Chocolate Chip Custard Murder + Mint Creme Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #46 + #47)



When the only other private investigator in Hillside is murdered. The last person who was known to have a fight with him was Amy. Now with her in the hot seat, Ryan and Heather are working as hard as possible to clear her name. Which is a little hard as Amy can’t help out this time around.

I have to say that I enjoyed this book a lot more than the previous books. Though I don’t like Kelly, his character was well used in this book. This book gave him more of a background than previous books. He turned out to be more than Kate’s lap dog.

Though Clarke made an appearance in this book, it wasn’t overwhelming… well until the end. I am starting to not mind him as much, but I feel like that is just due to repeated exposure.

It was kinda nice seeing one of the main characters in the hot seat again. I normally don’t like it, but it’s been a while so it’s a nice throwback to the beginning of the series.

I still want more with the bakery staff but I’ve almost given up on that.

Overall it was a fun book.


After the arson at Eva’s house, Heather hires a designer to figure out how much it would cost to repair their house. However, when the interior designer is found dead, everything is on hold again. Now that they have to figure out who wanted this designer down. They have to work through her iffy business practices and have to find out who would want to kill the interior designer.

This was a mildly interesting book. We got to see the bakery staff a little but not as much as I would like, but it was nice to have them in the story. We did get to meet another character that I feel will probably fit in well with the other characters and will be making an appearance in the future books.

The mystery was a little odd, and you couldn’t figure it out until later in the book when they had more information. I enjoyed the role reversals of who called who to the crime scene.

Overall it was a fine book to read.

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Mint Chip Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #6)



After a local hairdresser is killed in her own shop, Heather really wants to find out who killed her. Amy and Heather discuss what could have been the reason for someone wanting to kill Kelly. Meanwhile, Ryan asks Heather to keep it on the down-low as it looks like she’s running her own investigation and since they’re dating it doesn’t look good. She tries her hardest to go by his wishes.

What I love about amateur detective books is the sleuthing. I have come to grips that Heather doesn’t so much as sleuth but just happens to have everything fall into her lap. Thankfully, being the girlfriend of a detective will helps the police tremendously as the information gets passed to them. This series is currently more of a short romance novel with a little bit of a mystery in the back ground. I don’t dislike it, it’s just not what I expected walking into this series. I will say that I do like the depth that is being built through the series, however.

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