Heroine Disqualified




This is another manga remake filled with actors and actresses that I love.

We follow Matsuzaki Hatori  (Kiritani Mirei) who is a high school girl who has been in love with her childhood friend, Torasaka Rita (Yamazaki Kento), for the last  10 years. She has planned to have him fall in love with her when another girl, Adachi Miho (Wagatsuma Miwako), confesses her feeling to him and they begin to date. Meanwhile, Hiromitsu Kosuke (Sakaguchi Kentaro), the school’s bad boy, has begun to fall in love with her and tries to win her over.

This is an excellent movie. The series itself is very short so there is not much of a story to go on. It is an excellent movie. The 4 leads are fantastic in this and their chemistry is excellent. This is the first time that I’ve watched Wagatsuma Miwako but she pulls off Adachi Miho perfectly. The other 3 are more seasoned actors than her but she was not overwhelmed. Another excellent movie starring Yamazaki Kento.

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My Love Story!!



Another Live action shoujo movie and another movie that I love. I’m surprised that they managed to find an actor that they could make look like Takeo.

This movie follows Goda Takeo (Suzuki Ryohei) through the meeting and courting for his relationship with Yamato (Nagano Mei). Unlike the anime and manga, it ends with the confessing of their feelings. I kind of want a 2nd movie but I also want it to stay where it is. There are some difference between this movie and the source material, so if you’re a stickler for details you might not want to watch this. I like the change and thought that it added to the characters.

The acting was perfect and it was an excellent rendition of My Love Story. It gets 2 thumbs up in my books for  a good watch.

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MY love STORY!!