Murderous Mocha Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #14)



The mother’s day fair is a big deal in Haunted Falls. Sonja’s mother is really excited to show off her new hobby of sculpting with a bust of her mother. However, at the festival the janitor accidentally knocks into it, her mother freaks out and leaves the party. It doesn’t look good when the Janitor is found dead with the bust in his closet. Sonja’s mother is some hot water, even though Frank doesn’t believe the working theory.

This novel was closer to a true cozy mystery story than the rest of the books in this series. Though there was a little trinket that was used while trying to figure out what happened to the janitor. I found it was more interesting than the previous books in the series. I enjoyed that this book didn’t have the explanation of ghosts or magic, because that always feels like a cop-out. This story actually did have a lot of investigation and Sonja was really active in this book.

On the character development side of things, this book was fun. They¬†delve into the past of the victim which was nice. We also get to expand the history of the town as well as more information on the characters that we’ve already know. I feel like Sonja and Frank’s relationship is in a holding pattern, which I see staying that way until Sonja finally admits to Frank that she has the power to talk with ghosts. I really can’t wait until the Frank knows about that aspect of Sonja’s life.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.