New Detroit



Chris is in Detroit to attend a function, however, when Kevin’s old friend comes stumbling in asking for help. His son had been killed and he believed the local mosque is to blame. Chris starts looking into the case, and quickly discover that the mosque is actually a cover for a home grown terrorist group. Chris works with his team to figure out who their targets are.

I had to sit on this review for a little bit..personally, I strongly dislike this book. I believe it’s because of the theme rather than the writing. This book was very action packed and fast pace. It’s pacing was excellent and there wasn’t a point where I felt that the story, was dragging on and the story wasn’t progressing. Though this book is the 6th book in the series it stands alone very well. The author gives just enough background to the characters to give new readers a sense of them while also allowing them to grow.

So for the reason, I disliked it. This is the first terrorist centred book that I’ve read, and maybe I thought this book would be more of a police procedural or a mystery book. However, it was like reading an action movie in novel form. Now I don’t know if because I work with a large number of Muslims that this book made me uncomfortable or the fact that extremists and terrorists come from all religions and ethnicities.

Given that I haven’t read any other book in this series, and maybe this book was just the wrong one to try, I’m not going back to read the previous books in this series. The writing style was excellent however this book just wasn’t for me.

I received an e-book of New Detroit through Voracious Readers Only in return for an honest review.


One Year Furthur Into the Now


It’s always interesting looking back over the year that I’ve had and even though it feels like I haven’t succeeded in moving forward while it’s happening, looking back always makes you think.

There are a few things that have happened this year and I will list them, not only for you the reader but also for me to remind me what I’ve done and what I’ve been through. Though not all of it is pleasant.

  1. I started this blog.
  2. I started my very own podcast.
  3. I have completed 1 entire year without my father in my life.
  4. I have written 408 posts.
  5. I have recorded 57 podcasts.
  6. I have read 55 books.
  7. I have changed jobs.
  8. I have lost friends as well as gained them.
  9. I have gotten 5 new piercings.
  10. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow.
  11. I have become more thankful than ever to have my mother in my life.
  12. I have started learning Japanese, which I’ve wanted to do since I was 16.
  13. I have battled depression.
  14. I have become more grateful to my best friends because she’s put up with my depression better than anyone else.
  15. I re-discovered my love for K-pop.
  16. I started watching Asian Dramas.
  17. I lost my uncle.
  18. I went to Halifax to chill with Natalia.
  19. I started actually wanting to get up in the morning.
  20. I got back into watching anime.
  21. I became closer with my ex than I have been in years.
  22. I’ve broken off poisonous relationships.
  23. I was diagnosed with a severe latex allergy, not just the mild one I had over the last 10 years.
  24. I have talked with a bunch of lovely people through comments and twitter.
  25. I have acknowledged my need to be busy.
  26. I have and am still working on becoming the person I want to be, not what people expect me to be.
  27. I have given up the guise of being someone I’m not.
  28. I have found joy in working on my creative project, even when they fall behind because life happens.
  29. Lorelei King commented on one of my posts and I nearly died of happiness.
  30. I have discovered that Recapping dramas really isn’t for me, but I tried.
  31. I discovered my love of tea and rediscovered my love of coffee.
  32. I am much better at calling my mother. (Now that I’m working normal hours.)
  33. I feel like I’ve gotten better at writing because I cringe when reading old reviews.

These are only some things I could think of off the top of my head that I can share with you. But after the year I had, I’m still excited for the next year to follow. I want to thank each and every person who has subscribed to my blog or just clicked here once in a while. You guy have made my year amazing and I hope that I have brightened your years a little too. So let us welcome the new year together with a smile because it can only go up from here right. I will continue to focus on making the best content I can. Also, I promise to brainstorm new content that I can give you guys in the future. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on any of my posts. Truly one more time guys. Thank you so much for being around.