Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store



I’m going on a little live action drama tangent for the last few dramas, and the next few. Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store is a drama that is based off of a manga of the same name. The season contains 10 episodes with a run time on 23 minutes. There are currently 5 manga volumes out, but they are still being written.

This is a slice-of-life drama about Nii Tomoharu (Mamiya Shotaro) who is a stoic college student, who’s studying buddhism and takes a night job at a convenience store. His sempai, Matsukoma (Urai Kenji), is a happy-go-lucky 24 year old who is struggling to start his career, but simply can’t find a job. Matsukoma is always trying to teach Nii-kun how to work, but it always seems to fall on deaf ears. The drama is mostly about the high jinx of the night shift, and the interactions between every body, as well as Nii-kun’s anti-social tendencies.

This drama uses the standard jdrama overly exaggerated facial expressions to their full potential. It is bang on to the manga and  really funny. The writers and the actors managed to bring this over the top manga to the real world, and it’s fantastic. It’s definitely a great watch.