My Little Monster


Since the winter season of anime hasn’t added any new anime, I thought that I would give my opinion on a few animes that I have watched in the past and really enjoyed. I will try and talk about both the anime and the manga if I seen both. I will warn you that most of these are shoujo and romance. Though I will try and make sure that my selection are found on either crunchyroll or netflix.

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source: CrunchyRoll

My Little Monster

Also known as Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun in Japanese. Both the manga series and the anime are complete. There are 13 anime episodes and 12 mangas. Similar to all animes that are based off of mangas, it does end fairly early into the series but still covers a good section of the character’s relationships.

The anime series spans the first, and most interesting, part of the 2 characters’ budding relationship. The 2 main characters are exact opposites. Shizuku Mizutani is a super serious girl, who only wants to focus on her studies and doesn’t real care about making friends. Haru Yoshida is seen as a delinquent, but really he’s super trusting and just wants to make friends, so much so that it can sometimes get him in trouble. Part of their dynamic comes from Haru being so intelligent even though he never studies and Shizuku who is intelligent but studies all the time.

The characters, as well as their relationship, are explored nicely in both the anime and the manga. What I prefer in the manga over the anime is the continuation of the story and the addition of secondary characters. For most of the series they are just trying to understand each other and to figure out how to treat one another.

I would recommend this anime who likes a romantic comdey with a tsundere female lead. I quite enjoyed this  anime and plan on watching it again.