Love Me if You Dare


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Love me if you Dare

What not a show based 100% on romance… It does in fact exist in the drama world and I love it. This drama comes out of china 24 episodes each running about 45 minutes apiece. This show is cute, but also very creepy at the same time. I don’t mean ‘The Master’s Sun’ creepy more like ‘Criminal Minds’ Creepy.

The drama follows Simon/Allen Bo Jin Yan (Wallace Huo) a professor at  The University of Maryland and consultant for serious crimes for the police. Before the show starts Jin Yan was abducted by a serial killer, was held captive and tortured for around 6 months. He was then brought back to China by his best friend Zhang Xun Ran (Wang Kai) to relax and heal.

While they were back they hired an english translator, Jenny Jian Yao (Sandra Ma), to help him translate some paper work. They start off being very distant from each other but after being dragged into a case by him, Yao and Jin Yan started to become closer friends. While they go around solving gruesome crimes and trying to track down a serial killer that is stalking Jin Yan their love grows and becomes strong.

As I said earlier I absolutely adore this drama my only grip with it is how bad the english acting was. Also in the scenes with the english actors were odd. when Jin Yan was talking with Susan (Emily O’hana) Jin Yan would be talking in Chinese and Susa in english because all english speakers totally understand chinese. So there were a lot of interactions like that where the English actors would be talking in English and the Chinese actors would be speaking in Chinese and magically everyone understood each other.

Also the way that they directed the English actors were horrible. I don’t know if Emily O’hana is a bad actress or they just directed her to act with those weird  mannerisms, but I believe it was the directing because most of the English actors had that issue with their acting.

Over all I really liked this drama and the lose of points is mainly for the english acting and the language discrepancies.