Pan De Peace




This anime is a slice of life anime based in high school. This anime follows Minami Tani, who is a huge fan of bread (or Pan as it’s called in japanese hence the title). She enters a new class where she doesn’t know anybody so she befriends some girl in her class because of a pin with different types of breads on it.

This is a short anime, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun watch. All of the characters are super bubbly and happy and since each episode is only 3 mins a piece it’s easy to fit them into your schedule.


Pan de Peace is based off of a 4 panel manga of the same name.  The manga is a monthly serialization so there is no books, but it’s been ongoing since 2014. Each of the 12 episodes have a run time of 3.5 minutes so it won’t take long to finish the entire season. It is bread centric, so be prepared to be hungry by the end of the anime.

The anime follows a group of 4 friends. Minami Tani (a huge fan of bread), Fuyumi Fukagawa (a daughter of a baker), Noa Sakura (a girl who uses a baguette as a weapon), and Yū Aizawa (a quiet girl who loves to draw). Through the short series they explore their friendship and Minami’s obsession with bread.

This is a really cute slice-of-life anime, with bubbly characters and very tasty looking drawings. Everytime that I finishes watching the episode I had to make sure that I didn’t head straight to the bakery. I would say that this is a nice little anime that would be fun to pick up.