Vacations and Victims (Senoia Cozy Mystery #10)



Felicity has finally gotten a vacation for the first time in the two years that she has opened the store. So she heads out, a few hours away to the small town of Helen with her sister for a girls trip. While there they get caught up in a murder investigation and Iris finally gets to see what Felicity does for a live, well other than party plan. Meanwhile, back at the event shop, someone has broken in an stole a case file. Jack and Jefferson try really hard to resolve everything before she gets home.

I’m enjoying the fact that we are getting to find out more about Felicity’s family over the last few books. Though she has spoken with Iris on the phone, however, we never really got to know her. All of the main characters grew in this book, and though Jefferson and Jack have been slowly becoming friends in the last few books, they really worked well as a team in this book. I feel like Felicity is also finally moving on from Brian which is allowing her to be a full character again.

Thanks to the murder mystery being in a different town, we actually got to explore a different town. I found it was really easy to figure out, however, there were a lot of nuances in this book that was fun. We also got to meet another police force in a small town which was fun.

I will say, I don’t like that this book ended with a cliffhanger. Though I’m pretty sure you guys already know my dislike for them. However, thankfully, the last book is out so I can actually finish up the story.


Sixty Minutes for Murder (Sky High Pies mysteries #23)



When a local businesswoman is found dead at her apartment building, Crescent Creek is abuzz with suspicions and theories. With the way the victim had been acting before her death, Katie suspects there might be more than meets the eye to the murder. When Dina calls her in to help, she knows this one will be a doozy of a case.

This mystery was interesting in the sense that we got to see the character and interact with them. Though there is a lot that we will never know about the victim, we got to see the changes in her personality before the murder. We also get to see the investigation into another crescent creek resident in this book.

I enjoyed the freedom Katie had in this book. Dina came to her as a consult which was interesting. It was fun to see her have free reign looking into the mystery. We got to explore crescent creek a little more which was fun. W also got to learn a little more about Zack’s work at the newspaper. Sadly it only comes up now and then in this series. I would really like more information about Zack in a future book.

Overall, it was an enjoyable book. Better than other books in this series.

Murder on Sunset Trail (Sky High Pies Mysteries #21)



Oliva calls Katie is a panic, one of her friends found a diary that not only implicated her friend Roxanne in a murder, but also Trent. The diary was obviously burned and gives information about a missing person from 5 years prior. Katie quickly brushes off the idea that Trent has anything to do with the murder, so she starts digging into the mystery to figure out what exactly happened. Soon, Katie is digging up the past that even the victim of the crime, at one point, wanted to keep hidden.

This was an interesting story, I have always been a fan of the stories that investigate cold cases and things that happened years before. This book taps into a cold case from 5 years prior and they get to delve into the people connected at that time. Not only do you see how each of the characters has grown, but also how they are interconnected. I really wanted to get more information about the family and friends of the victim, however, it was a little on the light side.

I feel like, at this point in the series, the character development has become stunted. I know that at some point in a series the characters can fall into a holding pattern, and this book has gotten there… books ago. If there isn’t going to be more character development on the main characters, maybe they should work on the secondary characters or even the victims.

It’s was a fun book, not my fav but not the worst either.

Cupcakes & Cobwebs (Sky High Pies Mystery #20)

Cupcakes & Cobwebs (Sky High Pies Mystery #20)



Cresent Creek’s own celebrate cupcake shop owner is on the up an up. With culinary camp around the corner and a book deal, Jane’s hard work is paying off. However, when Katie finds her dead in her own kitchen things start coming to light that maybe not everything is a rosy as it appeared on the outside. With multiple threats and the breaking of her storefront window the day before her death, it looks like someone had reason to kill her. Katie works hard to figure out who wanted her dead and for what reason, as she seemed to be loved by everyone.

We got to find out about people around Crescent Creek in this book. Due to the mystery being centred around an influencer in the cooking community in town. We got the full story behind the murder and what lead up to it. The history between the murderer and the murder victim was very interesting and was explained throughout the book.

I enjoyed seeing Katie working full force in this book. She felt more like a pi in this book than a baker. Though she was still at the bakery very often so it didn’t feel so disjointed. She does manage to figure out a lot about the murder victim even though they were friends before the incident.

I enjoyed the book.

Murder at Marigold Inn (Sky High Pies Mysteries #19)
Murder on Sunset Trail (Sky High Pies Mysteries #21)

A Killer Cover Up (Margot Durand #10)



Margot just wants to plan her wedding to Adam in peace, however, one day she gets an e-mail about Julian’s death. With Adam out of town, she goes to the meeting alone only to find the body of the man she was going you meet. Together, Adam and Margot work together to try and figure out who wants to kill the reporter, and how it’s connected to Julian. Maybe Margot can finally lay this mystery to rest.

Yes!!!! I have been waiting for this story for the last 10 books. I always felt like there was more to Julian’s story than we were given, and now we know what happened. Until this book, Julian’s death seemed out of place and an arch that needed to be cleared up before Margot and Adam’s wedding. The mystery was a little obvious once the character was introduced, however, it was an interesting story that really pulled you in.

Margot and Adam’s relationship really expanded this book and they felt like the perfect pair. Julian’s past was blown wide open and the reader finally understands what happened in Margot’s past and how similar Adam and Julian truly are. Though Dexter was in the book he played a secondary role, it was nice to see bake Dexter completely on display.

This book was so fun and interesting like all the books in this series.

A Deadly Engagement (Margot Durand Mysteries #9)

Murder at Marigold Inn (Sky High Pies Mysteries #19)



A lovely evening at home with Jack is shattered by a phone call. A local resident called Kate to ask for her advice about a potential break-in. Though Kate suggests that she stays away from the door, and to let the police take care of it. However, a gunshot a piercing scream tell Katie she didn’t listen to her instructions. After driving to town she finds out that not only is Meg missing, but the cause of death of the victim was blunt force trauma. Now Katie must figure out if she was played off if Meg is actually in danger.

The mystery was a little more interesting than the last one. Having Kate as a witness, over the phone, is an interesting add-on to the story. I wished we had learnt more about the victim in this book, it seemed to just be brushed over but we didn’t really learn anything. I felt like this story was not really focused on leaving the mystery to feel flat.

We got to see a new town and learn a little more about Katie’s high school years. I would really love a little more expansion on her time as a PI other than the death of her boss. I felt as though we learnt a lot about some people, there wasn’t a cohesive story and it felt a little weird. Though we did learn about a town next to Crescent Creek and a little about some secondary character, I felt like it was a little dry.

It was a fine book but nothing really stood out in this book.

Blackmail & Blueberries (Sky High Pies Cozy Mystery #18)
Cupcakes & Cobwebs (Sky High Pies Mystery #20)

The Arrangements – Box Set (Flower Shop Mystery Series, #1-3)



When the vulture is found dead in a coffin with a flower arrangement set up. However, with multiple different florists in the city, the police are not any closer to finding the killer. However, things keep happening in Quincy’s life that makes her worried that something is going on. From someone trying to wreak her van and the new cute police officer that seems to be a little more interesting in her than the case at hand.

This was a really fun book. For once there was no cop that starts off acting like an ass and then gets better. However, there was a cop that was mean but he isn’t very important to the character development in this book. We find out a lot about Quincy in this book and her history is a little hard to read about, this might be because I know people who were in abusive relationships or just because I’m a human being. She is a very strong character that due to her past she doesn’t know when to ask for help from others. Alex is a very interesting character and is a little more interesting than most of the cops in cozy mysteries. Near the end of the book you find something out about him that is really interesting.

The mystery was interesting and though Quincy didn’t actively go looking for trouble it does find her causing Alex to come to her rescue. The background of the mystery was very interesting and though normally I complain about not learning more about the victim, Quincy wasn’t actually looking into the death more than a normal curious person. They did end up solving 2 mysteries in the book that weren’t even connected.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.


While trying to figure out where her relationship is going with Alex, she is also planning a wedding for the most overbearing mother of the bride, Quincy’s life is a little hectic. However, after KC’s groom is accosted and a dead body is discovered, things go from weird to weirder. On top of everything else, Alex’s old work body, Samantha, comes back and takes Alex back home to California. Quincy must now deal with getting ready for a wedding, as well as worrying that there might be going on between her boyfriend and the girl that she doesn’t like.

Quincy looks into this mystery a little more in this book than the last book. She does a pretty good job looking into things without anyone knowing about it. I will say that KC was the main catalyst in this book to get Quincy out of her comfort zone. The reader didn’t have any information about finding out who the true killer was, however, neither did Quincy.

We got to really get to know Quincy in this book thanks to the situation with Samantha. Quincy is still really reluctant to fully trust Alex, or even let him explain things to her before jumping to conclusions. I understand due to her background, however, I hope that she learns to trust Alex more in the future.


Quincy was up for a surprise when she finds out that her ex-husband is not actually her ex and she is about to meet Alex’s mother. Quincy’s insane life is about to go on display while she is trying to impress Mrs. Cooper. On top of that, she as this mysterious secret Santa that she can’t figure out who it could be, much to Alex’s chagrin.

This was very much a non-mystery book. The book is 100% focused on Quincy and Alex’s relationship without a murder going on. This does allow us to see their relationship grow and Quincy getting used to being in a commited relationship again. Meeting Alex’s parents was actually very funny, and Alex’s mother was really fun to read about, after all she was acting like the typical mother-in-law.

I did enjoy this book however, there was no additional mystery with the book, so if you like romance novels this book would be for you.