Senoia Cozy Mystery # 7 – 8



Felicity lands the biggest party to hit town, the party for the actors who play in the locally shoot zombie show. It’s all fun and games until a dead body turns up at the party, all made up in zombie makeup. When the producer finds out the Felicity has worked on cases before he hires her to work this one. Suddenly she is fighting back her memories while trying to move forward.

The story was interesting and not as straightforward as I would have expected. The story kept me guessing until the very end, which is rare for me. I enjoyed how everything fell into place in the end and it all made sense. The ending didn’t feel forced at all and came together very well.  It was also very interesting how they incorporated the local TV show into the mystery. There was a lot more to the store than simply just throwing together a bunch of misunderstood actors.

Sadly Jack wasn’t really in this book, though that might be a good thing, as he always seems to get into trouble when he looks into a case with Felicity. We also get to know more about Felicity’s parents in this book, as she does spend some time with her mother in this book. Her mother is really fun to get to know, and I can not see why Felicity is so skeptical of what people say to her. Jefferson was really supportive and though he could have been written to use the situation to his advantage he never does. It’s really nice to see someone who is romantically interested in someone not take advantage of the situation. Felicity is a little over the place however, it was understandable after what happened to her fiance in the last book.

I really enjoyed this book, I’m going to blame it on Brian not being in this book.


When Monte loses his job right before the wedding, he thought that it couldn’t get any worst. However, when he finds his boss murdered and is blamed them for the murder, things go from bad to worst. Felicity and Jefferson work hand in hand with same Dawn’s and Monte’s wedding. The only problem is to find a person that wanted to kill the victim and why.

I enjoyed seeing them trying to save Monte before the wedding. The group of friends work together to figure out who did it. Thought most of the time Jefferson and Felicity work together, we did get to be reminded how well Jack and Felicity work together. It wasn’t straightforward as I thought it would be at the beginning, however, it was very interesting.

We get two new characters in this book who are very cute. They are a couple, and we find out very quickly why they would have decided to work together at the party planning shop. I think due to the new additions, the book could be much more focused on the investigation rather than the parties. Though they were close before, we do get to see Jefferson and Felicity grow closer in this book which leads to an interesting turn of events at the end, after Dawn’s and Monte’s wedding of course.

I enjoyed this book, and can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.


Dangerous Minds (Knight and Moon #2)



After everything that happened during the last adventure, Reiley left the bank to work with Emerson. Though instead of working on the accounts of other people, she’s up to her eyeballs with the Knight family’s bank accounts and nothing is making sense. When Emerson’s old friend shows up because his island is missing, Riley is pulled into yet another mystery that Emerson is embroiled in.

I really love this series and the wacky characters that are in this series. I found this series by seeing it in the recently released books. The Lorelei King fangirl in me is so happy listening to her voice again.

Emerson was fantastic in this book, and since we know him, it was even better. Rylee, though still the most normal of the bunch, has really started to loosen up a bit more. We really get to know Vernon in this book. Due to Vernon being in the book a lot more, this gave Emerson a larger history than we had in the last book.

Similar to the last book, Emerson and Rylee are looking into a large and long-running mystery. A missing island is not a mystery the Emerson could ever pass up. He was so wacky while looking into the mystery, but then again he always is. The relationship between Rylee and Emerson is maturing nicely and they are becoming closer throughout the book.

I would also like to mention that the women are the only ones using the guns throughout the book. Emerson has never even touched a gun in this book.

It’s a fantastic book to read.


Death Before Diamonds (Sky High Pies Mystery #10)




When a distraught man comes in looking for his older brother, Katie is thrown for a loop. His last social media update was a picture he had taken on Sky High’s porch. Katie is thrown into looking for the brother as well as digging up the family’s past. She might have bitten a little more than she could chew.

It was actually a fairly interesting story. The mystery is actually based on something that started 6 years before the actual story. Due to the interesting introduction, we get to see Katie actually dig into complete strangers pasts due to the implication of her shop. I noticed that Kate is working a lot quicker than the police until the end, it almost feels like playing catch up. I’ve noticed that this is starting to be a theme in these books.

Kate seems to be getting more comfortable in her relationships, not only while dealing with Trent and Dina but also with Zac. Trent seems to finally be accepting what happened in the past and moving on because Katie has obviously not let that stop her. Trent has also become more of a character and less of the caricature of a police. We also get to see the backgrounds of all the parties that were involved in the initial crime as well as the current missing persons. It was interesting how it was fully explored in this book without appearing dry.

I really enjoyed this book, it is a great continuation.


Chocolate Centered Cozy Mysteries Books 1 – 4



Ally comes home to relax after a messy divorce. She quickly starts working in her grandmother’s chocolate shop again. Soon after her arrival, however, the delivery driver is found dead. Ally is suddenly determined to find justice for the man while trying to get the new detective off her back as a potential killer.

This book was very interesting and it incorporated a lot of elements. Though it is a very standard start to a small town murder mystery, they did play with the fact that Ally did live in the city for a few years. It also got to play the history of the characters to further the Plot of the book. I know this complaint is common for me, however, I found that the murder was a little obvious.

There was a lot of character building in this book. They drop the reading into a book, where all the character has a lot of history together. I did enjoy finding out more about the backgrounds of all of there character, but I am in love with character building. All is an interesting character, however, she does fit into the standard archetype for a lead female lead. Typically, Luke is the typical standoffish cop, however, he wasn’t outright mean so it’s all forgiven.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. This isn’t a surprise because I like Cindy Bell.


Ally is settling back into Blue River and starts spending with her grandmother again. However, when someone uses her grandmother’s chocolates to kill a woman in the apartment complex her grandmother wants to move into, suddenly it becomes all hands on deck. Ally must try and find out who would want to frame her grandmother and herself for murder.

I do like Cindy Bell, however, I found that this book dragged on quite a bit. It was filled with unnecessary details that didn’t progress the plot. Though there were 2 main suspects it was easy to figure at who did it, and though they try to confuse the reader, it didn’t really help. Ally took far too many risks in this book and could have really jeopardized the case. I know that Ally wants to be independent, however, she really should listen to Luke more.

Speaking of Luke, he is much more lovable this book. Again due to his investigation the last book, it’s understandable for his demeanour, however, I like him much more. Also understandable is the fact that Ally is still really uptight and naive about love due to her divorce. Ally and Luke make a very cute couple. Charlotte was really fun especially with her impending move which makes a good portion of this book focused on Ally’s separation anxiety.

This was not my favourite book in this series.



Ally goes to the next town over to try and win the contract with a local hotel. Everything seems fine until she starts to bring some of her grandmother’s things to the car, she finds her trunk isn’t so empty. She calls Luke and he calls the police. However, the new detective in town is more determined to figure out why Ally killed the man than find the actual killer.

I hate to say this is a trend, however, this book also dragged a little too much for me. After destroying a crime scene in the last book you would think that she would be more careful, but alas Ally is still not listening to Luke. Luke’s hands were pretty much tied throughout the book which left ally doing some pretty dangerous things, however, it was cute seeing him go out to bat to try and clear Ally’s name.

Ally really needs to learn to talk to people close to her and open up more. So many of the personal aspects of this book were because of Ally’s lack of communication. Luke was preoccupied most of the book and Ally never once asked him about it like an adult and just started assuming negative things. We do get to find out more things about Ally’s past which makes the reader understand the thought process behind Ally’s actions. Charlotte helps Ally a lot during the investigation in this book, and I just enjoy how feisty she still is even in her older age.

I enjoyed this book more than the last, but there still needs to be some work with the pacing.


The local farmer’s market is a time-honoured tradition and makes everyone in Blue River come out and show their support. However, when the youngest son of one of the big farms is murder, everyone starts looking for the murderer. Ally starts looking into it because she’s can’t believe that the victim’s own brother had anything to do with it.

This book is very interesting and builds the town’s surrounding as well as a little history between Ally and the family. Ally and Charlotte look into the case as it’s in a different town that means Luke has no access to the case files or any finding. As per usual, Ally makes too many risky decisions, and I feel like Luke should have a tracker on her.

Ally actually grows this book, shocker I know. She’s actually starting to feel like a well-rounded character, and less flat. Luke and Ally are still in a really weird limbo when faced with the future of their relationship. Charlotte is having fun playing matchmaker this book. 

There are no time markers really in this book series so we don’t really know how long the between periods are. I find it a little irritating.


Unbreakable Bonds (Angela Panther #2)



After he father passed away, Angela’s powers go on the blitz. She is no longer able to see or hear the spirits. She works tirelessly to figure out how she can get her gifts back, as the ghosts are still coming to her for help. Now Angela must figure out what to do and who is throwing rocks at her in the park.

I enjoyed this book, it’s been a while that I read the first one. I know that on the blog it came out recently, but I think I read it in the summer. I enjoyed seeing Angela back at it again helping the spirits. We get to find out more about the relationship between Mel and Nick as well as Jake and Nick. 

I did enjoy the underlying plot throughout the book. The reason why we get to learn so much more about Mel and Nick’s relationship as it’s, essentially, the plot of this book. The effort that Angela puts in to get her gift back was interesting. After all, in the last book, she couldn’t wait for it to go away but now she strives to have it back.

Fran really helps Mel throughout the book as *spoiler* Angela becomes able to hear her mother again part way through the book. I feel like it is kind of obvious that she regains at least some of her powers as that is the entire series is about that. The way that she works so hard to get her powers back was quite nice, and we got to see Angela grow as a character.

I enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to finish the final book in this series.

Unfinished Business (Angela Panther #1)


An Imitation of Murder (Sky High Pies Mysteries #9)



Kate just finds out that her client and friend Pia is going to marry the local artist who just moved into town. However, when she receives a few odd phone calls and Pia, along with her fiance go missing, Katie is on the trail. However, this time Trent and Dina encourage her as the race time to find them alive.

the mystery was interesting but got confusing the closer we got to the end of the book. There were a lot of different potential theories floating around crescent creek which are incorporated into the story that makes things very mucky. Normally, Kate and the police work at about the same speed, but this time Kate was finding a lot more information probably because everyone knows that Kate is Pia’s friend. I do find the imbalance off-putting, especially in this kind of case.

We got to learn more about the relationship between certain people in town. As Kate is looking into Pia’s jobs, we get to meet more people from around town than we normally do. We also find more out about Pia in this book, her background, her family and even why she would want to marry someone that she only just met recently. Trent becomes a little more fleshed out in this book. We find out how he feels about his past with Katie, and how it’s affecting his current life.

This was not my favourite book in this series, but it was an interesting journey.

Skeletons & Scones (Sky High Pies Mysteries #8)


Wicked Witches of the Midwest #1-3



As the editor of the local newspaper, Bay has a lot of free time on her hands, as nothing really goes on in the small town of Hemlock’s Cove. However, when a murder rocks the small town, everyone becomes weary of Bay and her family. Though the FBI are certain that to apparently ritualistic killings were brought to town due to its rebranding, Bay things something else is going on. She starts diving into the mystery to keep her family safe.

It was a really solid mystery with an interesting premise. Though using ghosts to help solve crimes isn’t a new premise, seeing the family get together to weave a spell to help was new to me. I enjoyed the use of magic, as well as investigative report, worked so well, though it also helps that Bay has the local police detective under her thumb. Making the mystery about looking for an otherworldly answer was really fun.

Since we kind of step into the town and family, we can feel a little lost, however, she does an excellent job introducing us to the character. I loved the cousins as they are very sarcastic, and I actually read one of them in my friend voice in my head. The 3 cousins are really close and act more like sisters, but the bond seems to mimic their mother’s bond with each other. The family dynamic is interesting and it’s fun to watch the 3 generations interact, especially their great-aunt. Also, I had a guess who Landon was early on in the book but I’m glad that he’s a character that is going to stay in the series.

This was an excellent start to the book series.


The town is getting ready for an all-out bonanza for Halloween, however, the festivities go south quickly when the body of the local drunk is found at the beginning the weekend. No one can figure out why anyone would want to kill him. Landon comes back to check up on things and bites off more than he can chew. Suddenly, Bay’s family is in the cross hairs again, but this time it’s the murder’s.

This mystery gave us very interesting insight into the town’s history. Though it was focused on one person, it expanded past that. Also, the girls check the forests around town which allows us to really see an expanded view of the town. Though the motive is straightforward, the murderer was actually hard to figure out, it took me a while. It was also interesting how Lee incorporated historical events, like stealing gold during the war, into the story and made it work.

They really delve into the victim’s past and it allows the readers to really connect with him which is rare in these kinds of books. Landon was back, and he still a little awkward in this book. We learn more about the Winchester clan.


Everything seems normal around Hemlock’s Cove until a boat is discovered in the harbour. Two Canadian citizens have gone missing and Landon’s back in town. While Bay tries to be cordial with, it gets a little trickier when they both start giving into their feelings. That has to take a backseat however while they try and find out how and why the two older Canadian’s were killed.

It was an interesting sleight of hand with the 2 mystery going on at the same time. Though the girls always wanted to link them together, they were actually separate. It was also interesting how they used the characters to push the story forward, as well as the mystery.  The story involves a lot more information than one would expect however, it made it very interesting.

Brian is still a tool, he was introduced in the last book, and he is not a person I would like to know in person. Landon really grows a lot in this book, as does Bay, which gives me hope they ‘re going to have an interesting romance in the later books. We learn a lot more about the Winchester family, especially the ex-husbands. I somehow never questioned why none of the fathers were present in these books.

The main thing I disliked about this book was that it ended on a cliffhanger and I really hate cliffhangers at the end of a novel.