Protecting His Priestess (Looking For Group Book 2)



Rissa and Ajax have been friends for years. While Rissa sees them as just friends, Ajax wants something more. When a person from Rissa’s past comes back to haunt her, Ajax comes to take care of her and to make sure she’s taken care of.

This is an exciting mix between 2 genres, we had a lovely blooming romance that the geek in me loved. As a gamer, having a real relationship between 2 video game loving characters was interesting. The main characters, Ajax and Rissa, were brilliant and worked well together. We really got to know them throughout this book, and even though they both had their struggles, they worked well together.

Their pasts make everything more realistic and authentic to the book’s writing style. The idea of cybernetic limbs is exciting and fun. It’s the next step in prosthetic technology, and I found it interesting to have the main characters in a new field of research. I also enjoyed that out of the two characters the one that is the leading expert in cybernetics is Rissa. I’ve seen so many romance books, the female is really just there for the romance, but Rissa is so much more in this book which is very interesting and fun.

The overarching story in this book, over and above the romance, was fascinating. It was so ingrained in her past, which allows Ajax to really get to know Rissa. We find out a lot about her fairly early on in the book, and Ajax really does step up to the plate.

Overall, this is a delightful book.