bad relationship with his brother. He tells her that his older brother always looks down at him and insults him. He wonders if his brother doesn’t know that works hurt. She agrees that words hurt and thinks of Jung Suk’s last words to her. He decides to clean instead of thinking about Jung Suk and he starts to skate on rags. She thinks it’s a good idea and does it as well but slides into the splits he helps her up after laughing.

They take a break outside and he admits that he’s glad that she’s perked up. She tells him that she just needs to brush this off and get more students in her class. He tells her that his goal is to be her boyfriend. She tells him that he should be studying. He tells her that it’s not like he doesn’t try it’s just that he has no motivation. She tells him that she’ll grant him one wish if he passed.He tells her that she’ll be his girlfriend and then has her record it. She only says that she’ll consider dating him. He suddenly wants to finish the work they have so he can study. She wonders if it was a bad idea and then thinks that he won’t be interested in his old teacher once he passes.

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Jung Suk is at a restaurant drinking Sangria and sees a couple who are touchy feely. He thinks back to Ha Na and is certain that she’s that way with her boyfriend. He believes that she doesn’t have time to date anyone and blames that for the reason she can’t plan her classes efficiently.

Monday starts and Ha Na tells Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) what happened. While walking Ha Na loses her show and goes back to put it on. Jung Suk arrives and nearly hits her. He blames her head being in the wrong place to lose her shoe and waves them away. (Someone is in a bad mood. Jealous maybe?) Jin Yi can’t believe what he did because he should apologise when he nearly hits someone not yell at them. Ha Na tells her that it’s probably because he’s mad at her for fainting and ruining the classes image.

Ha Na goes to a secluded area and talks to google. Her phone tells her that there is a saying for hard times, it’s that suffering in a necessary ingredient for the bread of tomorrow. She talks sweetly to her phone and Jung Suk overhears. He thinks that she’s talking to her boyfriend, which isn’t the case. She runs to him and apologises for messing up ad promises to not do it again. He tells her that he feels like her mind is elsewhere and he doesn’t know if he can trust her.

Dong Young comes in to ask for some toothpaste from Ki Bum to find him studying. Ki Bum tells him that he’s going to become the grandson that his grandmother can be proud of. Dong Young is encouraged by that and takes some toothpaste before leaving. Ki Bum is working and gets ‘distracted’ by the mess on his desk. He decides to get up and cleans it, then makes his bed…Then clips his nails.

Dong Young comes out to have lunch to find Ki Bum cleaning the fridge. He tells him that the fridge was dirty and it was bothering him too much to focus. Dong Young tells him that he’s making up excuses not to study. Dong Young asks about the spicy tuna to be told that Ki Bum threw it out. He can’t believe him and tells him to stop being a nuisance if he isn’t going to study.

Jin Yi is putting on lipstick when she smudges it. She grabs tissues from Jin Woong’s desk and he comes in doing another impression. Jin Woong takes his place when Jung Suk and Ha Na come in. Jin Woong’s phone goes off which sets Jung Suk off. He tells him to change the ringtone.

Ha Na goes to the lecture hall to find it nearly empty. After class Won Hae digs into her about what she caused. She apologises and he tells her to do whatever it takes to change the student’s mind. She is forced to do an online class to help with it. Jung Suk walks away with Won Hae following.

The trio are taking Jin Woong class and Jin Woong notices that Ki Bum fell asleep. He wakes him loudly. Gong Myung  chastises Ki Bum for coming to class if he’s going to sleep. Ki Bum tells him that he came to study and just happened to fall asleep. Ki Bum goes off to study and Dong Young asks what they are going to do with him. Ki Bum wants to study hard but he isn’t. Gong Myung tells him that he’s also going to study hard. Dong Young inquires if his plan wasn’t to waste a year away from his mother. He tells him that he has a reason to pass now. As he leaves he tells Chae Yeon that he’ll be studying well. She wonders what’s up with him. Someone secretly takes picture of Chae Yeon.

Jin Yi tells ushers Ha Na to her desk and tells her she heard what happened and Jin Woong finds that the students are unfair since she fainted once. Jung Suk comes in siding with the students and tells her that is she can’t stay focused the students won’t trust her. She asks why she keeps saying that. He tells them that Ha Na is dating someone since he talking with him on the phone but Jin Yi mentions that she’s a serious single person and Ha Na tells him it’s a student. Jin Yi remember’s her apartment getting flooded and a student helping her. He tells her that it’s still not alright for her to drink with students.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 14.43.00.png

He goes back to his office happy that it wasn’t her boyfriend. (You totally like her) He tells himself that no one would like someone like her and when he looks up he sees Ha Na seething at him. He closes the blinds and wonders what wrong with her. He opens them to find her still glaring and he doesn’t know why she’s so mad since she doesn’t have a boyfriend. He laughs and his arm slides off  the chair’s arm.

Gong Myung goes to study and finds everyone listening to Jung Suk’s lectures. He goes to search for another Korean History teacher but gets distracted by baseball states. Dong Young comes to check on him and finds that he’s been doing everything else but. He tells him that he doesn’t want to study which is why he’s browsing the web.

Ha Na isn’t certain what to do, and Jin Yi finds that it’s unfair that he asks her the day of. Jin Yi shows her the video of her class which she did Yoga stretches and then switched to Jin Woong’s who did cooking. Jin Yi tells her that if she could she would totally be a guest on her show. Ha Na tells her that it’s ok. Jung Suk is leaving when Jin Yi tries to get him to be on the show but he refuses. Ha Na tells Jin Yi that she will be good.

Ha Na is wondering what to do when she gets a text from Gong Myung. She considers asking him what to do but she doesn’t want to bother him. He tells her that there are a lot of things that he would love to do but he’s going to focus on studying. That gives her an idea.

Gong Myung is in the library struggling to study. He pulls out his phone and listened to Ha Na’s recording. He fantasies of  asking her to marry him. In the most  unrealistic way possible. Obviously, in his dream, she practically jumps into his arms. He tells himself to work hard.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 15.06.18.png

Gong Myung is annoyed by the clicking and notices Ki Bum. He fantasises about being the more handsome civil servant and everyone wanting their paperwork done by him. (um not how that works honey.) Once out of his day dream Gong Myung’s leg shaking distracts him.

Dong Youn is coming down the stairs when he comes face to face with Chae Yeon. They sidestep twice and finally she pushes him out of her way. He mutters that he’ll let it go because she’s pretty and get out the stairwell. Someone was stalking Chae Yeon and takes upskirt shots of her as she walks up the stairs.

Ha Na goes online and tells the students that she’s the teacher that fainted and since she wants to give them a break she just wants to have fun with them. She ends up acting cute, eating for them, as well as doing challenges. Won Hae finds it so tacky and Jung Suk can’t believe what she’s doing.

Won Hae wants them to turn it off when Jung Suk comes on. He tells them that even though Ha Na fainted in her last class she’s a talent teacher and he assures them. As the theme is to do what they which he will join in. They first ask him to smile and then to make hearts. Ha Na has to show him how to make hearts with his fingers. Someone asks for them to go to Yeobu and take pictures of the fir works for them. He agrees to do so if the views hit 500. He encourages them to spread it around. The next request is for them to dance. Both Jung Suk and Ha Na tells them that they’re aren’t good at dancing but they do it anyways. They dance away and they thank them for their support.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 15.25.27.png

Jin Woong’s alarm goes off and he leaves. Jin Yi wants to meet his wife just once. He goes to the hospital and gives the nurses some food. He goes into the room where someone was waiting for him.

Dong Young finds Ki Bum and Gong Myung building something in the study hall. Gong Myung tells him that he should have made it stronger but Ki Bum takes offence. He hits Gong Myung s and they get into a fight. Finally, Dong Young has enough and drags them out of the study hall. He tells them to shape up and focus on studying instead of finding diversions.  He reminds Ki Bum about his grandmother and Gong Myung about his goal. They agree to focus but then notices the fireworks and want to watch them.

Ki Bum is taking pictures when Gong Myung notices Chae Yeol and notices it’s the first time he’s seen her smiles. Everyone agrees that she’s pretty. Ki Bum tries to cover up what he meant but he catches her attention. He reminds her to study and she was heading down anyway. She bumps into a person and Ki Bum turns to look. She goes to pick up the phone and someone takes her picture.

Ha Na thanks him for coming to help and apologises that he has to go take pictures now. The traffic is so bad that they stop at a bridge. They take a picture but Jung Suk wants to leave. She asks if they can stay a bit and he agrees. She tries to take a video for the students but can’t because people keep walking in front of her. She looks envious at the little kid. He kneels and tells her to get one before she changes his mind.

The trio are watching the fireworks and reminiscing about coming with someone they like. gong Myung is about to leave when Ki Bum calls him over to show him that Ha Na and Jung Suk just posted a picture showing there at the fireworks. Gong Myung takes the phone and can’t believe it.

Ha Na records the video and once it’s done he asks her to get down and she agrees. She puts her phone away but Jung Suk has to sidestep a little boy which makes them kiss by accident.

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Let’s Drink Epsiode 5 Recap



We open with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) out eating drumsticks and having a nice cold beer. Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is at home eating drumstick crackers. She assumes that Jung Suk is mad because of the huge deal that she made about being a replacement. She turns on her phone to ask what to do since they have a photo shoot for the  joint class coming up.

Jung Suk arrives home to find Gong Myung watching Let’s Fight Ghost on the TV. He tells him he should be studying, but Gong Myung tells him he will after he’s done. Jung Suk turns to see the scene where Bong Pal is carrying Hye Ji on his back and this triggers his memory. He wonders if he should have told her the truth, but he doesn’t want to worry about someone like her. Gong Myung continues to talk about the drama and eventually Jung Suk tells him to go study.

Ha Na gets a phone call from Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) telling her to meet her at a salon. Ha Na is worried about the price since Jin Yi is paying. Hye Ji tells her not to worry because the poster shoot is very important. She tells her that she’ll take care of her. Ha Na admits that she’s worried about how she’s going to face him. She recalls yelling at him but not how she got back. Ha Na wonders if she should apologise. Jin Yi tells her not to bother because he should have been upfront with her.

They arrive at the photo shoot studio and Won Hae tells the 2 women that they look. He compliments Ha Na in a round about way which sounds like an insult. Jin Woong arrives in a full suit and acting as goofy as always. Ji Woong, Jin Yi and Ha Na’s pictures went smoothly. They take extra care for Jung Suk’s and Jin Yi complains. Ha Na meets his eye and then looks down. Jung Suk wonders why  she yelled at him if she was going to beat herself up about it.

Ki Bum (Key) goes to see Dong Young. He finds his room is empty and is worried he’ll try to commit suicide again. He goes in search for a note when Dong Young returns. He tells Key that he’s thought of his family and he’s not like that anymore. He tells Key that he wants to stop being friends until he passes so he can study. They get into a fight because of that, thought very silently, and it ends with Ki Bum being thrown out of the room.

They move on to the group photo and after a few shots, the photographer wants Ha Na to be brought into the 2nd position because she’s more photogenic.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 13.22.44.png

Won Hae agrees. During their break, Ha Na goes out and buys some Kim Bap for everyone. She notices Jin Yi with her head resting on the table and brings her a tuna roll. Jin Yi tells her she’s not hungry and when Jin Woong pushes, Jin Yi has a fit and stalks off. Ha Na follows after encouraging the men to eat. Jin Woong wonders what wrong with Jin Yi and Won Hae tells him that this is the second time she’s lost her place to Ha Na.

Ha Na goes to the bathroom and asks is Jin Yi is mad. She tells her that she’s not and goes to use the toilet. She starts to cry and Ha Na feels bad. Ha Na tells her that she’ll ask to stand behind her and she can have her spot. When they return Jin Yi is back to normal, and Ha Na tells Won Hae that she’s camera shy and would like to not be in the 2nd position. Jung Suk is a little surprised.

Gong Myung complains to Dong Young that he’s tired and asks to go to get coffee. Dong Young asks if he hasn’t heard from Ki Bum. Dong Young tells him that he’s not going to hang out with them until he passes.

while in the cafeteria, Ki Bum tells Gong Myung that Dong Youn wants to cut ties. Gong Myung is a little irritated by that. Chae Yeon takes the table next to them. A guy comes to ask her out and she refuses. Her friend asks why because he was cute and claims that she’s never liked a male idol. Chae Yeon tells her that she’s wrong, and informs her that she liked SHINee. Gong Myung asks Ki Bum is Min Oh hadn’t gone to school with him. Chae Yeon mentions that Min Oh is her ideal type. Ki Bum tells her that for her high and mighty personality she sure has bad taste in men. HE tells her that Min Oh is a thug and learnt his moves from him. He starts to dance but Gong Myung tells him that Chae Yeon is gone.

The group goes back to shoot and Ha Na takes her 3rd position. Jung Suk speaks up and makes it seem like it’s his idea that Ha Na should stand beside him. He tells Won Hae that Jin Yi gives off an old vibe and he would look older standing next to her. He wants Ha Na there to make him look younger. Jin Yi tries to tell him that Ha Na is camera shy but he doesn’t believe her. He tells her that the class has his name on it so he had the right to decide. When Ha Na doesn’t move right away he drags her to him, but his hand lingers a little too long.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 13.46.04.png

On the drive to the academy, Jin Woong is sleepy and would love to go home and sleep. He wonders what was up with Jung Suk because he’s notorious about staying out of people’s business. Ha Na tries to get him to stop talking to no avail. Ha Na tries to say he probably just felt bad for lying and he apologises to Jin Yi. She assures Ha Na she’s not mad and then starts yelling at the car before him.

Ki Bum is still going on about Min Oh and Gong Myung asks why he hates him so much because he seems like a good guy. Ki Bum remembers all of the times that Min Oh bullied him. He decided to do something about it. After class, Ki Bum goes to write a post about Min Oh’s past.

The teachers return to the academy just in time to see professor Choi. They greet her and wish her well. Ji Woong tells Ha Na to greet her well since her leaving is the only reason she got into Jung Suk’s class. Choi tells them that it’s not the case. Jung Suk told her that she didn’t have the position before she could tell him that she couldn’t be part of the class.

Back in the office, Jin Woong mentions that since he actually did see potential in her she yelled at him for no reason. When Jung Suk arrives at the office she goes to see him. She apologises and tells him that she spoke with Choi. He tells her that she was overreacting before and didn’t want to see that again. She promises not to overreact. As soon as she goes to leave he calls her back. He tells her that she shouldn’t lower herself too much. He finds it better that she says what she wants bluntly and for her not to be doing what other people want.

She goes out and talks about Jung Suk and wonders why he’s acting all tsundere. Her phone reads off the definition of tsundere and she doesn’t believe that he would have feelings for her. Her phone starts to play a song for her.

A bunch of teenage girls are looking at new donation Min Oh gave when one runs in with the post that Ki Bum wrote. They start to look into him.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 14.11.38.png

Ha Na is teaching about a traditional character and calls him tsundere, and starts to giggle. Ki Bum wonders why she’s going on and on about tsundere but Gong Myung tells him to shut up. So instead he sends bad hand gestures towards Dong Young.

After class, Gong Myung goes to see Ha Na and gives her some throat lozenges. She thanks him and he asks if something good happened. She asks how he knew and he reminds her that he’s interested in her. She reminds him to stop being cute and to go and study. She leaves and Ki Bum wants to go eat. Gong Myung tries to invite Dong Young but is blown off.

While eating, Gong Myung tells Ki Bum that his post is really popular and all the comments are negative. Ki Bum can’t believe that Min Oh has managed to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes. He writes a response and Gong Myung takes the phone and corrects it. Ki Bum tells the girls to focus on their studies.

Gong Myung tires to get Dong Young to come out and drink but he pretends to not know him. Ki Bum puts a post-it with the middle finger on Dong Youngs forehead and drags Gong Myung away.

Back at the office,  Ha Na tries to apologise by offering to take Jin Yi to dinner. She tells them she has plans but Jin Woong doesn’t believe her. Jin Yi reminds him that she has a boyfriend and leaves. Jin Woong asks for her to go out and drink with him but Ha Na wants to finish up her work for the joint class. Jin Woong wonders what person he should impersonate the first day of joint class and runs through them with Ha Na. Jung Suk comes in and Jin Woong asks if he’s leaving. He is informed that Jung Suk has work to do and Jin Woong assumes that love is in the air.

Ki Bum and Gong Myung are out drinking when Gong Myung wonders about Dong Young. Ki Bum reminds him that he’s being pounded by young girls. Gong Myung looks through the posts and they found out who he is and his photo. Ki Bum flips out at his phone.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 14.33.16.png

Ha Na looks up from her work briefly and wonders what’s up with Jung Suk. Once their eyes meet she puts her head back down and he closes the blinds. She gets a mail from Kim Won showing her the poster and she is happy how well it came out. Jung Suk goes to leave and Ha Na offers to take him to eat. He tells her that it’s fine and leaves. She contemplates sending the picture to her mother.

Dong Young is heading out and is handed a new phone by the guard. He’s told that Ki Bum asked him to give it to him. Dong Young doesn’t feel like he deserves it.

Kim Bum is walking home when he’s surrounded by the girls. They proceed to beat him up and tape him to a pole. They tell him to delete the post and he tries to do it quickly. Dong oYoung sees this and confronts the girls who end up beating him up too.

Ha Na goes out to have a beer and ramen. She gets a text about how her mother is proud of her for making it. She sees a poster and considers going for a karaoke song but doesn’t want anyone to recognise her. So she covers her face with hair to go and sing.

Meanwhile, at the same arcade Gong Myung loses at the came that he was playing. He gets up to leave and notices Ha Na. He smiles widely as he watches her sing. He pokes her head in and she tries to hide but confirm it’s him. She asks how he recognised her and he assures her it’s because he’s interested in her. She tries to leave but he insists that she finishes her song.

While walking home he tells her that she can sing. She makes him promises not to tell anyone, but since she was happy she needed to celebrate. Gong Myung is happy about there because when they saw each other in Yeosu he found that she looked sad. She thanks him for always looking out for her and tells him that he’s her favourite student. He tells her that rather than be her fav student he would like to be her boyfriend. She reminds him that she’s his teacher and he should stop being so cute. He notices her bus and grabs her hand. He tells her to run and leads her to the bus. He wishes her goodnight once she’s on the bus.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 14.51.30.png

We finish off with Jung Suk at a sushi bar eating sashimi. He tells the audience that he’s drinking alone to focus on him.

We see Jin Yi at the wine bar drinking alone. Jung Suk’s voice over tells us that when we’re sad or hurting drinking alone can comfort us. Jin Yi sends a few texts to Min Oh about how she wants to quit her job and she only wants him and wants to get married.

We see Ki Bum drinking a beer. Dong Young comes with some ointment and the phone. He puts it on Ki Bum’s nose. Ki Bum pushes him away saying that he didn’t want to be friends. Dong Young admits that he was wrong and apologises to him. Ki Bum calls him mean but Dong Young pulls him into a hug to let him cry.

Jung Suk’s voice-over reminds us that when things couldn’t be better drinks never takes better. We see Ha Na wondering what Jung Suk is having that night.

Jung Suk enjoys his food and is given squid on the house. He is reminded of Ha Na and chastises himself. When Ha Na puts a comment on Instagram he looks and wonders why she follows him. He puts down his phone and then picks it up again. He looks through her Instagram with a smile.

Ha Na is at her desk and wonders if he really has any feelings for her. She doesn’t know why and he would other than the fact she’s pretty. She wonders what to do if he asks her out and ends up tilting her chair backwards.

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Let’s Drink Episode 4 Recap



We open with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) at a Korean BBQ by himself enjoying some beef tripe.

Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is at home looking at Jung Suk’s Instagram and tells him how much of a considerate person he is. She notices him having beef tripe and wants to have some too. She sits down with some chips instead. She toasts Jung Suk through the phone.

Jung Suk comes back to find Gong Myung (Gong Myung) on the couch watching Ha Na’s video drinking. Jung Suk asks him what he’s doing, to which Gong Myung replies that he’s studying. Jung Suk turns off the TV and tears into him drinking his alcohol and tells him to never touch it again or any of his things. Gong Myung agrees and lays down telling him to turn off the light. Jung Suk is appalled and Gong Myung tells him he can barely move his body. Jung Suk tells him to not worry as he’ll clean it up since it will be hard work at the orchard. Gong Myung is on his feet cleaning quickly. Jung Suk informs him that he will be out of town that week so he’s not to cause any trouble under threat of death.

Ha Na is walking Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) to the station that while Jin Yi explains why the event that she’s going to in Seoul is so important. Jin Yi wishes that Ha Na could come but Ha Na tells her to not worry about it as she’s still a newbie and it only makes sense. While at the station, Ha Na mentions that she could really do with some fermented crab and Soju. Jin Yi agrees but tells her friend that she might be pregnant so she can’t drink. Ha Na is worried since she’s not married, but Jin Yi is hoping that it will lead to marriage. When Ha Na asks if she’s sure, Jin Yi tells her that her period was late. She tells her about the dream she had about the claims. She promises to go see a doctor when she gets back.

Won Hae (Kim Won Hae) asks her if she’s there, and when they hang up he can’t believe Jin Woong isn’t there yet. He arrives in cosplay again and they can’t believe he’s going to the convention like that. He tells them he didn’t want to go. They get up to leave and Ha Na mentions that Jung Suk isn’t there yet, but Won Hae tells her that he’s coming separately in his own car.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 09.33.36.png

Once on the train, Won Hae notices that he doesn’t have his laptop with him. Jing Yi reminds him that he must have left it at the café since he asked them to charge it for him. He considers going to run but everyone stops him telling him that there are only 5 minutes until the train leaves. Jin Yi sends Ha Na who is the fastest out of all of them. She gets the laptop and arrives at the platform as soon as the doors close. She goes to the ticket booth and tells the director that the next train leaves at 4 pm.

Jung Suk comes out of his house to get his car and he gets a phone call. He tells the director that he’s about to leave, after a pause he tells him that Ha NA isn’t lecturing so he should send her home. He pauses again and tells the director that his laptop has nothing to do with him. He finally tells the director that he’s not driving Ha Na.

Ha Na is sitting next to Jung Suk in his car and she apologises. She is aware that he didn’t want company, that’s why he didn’t take the train. He tells her that it’s not her fault but rather the directors. She apologises anyways and says that she’ll be quiet. He then asks her why she didn’t tell him the truth when she seems confused he elaborates to explain what he’s talking about. She asks why she has to apologise for that and he tells her she doesn’t. He explains that he was made out to be some crazy person with one-sided assumptions. She apologises and asks if that’s what changed his mind. He tells her that it was that and the fact that he saw a sliver of potential in her. She starts to smile and he inquires to her reaction. She tells him that she’s so happy since she was always being insulted by him, that even though it’s a sliver, she’s so happy he saw any potential in her.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 09.54.28.png

Jung Suk stops at a convenience store to get some coffee and tells Ha Na to wait there. She gets out and tells him that she’ll go buy. He doesn’t want to let her as she doesn’t make a lot. She tells him  that as a way of thanking him for everything she would like to buy a coffee. She starts asking what he wants and he laughs and smiles a little. He tells her to buy him whatever. She skips away and loses her shoe, which she quickly puts back on. Jung Suk smiles to himself before putting back on his neutral face.

Ki Bum (Key) gets a call from Gong Myung inviting him on a ride. Ki Bum agrees and opens the cupboard. Chae Yeon (Jung Chae Yeon) comes in and grabs the last ramen. He tells her that she wanted it first, but she mentions that she grabs it first. He puts it in his shirt but she takes it back and does the same. He tells her to go halfsies with him but she’s not listening. He starts berating her and how ugly she is but she doesn’t care.

Ki Bum leaves and goes to check on Dong Young (Kim Dong Young) to find his door open. He tries the door to find it open. He checks under the bed to find ramen. When he looks on his desk he finds a suicide note. At first, Ki Bum doesn’t know what it is, but after thinking back to that night when Dong Young gives him his shirt, he clues in. He takes out his phone to remember that Dong Young doesn’t have his phone.

Ha Na is talking with the director on her phone when she returns to the car. she opens the passenger’s side and goes to sit down, to sit on Jung Suk. She hangs up and apologises for not seeing him. He tells her that she’s driving but she’s a little worried about getting into an accident in his Porsche. She offers to give it a try.

She gets in and drives super slowly and he tells her to speed up but she steps on the gas a little too much. He asks is she’s taking revenge and she assures him that’s not the case. She tells him that she wouldn’t do that to her mentor. He tells her that she doesn’t have to think of him as her mentor and asks to drive properly. When he tells her to pull off at the rest stop she tells him that she’ll get it together. He smiles to himself before dropping the smile.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 10.24.32.png

Ki Bum is trying to get Gong Myung to drive faster but Gong Myung doesn’t want to get into an accident and is worried that he’ll meet up with his brother in Yeosu. When Ki Bum inquires why Gong Myung tells him there are reasons. Ki Bum goes on about how had he known this would have been the outcome he would have been nicer to Dong Young.

Ha Na and Jung Suk arrive and he tells her to park the car when he goes up. She tells him that she’s not good at parking and he asks if she can’t. She tells him that she’ll try and he leaves. She tries to push a car out of the way when he sees her. He tells himself that he thought that she was a witty fox but she’s actually a sucker for compliments.

Jin Yi tells Ha Na that she was sure that Jung Suk would refuse to pick her up and finds it uncharacteristic. Ha Na tells Jin Yi that she won’t call him premium trash anymore because he’s something better for her. She tells Jin Yi that he’s told her that she had potential and Jing Yi can tell that she’s happy. Jin Yi has some stomach cramps and chalks it up to the baby not feeling well. She gets a call and goes to the hall.

Ha Na sits through the 3 presentations and they’re very different approaches. After the presentations, teachers can sign autographs and Jung Suk has a huge line.  Ha Na is sitting off the side when Gong Myung comes in. He smiles as he sees her. Won Hae sends her off to get Jung Suk some water when she goes to do that she bumps into someone and falls. She tells everyone she’s fine but she skimmed her knee.  Ki Bum running to Gong Myung and tells him that he’s found Dong Young.

Dong Myung is working and they can’t believe him. He tells the pair that even though he’s leaving it doesn’t mean that he’s going to be irresponsible. When he gets paid he mentions that he doesn’t want to do empty handed. Ki Bum tells him that he thought he was dead and pulls him into a hug.

Everyone is finished for the day when Won Hae suggests that they drink together. Jung Suk refuses and tells him that he’ll be drinking alone. Na Ri tells him to get home safe, aka the hotel room. Won Hae gets pulled aside by the headmaster of the school in Yeosu and offers him a little gift. He asks about professor Choi but is told she recently quit. Jin Woong tells them that her husband got transferred overseas and that’s the only reason that Ha Na got the position.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 10.51.35.png

The 3 students go to eat and Gong Myung is about to order the cheapest thing on the menu. Ki Bum tells him to order the most expensive thing and he’s got it. He’s trying to get Dong Young to enjoy life again. Dong Young tells him that he doesn’t deserve to live and that food won’t change that. They order a lot to eat and he has a healthy appetite and still taking care of his body. Though Dong Young wants to die, he has the most fun out of all of them. When Dong Young near causes a crash because he’s bothering Gong Myung he gets mad. Dong Young tells Gong Myung that he almost died and this really irritates Gong Myung.

Jin Yi is lying on the couch when she asks Ha Na is Jung Suk is still her saviour. She tells her that she was wrong. Jin Yi has to use the bathroom and Ha Na starts to trash talk him after she leaves. Jin Yi screams from the bathroom and when Ha Na goes to check on her she finds out that Jin Yi just got her period.

When they go out to eat, Jin Yi is drinking quickly and Won Hae is trying to slow her down. Ji Woong’s alarm goes off and he tells Won Hae that if he’s to get home by 11 he needs to leave then. He scurries off. Won Hae gets a phone call about a party with cute girls and leaves the 2 women. Jin Yi wonders if her boyfriend actually wants to meet a younger woman and that’s why he’s always working. Ha Na tries to tell her that it’s not the case but she won’t listen.

The trio are sitting on the beach and Gong Myung tells Dong Young that he’s not going to die. Ki Bum agrees by telling him that if he wanted to die he wouldn’t have eaten sashimi and made sure to fasten his seatbelt. Dong Young tells them that he’s been trying to stall and he knows he looks pathetic. He runs into the ocean and Gong Myung tells Ki Bum not to worry. Dong Young calls for help and both of the boys run in after him. The find that the water is waist high and tells Dong Young to stand. He tells them that he got a cramp.

Hye Jin is complaining to Ha Na about who her boyfriend and Ha Na tries to tell her that Min Oh loves her. Ha Na asks if she’s really going to complain to a person with no boyfriend. Jin Yi tells her that’s because she’s there to comfort her. She tells Ha Na that Jung Suk is weird because when drinking with friends, it allows you to relieve stress and to vent about your problems. Ha Na wonders what Jung Suk’s reason to drink alone is.

We get Jung Suk’s voice over telling us that he drinks alone as to not do unnecessary things, or t waste his time or money. We see Ha Na taking Jin Yi home.

Gong Myung, Dong Young and Ki Bum are walking back to the residence and Dong Young is freezing. Ki Bum keeps poking him about his resolve to die and then tells Dong Young that if he mentions that he wants to die again he’ll kill him. Gong Myung notices the pharmacy and wonders if Ha Na has point ointment on yet.

Ha Na gets Jin Yi in bed and Jin Yi asks where did her life go wrong. Ha Na tells her to sleep it off. When she steps outside she doesn’t know how she could be a comfort to anyone when she’s equally upset. She gets a call from Gong Myung inquires about a question. She tells him that she’s in Yeosu and he tells her he is as well.

They meet up and she gets them drinks. She asks what the question was and he tries to pretend that he actually had a question. He admits that he actually came to give her some bandages and ointment. He tells her that he saw her get hurt. She thanks her and admits he’s the only one who cares about her. He asks her if she has a boyfriend and she tells him she doesn’t because she’s too busy working. He reintroduces himself by his full name. She tells him to not play a trick and he tells her that he’s serious. She tells him to go back to Seoul and study before walking away. Gong Myung admits that the more he finds out about Ha Na the more she’s his type.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 11.58.54.png

Ha Na goes to drink by the ocean edge alone. She rants at her phone that if she was going to be someone’s replacement than he should have just told her. She suddenly wants to have octopus.

She stumbles back when she notices Jung Suk eating at a food stall. She sits across from him and orders octopus. Since the food cart is out, Ha Na ordered squid instead. She talks to the squid about it being the second option and Jung Suk asks her what she’s doing. She tells him that she heard everything on how she’s a replacement. He gets up to leave and she stops him she apologises for acting out before falling into his chair. He goes to leave and the owner wants him to take his girlfriend with him. He says he has no relationship with her.

He ends up carrying her back. She wakes up and believes that it’s a dream. She tells him that even though it was for a short period of time she was really happy. She tells him that she felt insignificant ever since she came to Noryangjin. She felt like someone was finally seeing her talent.

Jung Suk drops her off at her room when she asks for a blanket. He throws a folded blanket on her twice before she kicks it off. She asks if she was really a replacement and he wonders what she’s heard. He thinks back to his conversation denying Choi’s application but is told she’s going to have to quit. He gets mad and tells himself that he’s doing this for Gong Myung and tucks her in. He asks her to sleep. He mentions to himself that she’s a woman and looks best when she sleeps. Ha Na kicks out and hits Jung Suk in the crotch. He collapses on the bed.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 12.14.41.png

Let’s Drink Episode 3 Recap
Let’s Drink Episode 5 Recap
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Let’s Drink Episode 2 Recap



The show starts with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) having a beer and some crab meat at a bar. We get to hear his 3 rules again. Meanwhile, at home Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) sees his Instagram feed and notices that he’s stuffing his face and wonders if it’s something to brag about. She decides to have crab meat with her beer too. She sits down with crab flavour chips and enjoys them with her beer.

The next day, Ha Na is in the washroom when she has to go to the stall for toilet paper to draw her hands. She overhears two students talking about the post about Jung Suk’s academic background. Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) shows up and the students scatter. Jin Yi comes out and greets her hello. She asks if she heard what the girls were talking abut. Jin Yi tells her to ignore it because there are always rumours floating around when you become successful. Jin Yi then mentions that she looks haggard and touches up her makeup.

They go out to find Won Hae (Kim Won Hae) fawning over Jung Suk because 1000 students signed up for his classes. When Won Hae goes in for a hug, Jung Suk ducks and walks away. Jin Yi asks about her classes and finds out that 150 signed up for hers. When Ji Woong (Min Ji Woong) asks about his class, everyone turns to find him in army fatigues. (2nd reference to Descendent’s of Sun maybe?) Won Hae chastises him but tells him that he broke even.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 12.38.29.png

In the teacher’s lounge, Ha Na is reeling that she only got 10 students, which barely breaks even for her. Jin Yi tells her that 10 students isn’t bad since it’s her 1st month and didn’t get any promotions. Jung Suk tells her that 10 students isn’t bad since she’s No Geu Rae. Jung Suk has to explain it to everyone but Won Hae links it to Jang Geu Rae from Misaeng and everyone starts to laugh. (I feel like I missed something…)

Dong Young (Kim Dong Young) gets a text telling him that his sister deposited 50,000 won into his bank account. He wonders how long he’s going to need the support of his family to study the way he is. He tells himself that he will pass the next exam for his family and for Joo Yeon.

Dong Young goes into Ki Bum’s room (Key) to wake up but to find him in the shower. He jumps and asks Dong Young why he’s there. Dong Young admits it’s to wake him up but he’s already awake. Ki Bum tells him that he’s obviously awake and tells Dong Young to get out of his room. Dong Young mentions that it’s not like he has something he doesn’t and leaves the room.

Ha Na is walking to her class when she notices Jung Suk’s is in session. She looks in and is amazed by how many students are in the room. She tells herself that one day her room with be full like that and he can just watch and see.

While walking to class Dong Young and Ki Bum witness a boy trying to get Chae Yeon’s (Jung Chae Yeon) number. She refuses and when he insists she takes his and throws it in the trash. She chastises him for not studying. Dong Young mentions that people find even girls like that attractive because all that matters is looks. Ki Bum tells him that there is no way people find her pretty just the most hated.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 13.18.59.png

Once in class Ki Bum tells Dong Young that a real beauty is more like the teacher of that class and anyone who isn’t like her isn’t a beauty. Chae Yeon mentions that it should like he’s at an idol concert. He tells her that even if he is she can mind her own business. hHa Na comes in and Ki Bum’s hopes are shattered.

Ha Na comes out and gives the mic back to Dong Young, Jung Suk comes by and asks what she needs a mic for as she only has 10 students. She tells him that even though it’s 10 now, he can just watch and see her fill her lecture hall. She walks away and he wonders why she’s talking so big.

While walking away Ha Na tells herself that she was the favourite teacher at the academy that she taught at and no one dropped her class. Just then she hears someone wanting to drop her class. Ki Bum wants a refund because he was expecting a beauty and if he wanted to look at someone who wasn’t pretty he would have taken professor Lee’s class since she’s the best Korean teacher. Won Hae overhears him and chastises Ki Bum before leaving with professor Lee. Ki Bum returns to asking for a refund. Ha Na comes to him and apologises to Ki Bum and pulls him aside.

She takes Ki Bum and Dong Young out to eat and asks him what is wrong with her. He tells her that nothing is wrong but the photoshopped her. She tells him that she just wasn’t prepared that day and is normally prettier. He doesn’t believe that she can be. Dong Young leaves and Ha Na goes to get more pickles and notices Jung Suk.

Ha Na hides and wonders if Jung Suk heard everything and now he thinks that she’s going to raise up through flattery. The misunderstanding now looks like reality. Her phone start talking back and she can’t believe her phone is talking back to her.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 15.41.04.png

Dong Young gets a call from Gong Myung and he leaves the library. Dong Gong can’t come out but Gong Myung complains about having a fight with his mother and left his home. Nong Young mentions that tells him that he needs to take into consideration his situation. He’s struggling to pass the exam while his family struggles to support him. He hangs up and goes back to studying.

Gong Myung can’t believe that Dong Young won’t come out. He debates calling again but Ki Bum tells him that Dong Young is really determined and is pretty sure that he will pass this time. Gong Myung asks Ki Bum if he has given up and Ki Bum blames him for calling him out when he was going to study. Gong Myung tells Ki Bum that he doesn’t have the resolve to study because his parents pay for everything that’s why Dong Young’s desperate resolve is a good thing. Suddenly, Ki Bum thinks of something and drags him off.

A student information about the school and is suggested to the joint class. Jin Yi and Ha Na overhears this recommendation and Jin Yi is jealous of the teachers in the joint class. Ha Na asks why and Jin Yi tells her that lesser known students start flocking to the teachers in the same joint class as the well-known teacher. Hae Won mentions that it’s not something to be jealous of.

Back in the office, they’re told that they will be making a group lecture with Jung Suk. Jin Yi is so happy about the opportunity but Ha Na isn’t so much. They are sent to the conference room to wait for Jung Suk.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 16.25.04.png

Ki Bum wants to deplete his allowance so that he’s as desperate as Dong Young. He explains that you can tell how long someone has been at Noryangjin and shows it off.

Jung Suk tells Won Hae he refuses to do a joint class with these professors. Though it may be in his contract he doesn’t want other teachers who will cling onto his success. Jung Suk tells Won Hae that he’ll do a joint class with teachers that he approves of.

Jin Woong, Jin Yi and Ha Na are outside complaining about Jung Suk. Ha Na stays quiet while the other two complain and Jin Yi asks if she’s not mad. Ha Na tells her that she’s new so she can see what he’s saying. Jin Yi tells her that joint classes are to help the lesser known teachers up as a noble sacrifice. Ji Woong wants to get back at him but can only come up with a stupid idea. When he suggests that bad comments, Jin Yi mentions that he could back trace the ip address. Jin Yi suddenly gets a thought how it’s odd that he’s not doing it for the people who claims he forged his background. Jin Yi remembers that Ha Na has a cousin who graduated from Seoul University.

Another post pops up about his academic past and Jung Suk deletes it.

Ha Na logs in and doesn’t a search. Everyone is shocked to find that there is no one by the name of Jin Jung Suk that graduated from Seoul University. Jin Yi wants to tell the director but Ha Na tries to stop them. They understand that she feels under pressure seeing as she’s new and they promise to take care of it.

Ha Na goes and sits in the stairwell and doesn’t know why people care so much about his background. She asks her phone if she’s a coward and the worst. The phone reads of definitions and Ha Na agrees that she is doing something shameless. She goes to back up the teachers.

Yin Ji and Ji Woon come in to talk with Won Hae and get told that Jung Suk has agreed to do a joint class with them. Jin Yi tells him that it’s not the problem at the current time. Won Hae asks if he’ll incorporate Ha Na but he refuses citing her schooling as the reason. She accuses him of lying about his school and shows them that there is no one by that name graduation from Seoul university. He takes the computer and types in his legal name Jin Sang and shows them his card. He explains that he changed it for his last boss because they were worried people were going to laugh at him. Ha Na apologises and Jung Suk mentions that it solidifies them never working together. Jin Yi and Jin Woong claim to have not known and throws Ha Na under the bus.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 16.53.57.png

Ki Bum and Gong Myung going to eat and Ki Bum suggests getting Dong Young to come out since he needs to eat. Dong Young refuses stating that he’s seeing Joo Yeon that weekend and needs to study. Ki Bum is surprised at his determination. Gong Myung tells him that with someone like Joo Yeon who took such good care of Dong Young it’s only right that he wants to get out to make her happy. Ki Bum tells him that maybe the reason that he don’t want to study because he has no one to be pleased if he passes. Gong Myung just thinks he’s nuts. Gong Myung has to apologise for Ki Bum.

Dong Young gets a message to go out and meet Joo Yeon. He goes to meet and they have soup. She tells him to slow down and he apologises wanting to get back to studying. She asks if he doesn’t remember what day it was, she tells him that it’s their 5th anniversary and he apologises. He does agree to stay with her longer.

Jung Suk suggests going by his legal name with the students since he doesn’t like rumours going around. Won Hae tells him that Jung Suk has become a brand name and he can’t change that because it would confuse the students and he’s worried he’ll lose his students. Jung Suk tells him that there could be some transitional pains and Won Hae explodes at him. Ji Woong makes light of the situation with Jin Yi when Won Hae comes out and yells at him. When Ha Na comes in she gets yelled at too and she apologises.

When Jung Suk comes leaves Ha Na runs after him and apologises about what happened. He tells her that it’s fine and she offers to have a drink with him. He asks if it’s so she can do the same sales pitch that she gave her student. He tells her that she should change careers and tells her to stop kissing up to save her own ass.

When Ha Na returns to the office Jin Yi and Jin Woong both apologises for throwing her under the bus and take her out to drink.

Dong Young and Joo Yeon spend some time relaxing together and reminisce. Joo Yeon goes to the bathroom telling him she’ll be right back. Before they go their separate ways Joo Yeon hands him a new shirt. She knows that he doesn’t have any fall clothes. He apologises for always accepting gifts. She tells him to go in and when he does she looks back sadly at him.

Ha Na is with Jin Yi and Jin Woong. She tells them that they should be happy and celebrating. Jin Yi tells her that they are there to make her happy and Ji Woong agrees. Ha Na excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Ji Woong and Jin Yi have a celebratory drink.

Ha Na notices that Kung Sul didn’t look at her message and write him a second one. Jung Suk is out drinking and enjoying his food when he sees her message. He acknowledges that she’s not smart but uses her brain to get far in other ways.

We get to see his past where even though he’s the one putting in all the work, his colleague just kisses up to their professor and got further than him. He accuses him of plagiarising his thesis. He refutes and said he only quoted it. Jung Sung mentions that he never quoted his work and tells him that it’s not alright. His senior tells him that he got the position thanks to him and will never forget that. Jung Sung refuses to accept help from someone like him.

While Ha Na is worried about Jung Suk not reading her texts, Ji Woong and Jin Yi are having a good time. When she comes back Ji Woong has to leave because of his curfew and Jin Yi gets a booty call.

Dong Youn is studying when he gets tired. He looks at the shirt that Joo Yeon gave him and pushes himself to continue studying. He gets a text from Joo Yeon telling him that she feels like they should call it quits. He send her back a message apologising for making her tell someone like him sorry. He thinks back to the message he saw on her phone about the breakup. He apologises for not letting her go sooner. Joo Yeon starts to cry on the train platform. Dong Young goes to a restaurant he frequents and gets given a plate of pork. Heès told that Joo Yeon came buy and bought it before. He breaks down crying at the table.

We see Ha Na having a beer and her voiceover tells us that she drinks alone because no one can comfort her after a bad day.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 18.27.57.png

She gets to the bus stop and falls asleep. Gong Myung notices and wakes her. She nearly misses her bus but manages to get on. He notices her shoes and manages to toss one of them to her but misses the other. Ki Bum comes out and asks him what that was about. Gong Myung tells him that it was the girl who works at the sushi place. Ki Bum asks what he’s talking about because Ha Na is a Korean teacher at his school. Gong Myung mother call and tells him something he’s not happy about.

Jung Suk wonders who is coming to his house at that hour. He sees his mother and she asks him for a favour. She asks him to let his brother stay with him until he passes his exams. Gong Myung gets pulls into the apartment.

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