Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun



Ok. So this is probably one of my favourite slice-of-life animes that exist right now. It is based on a manga with 8 books.

We follow Sakura, a girl who is in love with her classmate Nazaki. When she finally confesses, Nozaki misunderstands her since she used the word fan. That is when she finds out that Nozaki is a manga artist. She starts to help him with making it and befriends his whacky friend base in order to get closer to him.

There is sadly only 12 episodes and it leaves you wanting more. The animes is so cute that you want Sakura and Nozaki to get together, however, it’s so funny that you really doesn’t want them to be together. All the characters have their own quirks that makes you fall in love with them. As you can see I love this anime, so I feel like it’s worth a watch.

Otaku Talks Anime – Monthly Girls’ Nozaki – Kun